Are White People Really White?


“Sweetheart, you have a little black in you.”

I remember a video that floated around on several Social Justice Warrior and black folk sites about the “racist” guy, Craig Cobb, who wants to turn his North Dakotan town into a “white enclave”. He was on a TV show called The Trisha Show (I had never heard of it or the woman before) and he was surprised by the results of some genetics test and learned that his DNA indicated he had 86% European and 14% sub-Saharan African blood.

He said it was “statistical noise”, but I must say that looking at his features, especially his hair, I wouldn’t be surprised if the test was valid and accurate. I would also suggest that if the host, Trisha Goddard, were to take a similar test, that she may be surprised to find that she has a great deal of European blood in her simply by looking at her facial features (of course it may be plastic surgery). Judging her hair would be more difficult because many black women go to great extremes to make their hair look more “white” (unless people can prove to me that her hair is naturally that straight).

But not only do black women change their hair to look more white, some of them wear blonde wigs, use lightening viti2makeup, or even go to the extremes of bleaching their skin. Even some men (cue Michael Jackson) have this overwhelming desire to be “white”. Why is that? And what if this phenomena were turned around? What if white women tried desperately to blacken and curl their hair or darken their skin (no, a tan ain’t the same thing) or actually had plastic surgery to widen and flatten their nose? You’d think they were nuts, wouldn’t you? But these black ladies want the “good hair” and spend fortunes to get it (it is estimated to be a $9BILLION a year industry in America). Chris Rock was joked about the women spending $5,000 to “straighten” their hair.

Women like the First Lady (some say man, but that is another story) wear wigs and hair extensions. Even the President, who some consider “black” even though he is supposedly half-white, keeps his hair closed cropped, as opposed to his early teenage pictures with the fro.

300AlSharptonAnd by the way, its not just here in America. It is a huge industry in Africa and India (all over the world). Many Asian women want “round eyes” and get surgery to obtain it. For some reason, these people spend fortunes trying to be white, yet at the same time blame whites for all the ills in the world. The affectation is unbelievable. I wonder what Al Sharpton would say the reason is that so many black people want to look white? Would he say that it is because of white racism?

I wonder why he tries so hard to slick back his hair?

Trisha brought a black woman on with Cobb (it is obvious by her hair and facial features). She was wearing African garb and proudly discussing her heritage. She agreed with much of Cobb’s assertions that white people and black people should celebrate their heritage and keep apart, if that is what they desire. But what I gathered from her appearance was the very distinct difference between the two “black” women. I find this funny, in a way, because Trisha got a howl from the audience about this issue, but there was apparently no one addressing the hypocrisy of her apparent “whiteness”.

I say here often that I am as white as white can be. My Mother is German with very distinct European features. My Dad’s family has been in America since the late 1600’s, but come from a long line of Scotch-Irish descent. He was very white with red hair and no features at all that could ever be construed as African or anything else. I think it would be great to find out though and would have no problem if I found out differently, but I think it is highly unlikely.

Today, The Disenchanted Scholar shared a couple of posts that reference a new study done which addresses this issue and it pretty much demolishes “race is a social construct” and turns on its head claims that “there is no white race”:

…Now in the largest study of its kind conducted so far, researchers at 23andMe and Harvard University have published the results of a genetic analysis of ancestry among the American people.

The study itself is quite impressive, conducted with 160,000 people who agreed to allow their data to be used anonymously for research purposes when they submitted their DNA for analysis with 23andMe. Such huge sample numbers, which are “an order of magnitude bigger” according to an author of the study, allows for a much more thorough analysis than ever before, helping the authors produce a detailed geographical map of ancestry in the United States. Three major population groups considered in the study: African-Americans, European Americans and Latinos.

Broadly, the genomic analysis found that on an average the African American genome was 73.2 percent African, 24 percent European and 0.8 percent Native American. Latinos as expected had significantly more Native American ancestry with the average Latino genome being 18 percent Native American, 65.1 percent European and 6.2 percent African.

With respect to European Americans, the percentages are much more different than African Americans or Latinos, with European American genomes being 98.6 percent European, 0.19 percent African and 0.18 percent Native American. In general, the numbers seem to agree with what one would expect given the history of American colonization by Europeans and their interactions with African and Native Americans….

