Happy Thankstaking

I saw this video the other day from Brave New Films and it struck me hard for a variety of reasons. First, it is inconceivable to me that a company is allowed to treat the poorest of the poor in this manner. Their lives are already virtually impossible to improve (no jobs in that shitty little town) and creating a bottomless pit with no ladder is unfair and a mere profit motive based off of the connections to government these people have.

Secondly, I am very familiar with Columbiana and Harpersville. I grew up in Harpersville and have frequented the Marathon gas station shown (my birth father and his slutty wife actually worked there for many years running the place after his retirement from the Army). I still have relatives that live there, although my father and I are estranged (he is the worthless bastard that gave me up for adoption when I was 8).

As long as I can remember, Hwy 280, which passes right through the middle of Harpersville, is renowned for its speed traps and extremely high fines. It has always been a corrupt shithole. Since the passing of my Grandmother and Aunt, there is not a single redeeming characteristic of the place.

It was and is a bastion for poverty and I am thankful that I left there when I was very young.

Why? Because it is even worse than ever before. Now, in addition to a corrupt police/Sheriff’s department, private companies (JCS: Judicial Correction Services) are allowed to imprison and totally impoverish those who already have next to nothing.

A Birmingham, Alabama lawyer William M. Dawson filed a lawsuit against Judicial Correction Services and Harpersville Municipal Court.[4][7]

In July 2012, Judge Hub Harrington of Shelby County, Alabama halted the company’s aggressive pursuit of fines owed the Harpersville Municipal Court.[4] He stated,[7]

From a fair reading of the defendant’s testimony, one might ascertain that more apt description of the Harpersville Municipal Court is that of a judicially sanctioned extortion racket.

Judge Harrington found that Harpersville Municipal Court’s actions “repeatedly violated the constitutional rights of defendants”[4] who were trapped by JCS into paying several times the amount of their original no-leniency court-imposed fines and fees.[4] In his findings Judge Harrington described how under the contract between Judicial Correction Services and Harpersville a defendant who is unable to immediately pay in full a fine of $200 on the day of trial is placed on probation. JCS probation office charges the defendant a monthly fee which is so high that it would take 14 months to pay it off at a total cost of $700.[3] Sometimes the JCS monthly fees would be even higher, requiring an “additional 40 months of payments totaling $2,100.”[3]

Me and my Mom and she worked at the egg farm

Me and my Mom as she worked at the egg farm in Harpersville (1964)

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15 thoughts on “Happy Thankstaking

    • Flashback….

      while visiting Master Prophet Jim Floyd I got to know his neighbors
      who curiously enough had already been inducted into the ‘Jew’ Worshipping
      criminal “Justice” system…in Cullman County….

      they had been raided on account of planted “evidence” which was a
      “hemp” plant…, then they had an adopted daughter who by the age of three
      had already 13 “foster parents”…and was BUSTED at the Jew worshipping
      “School” where Officer Ben Dover worked, for of all things…”Weed”.
      Ja Ja.
      Spent the night in Jail, she did, and then the “Alternative” school
      with the colored boys..for SIX WEEKS.

      Thing is Jew Poo legal shit ain’t LAW…..Jesus @ John 8:44

      I found out one day about a FENCE case that went all the way to the
      Supreme Court of the JEW WORSHIPPING state of Alabama…when a
      trailer came unhitched and went through John Browns fence…which was
      actually where it shouldn’t have been…but I replaced it nonetheless…

      only the Almighty could write a script like that

      which leads me to believe that if we didn’t spend so much time
      you know on stupid shit we’d be able to make out own time machines…

      {Mommy is Erica…James Jr.’s wife who plays the bass fiddle}

      “Mommy! Mommy! Paw Paw said it again! He said, it was not
      ‘Our Father’ he said it was “Our Paw Paw who art in Heaven.”

