White Slaves

 Where are my reparations?

WHITE-SLAVES-134423207196_xlargeDon’t I deserve part of that $777TRILLION, since my ancestors were the first slaves brought here?

Black people have been given an invalid trump card to use any time they have the need to obscure facts or to garner sympathy (and perhaps some sort of reparations). They use this card to also justify their animalistic attacks against their imagined oppressors, the white race.

Yes, there were thousands of blacks sold and used in slavery. But what gives them the sole claim to this tragedy when there were as many, if not more, white slaves, too? Not only that, but the first slaves brought to America were white.

The enslavement of Whites extended throughout the American colonies and White slave labor was a crucial factor in the economic development of the colonies. Gradually it developed into a fixed system every bit as rigid and codified as negro slavery was to become. In fact, negro slavery was efficiently established in colonial America because Black slaves were governed, organized and controlled by the structures and organization that were first used to enslave and control Whites. Black slaves were “late corners fitted into a system already developed.” (Ulrich B. Phillips, Life and Labor in the Old South, pp. 25-26).



The black slave trade was run by Jews who were white imposters. The Jew uses this trick to hide within our group, while continuing their criminality as a tribe. How many times white_slavery-21have other races accused white folks for doing what a Jewish infiltrator is guilty of? And yes, they find their suitable white goyim to be their face and to distance themselves from their participation, allowing blame to be thrust onto the white race, as a whole.

The fact of the matter is that Jewish families, by huge amounts, owned more slaves than the average white family. Its just that they hide within our group to keep their guilt hidden and are allowed to blame us for everything. As a matter of fact, very few white families owned slaves, no matter how hard the narrative tries to implicate all of our families.

Truth is that white people were the ones that STOPPED slavery, except in Africa and other places where those people STILL enslave people (but you don’t see it here, do you?). No, they want to continue the lie while their own are still enslaving theirs to this day.

And not that you will ever hear about Israel’s continued slave trade for their wall humpers, but what does not happen here in America, is still going on in Israel.

h/t DiggerForTruth

This is an excellent interview of Michael Hoffman regarding his book, The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America:

Read excerpts from Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael’s book, Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History

Also, See The Jewish Onslaught

(On a side mote, I want to give a black man, Walter Williams, as a “gracious and generous grantor“, a small measure of appreciation for his granting me and other European descendants, a Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon. Too bad he doesn’t understand that black people weren’t the only slaves and were actually a minority in the early American slave trade. But, at least he goes to some length to set part of the issue correctly.)


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19 thoughts on “White Slaves

  1. Great post B-Man. I have wondered when someone would point out that blacks weren’t the only slaves toiling in the New World. It’s always been a known, but unmentioned subject. And on a personal note, this has been a wonderful year for me so far. First, you graciously bestowed upon me the title of Honorary White Man (hereafter HWM) And now as an HWM, I’ve been officially absolved and forgiven by a black man for crimes that I, as an HWM, didn’t commit. I am truly blessed and humbled by these noble gestures by both you, and Mr. Williams. I have downloaded and printed out my Document of Forgiveness. It shall be framed and displayed proudly.


    • should “White Men” in America convert to Judaism
      learn Spanish, Chinese and or Russian…?

      & turn into a compliant SODOMITE and embrace the
      multicultural moshpit…. “JEW” worshipping FUTURE ?


      Rabbi who presided over SODOMITE ” wedding”
      leads House in prayer….To the Luciferian DUNG “god” !

      AUSTIN, Texas — The rabbi who defied Texas’ same-sex marriage ban
      and wed a lesbian couple last week led the morning prayer in the
      “JEW” worshipping Republican-dominated Texas House on Wednesday,
      catching staunch supporters of the prohibition by their faux-gonads.

      Rabbi Kerry Baker didn’t reference the nuptials,
      which are being challenged by the state attorney general,
      but urged JEW WORSHIPPING “lawmakers” to pay special attention
      to people who are marginalized and to treat everyone equally,
      like on the ANIMAL FARM…..


      “It’s not enough to do what is good for the majority,
      but to do what is good for all of us,” Baker lisped “JEWISHLY”.

