In Hebrew, “I am Charlie” is an anagram for “I am Israel”

Wendy found something curious, but par for the course because the vermin laugh at us with words (the following is translated by Google Translate and found at

The slogan from the carnage of Charlie Hebdo is “I Am Charlie. »

In Hebrew, I Am Charlie writes:

אני שארלי
With the same letters in a different order, we get I Am Israel
אני ישראל
Which, for those who study Torah, could mean a lot … And first: those who attack Charlie are the same who attack Israel. So true!

Please disregard my correction to the original author in the comments section… I was incorrect.

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19 thoughts on “In Hebrew, “I am Charlie” is an anagram for “I am Israel”

    • So insulting Muslims or Christians is “freedom of speech”, but insult jews and you get fired? Hmmm it’s a good thing the jews don’t own the media (tongue firmly planted in cheek B-Man) otherwise it would all make sense.


  1. Charb was one of the “freedom of speech” Jews that was supposedly killed at the Jewish funny paper in Paris. He loves freedom of speech so much that he said this about Holocaust revisionists:

    “They should have their balls cut off”

    and that they should be

    “banned immediately.”

    Sometimes I really like to celebrate the fake deaths of Jewish hypocrites (which is all of them, best I can tell). This is one of those times.


    • It appears when jews yammer on about “freedom of speech”, they mean THEY can spread whatever B.S. or hate that suits them. But if anyone has the temerity to question or disagree, then in the name of “freedom of speech” THAT person should me silenced….or…castrated? Wow…the tolerance they show to others is beyond amazing. But then, it doesn’t really shock us does it? The arrogance and self-importance is simply unbelievable. I cannot understand how anyone could think or act that way. Are we SURE they are human? The alternative is almost unthinkable.


        • I’d have to do some research, but I do recall reading a very interesting piece about the Khazars being descended from Neanderthals. The point of the treatise was THAT was the basis of their hatred of humans. I’ll look for it and post the link.


        • INTERESTING BMan? This is what I have been trying to point out to a lessor degree.
          The biggest point that needs to be understood is that the “Khazars” are a hiding place for EDOM! With “NUTTYYAHOO” appearing to acknowledge the “Khazars” as being CONVERTS does not provide proof that the JEWS are GODS Chosen! The Bible and HISTORY proves that EDOM are the IMPOSTORS! Khazars are of “JAPETH”, EDOM are the “SUBHUMAN” seed of CAIN!
          SCRIPTURE points to EDOM as being the creators of ZIONIST/ISRAEL, and the SYNAGOGUE Of SATAN!


          • SORRY!

            That should read, …” SCRIPTURE and HISTORY*” points to EDOM!

            It is so telling to me, how the so called “Christian Identity Movement” and what is “ISRAEL Identity Truth” became a racist “doctrine”(?) in the last 40 years or so. Researching we find that the ONLY points that were necessary for our understanding was EDOM/CAIN is the ENEMY of the Church, and were those that were the IMPOSTORS claiming to be JEWS (Gods Chosen)! I believe that this RACIST tone was a calculated infection by EDOM/JEWS who are the biggest racist in all of history! I am working on an article that will substantiate my claim. Pray for me. My ability to stay focused and write has been suffering lately. WRITERS BLOCK? I don’t know. But with so many distractions and such, it has been hard to put my research together in a way that I feel would be understandable and not come across as ranting(?). It is hard not have someone to talk to that understands, or even cares about these things.

            WE have an enemy, and they have screwed up everything WE love and hold dear. Lets not be ignorant of that point!


            • the Children of Israel never turned into “Jews”.

              there are no “Jews” in the Old Testament.

              Proselytes to Talmudic Judaism = “Jews”, are not even “Hebrews” or Israelites.


              not that “Jew” worshippers are ready to understand that….given the dribble
              {TORRENT}…of “JEW” poo from Talmudvision…


              • I have found the first reference to jews in the Old Testament to be in 2nd Kings chapter 16. It refers to the King of Syria allying with the King of Israel to make war on the jews. Interesting? They are frequently referred to as “The men of Judah”.


