Practice Makes Perfect

h/t Adask’s Law

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4 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. B’Man as with most things that are hard to believe or flat out unbelievable, it probably isn’t real. For fun I downloaded the video and played back frame by frame on Quicktime. The cross that is mentioned at Adask looks to be a frame marker. Its starts out inside the car dashboard and turns into an x. Another tell-tell sign that appears to be unreal, is there are a few frames that are exactly the same. This is impossible filming a moving object with video. I wouldn’t be able to do it, but it looks to me that they combined two separate video footage (or is that feetage). The acrobat flipping over and landing on a flat surface placed on a video layer of the car moving in front of the car with the camera.

    Also I counted 32 frames from 20:16:07 to 20:16:08 and 33 frames from 20:16:08 to 20:16:09 the common frame rate is 30 per second.
    And the acrobat is casting a shadow straight down on the car like the light source was above him and not off to the left where the sun is.

    It does look cool though. And if it is real, that is a very luck dude.



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