Is the Birch Society a Zionist Front?

Is the Birch Society a Zionist Front?

by DC Dave


Here are three e-mails that I received in late December of 2003 that possibly shed some light on the true nature of the right-wing organization, the John Birch Society.  The first and third are from J. Bruce Campbell, who first revealed to me that Western Islands Press, the publisher of The Death of James Forrestal, is owned by the Birch Society (See Appendix 1 of “Who Killed James Forrestal, Part 2.”).  Cornell Simpson, the author of the book that was published in 1966, seventeen years after Forrestal’s death , strongly suggests that our first Defense Secretary, Forrestal, was killed by the Communists, never even hinting that his most prominent enemies, the Zionists, might have had something to do with it.  Simpson is a bit of a mystery man.  I can find no trace of anything else he ever wrote.  Campbell, in an e-mail not reprinted here, stated flatly that “Cornell Simpson” is just a “nom de plume,” but he did not say how he knew that. *

Speaking of pen names, the second e-mail is from a regular Usenet poster who goes by the single name of “Mark.”  He is critical of some of Campbell’s conclusions.  I am including his critique to give readers more information for making up their own minds.

J. Bruce Campbell:

I have the unpleasant duty to inform you that for the entire year of 1979 I was a salaried employee of The John Birch Society.  I’d been drilling oil wells for ARCO for four years when the District Governor of the JBS approached me, due to my spouting off to one of his loyal supporters. Anyway, I took a big pay cut and jumped on that sinking ship.  I was fed up with the large and small corruption of the oil business, which I actually liked for the part in which I was involved (drilling).

I met Larry McDonald, the congressman and later head of JBS, and hqdefaultalthough he was a very nice guy, I thought the whole thing was very dated and uninspiring.  Larry was interested in my Rhodesian experiences.  The night I took Larry to LAX after an important but boring fundraiser, I dreamed up a big billboard campaign in Southern California with the message “Indict the Trilateral Commission Now” signed The John Birch Society, Belmont – San Marino.  At this time the TC was hot stuff and very sinister-sounding.  This would have energized the whole thing and would have been cutting edge because of the newness of the TC.

I raised a ton of money for this thing and then was ordered by the DG (who’d authorized me to do so) to change the billboard message to a tax-reform thing, which was dishonest to say the least and cowardly for displaying a fear of Rockefeller.  I sent everyone’s money back and called Welch in Belmont, Mass, to say that I wanted to meet with him regarding this thing. Welch did not meet with hired help but I was pretty persuasive and he finally agreed.  A month later I sat in his office and, though he was prepared to counter my pitch for the billboards, I switched subjects and tried to present my real message, which was that the JBS had forsaken John Birch, who was one very violent and action-oriented guy (for a missionary). Welch surprised me with his bitterness over the Birch name, saying he regretted ever naming it after him.  I said, what difference does the name make – anything would have gotten the same treatment.

He stalked around, saying I was ignorant for trying to glamorize this guy (who had killed a whole bunch of Japanese and – realizing he’d fought the wrong enemy – was about to do the same to the Red Chinese) and said, “They can say he was arrogant toward his captors.”

“You mean the Chinese Communists, who killed him with bayonets?”

“They can say he was living with a Chinese girl.”

“So what?  They killed him.  Who cares what they say about him?”

And so it went.  On the subject of religion, which is what this is about, he asked me if I were religious?  I said no.  He said, “Neither am I.  I don’t have time for all that stuff.”  That was surprising because of the underlying religious flavor of JBS.  (Tell ’em what they want to hear!)

Ten years later I met a Birch guy who was a 33d degree Freemason, who knew the Welches.  He told me that Welch’s brother James was also a 33d degree. Eustace Mullins wrote in Murder By Injection that Robert Welch was a 32d degree Mason.  Welch I think was nominally a Baptist but his Freemasonry would have neutralized that.  John Birch was a Baptist missionary.  Welch wouldn’t let me finish my pitch for Birch and later told a mutual friend that it was the silliest idea he’d ever heard.

