The Great Suppression of 2014

The Great Suppression of 2014

by DC Dave


When I conceived the idea for this article, I had only one example of important news that was completely suppressed by the mainstream American news media this year in mind. I have since thought of two more that are certainly worthy candidates for the “Biggest News Suppression of the Year” award, however. While I am still going to devote most of this article to the original topic, I have decided to invite readers to give their opinion as to which should receive the award and why they think that. They are to do that by taking part in the forum on B’Man’s Revolt.

Reader participation begins with a search of the Internet using as many search engines as you care to use. Here are the three word combinations to search:

  1. Stan Eury Lee Wicker indictment
  2. German pilot MH17
  3. CIA German journalist

Complete Blackout on Expanded Indictment


Stan Eury Indicted


What I discovered on #1 is that, amazing as it may seem, more than two months after the expanded and revised federal indictment of the leader of “the largest alien smuggling ring in our nation’s history” was handed down, absolutely no one in the press has reported it. My article, “Feds Pile New Charges on Top Alien Smuggler” continues to be the first and the last word. As we suggest in the first of the “Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression,” if it’s not in the news it’s as if it didn’t happen.

Anyone capable of thinking for himself just a little bit will know that the story is not being ignored because it is not newsworthy. When the smaller indictment was handed down, not involving the primary way in which Eury’s operation has brought future illegal aliens into the country, the H-2A program for farm workers, nor implicating Eury’s two chief lieutenants, even The Washington Post found it sufficiently newsworthy to report upon, albeit belatedly and by printing a story submitted by a North Carolina-based freelancer.

In the meantime, the Associated Press, which has ignored both installments of the federal indictment, sent around a totally un-newsworthy fluff piece touting the great virtues of Eury’s North Carolina Growers’ Association, which I described at the time as an “Infomercial.” If you haven’t already done it when you read the earlier article, do the same sort of Net search that I recommend above for the pre-set title of the AP article, “NC farmers lead country on legal foreign workers.” It’s still up at lots of mainstream sites with the same headline at each place.


Jim Garrison

It’s quite a rare thing when the press gives much more favorable news coverage to the person accused of a crime than it does to his government accusers. The only precedent that I can think of that comes close is the treatment that the press gave to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison when he brought Clay Shaw to court on charges of complicity in the John Kennedy assassination. But Garrison was only a local DA. We’re talking about a huge federal indictment in the current case. We have also learned from our contacts within the North Carolina Employment Security Commission (NCESC) that the indictment is the result of a multi-agency investigation that began during the last year of the Bush administration. It represents a bipartisan effort by the proper authorities to punish and stamp out fraud and corruption in the foreign guest worker program. If you thought that the news media would get behind them in their efforts, then you don’t understand our news media.

Back in October I discovered that the co-writer of that NCGA “infomercial,” Kate Brumback, is based in Atlanta and that her special areas of coverage should have made her aware of the Eury indictment. That made her the perfect person for my email, although I open copied her accomplice, Ray Henry, who specializes in immigration and energy matters:

October 22, 2014

To: Kate Brumback

Subject: NCGA Leadership Under Federal Indictment for Fraud

Hi Kate,


Kate Brumback

I see from the Internet that you specialize in both immigration and legal matters.  Consequently, it is somewhat surprising that in that article that went out with your name and Ray Henry’s on it back in April heaping praise upon the North Carolina Growers’ Association (NCGA) you somehow managed not to report that the executive director of the NCGA, Stan Eury, and his daughter were under indictment by a federal grand jury for major abuses of the guest worker program.

Now the charges have been dropped against his daughter because she has apparently negotiated a plea bargain and has become a cooperating witness.  The indictment has also been expanded from 41 counts to 87 counts and the agricultural part of Eury’s operation is much more directly implicated than before.   Furthermore, replacing Eury’s daughter in the indictment are his top two lieutenants, Lee Wicker and Ken White.

You can read all about it in my article, “Feds Pile New Charges on Top Alien Smuggler.”  Considering how badly you misled the public with that earlier article, I believe that it is particularly incumbent upon you to set the record straight by reporting these new developments.  Don’t you?


