Maureen Crowley: Citizen Hero Speaks Out About Sandy Hook

Thank you, all, for allowing me to be here today.

My name is Maureen Crowley. I was born in New Britain, the city in which my great grandfather James Christopher Crowley founded the Crowley Brothers Paint Company in 1885. We then moved to Plainville when I was a toddler, moved back to New Britian when I was in the 6th grade. I attended St. Francis of Assisi Junior High where Sister Miriam Patrise taught me “When you’re not sure of the right thing to do, the right thing is usually the hard thing to do.”

It’s hard for me to speak here today, to speak — an aging baby boomer — would have been easier to sit home. But the truth never comes easily. It comes with dues for those who choose to speak it. The truth is often not palatable or pristine, but it is simple. Simple, but far from easy.

Security matters indeed, of course it does. Safety. Based on the events in Newtown, Connecticut, December 14, 2012 — <strong>not</strong> December 13, 2012, the day which was confirmed by [search engine] Bing itself, that the interview with principal Dawn Hochsprung was cached. <strong>Not</strong> December 13, the day that the September 2013 FBI Report says that the “shooting” occurred. This was before the other report, Uniform Crime Reporting of the FBI, infamously declared no murders in Newtown in 2012. <strong>Not</strong> December 13, the day that the Social Security Death Index proclaimed was the day that Mr. Fictional himself, “Adam Lanza,” left this world. There’s even a report from the committee on the psychiatric dimensions of disaster that not only has the date of this event wrong, they have the day of the week wrong. It was NOT on, December 12 was not a Tuesday. December 11 was a Tuesday. In fact, December 11 was the day when United Way started soliciting funds.

The list of pre-knowledge — confirmed, issued, and divulged — is long. How could this be if it were a real shooting, done by a 112-pound young man, standing a full 6 feet tall, wearing a size 8½ shoe, after he neatly made his bed and washed the New Hampshire trip dirt off his mom’s car, and shot 26 people?

No. [Crowley shakes her head]

I was, as some of you here are now, I believed every word out of [CNN anchor] Anderson Cooper’s mouth that day. But once the persecution of Wolfgang Halbig began, I wanted to ask why the Newtown Police would send law enforcement into his home in Florida if they did not have something to hide.

This is serious! This is a non-event that has turned the culture of the state of Connecticut and the culture of the United States of America upside down. Mental health vulturism. Drills in which 3rd-graders are forced to look down the barrel of a gun. And even state monitoring of Connecticut homeschooling, and even a president that wants to war on bullets.

I reject the official narrative of Sandy Hook. I reject the lies. I’m suspicious of the upwards of $500 million raised through a plethora of donation websites with zero ISUC scrutiny, zero money-laundering scrutiny, zero United Way …

We the people are not as stupid as the people in this room think we are.

I invite you to at least watch the video, “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.” Again, the name of the video is “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.” You’ll find it well thought-out, fact based, zero speculation, and interesting.

I hope you’ll remember my words today, unlike the ten members of the Connecticut State Police who could not remember how they entered the non-commissioned, non-operating Sandy Hook Elementary School that day! You think broken glass would be memorable, at a school that boasted 34 classrooms when it was K through 5, but no mass evacuation captured on a single police dash cam.

Connecticut — the state which I volunteer to teach piano in the prison systems. The state that I graduated from with a Bachelor’s degree from Central Connecticut State University. Connecticut — the state that was nothing but good to me. And I seek to return the favor by speaking the truth. If they don’t like hearing the nickname “Corrupticut,” then neither should any of you.

h/t Memory Hole Blog

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16 thoughts on “Maureen Crowley: Citizen Hero Speaks Out About Sandy Hook

  1. I had my doubts about Sandy Hook early on. Too many things didn’t add up. I suspect many of us had the same feeling. To me the main point to focus on…what would punch the biggest hole in the “official story”…is to prove the school was NOT in operation. I wonder if a combing of public records would prove that? Most schools are mentioned in local papers or on radio. School closings would be as well. Notifications of students transferring elsewhere. Announcements of some kind. School plays, PTA, parent/teacher nights? FOIA requests pertaining to utility bills, property taxes, maintenance bills…something. Teacher records, transcripts…I don’t know…something. Maybe approach it as if you’re trying to prove it was OPEN. And by doing that, you prove it wasn’t. It seems to me that irrefutable proof it wasn’t in operation would sink the ship S.S. Sandy Hook. I’ve heard it wasn’t open but have not seen any true details. It’s quite possible I missed it. If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it. On the other hand…maybe I’m peeing into the wind.


