Someone Tell PCR to STFU

Paul Craig Roberts posts a link to the Daily Kos website under his “Guest Contribution” heading, with a single sentence:

Audio Recording of the Michael Brown Shooting Proves Darren Wilson’s Story is False

The vaunted Roberts, who prides himself on his stint working under his hero Ronald Reagan, seems to know finance (which is debatable), but when it comes to propagating the race war shit, he is beginning to sound like a white Al Sharpton.

Of course, the audio recording doesn’t come close to PCR’s ignorant claim, but when has that ever stopped him from spreading bullshit before?

I wonder if Sir Charles might teach the propagandist something?

Hell, its as if the man hasn’t read a single line from all the reports available and would rather quote a known CIA plant as his proof.

Will someone tell him to STFU?

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6 thoughts on “Someone Tell PCR to STFU

  1. PCR has some motive to fan the race war flames, just like the MSM is doing. And you people trust him?

    Seriously, the rule of thumb by any thinking American should be that is the MSM tells you something, there is a narrative… a storyline associated meant to brainwash you into believing the official bullshit. They generally take the two narrowly defined stories (right versus left) and play each “side” like violins.

    So, when someone who has been hailed as an alternative media stalwart (as had PCR) and they basically agree lockstep with the race war narrative being shoveled down our throats, it should make you question his truthfulness and/or intelligence:


  2. Thank you for allowing me to reblog this post. I hope you don’t think I’m plagiarizing. I seem to have been accused of it on another blog site, but you have a lot more sense then them. Thanks again 🙂


  3. PCR and Jim Fetzer could be victims of the “Jeff Rense Effect”.

    Case in point: a recent “Rense” headline read “”Black Man Stopped By Cop For Walking With Hands In Pockets on Cold Day!”

    Because of how that article was worded, and because of the headline I originally clicked on and read? And because of the accompanying video I watched?

    I became somewhat incensed myself!!

    This is another version of that same story:

    The article posted on Rense failed to mention that the “victim” in question had edited the video he posted on youtube.

    It also failed to mention the reasons why the officer stopped the “black man walking with hands in pocket on a cold day” to enquire what he was doing…

    The 2nd article I read reported the incident more thoroughly and even-handedly.

    Before falling victim to one “slanted” article, getting all hot and bothered and “re-tweeting”, perhaps folks should do a little more research.

    That goes for Paul Craig Roberts and Jim Fetzer too.


    • As far as I know PCR does not allow comments to his posts any longer. If he had, I would have already written where his mistakes are, as I have done with Fetzer several times.

      Both men have huge egos and are sensitive to critique, constructive or not.

      At least with Fetzer, he has come around from his initial knee-jerk brainwashed reaction to the Holohoax, which is another subject I have criticized Jim about on his blog and on the videos I did of John Friend’s initial interviews.

      In this last bit about Ferguson, Fetzer has not replied to my comments asking him to at least read the reports and eye witness testimonies. I mean, if he can spend ample time on Sandy Hook studying the material, why not spend just a bit studying Ferguson (if he’s gonna mouth off about it).

      PCR should stick to finance and economics (and then one must be wary).

      Anyone that praises Reagan as he does is not all there or is covering his own ass.

      And apparently Fetzer voted for Obama, so he is apparently not quite as smart as some think.

      And one last point, I am getting tired of both of their Putin worship.


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