I Have The Keys To The Gates Of Spam Hell…

… and I used them today.

WordPress has a pretty good automatic spam filter called akismet. For the incessant porn link spam, to the boot sellers (you can’t imagine), to somebody’s brother-in-law recommending the blog (then giving a dummy link to some hacker’s lair), to telling me what a great writer I am and linking somewhere no one wants to go. But I also have a certain level of control.

If people are Richard Noggins, I can ban their IP address, email account or name, etc., If they happen to comment again (I have had several stalkers over the years, along with the occasional insistent zealot with the “last word” syndrome), akismet automatically kicks their comment to a spam folder, and also sends me an email notification (I don’t get the emails under normal Akismet spam screening… which can get into the hundreds a week… or more).

I also set certain controls for the number of links someone can post (which is also a characteristic akismet automatically uses) because it is another spammer tactic, which clogs up comment boards (and I suspect leads to computer viruses and what-not). I have spam comments daily that have 25 links to boots, supposedly nice ones (sometimes it is purses and/or shoes). I don’t want that stuff on these boards, so they accumulate in the spam folder.

Simultaneously, I have some commenters whose prolixity (due to passion, purpose, zeal, or whatever) can have their comment sent to the same spam hell because they contain too many links. In those cases, WordPress sends me an email and this morning I saw three awaiting my approval.

I was away this weekend attending a funeral, so, today I am particularly backed up in the spam comment section, looking for the ones that were screened and also the inadvertent auto-screened comment (it happens occasionally). There were hundreds, so it takes a while to scroll through them. As I was searching for the ones to approve, I mistakenly emptied spam and all of them were gone.

Sometimes it happens.


Anyway, I went back to my emails and read the comments to see if there was anything significant in them. The first one had 12 links and many words, yet there was not a single reference to the subject matter of the post. I looked at the next, and it was the same.The third had a vague reference, but was otherwise a totally unrelated subject.

This all prompted my new policy:

First: I am releasing everyone that was put in my spam hell for being a Richard Noggin and I am starting over (I will keep a paper list for future comparison). There are a certain few dick heads that I will show no leniency towards should you pull your normal stunts of abuse. Otherwise, it is a clean slate.

Secondly and Very Important

I ask everyone that comments to stay focused on the subject at hand, within reason (obviously discussions are fluid, which I appreciate). We have all gone off topic at times with very important information and I don’t want to squash that. But let’s keep it within reason and at least discuss the topic I have posted, instead of using it as a billboard of hodge podge distractions.

Also, limit the number of links, because frankly, I do not want to shift through hundreds of spam comments to save the occasional two or three. If you feel there is an important link in reference to the topic, it is more than welcomed. But please don’t plaster us with unrelated links. I am sure some people become frustrated when clicking a link that has nothing to do with the subject. It may also be a turn-off for this blog.

I will put something up under the comment section related to this request.

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8 thoughts on “I Have The Keys To The Gates Of Spam Hell…

  1. BMan,
    Thank you!
    Sanity prevails!
    I too have to deal with the spam and ‘tricky’ worded comments, that at first lead you believe that they are interested in what has been presented. It is frustrating.

    But the need to limit comments that are off topic and loaded with off-topic links, is long over due. I do post off topic, but it is most always to the comments made by others, and those comments are always filled with errors or out right lies. Sometimes I can be creative (LOL) and make a comment that is sort of of topic, but as a personal rule I try to limit my comments and stay as close to the topic as I can. So many things are interconnected, that off topic comments can be useful.

    “There is nothing wrong with your television set.” You are the one that is in-control! No one but you!


  2. Around the whole of the Earth there is a thick invisible web
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    a golden age of boundless energy and formerly undiscovered resources
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    That war is being waged against those countries that rely on the profits
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    The Saudi rulers are a truly vile aggregate of psychopaths.
    There are no limits to the kind of inhuman cruelty they will engage in to further their ends.
    This kind of thing is a walk in the park by comparison.

    respectfully submitted
    in good faith


  3. Which type of ‘spam’ is worse; the kind you ingest into your stomach or the kind you read into your brain?

    My vote is on the reading kind, since it can cause a world of damage to your computer.


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