The email did not bounce back from either addressee, so I assume it reached its target. As you might have guessed, I got no response, and no article providing the needed corrective of the misperception of the NCGA that the article engendered has appeared.

Before that I had nudged the NC freelancer, with whom I had established a friendly email relationship, to write up the new developments. He told me that before he could begin to write about it he would have to find someone who would pay him for it, suggesting that the future for that didn’t look very bright. His getting that first piece into The Post is looking more and more like a fluke. Predictably, nothing on the new indictment has appeared with his byline on it to my knowledge.

WRALBut what about WRAL television in Raleigh, which broke the first indictment story? It’s looking like that was a fluke as well. They were among the news organs that carried the “infomercial,” although it’s no longer up on their site.

One of my informants within the NCESC alerted them, as well as the Raleigh News and Observer and the Fayetteville Observer about the expanded indictment. The influential Raleigh paper has never written the first thing negative about the NCGA, so when they blew him off he was not surprised. But WRAL stiffed him as well.

The Fayetteville paper is much smaller, but it is near Eury’s headquarters in the small town of Vass and it had written a short piece on the first indictment after the federal prosecutors had sent out a press release. The writer of that earlier piece expressed some enthusiasm when contacted about the expanded indictment, which he had not heard about, but said that he would have to run it by his editor. That was the end of that.


Come to think of it, there is one area in which the lawbreakers almost always get a sympathetic press and the law enforcers get a bad press. That is illegal immigration. The illegal immigrants are always just “undocumented,” don’t you know?

The late comedian George Carlin said that he didn’t believe anything the government told him. But as we see in this instance, the government—or at least some elements of it—can be better than the press. We have seen it before, when we first used the “great suppression” term, in a section heading of Part 3 of “America’s Dreyfus Affair: The Case of the Death of Vincent Foster.” We called it “The Great Suppression of ’97.” The three-judge panel that appointed Kenneth Starr decided, over his strenuous objections, to include as an appendix the submission of the lawyer for the dissident witness, Patrick Knowlton, which, one of the judges wrote to the others, “…contradicts specific factual matters and takes issue with the very basics of the report filed by the [Independent Counsel].” That is to say, it destroys the conclusion of suicide. Here’s part of what I said about it at the time:

Now there has developed a popular notion, encouraged in no small part by the opinion molders in the mainstream press, that those who treat various official pronouncements with skepticism are simply “anti-government.” Such people may be contrasted with the media people themselves who show us how “responsible” they are by only giving us “the facts,” as long as those facts bear an officially-approved label. But here we have a case of one official government body, the three-judge federal panel, administering a slap in the face to another official government body, the Office of the Independent Counsel. Certainly citizen critics who applaud the action of the judges can hardly be called “anti-government,” nor can the nation’s press, who unanimously covered up the fact of the judges’ inclusion of the Knowlton/Clarke Addendum, be called anything that resembles “responsible.” The adjective that comes to my mind is “corrupt.”

German Press Breaking Away?


Udo Ulfkotte

Those two stories out of Germany are, to my mind, very important as well. The first one strongly suggests that the story touted by the American government and press that that Malaysian airliner that crashed over Ukraine was brought down by an errant missile launched by pro-Russian separatists is not true. Rather, the German expert concludes that Ukrainian fighter jets must have shot down the liner.

Performing our third Net search, we find the pronouncement by prominent German journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, that he and other Western journalists had long been bribed by the CIA to write things their way. To those of us who were familiar with the line often attributed to the CIA’s Frank Wisner that, “You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month,” this was no great revelation, but coming publicly from the mouth of one of the bribed journalists it was big time news.

Because, like a growing number of people these days, I get most of my news from “alternative” sources on the Internet, it didn’t occur to me at first that these two news stories out of Germany had been suppressed. I had read about them from multiple sources. None of those sources, I finally realized, were even remotely what one might call “mainstream,” however.   My Net search then confirmed what I suspected. How about your search?

All-Time Great Suppressions?


That 1997 suppression of the full news about Kenneth Starr’s report on the death of Vincent Foster certainly should be very high on the list; and their blackout of my 2009 revelation of the resignation letter of his lead investigator, Miguel Rodriguez, and my 2013 exposure of his dissenting memorandum.

