Happy Jew Year! But Is It Worth It?

I have sat down to this pc several times over the past week, hoping to come up with some sort of witty New Year themed post. Each and every time I stare blankly at the screen and cannot think of anything else to say that hasn’t been said here countless times.

It reminds me of the time an old friend took notice of the blog and shared here for a while. Another acquaintance learned of my blog and made a comment like: “Just great, that’s what we need, ANOTHER blogger’s opinion”.

Really, that’s all this place has ever been, at least since I began to understand the Jewish quotient.

And now, it is just another blog that talks about the Jewish influence on America and the world. I talk about the one thing that most are too ignorant to understand, too busy to be bothered, or are accepting of this fact.

I keep coming back to the same question:

Is It Worth It?

Is it worth the time and effort I used to put in to it (I don’t work at it near as much as I once did)? Is it worth it for what little results I am able to obtain? Is it worth putting up with the incessant stalkers like Phil Lings and Salvatore that post EVERY day, sometimes two or three times per day?

Then, just this morning, I received an email from John Kaminski asking the same types of questions:

You have to wonder about the sanity of those deluded dupes still waving their flags as our soldiers come home from their mass murder assignments around the world and are treated like heroes when they’re really nothing more than brutal, mind-controlled assassins. Wasn’t it established at Nuremberg that following illegal orders is a crime punishable by death? By now, hasn’t everybody figured out that Al-Qaeda was an invention of the U.S. and Israeli intelligence services, and that this new so-called enemy that America is bombing in Syria was really created by Israel with help from the U.S. and its other flunkie states?

What kind of people cheer wars they know are wrong? What kind of leaders make jokes about the innocent victims they kill without even knowing who they are? What kind of people accept a president whose background is kept totally secret while the most personal secrets of ordinary people are totally exposed; nobody can conceal anything, which leaves them defenseless against exploitation by a government that regards them as something less than human beings?

These questions frequently come up in conversations between people who have been trying to tell the truth about the lies we’ve been told that are stealing our lives and destroying our future.

We ask each other —  Why try to explain things to people who don’t really want to know? What kind of misanthropes are we trying to help?

A bunch of misguided and ungrateful dummies — that’s who — who don’t even realize their own government is trying to rob and kill them? More interested in getting drunk and listening to songs meant for emotional retards than in fulfilling the tasks necessary for their own survival.

What’s the point in trying to save an ungrateful mob of thoughtless drecks, addicted to self-destructive trivialities, oblivious to the murders conducted in their names around the world and hooked on meaningless rituals, habits and compulsions that actually shorten their own lives.

It doesn’t seem worth it in many ways. And its not me just searching for Big Numbers. This place will never get the hits that blogs supported by the Agenda will get. As a matter of fact, my numbers are a fraction of last year’s hits. But what I do get is a great bunch of commenters (by and large… only two are now relegated permanently to the Spam Hell folder… I am sure that will grow as the others who I released from Spam Hell decide to come back and give this place even more grief). I get people visiting here that are obviously interested in the subject matter and those that offer excellent insight and additional information to assist me in learning more.

I have a knack for alienating myself from certain places that others seem to embrace. Maybe its just personal preference/taste. But in some cases, it blows my mind because I know I would never in a million years send someone to those places from here, unless there was a big caveat explaining why I was sending them. But there are a bunch of places I do recommend (see them on the right side panel). I don’t see any of them stopping, so why would I? I still get many incoming hits from Kenny’s site (and he died).

Maybe I’ll change things up a little bit. I don’t know. But I know that the battle has yet to be won (much less the war). So, like John, I can’t give up:

It would be easy for us to give up trying to expose the truth if we didn’t know so many people we admire and respect trying to do the same thing. So despite the fact that hope is slim that we’ll be able to overcome this brutal Jewish blotting out of human consciousness, none of the people I know who are committed to telling the truth are ever going to stop, no matter what happens.

It isn’t a matter of what we could lose by doing this. It’s a matter that life is not worth living in the prison they’re creating for us, and we’re not about to let it happen, no matter how powerful they are or how coercive they become.

The fact is that there aren’t many of us out there telling the truth. We need to support each other best we can, while also being vigilant that infiltrators and ambushers are taken out (like the two Spam Hell inhabitants with ZERO opportunity to ever have a comment posted here again). Tell me all about free speech and all… then I will tell you that your free speech doesn’t work in my house, when you are attacking me or my friends and commenters. If anyone came into my home and did the shit that the stalkers did here, I assure you they would leave with a size 11 up their ass and a bruised noggin. Free speech doesn’t mean you can come in my home and attack those that are enjoying each other’s company.

Yes, there are some people that need the information found here and at my links, even if there are more worthless kowtowing assholes:

The vast majority of Americans can’t see beyond the end of their own driveways, don’t really care about the fate of their neighbors, and think the meaning of the word community is the distance between the two nearest malls.

But enough about them. It’s fair to say the majority of Americans are not worth saving, being utterly unfamiliar with their own consciences.

But it’s also fair to say that I know a lot of people who are worth saving, and they are a distinct minority in America today.

They are the people who know that 9/11 was a hoax, that the wars which followed were totally unjust criminal actions, and that all of America’s elected officials are really prison wardens assisting in the robbery and murder of the American people.

How can you trust a population that has endured phony elections without protesting, tolerated criminal presidents who have covered up the truth, sent all our jobs overseas and demolished the Constitution?

