George Bush’s First Torture Scandal

George Bush’s First Torture Scandal

 by DC Dave


George W. Bush had almost completed his first year as president when I wrote the article that is reproduced below (updated in 2007 with the long lead-off quote from Richard Wright). Most of the article is a reprint of the article from the tabloid Star written in 1999 when Bush was still the governor of Texas. If you do a Net search of the terms “Bush torture fraternity” you will see that others have also reported on the severe hazing—amounting to torture—that Bush presided over as president of Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity at Yale University, but I was the first to put the full story on the Internet.

At that time, we had invaded Afghanistan, but the revelations of the torture engaged in by our military and the CIA were yet to come. My introduction to the Star article contained some grave forebodings about what the little man from Texas was capable of. Fortunately, the worst of them did not—or have not yet—come to pass. We have not yet gone the way of Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union. But that is cold comfort for the hundreds of Muslim victims of the other things the article portended, rampant torture with George Bush’s blessings.

Here is a full reproduction of that article:

Power-Lust and President Bush

“If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.” – George W. Bush

To hold absolute power over others, to define what they should love or fear, to decide if they were to live or die and thereby to ravage the whole of their beings–that was a sensuality that made sexual passion look pale by comparison. It was a noneconomic conception of existence. The rewards for those followers who deserved them did not cost one penny; the only price attached to rewards was the abject suffering of some individual victim who was dominated by the recipient of the reward of power…. No, they were not dumb, these [subordinate power wielders]…. They knew a thing or two about mankind. They had reached far back into history and had dredged up from its black waters the most ancient of all realities, man’s desire to be a god…. How far wrong most people were in their appraisal of dictators! The popular opinion was that these men were hankering for their pick of beautiful virgins, good food, fragrant cigars, aged whisky, land, gold…. But what these men wanted was something much harder to get and the mere getting of it was in itself a way of keeping it. It was power, not just the exercise of bureaucratic control, but personal power to be wielded directly upon the lives and bodies of others. –Richard Wright, The Outsider, pp. 198-199

Because of his clear intellectual limitations, because he would be an embarrassment on a quiz program like bush-torture-of-naked-manJeopardy, or even Who Wants to be a Millionaire or The Weakest Link, people tend to take George W. Bush too lightly. Intellectuals like Leon Trotsky, Nikolai Bukharin and Evgeny Preobrazhensky, and millions of other people took Joseph Stalin too lightly, too, and we know how that story played out. A person’s other dimensions can be of much greater moment than his ability to engage in abstract reasoning.

With that in mind, it is useful to examine George W’s performance in his first executive position, his first opportunity to wield power over others. The following article, which appeared in the supermarket tabloid, Star, a couple of summers ago, seems to be quite well documented. The essential facts alleged, that George W. Bush was president of a social fraternity at Yale that was disciplined for branding pledges, were also related in a Washington Post feature on Bush some time later, but The Post played them down and buried them away.

STAR, July 27, 1999 Special Star Investigation

George W. Bush in Torture Scandal by Richard Gooding

Presidential candidate George W. Bush once led a Yale fraternity that barbarically branded its new members on their backsides with a red-hot metal rod as part of a sadistic hazing practice.

“I got branded and I didn’t like it one bit,” Professor Bradford Lee* of the elite Naval War College in Newport, R.I.—an ex-football player and onetime member of Bush’s Delta Epsilon Kappa [sic] fraternity—told STAR in an exclusive interview.

apology“It did burn,” he says, recalling the terrifying experience. “I think I still have the mark on me.”

Bush, the oldest son of former President George Bush, is now the runaway front-runner for the Republican nomination for president. His campaign stresses responsible individual behavior, family values and compassion for one’s fellow citizens.

But a STAR investigation has revealed that he was president of Delta Epsilon Kappa when the hazing scandal broke in the campus newspaper in the late ’60s-leading to the fraternity being fined and the branding practice halted.