      Well, after all the lexical lashings and me promise not to ever say
      or do it again, after being put in ‘time out’ and disallowed any sexual
      rewards for the rest of this millennium, perhaps, an explanation is

      The truth is that, while my granddaughters were learning the Lord’s
      prayer, I was thinking about my ancestors and how I am sick of being
      asked, no, I’m sick of beastly little people ‘demanding’ that I cry with
      them over their long dead, long suffering, mistreated, ancestors. And
      I am sorely sick to my soul of hearing that my rich, greedy, plantation
      owning, J-w/Black whupping, White Fathers were responsible for all
      the world’s past evils.

      So, let me tell you about my Fathers, my Paw Paws.

      Iconical worship of dead ancestors is within the exclusive purview of
      only a “chosen few”. Pity has a color. Commiseration has an ethnicity.
      Compassionate tears must be channeled, directed, held in reserve, and
      released only under the subjective supervision of authorized, certified,
      guides; modern day shepherds who lead us into ‘their’ fields of
      lamentations. All this nabobical nonsense now passes for history.

      As this ignoble century, the race century, comes to an end, those who
      have bought our history and paid for the rights to control the minds
      and emotions of us and our children are hard at work. Those who
      ‘control the past’ have, successfully, amplified their collective
      voices and their eternal din is, truly, deafening and invincible. . . .

      . . . . Well, almost!

      My dear, White father you are not forgotten! Your sufferings are
      not forgotten! I know you, I hear you, I am not ashamed of you and
      my tender heart and contrite tears are yours. I have no tears to waste
      on the confabulations of these, for profit, merchants of misery,
      rather, I choose to learn about you and your anguish, your struggle,
      your bondage, your enshacklement, and your indomitable spirit.

      I refuse to cry on cue, to cry over recapitulated, revisionist rubbish,
      the kind of fanciful fables that are channeled into our homes all the
      live-long day and night {on Talmud Vision}
      and which are designed to contort and defame
      the White memory.

      So, what upset me bowels? What brought this disgusting revulsion upon
      me? Again, that damnable Talmud Vision and a program about
      “Ship Tales, The St. Louis – 1939 –
      907 Unwanted Khazars” – An A&E Mockumentary

      Yes! I did it, old Lady, I screamed at the TV! Yes, I threatened them
      with all my body fluids! I did it because they demanded that I join
      their pity party over a boat load of ugly little Khazars who spent forty
      days and forty nights aboard a luxury liner, the St. Louis.

      There they were, these poor suffering parasites, drinking champagne,
      eating chateau briand, dancing, sleeping between clean sheets, dressed
      fit to kill, fancy clothes and all, their clean bathed little brat
      children swimming in the deck pool. And, all the while, the narrator,
      in woe-be-gone-tones, commanded that I should whine and bewail their

      I could only think of you, our Father, below the decks, chained,
      confined in a hole not more than sixteen feet long with fifty other
      men, chained to a board with a padlocked collar about your neck.
      Four of every five of you died in these diseased bilges filled with

      Chained or unchained, White slaves, our fathers and mothers, died a
      miserable, slow death suffering from fever, dysentery, scurvy, mouth
      rot, measles, smallpox or from starvation or from dehydration. And
      their bodies were pushed through port holes, unceremoniously thrown
      to the sea as just another piece of garbage.

      These hideous thieves of human beings, these captains/merchants of
      the institute of White slavery afforded our progenitors only cheap,
      rotten, meat, bad water and lice. And they came to America under
      these despicable conditions, boat load after boat load, gaunt-White-
      faced slaves, the Scots, the Irish, the Germans, and my beloved
      Welsh fathers.

      No! You illiterate bastard! The first “soul train” was not a fifty’s
      black, TV dance show; the first soul train began as early as 1609 when
      they dragged my Father and Mother from their filthy boats and sold them
      to “soul drivers” who then drove them, like cattle, like brute beasts,
      through the country, looking for buyers.