      Baker then stood for a photo with Jesus hating “JEW” House Speaker Joe Straus,
      who later acknowledged he was unaware Baker was involved in the
      so-called “wedding”, and Rep. Elliott Naishtat,

      “This is a place where we believe in “JEW” approved “free speech”,
      and that begins with a FAUX-prayer each day,” Straus forked tongued.


      In an interview outside the House chamber after the prayer, Baker said he has led prayers at the Capitol before. The outspoken rabbi said he is used to people disagreeing with him on issues including same-sex “marriage”.

      He said he believes the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause trumps Texas’ constitutional amendment, which voters overwhelmingly approved in 2005. But legal arguments aside, Baker said he performed last week’s wedding because it was…

      “the right thing to do in terms of what the Bible teaches.”


      The U.S. Supreme Court this summer will hear arguments on same-sex marriages,
      which are now “JEW” legal in 37 JEW OCCUPIED states of JEW worshipping

      ISAIAH 9:6

      so what were the deviants doing in Gomarrah ?


  2. Nice summary, Bman. If people want to talk about reparations, they need to be focused on getting the money from Jews. The rest of us might want to calculate what reparations are owed to us on a yearly basis from the criminal population.


    • isn’t that actually a de facto admission of the TRUTH
      contained in Deuteronomy 28 ?

      Hasn’t the Almighty warned the WHITE PEOPLE {Israel}
      to not worship and serve the dung god of TALMUDIC JUDAISM…?

      Didn’t the Almighty promise that the MONEY CHANGERS
      would be right there offering EASY CREDIT TERMS…and a KOSHER TAX…?

      well, did He ?



      Kosher marijuana {Hemp}could soon be available to
      Satanic “Orthodox” Jews in New York State — but only on doctor’s orders.

      Rabbi Moshe Elefant, COO of the Orthodox Union’s kosher certification agency,
      said he has held “preliminary discussions” with several companies interested in obtaining a kosher seal of approval for “medical marijuana”….

      The move comes as legalization of cannabis for
      ” medicinal and recreational purposes” spreads across the
      Synagogue of Satan “JEW” hijacked so-called country,
      with many of the leading pro-legalization activists,
      philanthropists and entrepreneurs drawn from the
      karma chameleon Jewish communist
      community of Jesus hating psychopaths.

      Medical marijuana is legal in about half of BOLSHEVIK JEW TERRORIZED
      U.S. states today. A handful of states have legalized recreational marijuana use.

      Although Orthodox rabbis appear to have accepted the
      medical benefits of cannabis, they remain much more cautious
      about recreational marijuana.
      Most Orthodox rabbis lie out of both sides of their mouth
      and say it’s strictly prohibited….like taking pictures from
      a clock radio in the communist mikva bathroom for females

      Such a view marks a clear divide between TALMUDIC
      Orthodox Jewry and progressive “Jews”
      who support across-the-board regulation of
      pot & Hemp & Cannabis & Marijuana….and chapparal.

      Ean Seeb, one of the owners of the oldest marijuana dispensaries in
      NWO regional HQ Denver, Colorado, where marijuana was legalized in 2012,
      compared Jewish marijuana activity today with Jewish involvement in the prohibition-era alcohol industry,
      gambling during the early years of Las Vegas and the
      Jew contrived so-called civil rights movements of the 1960s,
      which was contrived in the BOLSHEVIK SOVIET UNION
      according to the “JEW” Alan Stang in his book IT’S VERY SIMPLE
      Joe Bob sez : Check it out….!

      Seeb, a regional board member of the Satanic/Talmudic TERRORIST
      “Anti-Defamation League” {a well funded Jewish Terrorist Group}
      and the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society,
      said: “We have shown here in Colorado that you can effectuate
      “social change “….without the world crashing down on you.”

      [JUST WAIT – until the Oven Dodgers can’t dodge the TRUTH !!]

      Seeb was one of several so-called Jews who led the charge for
      ” marijuana legalization” in Colorado,
      including Steve Fox, a lawyer, and Mason Tvert,
      the executive director of Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation.
      Nationwide, Jesus hating Talmudic Terrorist Jewish SCUM…
      including Men’s Wearhouse founder George Zimmer and
      billionaires George Soros and Peter Lewis have funded legalization efforts.

