Yes, Weed Kills Cancer, But How?

How Do Cannabinoids Kill Cancer? – Dennis Hill

I was recently inspired to write something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I notice in the popular literature, and even in the research, we really don’t see how cannabis kills cancer. I wanted to be able to write a one page piece on How It Works that anyone could understand in order to have confidence with this process that has generated a wide range of opinions.
cannabinoides-cancer-sein-prostate-5-910x702There is a plentiful supply of research articles and personal testaments that show the efficacy of cannabis effecting cancer remission. However, only a few point to the mechanism by which the cancer cells die. To understand this better we need to know what metabolic processes provide life to the cells.

There are two structures in most cells that sustain life; one is the mitochondria, and the other is the endoplasmic reticulum. The mitochondria primarily produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that provides the necessary energy. The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is a loosely bound envelope around the cell nucleus that synthesizes metabolites and proteins directed by the nuclear DNA that nourish and sustain the cell.

Let us look first at tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and observe that THC is a natural fit for the CB1 cannabinoid receptor on the cancer cell surface. When THC hits the receptor, the cell generates ceramide that disrupts the mitochondria, closing off energy for the cell.

Disruption of the mitochondria releases cytochrome c and reactive oxygen species into the cytosol, hastening cell death. It is notable that this process is specific to cancer cells. Healthy cells have no reaction to THC at the CB1 receptor. The increase in ceramide also disrupts calcium metabolism in the mitochondria, completing the demise to cell death.

The other cannabinoid we know is effective in killing cancer cells is cannabidiol (CBD). The primary job of CBD in the cancer cell is to disrupt the endoplasmic reticulum through wrecking of the calcium metabolism, pushing calcium into the cytosol. This always results in cell death. Another pathway for CBD to effect cancer cell death is the Caspase Cascade, which breaks down proteins and peptides in the cell. When this happens the cell cannot survive. Again, these processes are specific to cancer cells, no normal cells are affected.


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h/t Patients For Medical Cannabis

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14 thoughts on “Yes, Weed Kills Cancer, But How?

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          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, as well.


          • Not having cancer, I wouldn’t want to vaporize any precious bud that could go to a cancer victim : It would be a total waste of a precious cure for those suffering from cancer who really need it. I shall have a shot of Jack Daniels instead for the Holidays, with a White Wine chaser, and I shan’t bother you until sometime in 2015.

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          • Ok, I don’t know where to start.
            I was told I have prostate cancer. Gleeson score 8. Recommended that prostate be removed immediately!
            That was more than 3 years ago. I had heard about Rick Simpson and decided to treat myself. I followed Rick’s advice, grew, converted to oil and hit myself with the recommended dosage. I also took to vaping.
            Bottom line is I go into hospital early next year to have my prostate removed. My PSA is now 18, having started at 8!
            I’d like to believe everything I read about this cure – but I no longer am convinced.
            I wish all well (and a merry christmas and happy new year).


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      And NO, my heart is not so “blackened” that I think pot smokers should be thrown in jail. I just don’t think 420 should be turned into a religion, that’s all.


      • This is perhaps the most thought provoking comment you ever made here and it gives me hope that you are more than just another asshole pushing some pet peeve or agenda.

        And believe me when I say I am willing and able to take on honest, REAL dialogue.

        However, the insistence from you that I have some 420 “religion” pushes my buttons (and you know that). I wonder, though, if your continual usage of those words is meant to inflame me, and what would be your reasoning for that? Or are you just callous with no real intention of dialogue (just another troll)?

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        Your stance on cannabis and religion couldn’t have been a more dead-beaten horse here. You made it plain in your first comment and virtually every other one since then.

        Now, you either respect my view about the medical efficacy and the lies of many decades being purposeful to keep us from healing ourselves and drop the 420 religion shit or move along, Man. You don’t have to agree with me, but you do need to stop painting my view in the false way you do. It has grown old.


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