Another suppression was of the significant accomplishment of the current writer. That was the breaking free through the Freedom of Information Act of the official investigation of the death of the first secretary of defense James Forrestal from a fall from a 16th floor window of the Bethesda Naval Hospital. One might call that one “The Great Suppression of 2004.” The Seeley Mudd Manuscript Library of Princeton University even put out a press release about it, but the entire mainstream press completely ignored it. The press in this instance was, once again, worse than the government.

Then there was the “Great Suppression of 2006.” That was when The Times of London reported that in 2006 the Zionist extremist Stern Gang had in 1946 attempted to assassinate British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin, his predecessor and future Prime Minister Anthony Eden, and a number of other high officials in Britain by sending letter bombs. The article is still up on Information Clearing House, but the story never made it into the mainstream American press. It’s a rare American, indeed, who knows that that bit of perfidy ever happened, or that the same group attempted to assassinate President Harry Truman by the same method a year later.

You, dear readers, might have candidates of your own for all time great suppressions and 2014 news suppressions by the press. I might not even know about them…because the news was suppressed. If so, let us know by weighing in at B’Man’s Revolt.

By the way, my NCESC informants tell me that the big visa-fraud trial of Stan Eury et al. has been postponed from its original November 2014 date to some time in late spring 2015. If the press should report on that trial it would expose their dereliction in reporting on what led up to it, so I think we can all get ready for “The Great Suppression of 2015.”

David Martin

December 2, 2014

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42 thoughts on “The Great Suppression of 2014

  1. Another example of news suppression can be seen in the wake of the false charges against Officer Wilson in his self-defense from the rampaging crazy black man, Michael Brown, where anything white on black is used as fodder for the criminals, but black on white is completely ignored (and hidden):

    Media refuses to report on white cop that was kidnapped/murdered by blacks


  2. Another good candidate for 2014’s Great Suppression, except I did find it on CBS: I read The Washington Post and watch NBC Nightly News and when I’m in my truck I often listen to the local all news station WTOP, and I had not heard of it, even though I live in Virginia. I think this a #14 of the Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression, a “bump and run.” If you search “Waynesboro policeman kidnapping” you certainly don’t find many mainstream sources for the story of this vicious crime.


    • The bump and run gives them a go since they can claim they DID report it. But it quickly evaporates from the mind of the reader.

      It takes an American two or three MSM sources to congeal the lie into their mind. Just one is not enough.


  3. I think the most suppressed story is the whole Ferguson psyop is one big stinking pile of steaming bullshit. Do yourself a favor and google Antonio French and Anthony Shahid. Make sure you check out their activities before Aug 9th. Or better yet, look at these photos from 2007. Do those youngsters with Shahid look like anyone that might be in the news but 6-7 years younger?
    Anthony Shahid in his Klan outfit
    Anthony Shahid
    Anthony Shahid



      • @1:40 “I had never met Mike Brown Jr” Brother Anthony Shahid. Uhm Why does young Big Mike have your megaphone at the rally in October 2007?

        Here is a photo of young Big Mike from his funeral.



        • I believe the example that you cite deals primarily with the flip side of news suppression. Call it news exaggeration. What made what has become almost routine, the killing of a civilian by a policeman, huge national news? Like the Trayvon Martin case, it had great potential to polarize and pit whites and blacks against one another, making it harder for them to recognize their common oppressor. What we see is that our so-called “news” media follow an agenda rather than following the news.

          One can see more of that agenda-following and press corruption in my 2002 article, “News Suppression in Action” about the cover-up by police and the news media of the murder of Fairfax County (VA) college student Tommy Burkett at


          • News exaggeration? I believe you give too much “credence” to the media. Yes the intent is polarization and pitting common working class blacks and whites (and Latinos) against each other. But what if we all just want to get along after all? Might the control system actually fabricate these events to nudge things along?