The Birch Society was just a corral for conservatives.  Welch, who was an excellent writer in the sense that he could get people very agitated about this or that subject, from Eisenhower to Taiwan, was a promoter who told me in the car one time when I drove him to LAX that he had to raise over four million dollars a year just to keep the thing going.  But he just kept the patriots bunched up and broke, writing to congressmen!  There was no other point to it besides the following:


John Rees

JBS was a Zionist operation and became virulently so with the hiring of John Rees, the Israeli intelligence agent.  A British Zionist, Rees hated me personally for no apparent reason.  Probably instinctive, maybe because of my background as an anti-Communist “mercenary” in Africa.  But Welch ran JBS as a cheering section for Likud, referring to Begin and Sharon and Shamir as anti-Communist, anti-terrorist, etc.  (We learned – I was in the Rhodesian police branch of the security forces – that Israel was aiding the Communist terrorists who were slaughtering so many Africans and Europeans in Rhodesia.)  The ADL had a direct control over Welch and he would brook no discussion of Jewish aims or practices – or as I said before, the Jewish creation of Communism.  I know because it was my duty as a staff coordinator to expel any member who discussed Jews in a political manner.  I never had to do this because by 1979 the membership was thoroughly tamed and compliant.  I was asked to question a guy who was no longer an active member about some remarks he’d made about Jews.  I did so and we became good friends.  I resigned over the billboard issue and the disturbing experience with Robert Welch – I had been authorized to raise money with the TC message and then was told to keep the money under false pretenses, so I couldn’t stick with such slimy people.

Alan Stang

Alan Stang

My father had been a JBS life member and brought some financiers into the cult of Welch, which probably cut me some slack.  I wasn’t a member but would buy a lot of books from the American Opinion bookstores wherever I found them.  I became a close friend of Alan Stang and the two of us were arrested in Southern California while target shooting one time.  He wrote an interesting account for American Opinion magazine (“Police Story”), which was a problem for him due to the Birch line:  “Support Your Local Police.” We no longer supported the police after that nasty experience.  Anyway, Stang was a big time Zionist (still is) and we went our separate ways once I wised up.  Stang would become a tax rebel and go to prison for his beliefs.

Welch turned his back on him because he demanded full compliance with IRS. Stang had been the house Jew to counter the “anti-Semitism” smear by the usual suspects.  Nothing could have been farther from the truth.  (I have a lot to say on this subject but won’t now.)


December 25, 2003


Very interesting letter, thanks for forwarding it.  The final two long paragraphs address my question:  Was the John Birch Society a front for Zionism?

The reason I’m interested in this is that I had thought — from reading JBS’s New American magazine starting in the early 1990’s — that the JBS is a valuable organization fighting government corruption.  And advocating Zionism is not my idea of doing that.

I take it for granted that Bruce Campbell (BC) is legit, that he is who he says he is and experienced what he says he experienced.  That he’s a sort of a rough character, a man of action rather than an intellectual deskworker type, probably explains the frequent awkward expression of his thought.

Before I address the paragraphs about the Zionist issue, I want to say a few things about the first part.

Right after BC joined JBS he conceived of a billboard campaign denouncing the Trilateral Commission, and on the basis of that plan raised a lot of money to finance it.  But then JBS decided the money would be better used for a tax protest billboard campaign instead.  BC had two problems with that:  he thought his original plan was better, and it would be dishonest to use the donations otherwise than as was promised.  BC returned the money he had raised to the donors.

In my opinion the tax protest plan was the far better plan.  Simply denouncing the Trilateral Commission is either preaching to the choir or to the deaf, it means nothing to the random man on the street.  JBS wanted to spend the money more wisely than originally intended.  However, according to BC, JBS wanted to do this without giving the donors the opportunity of a refund.  If so, that would have been dishonest.

BC describes meeting with Robert Welch, the founder and then head of JBS.  BC’s choice of words reveals considerable bias.  “He stalked around” for example.  Here are some of the points BC makes:

      1. In spite of the religious undercurrent in JBS publications, Welch said he wasn’t religious, though nominally a Baptist. My comment:  I’m glad to hear that Welch wasn’t religious.  I respect Christianity but I think it has helped in the destruction of America.  On the other hand, if what BC says is true Welch was a hypocrite on this issue, though it’s a common sort of hypocrisy.
      1. Welch regretted naming the JBS after John Birch, a missionary who had been killed in China by the communists.  BC wanted to promote Birch, but Welch would have none of it.

Comment:  I was always unhappy with the name.  It only confuses the proper function of JBS, fighting government corruption, with religion.  Of course the puzzle remains why Welch chose that name in the first place.  Just because Birch fought the communists in China is a watery sort of reason, as is pandering to Christians.  (Remember this was 50 years ago, when far more people went to church.)

      1. BC says  “Welch … was a promoter who [said] he had to raise over four million dollars a year just to keep the thing going.  But he just kept the patriots bunched up and broke, writing to congressmen!”

Comment:  I don’t see how Welch kept anyone broke.  And he did far more than advocate writing congress-critters — though that is one thing you can do.  He educated people about government corruption.