    • Wolfgang Halbig has recently been focusing on that very point… that the school was not functioning at the time. A Florida judge seems sympathetic to his argument. In a recent Alex Jones interview he said:

      “The new bombshell is that subpoenas have been issued across the country. We’re out to get discovery information that is now forthcoming, and if they don’t provide us this discovery information, they’re going to be in contempt of court. And we also have the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission hearing that is supposed to have already happened. They keep dragging it and dragging it, but eventually we’re gonna get the truth, and the truth is going to show Sandy Hook, that school, was not an operating school. And I can tell you that for being a school administrator, Alex, it is the most filthiest, the most deplorable school. No child should have ever, or even teacher should not have died in that school .It is loaded with lead paint; it is loaded with asbestos; it is loaded with PCB. And those parents who called it a vanguard school…how could you send your kids to that filthy school?”


    • According to a Newtown Board of Education report, there were 658 students at Sandy Hook Elementary school, as at the time, the school was k-5, and “rated” for as many as 764 students. It switched to k-4 that same year, I believe. if you take off 20 per cent say, where were the 400 or students being shown evacuated on the police dash cam? nonexistent.


  2. I’ve heard of the gentleman. I read about him on Veterans Today. Heck I also added garbage collection, food deliveries and contractors doing work on the site. I found this Sorry B-Man I am not tech savvy. It’s a ton of pictures taken inside and outside the school within 7 days of the incident. Having worked as a contractor in schools I looked for signs of code violations and recent maintenance or upkeep. It’s here to peruse. Now that I’ve looked at a few hundred of the pictures…I am certain there is something wrong.


    • When it comes to pictures, they can be manipulated or whatever, so I don’t know for sure. But the thing is to me that there are SOOOO many discrepancies that go unanswered in the official reports, then whenever anyone asks about these mundane details, they are castigated as demons or whatever.

      It all stinks of coverup, not protection of families.

      And its not that I trust Halbig completely. I don’t know him, nor have ever communicated with him. But I’ve seen some people go to extremes trying to discount or disparage the man that I become quite suspect in their motives.

      People like Keith Johnson “debating” by screaming “Fuck You” and calling him names, but never actually debunking anything he claims, tells me that hacks are on the attack (I think KJ is a shill). I listen to people like Deanna Spingola, whom I admire for her work in health and WWII history, do similar things and using ultra emotional content to sway her position.

      It all has too many unanswered questions and a lot of people like their forensics guy making those stupid/weird comments, and other anomalies that it is all obvious someone is lying to the American/world public.


      • Yes B-Man, I agree that pictures can be manipulated. As well as video or testimony. That’s why I thought that it should be provable whether the school was open or not. I feel there should be far too much evidence in the public domain to show this one way or the other. If the evidence isn’t there…then why isn’t it? It should be. As to Mr. Halbig? I go by a simple test. If he’s wrong, it should be demonstrable by evidence. Instead, we get name calling and character assassination. That’s a red flag to me. If the official story is true there shouldn’t be so many questions, discrepancies and contradictions. These things, whether you’re dealing with a government or an individual, tend to indicate you’re being lied to.


  3. Remember Sandy Hook and the 7 heroes and legends! Six teachers and one brave boy! There is another hero like Dawn Hochsprung, the event is older than television: Emory Eli Huyck, he helped some victims. Huyck is Dutch and there is a saying, “The Lord created the Earth, the Dutch created Holland.”


  4. Wow! History repeats itself! Dawn Hochsprung is related to the Masonic family, while Emory Eli Huyck, was a Freemason, and both of them are heroes!


  5. Also, Emory Eli Huyck was 32 years old, while the hero Victoria Leigh Soto was 27 years old. Soto is the Hazel Weatherby of her day.


  6. To this day, Sandy Hook is not the worst school massacre in the history of North America. Bath, Michigan has still remains the worst for nine decades.


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