In a continuation of the subject, The Scholar added a link to Occam’s Razor and enlightened us a bit more:

A recent genetics ancestry survey by 23andme found that White Americans (European Americans) on average are: “98.6 percent European, 0.19 percent African and 0.18 percent Native American.”  Wow, that’s pretty white.  I’ll come back to that in a minute.

The survey also found that Latinos are “18 percent Native American, 65.1 percent European and 6.2 percent African.”  There might be a little self-selection here, resulting from testing more upper-class Hispanics, who tend to be more white. For instance, Rubén Lisker found the average admixture of a lower-income mestizos in Mexico City to be: 59% Amerindian, 34% European,  and 6% black.

Back to European Americans and their utter whiteness. The 98.6% figure, mind you, is an average. According to other studies, more than 95% of White Americans have no African or Amerindian ancestry and the 5% who do seem to have very little, so it is probably this 5% of White Americans who might be adding the 1.4% admixture into the…

I would be willing to bet a dollar to a donut that I am of the latter 95%. And you know what? I proud of it. I am proud of my heritage. Just like black people can be proud of their heritage or Mexicans can be proud of their heritage. To try and insist that I am wrong or a hater for doing what all these other groups do is bogus and needs to stop.

It is apparent to me that there is a purposeful attempt to undermine reality when it comes to white people of European descent. But the truth is that even young black girls (and boys, for that matter) will pick white dolls as the “good ones” and the black dolls are the “bad ones” (yes, let me hear the peanut gallery say its all because of white racism).


I threw this one in for the freaks

I threw this one in for the freaks

Of course there will be the brainwashed masses who get their information from such shows as Trisha’s that will knee jerk react and and call me a racist simply for bringing this up. But the truth is that many of these same people lashing out at someone like me end up being some of the most virulently racist people who breathe. And of course there will be the instigators of trouble (the Jews) who use such tactics to divide blacks and whites so they further their stronghold of stolen power from us while we fight against each other. Divide and Conquer, as they say. These people are most definitely the most racist, supremacists on the planet and their hypocrisy sickens me.

To help one understand what this old redneck is talking about, one might listen to Jared Taylor explain it (thanks to John Friend):

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9 thoughts on “Are White People Really White?

  1. Gee whiz B-Man, reading your post got me thinking about my own heritage. I knew I was German/Irish, but I also remembered my great-great grandmother was Cherokee. Now I was aware that was what accounted for my fondness of nuts, berries, corn and jerky, but never took it any farther. Now, thanks to you I have to come to grips with the humbling realization that I AM NOT WHITE!!! Great. Just great. Now I suppose I’ll have to join the NAACP. Thanks for making my day. Hey…do you have the authority to declare me an honorary white guy? I will await your reply with baited breath and hook.


    • Family legend has it that she wasn’t in the woodpile…it’s said she was found asleep next to great-great grandpas still. I guess she couldn’t handle her firewater. He decided to keep her…and here I am. Now…Auntie Shameeka? That’s another story entirely…(grin).


  2. I took the test from 23andMe (which is unfortunately owned by Google’s people) and came up 99.6% European – NO African, Asian, Native, Hispanic, Ashkenazi or Polynesian.

    The 0.4% is something they can’t figure out. Maybe I’m part alien.

    The results also stated I was 3% Neanderthal. Which is probably why I liked the Flintstones as a kid.

    The most surprising thing was the high percentage of French/German ancestry.

    I was surprised because my dad’s parents were from Naples, and he had a kind of mottled looking skin. I thought for sure I’d come up as part Arab but no. I’ve had blacks tell me I must be part African because of my thicker lips, but no.

    I do have a NA GGG grandmother, but she does not show in that mix. My mom’s relations are in the south and midwest. She does have a cousin who the family suspects is part black, though.


  3. The Asian women are actually trying to get better eye makeup coverage on the upper lid by cutting the fold back. It’s not so much about looking white.
    Where they may be trying to look white would be in regard to the nose jobs, where they want a “high” (aka bigger) nose. That always struck me as odd. I lived in Asia 10 years, looked into this some time ago.


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