Must See Video: But Beware… It Is Extremely Disturbing

If you want to know the truth about what is going on in the Ukraine, please watch.

Donbass Civilians Send Emotional Message to Kiev Government

You will hear the words “fascist” and “Nazi” thrown around, but I must point out for you to pay very close attention to the 15:44 mark to see who this guy calls out. I suspect he is correct. There is a Jewish instigated genocide taking place in that country. Don’t think the same thing can’t happen here.

h/t Fig Trees and Vineyards

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9 thoughts on “Must See Video: But Beware… It Is Extremely Disturbing

  1. You are right, B’Man. There are so many different ways that the same or similar could happen here.
    Check Age of Treason for a good analysis of what the jews are doing now against ALL non-jews of the world, in “The Jew Menace”.

    “The big news this week is that the jews have very openly and collectively, as jews, called upon governments everywhere, but especially in Europe, to provide them special treatment, to protect and serve the jews specifically by suppressing and punishing any expression of whatever the jews decide to define as “anti-semitism”.

    Effectively the jews and their worshippers are calling for a ban on blasphemy against the jews. They’re seeking to criminalize any expression of irreverence, disrespect, distaste, disagreement, or even mere disregard for the complaints and demands that jews constantly making. Complaints and demands such as the ones they’re making this week – which we’re going to critique in some detail. This is precisely the sort of critique that the jews are demanding governments illegalize. Everywhere. [A Detailed Look at the jew arguments follows].

    “Ukraine elects president with “secret Jewish roots”
    “The Jewish Daily Forward newspaper has indicated that Poroshenko is at least half Jewish, and it now seems that Ukraine will get a Jewish president to go along with the its Jewish prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk.”

    Holodomor Remembrance Day

    And, from an earlier time in Ukraine, formerly known as “The Bread Basket of Europe” [just as the USA was known until at least the 1960’s to be the bread basket of the world]:

    “Let us pay tribute to the millions of innocent Ukrainian victims of the Jewish Bolshevik terror by sharing the story.


    The Holodomor, from the Ukrainian “морити голодом” – to kill by starvation, was a deliberate Terror-Famine that took place in 1932-1933.

    It was engineered by the Jewish Bolshevik regime specifically to annihilate the still largely European and nationalistic people of Ukraine, and subsequently to replace the victims of the genocide with foreign settlers from different areas of the USSR – mostly central Asia.”


    • Where do the weapons that alCIAduh and ISIS use come from? Who is it that has benefited from these wars on terror? Who created and benefited from every war since the French Revolution? Hell, they have guided and manipulated the WHITE nations into wars against Communism, that they created! White BLOOD, spilled in JEW wars! Edom/JEWS have won in all of these wars.

      The following list of modern armament manufacturers presents major companies producing modern weapons and munitions. The companies are listed by their full name followed by the short form, or common acronym, if any, in parentheses. The country the company is based in, if the information is available, follows that.

      Antonov Ukraine
      Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau Ukraine
      Kiev Arsenal Ukraine
      Lugansk Cartridge Works Ukraine
      Malyshev Factory Ukraine
      RPC Fort (Fort) Ukraine
      Ukroboronprom (Ukrainian Defense Industry) Ukraine
      Yuzhnoye Design Bureau Ukraine…/List_of_modern_armament_manufacturer…

      The EDOMITES want to return to their ‘other’ homeland also. KHAZARIA is for JEWS too!
      Ukraine: Zionist America’s new Jewish colony


  2. BMan, sometimes I despair trying to figure out what is real and who is telling the truth. The coup d’état in the Ukraine, call it regime change in US language, instigated by Noodleman and Co. and cookies resulted in a Jewish take-over of the country, no doubt. Porky, the Chocolate King and Yats, the Yid are definitely Jews. And what do Jews best? Destroy! But before that they are making a bunch of money.

    I can’t even express my sorrow for the people in the video. Emotional or not, they have to deal with brother killing brother, and for what? American Imperialism? Subjugating Russia? Good Luck! Seems like Joe Biden’s son Hunter got a lucrative job in a Ukrainian gas company. Exploiting that shale gas apparently depends on control of Eastern Ukraine.

    But guess who is coming to the relief of these bombed at, murdered people who managed to survive the carnage ?