      These, my people, are the ones who cleared the land, plowed the new
      ground, sawed the boards, built the houses and were the first
      sacrificial victims on altars in the tobacco temples. White people,
      my people, who did the most dangerous work because they were deemed
      less valuable than blacks. My people who were branded with hot irons
      in the face or the hand or whose ears were cut off for striking
      the “Jew master”… or running away.

      Enough! Don’t you shed one more TV tear, ever again, until you learn
      about your White Fathers. Go to your dictionary, look under ‘indentured’
      servitude or servant, mark through/black-out “agreement, contract,
      apprentice,” and all the other tacit trash you see there and write-in
      White Slave!

      And while you are bettering your dictionary, go to the front and
      dedicate the damn thing to your ancestors. I have a 1987 Random House,
      2nd edition, which was “dedicated to the memory of Jess Stein,” it
      now reads “dedicated to the memory of the Floyds, Loyds, Lloyds and

      Your fore Fathers would spit on you for not learning, not knowing, not

      Sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.

      Forgive us our Fathers.

      Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. WOW…..

    being intimately familiar with chicken shit at such
    an early age certainly must have prepared you for wading
    through the HYPOCRISY and “JEW POO” that oozes from those
    who allege to have “AUTHORITY”…
    how providential of the Almighty
    to position you at that precise grid coordinate so early in your
    muck raking “CAREER”…


    another stunning example of how merciful the CREATOR is in
    putting HIS children in a position to become so familiar with
    a particular subject that it effectively is ingrained in their DNA
    so that explaining something so glaringly obvious that it has become
    a quip….”ever wonder why you never fell in LOVE with a FAT UGLY
    NIGGER BITCH like Oprah” ?


    I mean if BLACK NIGGERS can fall in love with PRETTY WHITE WOMEN
    it just stands to reason in the “JEW WORSHIPPING”‘ cesspit of the
    multicultural “SOCIETY” of TALMUD VISION induced
    HOLOCAUSTIANITY and perpetual
    unrelenting JEW WORSHIPPING, you should want to make babies
    with a fat ugly nigger bitch…RIGHT ?


    I’m Thankful BMan,
    for an opportunity to share RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION,
    concerning the highly questionable
    “JEW” worshipping PSYCHOPHANTS when they are caught up
    in the emotional conundrums of the present day “MEDIA” manufactured
    YELLING and SCREAMING contests about what is most highly irrelevant
    considering WHO prints the CURRENCY and OWNS the “MEDIA”…..like,


    Have you ever read Peter J. Peters Book…America the Conquered ?
    about the Synagogue of Satan economic terrorists…and what that means
    for the “White People” in America….the Conquered Nation …?
    WHY WACO…{matters for braindeadgoy}
    Perhaps we can put Waco in perspective by understanding the function
    that a select group of commandos within the ZOG US military. . . do.
    Some military observers say that the fingerprints of these commandos
    are…..” all over the Waco Holocaust. ” {BLACK & GOLD} Janus.

    Let’s have a brief look that the history, philosophy, and operational basis of this group.

    Each of the US military services has its own covert operations unit,
    sometimes called Special Operations, sometimes Special Operations Forces (SOF),
    and sometimes simply “Special Ops.” Special Ops personnel are trained for making quick, destructive, secret, and illegal raids against selected targets. …
    see TARGETED INDIVIDUALS…{Lawyers, Guns & Money}
    These are the people who perform the black bag jobs overseas for the CIA.
    Performing secret acts of the JEWISH war against the NON JEWS was an integral part
    of the Reagan ZIONIST TERRORIST foreign policy,
    just as it was in previous administrations. But under the Reagan Administration,
    Special Operations became a separate command, reporting directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    Since that time, the use of Special Ops has continued.
    Headquartered in MacDill Air Force Base in Florida,
    the Special Operations Command employ 46,000 people and
    averaged 280 missions a week in 137 countries (Tampa Tribune, March 1, 1996).
    Special Ops. has its own helicopter unit:
    the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne),
    formerly the 160th Task Force of the 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.
    Special Ops can create task forces as they wish,
    picking and choosing from those with special skills required for the mission.
    The Special Ops commandos can come from any branch of the ZOG military;
    they can be Israeli Trained “JEW” worshipping “MIND CONTROLLED” …
    ZOG Special Forces,
    Green Berets or Navy SEALS;
    they can be on active duty or on “retired” status in the military. . . .