            The “agenda” is going along with the charade of these events actually happening. Secret grand jury members but public disclosure of findings? Half the called witnesses say this, half the witnesses say that but no investigation into perjury in Grand Jury testimony. No photos of the ‘body” because the camera battery ran out? Blood flowing uphill from a bleeding body? No attempt at resuscitation despite no medical personnel on hand to determine (call) time of death? Leaving the “body” in the street for four hours but not one single person in the area had a cell, camera, or video camera that could take a telephoto closeup Brown’s injuries? Busted eye socket on Whitey Wilson actually ends up looking like rosy cheek makeup? No ambulance called, ever, and the deceased body taken away in the back of a police SUV and not by medical examiner? Buzzcut Wilson gets half a million to tell his version of the event? Tells us he gets hit on the side of his right cheek by Bad Bad Michael Brown’s left hand through the window while he is sitting in an SUV, Bad Bad covers his handgun and it fails to fire, twice? Uhm, does the truth actually cost that much? Yes, it does seem exaggerated doesn’t it?



    • As if any of those people have ever been accosted by the KKK.

      I can’t say for sure, but the kid with the bullhorn sure looks like a little Mike Brown, doesn’t he? He was brought up in a family of hate, it appears.


      • And the skinny kid wearing wearing the KKK Mayors Office shirt looks like Dorian Johnson. And the big guy to the right in the last photo looks like the younger kid in the left with the raised gloved hand in the second photo. And the skinny kid holding Mike Brown in the 2d and 3d photo looks like the skinny kid to the left of Dorian in the last photo.

        The guy who took the first 3 photos (from 2007) is Antonio French. Multimedia personality turned St Louis Alderman who posted all those Vine videos from the beginning of the “shooting” and subsequent rioting.

        The clown in the KKK hat is Anthony Shahid. He leads Tauheed Youth Group. Perhaps those young boys were in that youth group. That is a pretty solid assumption since they are in white robes posing with Shahid.

        And I already posted a video that shows Shahid claiming he didn’t know Mike Brown. Clearly this is not true.

        Here is some bonus material an “Anthony Shahid” He’s been at it awhile in St Louis.
        And here he was “arrested” on 9/11/2014
        And here he is being praised by Chief Jackson as a community activist on Aug 10th.

        So what are the odds that this same group of fellows from 2007 would be reunited and connected 7 years later in the “death” of Big Mike Brown.

        Big (bad, bad, Michael Brown, meaner than a junkyard dog) Brown might be dead. But he wasn’t shot by Officer cornbread whitey buzz cut Wilson on Aug 9th 2014. This is a scripted psyop. That whole thing is staged by DOJ/FBI. Again. We are being played, played against each other.



        • I guess its “racist” for me to say so, but they all look alike to me. Brown has a look hard to miss, but the others I don’t know. Is that a young Dorian?

          It looks like you may be on to something. And what is the significance if they all knew each other 7 years ago (I am asking rhetorically) but now act as if they just met? How can we confirm the people in old and new photos?

          This is very interesting Aris.

          However, I am not convinced that Wilson did not shoot Brown (at least, yet).


          • The significance of knowing each other shows that those boys involved in the shooting were in Shahid’s youth organization. Why does Shahid say he was called by a “brother” from the area and that is why he was there so quickly. Shahid is a shady (cartoon) character. I’m sure he gets “grants” from donors for his “anti-establishment” (wink, wink) efforts.

            Confirmation? Sure I’ll just ask them. Aris: “Hey, there, are you guys faking this whole Big Mike Brown got shot thing to divide the nation along racial lines to the benefit of the control system?” Brother Anthony Shahid: “Ah shit man, you busted us, and we would have gotten away with it if you had been meddling around in our affairs!” Seriously, though I did my non expert photo analysis and for sure I do believe those kids are the same. Pay particular attention to the size of their heads, eyes, mouths, and ears. Add 7 years and you will see the resemblance. And the family, they just want their pay day, same as most people in America.



            • Aris,

              All so interesting. We know that there are many ‘radicals’ that hate America. An employee of mine was in jail at the start of the war on terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, he told me that every time the news reported one of our helicopters was shot down etc. many of the Negros cheered.