      Read more: ….about how to go forward in swirling whirlpool of poo
      poo peddlers…with multicultural miasma…!


      redistribution of wealth only occurs after the “TARES”
      are rounded up and put into the ovens…!

      curiously 100% of all modern day so-called “Jews”
      are not the Children of Israel…

      over in the for what it is worth dept…
      where LANGUAGE is the issue @ Zephaniah 3:9

      don’t let an oven dodger run loose in your homeland !

      send them to “JEWTOPIA” !!!


      • I suppose because I led the bandwagon among rednecks trying to legalize this MIRACLE MEDICINE, I am now a Jew or Jew sympathizer?

        The fact is that even the Jew can recognize how this medicine will help the Jew, regardless of the fact that it would help others. Well, this redneck knows it will help anyone and everyone.

        Remember that I was a legalization proponent long before Zimmer, Soros, Lewis, Fox, Seeb or Tvert ever mentioned a word about it. I have preached this message for at least 35 years.

        My reasons are for health and freedom. Most (maybe not all) that you list have profit in mind.


        • not in my book.

          you cannot be a “Jew” or a “Jew” sympathizer…

          your genetic memory prohibits you from joining the parade to Jewtopia…


          in fact I think you have the oven dodgers in your sights….and
          I for one have zero sympathy for the TALMUDIC TERRORISTS
          and their GOOD BAPTISTS…”enablers”.


          Cletus Purcell sez Hey !


          this Harry guy was on the short wave [7.290] last night and
          reported on the Rabbi using the clock radio to film the
          “Jewish” women in their mikva room ….
          {somehow that is just really FFFFFing funny to me…}
          I’m not suggesting you waste the time to listen to the show,
          {while listening I kept wondering who was paying for the air time?}
          he does blend “news reporting” music and subtle “humor” much as you
          have used the gimp images…to inform and entertain…!

          the Islamophobia is off the charts on the SW & the TalmudVision…
          as if Islamic Extremists print the currency & Own the Media…

          It would be great to move that idea forward..
          and provide {humor} for people who actually use their brains
          for something besides a talmudic pus pocket !
          kinda like Red Ice Creations…meets Tomato Bubble with Arthur Topham
          and Noor providing the humor…er um “cartoons”….
          using your computer/video editing skills…the potential
          for side splitting laughter is virtually endless…

          {I have a leather bound copy of Scribners 1870 that I am reading
          there are some really interesting pieces of information, historically
          speaking, Like the “War” between France & Germany …and the comments
          about Napolean…among other gems}

          please don’t take any of my comments as intending any insult
          to you or your efforts – PLEASE !

          I very much appreciate your efforts and style


          Keep on Breathing Bman…


          • Even though I replied to your comment, I meant it overall (just like the Catholic Rabbi that was coming around for a while, until he must have realized that no more of his comments would be posted). I have been accused of being a Jew, etc, simply due to the marijuana subject.

            I appreciate the fact that you picked up on the Whiskey Rebellion connection. It appears that we (the “white Indians“) are fighting against the new Watermelon Army.



            • BMan I’m laughing my head off ” It appears that we (the “white Indians“) are fighting against the new Watermelon Army.” That’s EXACTLY what is happening.
              Most of the southern plantation owners were Jews. Tell that to the Blacks and they will tell you, these are White folks. LOL! Most Blacks have no concept about Jews or the historical involvement in making “MONEY any which way.


              • The point about explaining to blacks that the culprits are Jews and Jews are not white (even most Jews insist this) is nearly impossible. But when I tell them that Obama is as white as I am or that there are white niggers, they get that.



              • No, plenty of blacks are aware of the Jews and their dishonest methods. Go to New York City and talk to some black people (not your Liberal variety) and you’ll be surprised with what you hear. They’ve read The Protocols and have been victims of Jewish machinations. Who do you think all the slum lords are? They aren’t I-talians, that’s for sure!


                • You may be right about black folk in NY. I remember seeing a video that black people were very vocal about the subject.

                  But I am talking to black folk down here in the south. Most I have discussed Jews with have no idea and seem to equate the information as “racist”.


