Richard Noggin Saturday: Traitor Joe

Traitor Joe

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4 thoughts on “Richard Noggin Saturday: Traitor Joe

  1. This speech sickens me. I’ve been trying to write a blog post about this for the last few days, and I just can’t seem to express all the emotions I feel while trying. None of them are positive. I keep going back to the overwhelming thought that Biden has re-written and distorted history right in our face.
    And this George Washington letter that he quotes from also states,”…the Government of the United States…requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens in giving it on all occasions their effectual support.” Well, I don’t think the jews have held up their end of that bargain, and the US has NO reason to protect them.


    • Sickening speech, but a rather stately photo appropriately annotated. And thank you for supplying the part of the Washington speech that Biden conveniently left out.

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      • Yep, the appropriate annotations is what is sickening. And using George Washington to confirm his statement is disingenuous at best. I believe the founding fathers of the US believed in religious freedom, but not at the expense of others freedoms. And it is a nice farce that politicians like to portray judaism as just a religion. G. Washington also said that “this tribe of black gentry” are our biggest enemy. Modern historians like to claim that tribe is just currency speculators, but history has shown just who those currency speculators always are.


  2. Mean while in other news, Republican Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson is headed to Israel to gain their approval…

    Fuck me…this has to end. I don’t care how.


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