The Bastards Shut DiggerForTruth Down

UPDATE (March 13):

Diggers’ website experienced some suspected but unconfirmed technical glitch and was restored the next day without notice or explanation.

Digger is my friend and cohort across the pond. I have collaborated with him on several videos (one is in the works right now). But they shut down his WordPress blog moments ago. I don’t know if it is some English law or some WordPress thing.

Digger Shut Down

The dirty bastards.

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21 thoughts on “The Bastards Shut DiggerForTruth Down

  1. Every time I post anything even remotely controversial I wonder if this is “the one” to catch the wrong eyes. What terrifies me is, I have so much material and to be honest, none of it saved.


  2. B’Man, Digger shut down the site voluntarily.

    I just received a message from him.

    He’s not doing well, but you know how guarded he is. I want to help him but can only offer verbal and spiritual support.

    Keep him in your prayers and good thoughts.


    p.s. he said to pass this message along…….


    • Why did he send me a message saying “They’ve just closed my site down. I knew it was going to happen.”, if he did it?

      I took a screenshot shown above which says it was a violation of terms of service.


      • OH! He didn’t say that in his message. Obviously, I misinterpreted what he said. It sounded as though he had closed the site himself. I looked at the screenshot but did not see the ‘violation of terms’. Well, I am sorry to hear this. Who knows I could be next, anyone could. And I’ve expected it for a long time. But, Diggers site, no, I did not expect his to be shut down. I don’t know how much more bad news I can take at this point. Thanks, for clearing up my misunderstanding.


        • I sent him a couple of messages, but with the time difference… hopefully he’ll get back to me today.

          Just so everyone knows, I have sent him an invitation to start posting here as an author. Perhaps he’ll consider it.

          But, as the activeskeptic points out (and Noor eludes to), it might be a good idea to backup your blog data, just in case. With WordPress, there is an easy way to go about it. As I understand it, you can add the content back to another WP blog or other platforms.

          Also, because of this, theactiveskeptic commented, causing me to visit his blog. I recommend everyone going to take a look. Very interesting stuff there.


  3. I also just got the word.. Digs sent me a short comment with no explanation for the shut down…
    Hopefully the hooked nosed ones did not get to him….
    The question is.. When are we next?????


    • I wondered if it was an English law or a WordPress thing. When you start looking deeper, however, there is an entity called Automattic that runs WP and its associated software. The terms of service say they can shut it down anytime they so want.

      I don’t have the money for my own server, but if push comes to shove, perhaps there is a way for multiple blogs to start a new, small platform.


  4. I like that last one he posted. Since I’ve come to realize the truth of the matter as to what has transpired throughout history, particularly WWII, it nearly brings me to tears to think of what could have been.

    I hold a righteous hatred for the demons responsible for the condition of the world today, and my tolerance for those who can’t see the problem is dwindling by the hour. If people can see that there is a problem, and don’t get off their asses and figure it out, then they are part of the problem.


  5. Hi BMan and friends.

    Regardless of what happened in Digger’s case possibly you can all learn from my own experience. I know that Noor is fully aware of my history and likely you are too and also NorthernTruthSeeker. When I was arrested back in may of 2012 I wasn’t able to access the net or operate my websites until the following November of that same year. When I did get my bail conditions changed the pig that arrested me then contacted my then server (Jew owned) and told them that I had been arrested and charged with a hate crime and that maybe they should reconsider hosting me. The pricks then gave me like 48 hours to change servers. My legal counsel at the time, Doug Christie, advised me to move my server out of the country and to even try and find someone outside the country who would be willing and trustworthy enough to put the domain name in their name. I was recommended to a server in the states which I’ve been using ever since without any problems. Their name is NearlyFreeSpeech.NET. Good service and never a hint of any threats or censorship.

    This is also the reason why I’m battling these satanic motherfuckers night and day in the courts. If they take me down I know without a doubt that they’ll be pounding on all your doors next. Best you not forget that. I’ve been using a WordPress program since forever and I’ve never had WordPress complain to me about my content. They know the repercussions of entering into that arena and chances are they aren’t going to join the Jews in shutting down sites.

    I also got an email from digger but it didn’t elaborate. I wrote him back too and haven’t heard. Thanks for posting this BMan.

    Peace & Justice for all,



    • Arthur,

      Its good to know that WordPress hasn’t been involved. One would think that if they were involved, plenty of other sites (like mine) would be down, too.

      Fortunately, there must have been some error, because Digger’s site is back up and running. I’m sure it gave him cause for concern. But, he hasn’t contacted me yet (and I generally hear from him daily), so I am still a bit concerned for him.

      Can you give us an idea what NearlyFreeSpeech.NET costs per month? Of course, moving requires a bit of work (I assume moving to the private WordPress platform isn’t a walk in the park). I say this because as I tried to backup this blog yesterday, their export function would not work (kept giving me a error message). However, they were very responsive at their Service forum and actually made an export file for me and emailed it to me (I hope it is all there).

      Personally, I have had no real problems with WordPress and I like the free blog platform very much. I could spend a bit per year to get a little more functionality, but money is real tight for me.

      You are an inspiration to many of us.



  6. Thanks for all your support B’Man and for posting this. It seems it was a blip.

    We have to store, save and stash the Truth now. Buy lots of books… up a personal library for prosperity. Photocopy articles, save info electronically, burn CDs/DVDs, etc.

    Sorry for belated reply. Have not been online for a while.


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