Gil Collar: Let’s Burn This Bitch Down


Why haven’t we heard any outrage from all the supremacist white people in America over this incident (sorry it takes you to the HuffPo, but the video is telling)? Is it because white people don’t care about other white people? Is it not politically correct to ask for justice for white people killed by cops? And what, exactly, is the truth about numbers and who is most likely to get shot by police: white people or black people?

If I had the time, I would research the numbers of cop shootings across the country to see if the New York numbers are indicative nationwide. I don’t know, but maybe white folks are just callous about their ethnicity and don’t give a damn like black people do.

I guarantee you one thing, if it was Jews being singled out in massive death numbers, you’d never hear the end of it. More than likely, we’d start seeing citizen funded museums going up at every spot a Jew was killed by a cop.

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9 thoughts on “Gil Collar: Let’s Burn This Bitch Down

  1. I read about this shooting and It seems unjustified, but I don’t have all the information about it of course. The one thing I do believe is the Huffington Post wants to demonize this man by saying he had taken LSD (he must of been acting crazy enough to deserve it. SMFH.) The latest article I read said only marijuana was found in his system. Who else had marijuana in their system? … Michael Brown. Is that enough to make a white man look bad, but a black man (not teenager) a gentle giant? Why would the government and MSM incite racial violence in Ferguson and New York but not Mobile or Wetumpka?


    • He is also described as “muscular” and a wrestler. But at 5’7″ and I believe less than 150#, comparing to the giant Mike Brown who was described as a black teen and shown incessant pics of him as a little kid in an arcade, it is apparent that black is white and white is black.

      The Jewish media meme is that whites oppress and have advantages over blacks. Whites are the dangerous entities in America because of the supremacy that permeates us all. Blacks have no equal footing in society because whites keep suppressing them.

      In other words, Mobile or Wetumpka don’t fit the false narrative, so we will never hear about it other than a blurb here or there. We certainly won’t hear about it from the MSM UNTIL it is time to rile the whites up in rebellion to the blacks.

      Its all part of the theater.

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  2. This is a good example of black on white crime being defended. Gil Collar was acting better than Ferguson protesters. He did not damage any property , steal anything, or injure anybody. He was on drugs and that is used as a wild card against him. Whether he took the drug voluntarily is questionable. Before going to the campus police station Gil took a naked running dive on the pavement. They call it an attack on a motorist. The driver was in no way injured. In the reports there is no mention of Gil’s injuries. Then another car stopped to see if he was okay. Gil then crawled into the drivers window. As he was crawling in a football player was pounding his face. Gil somehow made it to the back seat of the car. The reports never defined “punched repeatedly”. The football player claimed the beating had no effect on Gil. Once you are half way through a car window, you are stuck. There is no retreat while your face is being pounded. To everybody this is evidence that Gil was feeling no pain. In the reports there is no mention of the injuries Gil suffered. The people in the car suffered no injuries caused by Gil. Nothing about blackeyes, broken nose, split lips, knocked out teeth, bruised, swelling, etc, apparently the wildcard drug protected Gil. The name or description of the football player is in none of the reports. Then Gil obviously went to to campus police station looking for help. When Gil got to the police he found the door locked. What the police were doing inside is anybodys guess.. Gil pounded desperately on the door. When he got no answer he left. According to the the cop who was with the killercop in the station it sounded like shotgun blasts. Nobody thought to check that story out by simulating the knocking and recording the sound. Then Trevis Austin drew his gun and charged out the door expecting shotgun fire. Everybody thinks that was a act of courage. that would be an act of stupididy. Seeing the naked unarmed teen Austin forgot about the shotguns and attacked him instead. According to the grand jury Trevis Austin did nothing wrong. He got a half year paid vacation and is back roaming the campus with a gun.


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