              This from “Israel Cohen”, a Communist JEW that MYRON FAGAN knew and outed as such wrote this;
              “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” Written in 1912 by Israel Cohen. He is from that TRIBE of EDOM (JEW)

              Rep. Thomas Abernathy read this passage into the Congressional Record on June 7, 1957 (Vol. 103, p. 8559, top of page.)

              The Communists are still the enemy. They have long understood how to destroy economies and Nations.

              With the United Nations trip by Micheal Brown’s family,(there have been many such outreaches from Negro “concerns”) and the adoration of Larry Pickney by InfoWars, and the continuing promotion of the woes of the NEGRO. From ALL of my understanding, it seems there could be coming, a push for the “Republic Of New Africa”!

              I learned about that treasonous movement in the late 1970’s after seeing (what turned out to be) the Flag/Colors since 1969. I went to the public Library and discovered that this movement was to be aided by the United Nations. Today I can find no U.N. connection, but Larry Pickny is a former political prisoner and the only American to have successfully self-authored his civil/political rights case to the United Nations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Pickney formerly served as Republic of New Africa Minister of Interior.

              Could there be something to what I said? We “SHOULD” know that the Enemy will use ALL tools available to them for our destruction…

              D.C. Dave do you have a comment?


    • I know a lot of folks have suggested that Ferguson was an engineered operation, intended to create chaos so that the elite could either crack down with martial law or else do something similar.

      Specifically, I guess you’re suggesting that these particular photos are good evidence of that. I am not great at googling. Is there a brief summary that brings the analysis together, or do we have to trawl through google and put the pieces together?


      • You don’t have to trawl through google if you don’t want to. Check out Memory Hole Blog and read the comments. I would not call it brief though. There are lots of facts (evidence) surrounding that “engineered operation”.

        BTW B’Man thanks for dropping this thread in the comments there. I appreciate it. I would not have seen that if not for a commenter (Christo) at Creighton’s blog.


        Liked by 1 person

        • I don ‘t know if anyone else is following this. But an interesting thing just happened. I just google’d “Anthony Shahid Ferguson” and got zero hits of my man Brother Shahid. When I did this before I got thousands of hits. He was a mainstay at the “riots” and protests. He has been a “character” in St Louis for many years. For fun, I searched on Yahoo images. Try it and compare the difference yourself.



            • To followup, Goog must have been screwing with me. I tried for two hours and couldn’t get a hit on the Anthony Shahid, Ferguson, not the Anthony Shahid, journalist from NYT who died a few years ago. And nothing, so I started using yahoo. I should have taken a screen shot but I didn’t. I made this post and one on Creighton’s blog. After a few hours everything was hunky dory. It was really weird.

              So I’ve been dropping links and info at Creighton’s blog and he pretty much gave me the silent treatment. So today he finally responded with a couple of cherry picked responses but ignored anything that proves (at least to me) that this whole thing was staged. He got butt hurt when I called him out for referencing Snopes as one of his counterpoints, he left his last comment to me visible, called me a jackass, and apparently I am banned from comments. I don’t do multiple alias and I don’t mask my IP. I don’t even know how. So, I am banned from commenting at American Everyman. I am now more convinced than ever that there is something to this.

              The last time I had an issue with Creighton was the UF Brinkley/Cravey psyop that he did the same ignore tactic and when he couldn’t anymore, he accused me of thread derailing when I showed proof positive that Cravey, Cravey’s brother, and their friend actually worked with the same Gainesville PD that supposedly shot him after a high speed chase. If you recall, Cravey who was killed by popo supposedly stabbed a university professor during spring break. The most interesting part, Creighton apparently gave him his initial big exposure during the Auroa Theater psyop. Creighton’s take this was American Gladio. I put as much stock in that as his Obama Baby Daddy Killed Miriam Carey in DC story.

              I think there is more to Creighton than he lets on to his readers.




              • We agree on Creepton. I still have people send me links to some of his posts, but I am not interested, because I do not trust him for a variety of reasons. I once commented at his blog but quit after he used the same abusive comments to several commenters regarding Fukushima.

                He also had his own mother (although he refused to admit who she was) as a watchdog for his rag (I don’t remember her screen name now, but I’d be willing to bet she is still playing the same role).