    • I know what you mean. I have been having a discussion with MNM who has in laws from Ukraine and she/they are very afraid athat the family will be killed or displaced.

      I keep telling her that I don’t trust Putin, but that doesn’t mean that Russians are in general are part of the Kabuki Theater.

      Putin just helped 4 extremely rich Russian Jews get much richer (three of those Jews are of Ukrainian descent) when he helped push through the purchase of the major oil company. I think the man is playing a crucial role in this and not what so many think he is (a Christian defending morals, etc). There are many that suggest he is Jewish. But one doesn’t have to be Jewish to by a sycophant feeding off of their bounty… just look at any US pol to know what I say is true).

      Jews own the media in Ukraine and foster the fascist/nazi meme. Just like my issue with Sweetie Zuesse, I think it is another Jewish misdirection, using the old canard to push hatred and confuse those who would see the Jewish leading role in the play.

      I still don’t have it all straightened out i my mind, but I don’t trust the media, nor do I trust Putin.

      But the Russians, especially Christians, will get enough and do something regardless of Putin (I hope).


  3. Hi B-Man. I too have been watching events unfold in the Donbass. Two sites I have found interesting are and They both have up to date intel. And good commentary. As far as Putin goes…who knows for sure? The man is smart and shrewd. But I’ve done a bit of digging and I can say he is a devout Russian Orthodox. As for being a jewish sycophant…let us not forget what he did with Khordokovsky. And from what I have picked up, he is aware of jews and his country’s history. He was KGB. LoL. And an interesting view might be Like I said, I’m not 100% sure but the guy is smart, a chess player, patriotic and understands history and Russias place in it. I would put my money on him over Obombya or the EU. I doubt very much he will allow the Donbass to fall. But it’s just one old country boys opinion.


    • I’ve seen too many photos of him wearing a beanie and sucking up to Jews for me to believe he is against them in any way (the same as I feel about every American pol). Its the same thing.

      But the icing on the cake is the fact that he backed the laws against Holocaust revisionism. Perhaps he is protecting the great lie of how involved Jews were in the Communist scourge that Germany, the sole country who tried to stop it from its death grip on their society. But he seems to back anti-Semitism laws or anyone speaking truth about the Holohoax. This is enough for me to doubt his sincerity.

      No one can explain this adequately to me. If her were truthful, he’d say something. Do something.

      So, it plays right into the Jewish hands. And if he is smart he knows everything I am writing.


  4. Me thinks, I am running out of excuses for Putin too. Mike King and Bro Nat have some convoluted explanation for why Vladimir passed the holocaust denial law.

    It’s kind of grasping at straws and I don’t buy it. Then you have Putin’s recent speech at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre on the occasion of Auschwitz Liberation Day and International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Kevin Barrett at VT sees a silver lining in that speech, I don’t. He quotes selectively and doesn’t give the big picture. The full speech is here:

    I ran across a comment by one ‘Arjan’ which he made in 2011 at realjewnews:

    The holocaust has three main beneficiaries:
    1.) Die verdammten Juden ( the damn Jews)
    2.) The Soviet Union
    3.) The United States of America

    Firstly the Jews, they got their own crime base, called Israel, because of it.
    Secondly, the Soviets used it as a distraction to cover up their war crimes and their Gulag system.
    Thirdly the USA, which committed it’s own share of war crimes, starving 400,000 German POWs being one of them, but mainly used it to keep Americans from finding out that America is a Jew-run country.
    Sadly, this kind of sums it up for me.


    • I feel the same way and believe arjan is perfectly correct on who benefits and why.

      I did make the video about Putin (Putin Never Quits) but tried to be fairly neutral about the accusation, for at the time, the Holocaust stuff in Russia was unknown to me. The video is more about how the west is hypocritically blaming Putin. But that doesn’t mean Putin isn’t part of the play being acted out.

      Some shrug off his old KGB ties, but surely they realize once a KGB always a KGB (same for our intelligence services). Whenever someone claims they are whistleblowing, I generally think they are providing misdirection. Its the same with most government officials who “turn” (like Paul Craig Roberts).

      It seems to me that there are some who are to feed the ones that see the truth just enough to keep them from going all the way. PCR is this way. Alex Jones and others are this way.

      Superficially, they appear to be “Truthers” and at times offer good work. But they NEVER go all the way. NEVER.


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