The Herman Rosenblat Holocaust Fantasy Award


In honor of Herman Rosenblat, infamous liar and fantasist, who recently died, I have constructed an award for future Holocaust Fantasists. Simply fill in the name on the gold banner.

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h/t DC Dave and John Kaminski for the idea

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12 thoughts on “The Herman Rosenblat Holocaust Fantasy Award

  1. how providential that the award should become available on the
    28th of February…

    just in time for the TIKKUN OLAM “Jewish” holiday of PURIM…sweet

    I’m just a little curious about the eternal suffering of the
    modern day so-called “Jews” who monopolize and mismanage so much on this planet
    like sympathy for their lies and extended false narratives
    while robbing the blind and stupid simply because they are
    Blind & Stupid…

    Dr. Ehrenfeld became involved in an
    “international legal controversy” when she was sued for libel in the United Kingdom.

    In her book, “Funding Evil”, Dr. {Rachel} Ehrenfeld alleged that Saudi billionaire
    Khalid bin Mahfouz had financed Al Quida through his bank and charitable organization.
    Mahfouz denied the allegations. Dr. Ehrenfeld, a U.S. citizen based in New York,
    had not written or marketed her book internationally and refused to
    “acknowledge the jurisdiction” of the British court over her case.
    Her refusal resulted in the British Court awarding a default judgment against her.


    Represented by her “JEWISH” attorney, Daniel Kornstein,
    Dr. Ehrenfeld pre-emptively countersued Mahfouz in New York to obtain a
    declaration that the judgment would not be enforced in the JUnited States and that
    her book was not defamatory under United States defamation law.

    When the New York courts ruled that they lacked personal jurisdiction over Mahfouz,
    the New York State legislature took immediate action and unanimously passed the
    ” Libel Terrorism Protection Act” (also known as “Rachel’s Law”).
    Rachel’s Law was signed into law on April-29-2008.
    The law “offers New Yorkers greater protection against libel judgments
    in countries whose laws are inconsistent with the freedom of speech granted
    by the United States Constitution.”
    right after the holocaust fantasy award
    should be also The….

    “Biggest Pile of Steaming CHUTZPAH”… award !!

    every time I see the autopsy photograph of Melissa Morrisson
    something inside me just screams for Justice
    but then I’m a White Supremacist/Neo-Nazi

    Go Gigure, eh ?


  2. Bman, was thinking the award really should HONOR Herman with his immortal line: “In my imagination it was true…and the shekels eased my pain.”


  3. Oh get ready. Now I am not wishing the old dear any harm but, pssssssssssssssst, Irene Zisblatt was born in 1929. She deserves a very special award of her own ~ something encrusted.




        on the other hand…not to diminish the contributions
        of the talented singers like Randy Travis…

        there’s this from Count Leon de Poncins

        in S T A T E S E C R E T S…

        T H E M O R G E N T H A U ,
        K A U F M A N A N D
        B A R – Z O H A R ….. D O C U M E N TS
        The Internal Security Subcommittee of the United States Senate
        Committee on the Judiciary has recently published a series of
        documents which present very detailed information on the extraordinary
        activities of the Secretary of the Treasury during the
        crucial years 1934-1945, Henry Morgenthau, Jr.
        These documents
        are of the utmost interest, for they unveil the whole of the secret
        history of the foreign policy of the American Government during
        this period.
        Entitled Morgenthau Diary,
        and published by the US Government
        Printing Office in Washington in November 1967, the documents
        are published in a work which consists of two enormous volumes
        of a total of some 1,650 pages dealing exclusively with American
        policy w i t h regard to the war, Germany, and Europe, and they were
        prepared by the Subcommittee to investigate the administration
        of the Internal Security Act and other Internal Security Laws of the
        Committee on the Judiciary.

        “The concentration of Communist sympathizers in the
        Treasury Department, and particularly the Division of Monetary Research,
        is now a matter of record.
        Harry Dexter White was the first director of that
        division; those who succeeded him in the directorship were Frank
        Coe and Harold Glasser. Also attached to the Division of Monetary
        Research were William Ludwig Ullmann, Irving Kaplan, and
        Victor Perlo. White, Coe, Glasser, Kaplan and Perlo were all
        identified in sworn testimony as participants in the
        “Communist Conspiracy”….which is “Jewish”.

        “Never before in American history had an unelected bureaucracy
        of furtive, faceless, fourth floor officials exercised such
        arbitrary power or cast so ominous a shadow over the future of
        the nation as did Harry Dexter White and his associates in the
        Department of the Treasury under Henry Morgenthau Jr.
        What they attempted to do in their curious twisting of American ideals,
        and how close they came to complete success, is demonstrated in
        these documents.
        But that is all which is known for sure.