          • FLASHBACK TWO….
            When BMan posted this article I thought of you immediately. I hoped you would have re-posted the following from last “thankstaking” I read this and I have thought about you and your presentation many time since then.
            It was well worth your effort and greatly appreciated by me and others, I am sure. I was left with mixed emotions. I said …”I can not express how that makes me feel. Proud? Angry? Ashamed?”… So FLASHBACK >>> https://buelahman.wordpress.com/2014/11/27/happy-thankstaking/#comment-62200

            while visiting Master Prophet Jim Floyd I got to know his neighbors
            who curiously enough had already been inducted into the ‘Jew’ Worshipping
            criminal “Justice” system…in Cullman County….

            they had been raided on account of planted “evidence” which was a
            “hemp” plant…, then they had an adopted daughter who by the age of three
            had already 13 “foster parents”…and was BUSTED at the Jew worshipping
            “School” where Officer Ben Dover worked, for of all things…”Weed”.


            Ja Ja.


            Spent the night in Jail, she did, and then the “Alternative” school
            with the colored boys..for SIX WEEKS.

            Thing is Jew Poo legal shit ain’t LAW…..Jesus @ John 8:44

            I found out one day about a FENCE case that went all the way to the
            Supreme Court of the JEW WORSHIPPING state of Alabama…when a
            trailer came unhitched and went through John Browns fence…which was
            actually where it shouldn’t have been…but I replaced it nonetheless…

            only the Almighty could write a script like that

            which leads me to believe that if we didn’t spend so much time
            you know on stupid shit we’d be able to make out own time machines…

            {Mommy is Erica…James Jr.’s wife who plays the bass fiddle}

            “Mommy! Mommy! Paw Paw said it again! He said, it was not
            ‘Our Father’ he said it was “Our Paw Paw who art in Heaven.”

            Well, after all the lexical lashings and me promise not to ever say
            or do it again, after being put in ‘time out’ and disallowed any sexual
            rewards for the rest of this millennium, perhaps, an explanation is

            The truth is that, while my granddaughters were learning the Lord’s
            prayer, I was thinking about my ancestors and how I am sick of being
            asked, no, I’m sick of beastly little people ‘demanding’ that I cry with
            them over their long dead, long suffering, mistreated, ancestors. And
            I am sorely sick to my soul of hearing that my rich, greedy, plantation
            owning, J-w/Black whupping, White Fathers were responsible for all
            the world’s past evils.

            So, let me tell you about my Fathers, my Paw Paws.


            Iconical worship of dead ancestors is within the exclusive purview of
            only a “chosen few”. Pity has a color. Commiseration has an ethnicity.
            Compassionate tears must be channeled, directed, held in reserve, and
            released only under the subjective supervision of authorized, certified,
            guides; modern day shepherds who lead us into ‘their’ fields of
            lamentations. All this nabobical nonsense now passes for history.

            As this ignoble century, the race century, comes to an end, those who
            have bought our history and paid for the rights to control the minds
            and emotions of us and our children are hard at work. Those who
            ‘control the past’ have, successfully, amplified their collective
            voices and their eternal din is, truly, deafening and invincible. . . .

            . . . . Well, almost!

            My dear, White father you are not forgotten! Your sufferings are
            not forgotten! I know you, I hear you, I am not ashamed of you and
            my tender heart and contrite tears are yours. I have no tears to waste
            on the confabulations of these, for profit, merchants of misery,
            rather, I choose to learn about you and your anguish, your struggle,
            your bondage, your enshacklement, and your indomitable spirit.

            I refuse to cry on cue, to cry over recapitulated, revisionist rubbish,
            the kind of fanciful fables that are channeled into our homes all the
            live-long day and night {on Talmud Vision}
            and which are designed to contort and defame
            the White memory.

            So, what upset me bowels? What brought this disgusting revulsion upon
            me? Again, that damnable Talmud Vision and a program about
            “Ship Tales, The St. Louis – 1939 –
            907 Unwanted Khazars” – An A&E Mockumentary

            Yes! I did it, old Lady, I screamed at the TV! Yes, I threatened them
            with all my body fluids! I did it because they demanded that I join
            their pity party over a boat load of ugly little Khazars who spent forty
            days and forty nights aboard a luxury liner, the St. Louis.

