America’s Neo-Bolshevik Gulag System


Darkmoon gave me an epiphany this morning because I never put together the idea of our American prison system is a planned and orchestrated neo-Bolshevik Gulag system, where giant corporations can use prison labor at virtually no cost and massive profits. She answered a nagging question why so many illegal immigrants would be let in (sure, there is also the multicultural thing of dismantling the white population majority, not to mention many other simultaneous objectives being pursued).

We all know that the economy of Stalin’s Judeo-Bolshevik terror state was based on slave labor in the Siberian gulags, with tens of millions of innocent people being incarcerated and worked to death.

We also know that Stalin’s Soviet Union was essentially a Jewish regime, and that not only top government officials but that those who ran and staffed the slave labor camps known as “gulags” were mostly Jews. Witness Lazar Kaganovich, the so-called “Wolf of the Kremlin”.

It would seem that the same system of cruel exploitation of the masses has now taken root in neo-bolshevik America, another country run by Jews, and that Jewish-owned corporations such as Goldman Sachs are helping to turn America into one vast gulag. This time it is a capitalist gulag, however, not a communist one.

Your destiny is planned out to mimic the Soviet era gulag system. When Jews run things, it turns into another Bolshevik style death dance for Gentiles. History is indeed repeating itself, but most Americans do not fathom it is occurring right in front of their eyes. And, unfortunately, many Christians are the worst, for they embrace the domination over a false religion called the rapture (with morons such as John Hagee leading good people to their own imprisonment or worse):

I say, whether you are a Christian or not, try to understand the dire warnings in the Bible about the Synagogue of Satan (Jews). Why would you intermingle with Satan followers? Why would you agree to your own slavery? Why would you eagerly celebrate your own demise?

If you haven’t read the article at the Darkmoon site, I recommend it.

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