        What priceless American secrets were conveyed to Moscow through the
        tunnels of the Communist {JEWISH} underground will probably never be
        known—and how much actual damage these ratfinks did to
        the security of the United States remains, at least for the moment,
        a matter of surmise” (p. 81)…..See Also THE CURSE OF CANAAN

        At a crucial period in history, the fact is that a group of Jews in
        political circles succeeded in secretly orientating the foreign policy
        of the United States and thereby played a role of the utmost importance
        in determining the turn of events in Europe. {Christendom}

        In other words, as a result of their activities, the whole strength of the
        United States at the height of the war was placed at the service of
        THE JEWISH TERRORIST STATE revolutionary interests and ideology.
        There were two facets to this policy, which was worked out
        between Morgenthau and Roosevelt. In the first place, it was a
        policy of implacable Jewish vengeance directed against not only
        the German Government but against the whole German people who
        were held collectively responsible for the crimes and errors of Hitler.

        And it was a policy of revolution which favoured the Soviet
        Government with a view to implanting Marxism throughout Europe.
        On many occasions throughout history the Jews have been accused
        of constituting an alien minority which cannot be assimilated, a
        State within a State in the heart of the nations
        The Morgenthau
        documents reveal that this is precisely the case and they prove, with
        the most striking evidence, that this charge is well founded.
        On many an occasion in the course of the last half century Jews
        in finance and revolutionary Jews—the gold international and the
        blood international—have been accused of working secretly together
        in pursuit of a common Jewish ideal to conquer the world by means
        of disintegrating western Christian societies. Pro-Jewish liberals
        have poured scorn on this fear. But it is a fact that throughout the
        Morgenthau documents we learn how Jewish barons of high finance,
        such as Morgenthau, Harry Dexter White and Bernard Baruch,
        used their positions to put the whole resources of America at the
        disposal of Soviet Russia’s interests in central Europe.
        But there is even more to it than this. For it is apparent from the
        Morgenthau documents that for the whole of the duration of the
        war, the United States Treasury was a secret hot-bed of treason,
        spying and subversion operating within the very heart of the
        American so-called Government, since the majority of the men who headed
        Morgenthau’s team, such as Harry Dexter White, Harold Glasser,
        Frank Coe, William Ludwig Ullmann, Abraham George Silverman,
        Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Lauchlin Currie, Salomon Adler and
        others, were finally unmasked as secret agents working for a Soviet
        spy network.
        White committed suicide on 16 August 1948 rather than appear
        before the House Committee, but after his death a dramatic confrontation
        about his activities took place on American television between
        President Truman and Attorney General Brownell.
        SEE : Judaism and the Vatican which explains in detail, during the
        whole of the Second Vatican Council the Jews furiously protested
        against the deicide accusation and against the principle of collective
        responsibility which this accusation entails against the
        so-called Jewish people…..who curiously enough just don’t have to be “Jews”.

        But the Morgenthau documents clearly demonstrate that the
        so-called ” Jews”…
        {who are NOT Israelites }…
        themselves applied this principle of collective guilt to Germany and
        pursued a policy of implacable vengeance against the whole German
        people whom they held responsible for Hitler’s crimes and errors.
        In other words, they furiously reject the principle of collective
        responsibility when it impugns them, but they demand its application
        with equal severity when they stand to become its principal
        beneficiaries. They won the sympathy of the civilized world for the
        sufferings inflicted on them by Hitler’s
        ” savagely repressive measures “…..
        but thereafter they use the argument of their six million dead in
        order to forbid categorically any discussion of the Jewish problem.
        Since Nuremberg, indeed, the very word Jew has become taboo, and
        it can only be mentioned at the risk of being described
        as a pogromist/racis ANTI-SEMITE oneself…..
        what else can one do with
        and MASS MURDERERS ???

        er um,

        it was a stunning development when the Buelahman website had
        over 1,000 comments about the Boston Bombing Hoax…
        the younger alleged “Bomber” is to start trial tomorrow….


  4. Anyone who’s been subjected to these endless LIES, fabrications, LIES, fairy tales, and LIES about the Holocaust™ and is still sane is a real holocaust survivor and as such, is entitled to a massive amount of money to compensate them for their suffering!


  5. For all the Rosenblat sorts out there, “How do you like them apples?”

    From the Washington Post obituary:

    As a young man, Mr. Rosenblat survived the deprivations of Nazi concentration camps — that much was true. He said that he owed his life in part to an elusive girl outside the barbed-wire fence who, day after day, risked her life by approaching the camp to throw him apples.

    He professed that he did not learn her name until more than a decade later, when he found himself on a blind date in America.

    Guess he imagined the fantasy girl as he gazed upon his lovely Roma Radzicky, as well.


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