Don’t Be Sad… It Could Be Worse

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Be Sad… It Could Be Worse

  1. Haven’t seen that movie since high school and needless to say I was unaware of the jews at that time. What an awesome scene. I didn’t even know jews still existed until I was in high school. When I went to church on Easter Sunday with my grandma (I was about 8 yrs old), I asked her why jews were okay if they killed Jesus. Well that word was NEVER even said in my home. I think my parents and grandparents were and are more “jew wise” then they let on to be. Wished they would open up a little more about it now.


  2. Wendy, the jew was hidden during those times. “Communists” is the term that people were deluged with, and a few knew they were jews, but there was never public mention that communists WERE the jews.

    “7 Christian Homeschool Children Taken From Parents; Dad Claims It Was Over ‘Miracle’ Drug MMS, Police Say It was for Alleged Child Abuse”


    • You do know what you are talking about. WAY back, “Elizabeth Dilling, and later Joseph McCarthy were trying to expose the Communist,s and the dangers that they represented based on the stated goals of Communist’s, BUT neither one of them ever used the “JEW” word until in Dillings case she was accused of being an “anti-Semite.

      I researched McCarthy in the public library’s in 1989 through ‘micro-phished’ news paper articles, and not once did I find him use the word JEW. He did call them “PIN-HEADS” and DAVID LETTERMAN called the Executives at CBS and every other JEW controlled corporation from Westinghouse to GE ‘pinheads’, UNTIL I went on National Talk Radio pointing out that fact. Letterman stopped saying that, and most do not understand what, and why Letterman calls his production company “World Wide Pants”, HE is “MOONING” those of us that understand the New World Order.


  3. Here is a better article on that family whose 7 children were taken away, and it illustrates the dangers we are faced with:

    “There was absolutely no scientific, legal, nor prima facie basis for this home invasion. It was a blatant example of an illegal, inappropriate, and therefore abusive, use of force. The law enforcement officers were simply “following orders,” unaware and unconcerned whether the search warrant had any basis in fact or reality.

    Yet, this suggests that they believe they can take “prophylactic” actions such as these, even if actual laws haven’t been broken.

    If laws haven’t been broken, it’s not law enforcement.

    However, it is an “F-word” of another order; fascism.”


  4. More details about the home=schooling prepper Stanley family.

    “Stanley claims he’s never had a run-in with the law or contact with police before this incident.

    “Unless they stopped to buy vegetables,” Stanley said of law enforcement. “I’ve never had a speeding ticket.”

    Neighbors praised the couple’s childrearing.

    “We’ve seen the family grow up,” one said. “You know, the sound of children playing and laughing. You see them jumping on the trampoline.”


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