Amazingly, Bush, now the governor of Texas, defended the illegal torture of the young fraternity pledges at the time as a harmless prank-insisting that it was comparable to “only a cigarette burn” which left “no scarring mark physically or mentally.”

But others said the branding resulted in a second-degree burn that left a half-inch scab in the shape of the Greek letter Delta.

Lee—who still bears the mark 32 years later—is not sure who actually wielded the brand because the pledges were not allowed to look at their tormentors. “But I do know that George Bush was very active in all the fraternity activities then.”

Lee, who was a guard on the Yale football team, recalled that the branding came after “a long initiation that went on into the early morning hours.”

He says the idea was to wear you out so much that you allowed your bare flesh to be singed. “I was already tired from football practice earlier that day. I was so groggy I wasn’t exactly sensitive to what they were up to. I wasn’t very happy about it.”

The branding was a key reason why Lee quit the fraternity after just one year. “It got things off on a sour note, you might say,” he notes.

Bill Katz, now a community college teacher in northern New Jersey, told STAR that the branding was done with “a wire coat hanger twisted into a triangle and heated up” in the fireplace.

“They touched you just above the buttocks, in the small of the back,” he says.


And Boston lawyer Franklin Levy said that to increase the fear of the moment, the older fraternity men first brandished an actual glowing hot branding iron-to make them think that was what awaited them.

“When they burned me,” Levy remembers, “I jumped a mile.”

Before the brandings, pledges had to endure hours of being kicked and a vicious round of tannings with wooden paddles—another practice that Yale has ruled taboo.

“On that night,” according to an account in the Yale Daily News in 1967, each pledge was forced to sit with his head between his legs, motionless, for two to five hours.

“If he coughed, raised his hand or talked, he was kicked by an older brother.” After all the beatings, recalled one fraternity member, the branding was almost a relief.

In the wake of the Yale Daily News’ expose of the fraternity’s hazing, Bush, whose father was also a DKE at Yale, admitted the branding to the New York Times in November 1967.

But Bush—whose college nickname was “Lip” for his Texas wisecracks—also ripped into Yale for being too “Haughty” to “allow this type of pledging to go on.”

Bush’s days and nights at Yale were mostly remembered as non-stop party and prank time by his former fraternity brothers. During his junior year, he was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge in the theft of a Christmas wreath from a storefront to decorate the DKE house. At a football game against Princeton, he helped tear down a goal post and ended up being hauled to the campus police station.

“We drank heavily at DKE,” says Gregory Gallico, now a Boston plastic surgeon, as he recalled Bush and his other fraternity brothers. “It was absolutely off the wall-appalling.

“I cannot for the life of me figure out how we all made it through.”

Sadism for Its Own Sake

monkey-torture-matinee Seen in this light, it’s very clear that the CIA’s torture was, and is, not really about intelligence gathering. It’s a power trip. As Richard Wright so well explains, it’s getting off on playing god. There’s not a lot of useful intelligence collected from the continuing torture of fraternity pledges around the country.

It’s a well-known fact that the Ivy League is a primary recruiting ground for the CIA. Surely their preference is for those who have been in fraternities there. George W. Bush, as president of the torturing DKE social fraternity and a member, like John Kerry, of the sinister Skull and Bones secret society, was so well qualified to be a part of our secret government that he was made president of the entire country. The genesis of the widespread torture on Bush’s watch as president is, more than anything, in the mentality that he and his personality type represent.

For what it is worth, the only person who I have known for sure was a covert CIA operative, the late Scott Runkle, was a graduate of Dartmouth College. Dartmouth, as the model for the movie Animal House, is notorious for its fraternity scene and the hazing that goes on there, although I don’t know if Runkle belonged to a fraternity. I wish now that I had asked him.

One of the worst offenders, both at Dartmouth and nationally, is Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The reports that the late Vincent Foster might have been a spy for Israel may not be true, but he was president of SAE at Davidson College. He might well have been one of our spooks involved in the drug smuggling operation through Mena Airport.