Among the many types of people who are decidedly not worth saving are the writers, publishers and website operators who pretend to be champions of the opposition but are really saboteurs of this chaotic movement for human freedom.

Every year I ask myself is it worth it. Every year, I see the need, while also knowing I barely make a dent in the problem.

Will 2015 be Happy? From all indications, probably not.

But let us hope for it!

While we Breathe, We will Hope!


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19 thoughts on “Happy Jew Year! But Is It Worth It?

  1. There are more of us everyday that know the truth and some of us are willing to lose family and friends to stand for the truth.It will just take one major break in the lies for more to come around and I think the time is right.
    Thanks to Bman and John K we still have hope that at least a few are still able to think ,maybe we will reach “the hundredth monkey” and the walls will come tumbling down.


    • I hope you are correct, reenie217. It would seem that we are on the cusp of revelations, but then, they pull some other arrow from their quiver that shows me that we are far from the 100th monkey.

      I hope, in that case, I am wrong.


  2. Dear B’man,

    A great post. An appropriate post. Yes of course I am bias, in that I respect and appreciate your fine posts. But you are an all-important cog in the machine. You are making more of an impact than you could ever realise. You have influenced me greatly over the years and I know so many people who rate your site.

    To answer the title of this post – YES it is worth it. And we are grateful for your accumulative efforts. There is something happening. The undercurrent of the awakening is tangible now. So many people are waking up, more than I have seen in 10 years. But also so many people are migrating to the accurate/real Truth. More and more each day people are becoming Jew-wise. And it is partly due to your efforts and people like you.

    So please keep going, please keep inspiring us. Do not underestimate your fine work and all your effort.

    In support. Your friend across the puddle.



    • I go through this about once or twice per year, especially around the Holidays. I would like to think that this place makes a difference in some way that benefits. Of course, the common reaction to my stuff is the knee jerk anti-semite stuff, but I truthfully don’t see myself in a light that I ‘hate all Jews”. I don’t. I hate what those in power do and I hate what those that are not in power don’t do… which is say something about how their leaders are screwing the world over. But they benefit from their silence, hence my assertion that they are a huge part of the problem.

      If those within the tribe would call out those scumbags, I think things would change rapidly.

      But my “audience” isn’t Jews (although I know there are some that read here). My audience is my clan (white people, especially from the south USA), but I also hope that other races and creeds read and try to learn who is doing what to us and when (now).

      I appreciate you very much, Digger Man.


  3. “He is a man of courage who does not run away, but remains at his post and fights against the enemy.” Socrates

    I’ve gained enormously from yourself and DC Dave remaining at your posts. If I had not found your website I would not have read DC Dave’s excellent essays about the murders of Forrestal and Vince Foster. If not for your blog I would have known nothing about Biden and his quote “Jewish heritage is American heritage” or the Ferguson psy-op. Is what you do worth it? Absolutely.


    • Thank you very much. DC Dave is the writer, I am just the conduit. His site is getting a lot of traffic nowadays (much more than mine, I think), but the format doesn’t allow any graphics, plus I can put a little of my spin on it. So far, Dave has been gracious enough to allow me free reign, pretty much. I am much more “in your face” about the “who’s” than he is, but it is simply differences in style.

      You are very kind.


    • You’re right, Greg. And the truth is that I have said here many times that the main inspiration for me is that I realize without change, my daughter will have a much more shitty world to live in. So, I do this mainly for her.


  4. Bman, spent a long restless night last night. Feeling better today and enjoying the snow flakes swirling outside.
    I do hope you’ll hang in. A fine blog. I think I first came across DC Dave Martin here and am very, very grateful for that. Which reminds me I was supposed to print his America’s Dreyfus Affair for a relative who has discovered the FED is a private racket.
    We continue to seed the ground and them seeds ARE being watered by sweating Jewish brows. I am amazed in my sign holding activities at the number of people who know the whole score, some of it, or are curious or mad as hell at the general situation.
    Our biggest challenge this year is to find more ways of bringing more people to the truth. Many will run away in fear/confusion, but some will be fighters. I think we’re almost there. I’m too old for the social media crap, but we should be brainstorming ways of using it to reach the youth. They are still idealistic and don’t like to be lied to and love to find out lies/truth.
    Always thought your videos were very effective. You came across as very genuine, honest, and salt of the earth. Writings damn good, too.
    Thanks for the hard work and be well. AJ


  5. I agree with the comments above. I am only one person, but you blog is valuable to me. You help me find answer to questions, open my mind where I have closed it, and share many things I didn’t have knowledge of. Thank you for your blog. Happy New Year to you and yours.


  6. B’man, your writing on the Boston Scare-a-thon was fantastic! Keep on keepin’ on. For our children, for ourselves. Do it for Kenny! As Greg says, it’s better than doing nothing.

    Another redhead (strange, huh?),


  7. Hey man,
    I feel the same way sometimes. Had to take a break.
    Go for a hike,clear your head.
    We can’t ever give up.
    Have a fully rigged bug out back,pistol and ammo and stay fit,blog,and don’t take any shit from anyone.

    Don’t let the bastards get you down.
    Waylon Jennings told me that in Nashville.
    Fuck em all and keep doing what you do.


    • Waylon is a dude I’d like to hang with for a while. That must have been cool.

      Man, I do this every year. Wonder out loud “if its worth it” and every year, I say yes it is.

      Thanks for supporting me!


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