  2. Israel and her Jew henchmen and women murder us, false flag us, rob us blind, teach our children perversions, corrupt our government, control our banks for their benefit and endlessly brainwash us, their GOY cattle.
    And it seems to be working splendidly, since we’re always thanking the Jew for the abuse they shower on us.


  3. I completely understand where you’re coming from.
    As a cartoonist who’s worked for mainstream papers and alt media ,who’s too Jew wise to ever get a friggin job again doing editorial work, I naturally side with the Hebdo crowd.
    All Jewish psycho shit aside,free speech rocks,
    Without it we’re all fucking doomed.


  4. “Israelis support Paris Jews – With ‘Charlie’ Pun” – Headline at The Forward, Jan. 11, 2015.

    “Israel is Charlie” and, most creatively, “Tzar li”, a play on the name Charlie that means ‘I’m hurting’. The pun was a perfect way for Israelis to express empathy (for tribal members only, sarc) for French Jews and the painful experience they have lived through.”

    Anagram or acronym, probably neither, even the Hebrew crowd doesn’t know what’s what and keeps bickering about the meaning of their letters. Just have to read some of the comments.


    • I was hoping you’d see this and offer correction or insight. I don’t know Hebrew (or French, to any great extent). But when I Google translated it (and all the comments) it appeared to be fairly accurate to them).

      They do play with the Goyim’s minds.


  5. “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes

    The way you determine whether a ‘history’ or ‘news event’ is more-or-less accurate or needs to be REVISED in order to reconcile itself to the facts is through three methods of examination:

    1) Documentation (AUTHENTICATED and chemically verified PERIOD documentation, especially procedural documentation, blueprints, orders, stuff that was kept records of day-to-day, etc.) However ALL this stuff has to be open for reliable and completely independent reporters and ANY citizen to check and verify. In other words, if you want to write history tomorrow you should be able to VERIFY all this DIRECTLY and FIRST HAND.

    2) Forensic – (such as O.J. Simpson’s DNA at the crime scene or Hitler’s dentals matched to his records on file that prove he died in the bunker, etc.) – However THIS stuff has to open for reliable and completely independent reporters and ANY citizen to check and verify in the course of research.

    3) Witness testimony (depending on the authenticity of the witness but NOT to be relied on or considered enough-to-prove anything more-or-less definitively in the absence of the Documentary and Forensic evidence that it corroborates

    It is OUR job as truthers to make sure that the intermediaries performing functions 1 and 2, collecting the evidence and testing it for authenticity, doing the documentation and forensics work, are honest and reliable people who are willing to submit their findings to outside examination and if they are not, are immediately exposed as FRAUDS and if possible punished with PRISON time. It’s called accountability and it should be an absolute matter-of-course in any civilized society. Few of us ‘truthers’ are criminal experts or professional historians but we do our job when we know enough of both CORRECT criminal procedure and historiography to know when it is being INCORRECTLY and fraudulently applied to serve the interests of power rather than the general welfare of all individuals.


    • Amen. And whenever I see blatant misdirection and deliberate hiding of facts (or threats of fines and jail time for simply discussing the taboo subject), I see shenanigans in action. They would only do these things (and still hold their hypocritical views) if they had something to hide.

      Others know it (pols, media, etc) but they will not say or do anything because of their pay check.

      All of this occurred post WWI and there was a nationalistic outrage. I just don’t see it here without a major revelation to the public (like they DID 911). And then, maybe not, because the brainwash is deep.


  6. Greg’s comment on the following post illustrates the disgust with the jew-zionist operation called Charlie Hebdo that all of us likely feel:

    Greg Bacon
    January 10, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    ‘We vomit’ on Charlie’s sudden friends: staff cartoonist

    Hedbo’s ‘cartoons’ made me vomit, especially the one showing JC sodomizing God the Father and the Holy Ghost sodomizing JC, in the same ‘cartoon.’ That’s not comedy, it’s vulgar, obscene porn. I’m not into religion, I’m somewhere between and atheist and a deist, and will gladly debate someone the pros and cons of organized religion.
    But the Hedbo ‘cartoons’ aren’t funny, they’re disgusting.


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