                But the main reason I don’t trust him is that he will not address the nut-cuttin’ issue, which is the Jewish Problem.

                I removed links and all associations with him a couple of years ago and I will never link to his shit again.

                As for the Scott Creighton in the link you shared, I am not convinced its the same guy. I believe Creighton is from Ohio or somewhere in the mid-west (although I do not know that for a fact). I’m pretty sure he is not from Florida, though.


              • Thread comments are set too low for me to comment to the pics you posted.

                I stand corrected (thanks for that). I don’t know where I got the mid-west from, except when I was commenting at his place and thought I’d heard it.

                And, yes, it was “Jan”, now that you mention it.

                And I was right, he even looks creepy.


        • Perhaps we can come up with a good post for here after reviewing all the information? I apologize, but right now work has me very busy traveling, so I haven’t the time to research much (one of the reasons I added that comment to Memory Hole… I should have added more explanation).


  4. Dave, I gotta go with the German journalist. Torpedoes “the responsible” media daydream that so many otherwise intelligent people are caught up in.


  5. Personally, I think Ulfkotte’s motivation to come forward because he wants to try and help prevent another war in Europe is, on the surface, quite honourable. But what is really new here? Journos being bribed or blackmailed into submission? Germany is still under American occupation in many ways and can’t make policy decisions in its own interest. Besides, Udo accepts the ‘Muslim threat’ which must be easier on him than to confront the protocols in Jew-infested Germania. He also has a new book out “Bought Journalists” which needs promoting because the German press won’t do it. Suppressed, yes, but that blue-eyed blonde is just using another channel to his advantage, imo. Assange inspired Snow Job?

    My vote for most suppressed stories in the entertainment news would go to the WIPP (waste isolation pilot plant) accident on Febr. 15, 2014 in New Mexico when a truck caught fire underground and 9 days later an explosion occurred in one of the stored drums with radioactive consequences.

    Fukushima is a big non-item too. What about Hanford and the increasing # of birth defects like anencephaly?

    This might not be what you have been looking for, but I think, apart from local issues and political ones, the elephant in the room on a choke-hold is the nuclear industry.


    • I wonder about Fukushima often. How bad is it?

      I know the MSM isn’t touching it, and that speaks volumes. But is it as bad as Rense and Company let on?

      I said long ago that it would be the world’s worst disaster, but would take a long time for it to accumulate and for it to become obvious. But when is when? Know what I mean?

      At some point, it has to become obvious because the constant spewing of radiation into the environment will eventually become a horrific truth borne out in disease and death. Will we know where it originated?


  6. It wasn’t difficult to see that the downing of Flight 17 was done by the usual bad guys, the bankster infested states of the USA and Britain, most likely with help from that ‘SLC.’

    That I surmised within the first couple of hours of ‘reporting,’ since it wasn’t so much actual news reporting as a lynch party for Putin and Russia.

    The press conferences starring the clownish Marie Harf would have been laughable, if the story wasn’t so tragic. Harf–former CIA employee–told numerous lies about the events, smirking and laughing at the few, maybe just one journalist who was trying to get some of that obsolete, but very valuable commodity, truth.

    After pounding that lie into dazed and confused American heads for several weeks, it was time to drop the psyops and go on to another lie or some more fear mongering.

    When you live in a nation that doesn’t have a free press or government, that is called something, and it sure as hell ain’t a democratic republic.

    The ‘paper of record,’ the NYT last ran a story on Flight 17 back on July 19. But they have numerous stories about the sleazy harlot Miley Cyrus, just the medicine needed for an overloaded American mind.

    Where’s the escape hatch, I want out?


  7. How about when rampaging blacks kill an SPLC anti-white (perhaps Jewish) leftist writer? Think the MSM would cover it? You might think that the SPLC would say SOMETHING about their star writer on race issues being killed by blacks in a race crime.

    But no.

    Black Crime Claims Life of Apologist for Black Crime
    By Colin Flaherty

    David Ruenzel knew, better than most, about the white privilege that killed him.

    As a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of this favorite topics was rooting out racism. And how white racism is permanent. White racism is everywhere. And white racism explains everything.

