Now What Was The Reason For The Season, Again?

Merry Christmas

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7 thoughts on “Now What Was The Reason For The Season, Again?

  1. Another bites the dust….

    Israel is “a prerequisite for any national politician”

    Elizabeth Warren’s trip to Israel and other Middle East countries is likely more an indication of the senator’s fast rise within the Democratic Party than a sign that she is rethinking her political future, longtime Democratic observers of the Massachusetts senator said Monday.

    Warren is the lone lawmaker on the trip organized by the State Department and the Senate Banking Committee, of which she is a member. She will be meeting with officials from the Israeli and Jordanian governments, the Palestinian Authority, United Nations groups and USAID. Warren will also meet with troops from Massachusetts serving in the Middle East.

    The Jerusalem Post reported that Warren met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday.

    The senator’s Middle East trip, first reported by the Boston Globe, is her first trip abroad as a senator. And given the importance of U.S.-Israeli relations, it was bound to stoke speculation about a potential 2016 presidential bid.

    Is there no one in DC that hasn’t been corrupted by these parasites?


    • Greg,

      It is obvious that each party offers the token “sane one” especially for those of us who question the entire corrupted system. The Ron Pauls, Dennis Kucinchs, etc. They are allowed certain leeway in what they say that could be considered “rogue” or “fighting for the people” (and many times what they tout is important). But when it comes to criticism of the real power, they are ALL silent. None of them will call out the Jew (and it is obvious why). These people, no matter how patriotic or citizen friendly they are, will, at some point, show who they truly serve (which is the Jew).

      Plain and simple.

      Warren is no different.

      You and I both know that it is a worthless endeavor to participate in America politics. Any one of any real credibility or any real nationalistic sense will be put out on their ear (if they are allowed to live).

      Its a slow burn and we are all fucked. I don’t see anything that I do changing much in the way things are done. But, at least I recognize it and say what I can when I can.

      For instance: we spent time with family yesterday and a niece received a Starbucks gift card. She was giddy with excitement because she loves Starbucks. She wanted to go right then, but someone suggested they would be closed due to Christmas day.

      I explained that I would bet they were open (I really had no idea) because the owner was a Jew and heavily invested in Israel and a huge supporter of the Israeli invasions of Palestine and all the murder that went along with it. Christmas would mean very little to him, except maybe MORE MONEY.

      She sorts looked at me and said, “really?”

      Then she wondered out loud what time this morning they would open up because she really loved Starbucks coffee.

      Personally, I will never drink another cup of that shit as long as I live.

      Who needs a Jew’s coffee?


  2. The whores for Israel in DC will drop like scabs at a future date. We continue to seed the ground with truth. I am amazed at the level of awareness about 9/11 when sign holding. Lots of signs the phenomenon is global and the parasites are panicking. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Bman.


  3. Posting from the house of my daughter. And I tell you I now am the odd ‘man’ out in the family. Everyones ignorance and not wanting to know is ticking me off. I even received a 2015 calendar with pictures of “NICE JEWISH GUYS” , bought in Las Vegas and meant as a joke, sorta, kinda. I was not impressed.

    Anyways,BMan , just wanted to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR.


    • I know the feeling. I have taken a much more toned down tact about the subject and STILL am met with disbelief, argument, or worse, agreement with the situation.

      I have one black friend that even looked at me weirdly when I mentioned that our financial issues are caused by Jewish bankers and their paid for minions (he still thinks its whitey).

      Bring up the Talmud and all eyes go dark as if I put out their imagination like a match.

      Thank you for the understanding and stopping by to share your wishes with me. I hope the same for you and yours. I hope that this next year is enlightening for us all, especially the Jew ignorant.

      Happy New Year!


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