* Gooding is best known for having broken the news of Bill Clinton counselor Dick Morris’ toe-sucking frolics with a call girl.  More recently he has been writing for the more mainstream magazine, Vanity Fair.

** Dr. Bradford Lee was recently appointed to the prestigious Henry A. Kissinger Chair in Foreign Policy and International Relations at the John W. Kluge Center of the Library of Congress. I wonder if he would show me the brand that “Lip” and the boys gave him.


David Martin

December 10, 2014


Note from BuelahMan: I covered this torture stuff ad nauseum for years. So many people told me that I was wrong… that Americans would never torture others. But, of course, we did torture. We have always tortured, even when our hypocritical leaders lie and say we don’t.

But it’s ok: We’re The USA!

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19 thoughts on “George Bush’s First Torture Scandal

  1. Reblogged this on wendytheredhead and commented:
    I read a bumper sticker last night. It read:
    “The US government taking our freedom … So our enemies won’t hate us.”
    The terrorist state of isreal is truly evil and I believe influences every move the US makes. Saying that – the US is complicit in every crime against humanity. I hope the ICC is able to prosecute even one of these evil doers.


  2. America used torture to elicit false confessions from Germans after WW!! at the Nuremberg Trials to bolster the lie of the Holohoax, which ended up being the reason given for the declaration of war. Torture like crushing testicles, knocking teeth out, starvation, sleep deprivation, etc. All the normal stuff.

    America tortures much and often.

    Learn the truth.


  3. There also is a tradition of ‘hazing’ in the German Navy when soldiers cross the equator for the first time. My ex bro-in-law went through that during his career as a naval officer. It involved buckets of vomit and s..t. Seems to make for obedient personnel. But it sure doesn’t make for a better person.


    • Same type of thing happens in the American Navy. I was fortunate (in a way), because the Navy kept me on shore duty as an instructor and I never even saw a ship.


  4. To hold absolute power over others, to define what they should love or fear, to decide if they were to live or die and thereby to ravage the whole of their beings

    I have no desire to have that kind of power, in fact to me, that’s a sign of mental sickness, which means I wouldn’t make it very far if I ran for a political office, since I’m not depraved enough.

    That’s the kind of sick fucks we have in power and they got there mostly thru Jew money and Jew MSM control.


    • I don’t see you as a Sociopath, either, Buddy.

      It is beyond me and my abilities to seek such power and control of others. But, more importantly, it is beyond me allowing them to gain that control over me. Its why it hurts so bad that these things are happening to this country. And its why this blog is here… to try to help change it for my daughter who is innocent and deserves better.


    • Scum rises to the top. The system is set up that way. The most psychopathic gets to be #1 puppet until they have done their damage and it is time for a replacement. We all know Bush was (is) a sick flucker. Any of us paying a modicum of attention during his reign were foolish if we believed that just because he was an intellectual loser, he was as harmless as he was stupid. And of course, we also know, as a mark of disrespect, part of the Skull hazings included use of the skull of Geronimo. Torture has been around for a very long time and we cannot yell at the Israelis for creating it. America has been active since its beginnings. The difference is in the conception of the general public who at one time would have been appalled by these things. Perhaps when Abu Ghraib broke a few were shocked, but that merely opened the doors. Once the initial realization that “we actually did this stuff” was in, American apathy set in. That is what bothers me, this acceptance of such evil as the norm. That is the true jewdification of the American people ~ the loss of any moral compass.


  5. I found this article at Wide Awake Gentile (I believe is an Indian blogger with an unique perspective… I recommend following it, if interested):

    The CIA Torture Report….. Another Jewish Fairy Tale

    The Report is completely silent on

    CIA/Jew created and funded President Barack Husein Obama aka Barry Sotero (or whatever his REAL name is )

    CIA Regime Change Operations and the assassinations and torture that go with it For example the Jew Flavored “Ukrainian Revolution” and the Maidan massacres

    Political assassinations usually done jointly with Mossad like those of Rajiv Gandhi(1991) Benazir Bhutto (2007)

    The CIA Drug Running and the money it brings in and the torture and killings that come to those who oppose it



  6. I just watched a video and at the end thought to myself:

    Someone might eventually need to “heart attack” this guy… before his non-disclosure agreement runs out.