            There they were, these poor suffering parasites, drinking champagne,
            eating chateau briand, dancing, sleeping between clean sheets, dressed
            fit to kill, fancy clothes and all, their clean bathed little brat
            children swimming in the deck pool. And, all the while, the narrator,
            in woe-be-gone-tones, commanded that I should whine and bewail their

            I could only think of you, our Father, below the decks, chained,
            confined in a hole not more than sixteen feet long with fifty other
            men, chained to a board with a padlocked collar about your neck.
            Four of every five of you died in these diseased bilges filled with

            Chained or unchained, White slaves, our fathers and mothers, died a
            miserable, slow death suffering from fever, dysentery, scurvy, mouth
            rot, measles, smallpox or from starvation or from dehydration. And
            their bodies were pushed through port holes, unceremoniously thrown
            to the sea as just another piece of garbage.

            These hideous thieves of human beings, these captains/merchants of
            the institute of White slavery afforded our progenitors only cheap,
            rotten, meat, bad water and lice. And they came to America under
            these despicable conditions, boat load after boat load, gaunt-White-
            faced slaves, the Scots, the Irish, the Germans, and my beloved
            Welsh fathers.

            No! You illiterate bastard! The first “soul train” was not a fifty’s
            black, TV dance show; the first soul train began as early as 1609 when
            they dragged my Father and Mother from their filthy boats and sold them
            to “soul drivers” who then drove them, like cattle, like brute beasts,
            through the country, looking for buyers.

            These, my people, are the ones who cleared the land, plowed the new
            ground, sawed the boards, built the houses and were the first
            sacrificial victims on altars in the tobacco temples. White people,
            my people, who did the most dangerous work because they were deemed
            less valuable than blacks. My people who were branded with hot irons
            in the face or the hand or whose ears were cut off for striking
            the “Jew master”… or running away.

            Enough! Don’t you shed one more TV tear, ever again, until you learn
            about your White Fathers. Go to your dictionary, look under ‘indentured’
            servitude or servant, mark through/black-out “agreement, contract,
            apprentice,” and all the other tacit trash you see there and write-in
            White Slave!

            And while you are bettering your dictionary, go to the front and
            dedicate the damn thing to your ancestors. I have a 1987 Random House,
            2nd edition, which was “dedicated to the memory of Jess Stein,” it
            now reads “dedicated to the memory of the Floyds, Loyds, Lloyds and

            Your fore Fathers would spit on you for not learning, not knowing, not

            Sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.

            Forgive us our Fathers.

            Happy Thanksgiving

            Well I am glad that you presented that! And am sure others did too.


  3. B’Man Note: Comment submitted via email by EV.

    Nice post. I can see how African-Americans would view whites as evil. Due to outgroup homogeneity bias, however, all whites get lumped together as a coherent group, when they are anything but coherent. Jews can conveniently “pass” because they look white, but they don’t ascribe to ordinary white culture. And they get to claim minority status when it suits them. Ironically, they then end up helping blacks lash out at “whitie” and paint themselves as the liberal good guys. It was divide-and-conquer all along. Whites and blacks in this country need to get wise to this scenario, and start working together.

    Here’s a blog about the psychopathy of the god of the old testament, Yahweh (this is relevant, so stay with me):


    One of the commenters, Sam, took the analogy further in examining a group-level diagnosis of psychopathy, a la Kevin MacDonald. Even more interesting was his analysis of the impact of a group of tribe members on a society, including all the stages from beginning to end.

    Sam said…

    You’re exactly correct. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths.

    Kevin B. MacDonald has talked about Judaism being a “group evolutionary strategy.” I believe this is true but the essence of this is they are psychopaths. Not all. Probably not even the majority. The reason I say this is their pattern of behavior is psychopathic. I’m going to give a few examples.

    Extreme confidence. Jews from all over came to Russia, took over the country and proceed to slaughter very large numbers of people. This takes serious balls. Look at these guys on TV saying the most ridiculous things and just refusing to back down.

    A inhuman ability ability to lie. Lying so well as to convince people of the the most ridiculous things. Like White people should allow all other races to move to their country even though it will be the ruin of us. Look at the screwed up stuff they do. Like the homo pedophile that ran the Nazi party.