    remember the GIDEON story….?

    what is truly amazing is the extreme breadth and depth of the
    up with STINKING MUD {Thanks Jews} any subject with all the
    emotional turmoil of a LBGT DRAMA QUEEN from HELL,
    so as to avoid the most compelling REALITY staring the
    WHOLE WIDE WORLD in the FACE…..24/7/365…and one quarter.


    • Funny thing about being raised around chicken shit: it doesn’t smell “bad” to me, like others. It brings back some wonderful memories, even though life was very hard for us back then (and it grew worse before it got better).

      That farm was owned by my aunt (my dad’s sister). At one time she was voted “Ms Birmingham”, which was a business recognition (although she was, too, quite beautiful in her youth). This was after her husband died of cancer and she was left to fend for the family.

      In the old days, they used those electric carts to ride up and down the chicken houses (that’s what I am playing on). There were about 25 houses, all about 100 yards long, chickens stacked two or three levels high. For some reason, I loved those houses and chickens (and eggs).

      Not long after that picture was taken, I jumped on one, put it in reverse, and pinned myself up against the framing of the house (they took me to the hospital because they thought ribs were broken). I was ok. But I learned a quick lesson.

      A few years later, I was walking around the maintenance shed just out side the complex and saw a fly on the door. I quickly hit it with my palm. But it was the point of a nail sticking through and I still have the scar on my palm to this day. Another lesson learned.

      My aunt had an old black guy that worked for her (it tears me up that I can’t remember his name). He was a sniveling drunk who she could not trust to come to work on a Monday (after being drunk all weekend). But I loved that old black man because he would take me around the farm and watch over me.

      Weird, huh?


      • I forgot about the annual rat hunt. Rats were everywhere. Once or twice a year, all the men and boys would get their 22’s and go on an all day rat hunt. Hundreds would be killed.

        Great times!



        • historical aside…That turkey painting…of Grant McDonalds’
          “making advances”…..is kinda apropos…for the season…”Harvest’.

          His Daddy {Lee} had a Photo of a Rattle Snake hunt @ Mt. Airy in
          Callahan county with rattle snakes on the fence…for hundreds of yards
          and in the House, there was a ring tailed cat hide on the floor under
          an antique end table…

          and Grant {known as Don at the time}
          painted Poe’s “Raven” which was
          above the fireplace…{cool}…seriously.

          one day in November of 1978, while cutting mesquite wood out on the
          McDonald Ranch…{not a farm} I saw a flock of turkeys…hundreds..
          heading to to watering hole…shortly after 4pm…



    • I just got around to reading Scott Creighton’s erroneous conclusion about the Brown incident. I never respected Scott very much and long ago quit linking to him because at least half the time he is full of shit (not to mention an asshole).

      He shows a graphic he made which he insists proves that Wilson intentionally shot Brown as he fled and then cites testimony from Dorian Johnson as proof. As I have pointed out, Johnson’s testimony cannot be trusted, yet Scott uses it. Telling. Then he also uses a quote from Huffington Post (surely a favorite haunt of Scott’s) as further proof.

      I spent hours looking at the documentation, supposedly as did Scott. If he did, then how is it possible that I came to the opposite conclusion?

      One fact disproves his entire claim: Brown’s blood inside of Wilson’s vehicle. If Wilson shot Brown in the arm as he was fleeing (as Creepton claims), how the hell did the blood get there? Also, does Creepton believe that Wilson put a choke hold on Brown from the driver’s seat (which was Johnson’s claim)?

      Frankly, I don’t trust Scott Creighton as a source, much less as a cohort in the battle.



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