    (OOPS! Too late!! That horse has left the barn. Scroll down.)

    So what the hell am I talking about??

    Well, by now you’re obviously abreast of the recent and damning Senate report on CIA Enhanced Interrogation Techniques used on detainees since 9-11.

    You know the report B’man, it’s been all over the news lately. The one which cost US taxpayers 40 million dollars and which people all over the world are uber-verklempt about…

    Have you seen this exclusive VICE News interview with the alleged “architect” of those post 9-11 torture techniques though?

    Fascinating interview.

    “UPDATE: One day after this video was released, James Mitchell confirmed to VICE News that he was under contract to the CIA after 9/11 and that he was “part” of the enhanced interrogation program. This marks the first time Mitchell has acknowledged his role in the program.”


    • I seriously doubt that this man is getting all this exposure without it being blessed from above, or more probably, directed from above.

      He paints the torture as necessary and Diane Feinstein is introduced at the end as a champion fighting the policy. (I have this theory that Hillary will not get the nod and Feinstein will)

      For years I wrote about the torture policy. I knew it for what evil it is and how it would forever cement the ongoing, intentionally pursued, negative view the world has of us.


  7. The article is primarily about George W’s activities at DKE. This is from a web site on Skull and Bones:

    As did every member of the Yale Skull & Bones fraternity, George W. Bush and Bush Sr.:

    Publicly sold their souls to Satan. George W. Bush may have considered it a joke, but it is still a sick joke.
    Publicly masturbated in a coffin in view of the other members of the fraternity.
    Swore allegiance to Satan while touching a human skull.
    Bowed before a man dressed as Satan.
    Permitted a man to press a human femur (thigh bone) into his anus.
    Publicly confessed the entire catalog of his lifelong sexual fantasies.
    Chanted the mantra:
    The Hangman equals Death.
    The devil equals death.
    Death equals Death.

    And there is much, much more at Ain’t the Net great?


  8. Guys,
    The ‘consentual torture’ at the Skull & Bones
    or the ‘remote control torture’ in the wake of
    the 9/11 perpetrated by Dubya Bush pales
    into insignificance next to the 9/11 itself,
    which, of course, was also perpetrated by
    Dubya Bush – even if only by way of green-
    lighting the event.

    While Obama (Williams?) is nothing but an
    accidental little pawn on the Jew Rothschilds’
    chessboard, the Bushes are certainly little
    figures – or at least Bush Sr is.

    And it had to be Bush Sr who conveyed to
    Dubya what the Jew trillionaires decided
    in regard of the forthcoming 9/11. Little
    wonder, Dubya was in Florida on the day –
    and playing dumb – dumber than he is.

    In the final account, Dubya was also a puppet,
    but a puppet-perpetrator – a puppet with his
    own fat little stake in the Jew trillionaires’

    For example, while the poor old American
    taxpayers were robbed of trillions of dollars
    in Iraq and Afghanistan, Dubya and all of his
    fellow big-time crooks – military contractors –
    pocketed hundreds of billions of dollars,
    very generously charging Uncle Sam for
    their dubious goods and services – dubious
    to the point of treason.

    Just recall all those GIs and Marines that
    were given those lousy Humvees to drive
    instead of properly armoured vehicles with
    mine-trawling implements that could have
    saved many a life and limb.

    However, even the Bushes are somewhat
    cleaner than the Jew Feinstein and the rest
    of the Jew liberal hypocrites. And although
    mere millionaires most of them, they are
    no lesser figures on the Jew Rothschilds’
    chessboard than the billionaires Bushes.


  9. #BlackLivesMatter is still so much less important than Feminism! As long as ALL women are oppressed by patriarchy why do we even worry about a very narrow oppression example – just a single race?


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