    This mantra of the Critical Race Theory and the Southern Poverty Law Center applied to all white people because, even if they were not personally cracking the whips, or breaking the skulls, white people benefitted from a racist system that did all that — and a lot more.

    Ruenzel was writing about white privilege for the Southern Poverty Law Center as far back as 1997 — long before it became the rage at college campuses, newsrooms, churches, high schools and even grade schools.

    By the time of his death, Ruenzel had accumulated many of the trappings of the white privilege he exposed: The job. The home. The intact family. And most importantly in his case, white privilege endowed Ruenzel with an expectation of safety in the Oakland neighborhood where last week two black people are suspected of killing him.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook


    • I love this quote in the article to which you link, referring to “liberal” media figures like the tragic title character, “They perpetuate misery by defending the indefensible such as widespread black predation and other crimes.”

      In the letter that I sent to the AP journalist about her article touting the NCGA, while ignoring the indictment of its alien-smuggling boss, with my signature I linked to the poem, “Press Peonage,” which closes with this line:

      Our scribbling serfs will stick to their trade
      Defending the indefensible.


      • Colin’s work shows the mass of unreported black on white crime in America and how the media covers it up. It is hilarious to consider how corrupt the media is and yet they still act as if they are the stalwarts of truth. The lies are being broken down and they are truly looking like the ass-kissing sycophants they are paid to be.


  8. As I was writing my article, it looks as though our great House of Representatives was busy writing up and passing a resolution amounting practically to a declaration of war against Russia. And it appears that the mainstream media, with its non-coverage of the matter, has, at the 11th hour as it were, come up with a news suppression champion for the year. Here is the sub-headline on Veterans News Now for Michel Chussudovsky’s article on the subject: “Mainstream Media Blacks Out as U.S. House of Representatives Passes Dark War on Russia Resolution 758.” The apt title of the article is “America on ‘Hot War Footing’ as House Paves Way for War with Russia.”

    Well, is he right? Is the news being blacked out. Do the Net search using the terms “House resolution Russia.”

    Yes he is. Like the two stories out of Germany, it’s all over the alternative media, but I see only one short little uninformative article from The Hill from anything resembling the mainstream. According to Chussudovsky, one of the many spurious charges against Russia in the resolution is that it bears responsibility for the shooting down of MH17. Now you see why the suppression of the news from that German pilot was necessary.

    This is very frightening. Our Congress is clearly out of our control:


    • Remember when I said that all of this war drum beating is all Kabuki Theater. I may have been wrong.

      Still, with Putin supporting the Jew (and Holohoax support), I will find it believable that we will actually attack them when I see it.

      IF (a big if) Russia was able to shut down our radar and electronics on that ship a few months ago, as was reported, should we attack, our “leadership” will be sending many young person to their deaths. Are they that bought and paid for?


  9. If the criteria of long-term harm is applied, the unprecedented multiple disasters at Fukushima [three melt-outs and at least one spent fuel pool fire] takes the cake for suppressed information. Peruse these sites and recalibrate the depth of deception at work.

    Sanctions against Russia and Putin’s allies; the shoot-down of the Malaysian passenger jet and the USG response; the USG’s earlier support of the coup in Kiev with $5billion worth of influence and Nazi handholding; Poroshenko’s decision to attack civilians in eastern Ukraine. All this and more is part of an anticipated cognitive breakdown which can be traced to exposure to Fukushima’s radioactive poisons. Human brain matter is under an unprecedented assault; it is being stripped of electrons in ways that create unpredictable responses.

    Watch vids of Wigner Effect to learn how electrons are being pulled from metal parts in airplanes and carbon-based life forms.

    Douglas in Alaska


    • Your comment is very interesting to me regarding how the Fukushima radiation is breaking down the brains of humans (although that doesn’t explain all the broken brains before F happened). It sure seems like it is getting worse, though.


  10. Anthony,

    Al Adask banned me for defending myself from “Phil Lings” slander and ridicule! Good ole’ Les Fuchs WINS again, I got told here and there that this is not a good thing to do.

    Moving on….


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