    Elaborate schemes. Prime example is the attack on 9-11. Building #7 fell for about 108 feet at the same speed as a rock dropped in mid-air. To do this all the columns for about ten stories would have to be almost simultaneously disconnected. Even more strange the building stays mostly level as it falls meaning all across the building the column destruction timing would have to be in the millisecond range. The the gov. said this was due to fires. This is just not possible. Not improbable, or unlikely, it’s impossible. It doesn’t take any weird theories to see this.

    There was a person who said psychopaths seem to have to have a need for dirt or perversions at times. Fits very well with the choke, slap and puke pornography the Jews are putting out.

    No compassion. Look at what they do to the Palestinians. It’s horrible but they seem to revel in the bloodshed. The Checka in Russian were brutal to abnormal levels.

    A very good book to read that’s free is “The Mask of Sanity”. Excellent book. Here’s a link to an short excerpt that talks about one spath individual, Stanley, that seems to show a lot of these behaviors.

    December 2, 2014 at 10:34 PM

    AnonymousSam said…

    If you base your world view on the idea that the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths you will never be surprised and many things that don’t make sense will suddenly make a great deal of sense. It also would explain how every country the Jews have gone to they’ve eventually been kicked out of. People can only stand so much of psychopaths behavior and then something must give. They must go.

    I believe Theodor Herzl knew this. His plan was to save the Jews by segregation.

    In the past the Jews took over Russia and proceeded to kill the Russians, Ukrainians and everyone else in profligate numbers. They took over the banks, legislature and industrial production and attempted to kill off the Germans. There is a pattern.

    Jews have the same pattern over and over because it works. They go to another country. They say the last country oppressed them and they’ve always been oppressed because they love God and only serve him.

    They rise to the top of the country by these methods. They flatter the people who control the country, get them in their debt. Possibly black mail them. They take control of the information and media of the country. After this point the country goes down rapidly. Here’s where the psychopaths always mess up. They have no off switch. Have you ever watched a documentary on wolverines? They are just like wolverines. Wolverines are insatiable eaters. They will eat til they pass out. The Jews are they same. Anyone can get rich if all they do is pursue wealth constantly. This obsession is worse for the Jews as there is nothing they will not do. Psychopaths have no shame so they will do any crime or break any taboo to get money and power. Psychopaths think that the rest of are stupid and we deserve to get taken for being idiots. It’s not really a crime to con people because victims deserve what they get.

    Psychopaths having no empathy themselves can only go by the feedback they get from the people they are exploiting. So they push and push to see what they can get away with. The normal people build up resentment towards them. Thinking “surely they will reform or repent” like a normal person who does wrong. Of course the Jews do not. They don’t have the mental process for reform. Then in a huge mass outpouring of hate for the Jews, fed up with the refusal to reform their behavior, they attack and/or deport them. In this stage of the cycle the Big/Rich Jews escape and the little Jews are attacked.

    Start over.

    The Jews may not be responsible for everything but they are at the root of corruption in the West. They support corrupt people to undermine societies. Over time this builds til the whole society is corrupt. Like a corruption amplifier they up the levels of dysfunction. Any trivial amount of study of what the Jews have promoted over the last fifty years or so will see that it promotes dysfunction. It doesn’t make sense that such a small amount of people could do such damage but if they are focused, have no morals and keep at it long enough over time they replace the half way decent rulers with the completely corrupt. Just a matter of money and priorities. Doesn’t hurt they control all of the major media sites.

    If you read about psychopaths and apply this information to Jews you will never be surprised.

    Voltaire on the Jews,
    ”They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race…”
    December 2, 2014 at 10:36 PM

    Nice summary, eh? I think, also that you will like Eric’s blog (atlanteanconspiracy.com).


    • Really? Explain which fact is a lie, Jacob.

      Let me guess, the ones about jews being the instigators and prime movers of the slave trade but covering themselves by infiltrating the white race when convenient and blaming whites for what was primarily their ancient practice of slavery (which goes on today)?

      Now isn’t “jacob” a jew name?

      The one thing I’ve learned in my 50+ years is that jews lie with abandon. Anything to cover up the jew proclivity for disgusting behaviors of all sorts.

      Jacob, why would I trust anything from you? A jew?


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