Political Promises

We're sweeping out the Bullshit

We’re sweeping out the Bullshit

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5 thoughts on “Political Promises

  1. dang that sure does inspire the poor run down “GOY” to saddle up and

    RIDE !!!


    after listening to shortwave this month I’ve developed a new opinion
    of the porch monkey…er um the “PRESIDENT” !!!

    Thanks for the images….and the laugh !!

    You and Queen Noor inspire me to lay waste to all political “PROMISES”
    with my TACTICAL NUKES.

    no links in this GOOD FAITH “comment”….sorry

    how about Jim Stafford and the “Wildwood WEED” in
    respect of RN Joyce Riley…?


      • Joyce claims to be going through Radiation treatment for cancer….

        she had an opportunity with Dave {Von Kleist} to do a
        Radio show on the 911 tapes from Mt. Carmel
        back in late ’00…there are 48 hours of the
        911 call from Mt. Carmel, and the
        “Negotiation” tapes…too.

        last week she did a show with Alex Jones,
        and failed to properly identify the ZIONIST
        TERRORIST anti-Christ “JEWS” that are
        the only source of BAD FAITH on the planet…

        dig this chutzpah…

        speaking of many “promises” from little blood sucking

        “We decided we’re going to stand with the
        public FOOL community even if it seems like we’re
        allegedly standing up against our fellow Jews,” Baldachin said.

        “The common consensus was we have to be able to hold onto our
        synagogue of Satan “Jewish” values,
        {Anti-Christs have Values?}
        which meant taking care of our neighbors even if they’re not
        “Jewish” and upholding the value of education,” he told JTA.
        [Define Education….
        is just the ability to repeat lies verbatim really and “EDUCATION”…?]

        “We believe it’s important even to air dirty laundry in the face of injustice.”
        NOW THAT IS CHUTZPAH….like JFK to 911 !!!

        were the Palestinians Terrorists before the
        Khazars {Jews = Talmudic PROSELYTES}
        came to Palestine and mass murdered their families
        and stole their farms & Land & homes ?

        Read more: about PRESTON JAMES and the Khazarian Fantasy…
        er um Mafia….and a lone proofreader in the wilderness…


        or more concisely for JEW worshipping
        so-called GOOD BAPTISTS….
        when specifically did MASS MUDERERS acquire

        did Joyce work for the CDC…transporting
        organs harvested from the deceased ?

        are all “politicians” paid by the Truth hating
        terrorists who print currency ?

        was Jesus REALLY a self hating “JEW” ?

        is Dennis Prager an Anti-Christ “JEW”…?
        {see: chabadplano.org}…for a steaming pile…

        Are “AMERICAN” values “Jewish”..?


  2. More Rita Katz produced terror:

    SKULLDUGGERY: Staged Egyptian Executions in Libya ‘Expose’ ISIS Fraud Again

    In the latest highly produced video released by ISIS media arm Al Hayat Media Center, we see a very stylized event, complete with professional editing, positional audio and carefully planned multi-cam shots, producing shocking images that evoke an emotional response, rather than a rational one…

    The new ISIS propaganda video entitled “Signed With Blood: To The Nation Of The Cross,” depicts 21 Coptic Christian Egyptians being ‘beheaded’ in unison at the hands of masked Sunni militants – but is that what really happened?



    • Is it just me, or wouldn’t the videos have much more effect if they were not so artsy? I mean, just take a camera and keep it on the subject as a head is hacked off would be plenty scary, instead of adding all this “theater”.

      And if they really wanted to convince someone, why do all the cut-aways in the first place? Why use such high quality equipment (including cranes, etc)?

      It would seem to me that IF Katz were able to secure these videos for publication, she should be able to get the edited versions and show all the stuff that went on the floor in editing. That would prove if there were heads lopped off or not.


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