Now for BC’s final paragraphs.  He makes the following statements:

      1. JBS was a Zionist operation.
      2. JBS hired John Rees
      3. John Rees was an Israeli intelligence agent.
      4. Welch ran  “it” — the JBS? — as a “cheering section for Likud.”
      5. The ADL had “direct control” over Welch.
      6. Welch and Rees would brook no discussion of “Jewish aims or practices.” And that it was BC “duty as a staff coordinator to expel any member who discussed Jews in a political manner.”
      7. Welch demanded full compliance with the IRS, and refused to defend a Jew formerly on his staff who went to jail for tax evasion.

What to make of this?

      1. Calling JBS a Zionist operation is too broad, to say the least.
      2. There’s no question that John Rees worked for JBS for many years. The question is, who is John Rees?
      3. John Rees was uncritically pro-Israel, a Zionist, but does that make him a Mossad agent?
      4. Saying that Welch ran JBS as a “cheering section for Likud” is an extreme statement.  The evidence BC cites indicates Welch failed to boo rather than actively cheered.
      5. BC presents no evidence that the ADL had “direct control” over Welch.
      6. I’m rather understanding that Welch would brook no discussion of Jewish aims or practices.  It’s unfortunate that many — not all, but many – such people are cranks.  Welch controlled a large operation and couldn’t afford to be associated with cranks.  On the other hand, he most certainly should have discussed Israel — and the JBS does do that these days.
      7. That Welch demanded full compliance with the IRS is just common sense.  Bad as it is, the tax code is on the books and you go to jail for breaking it.  Of course if I were on the jury I’d find the accused not guilty, but you can’t count on many people doing that. Again, Welch headed a multi-million operation, and couldn’t risk having it destroyed by the IRS.

Whatever JBS may have been, it seems to be worthwhile these days. I certainly wouldn’t call it Zionist.  For example, the New American ran an extensive expose on the USS Liberty scandal.  And they are against the Iraq war.

Sincerely yours,

Mark, December 27, 2003


J. Bruce Campbell:

I shall address some things brought up by Mark, now that I’ve dredged up some more details of those days.

Obviously, the Birch Society is a spent force compared with its glory days of the early – pre-Goldwater – 1960s.  It was a spent force by the time I arrived in ’79.  Dead and didn’t know it.  I seem to recall the high water mark of around 2,000,000 dues-paying members.  So there’s not much to know or reason to know about it anymore, with probably just a few thousand members.

Chuck Armour

Chuck Armour

The morning after taking McDonald to the airport I went to my boss, Chuck Armour, the District Governor (which was the title of the JBS boss west of the Mississippi) in San Marino and told him of my billboard idea.  He said that a billboard campaign was very expensive.  I already had the figures from Western Outdoor or some such group.  I said, “Yep – about $24,000 for six billboards on the LA freeways, four months.”

“Good God!”

“I can raise the money if you will authorize it.”

“Well, go raise it.”

“Okay, Chuck. The message is ‘Indict the Trilateral Commission Now – The John Birch Society – Belmont  San Marino’  Okay?”

“Well, I’m not sure about the message right now…”

“What aren’t you sure about?  Trilateral?  Indict?  Now? – What?”

“I don’t know… Go ahead.”

So, the next night I had a meeting of section and chapter leaders in North Hollywood.  I made my pitch.  I said that the indictment is for treason, the penalty for treason is death.  We’re talking about the electric chair for Jimmy Carter, David Rockefeller… I’m in for $500.  What about you all?”

Well, with the authorization and my example, I raised $12,000 that night plus was given a huge billboard on Ventura Blvd.  And that was just one little area.  The next day I told Armour and said I wanted to make a pitch to him and the JBS employees in San Marino to test it for mistakes.  He said, okay, tomorrow after lunch.  And I did that.  Dead silence when I finished.  Only Joe Mehrten, the head of Review of the News, said, “I like it – it’s got pizzaz.”

Armour finally said, “I don’t like the message.”

“What don’t you like?”

“We can’t indict anyone.”

“Okay – how about ‘accuse?’  ‘We accuse the Trilateral Commission?'”


And they all filed out of Armour’s office, leaving just me and Charlie Everett, a fundraiser, with Armour.  They stared at me, sitting on the couch under the big portrait of John Birch.  Finally Armour wrote something and gave it to Everett, who read it and smiled and  passed it to me. I looked at it.

“Support your local TRIM Committee of The John Birch Society.”

Armour said, “Tell the members that we like the billboard idea and that’s the message.”

“TRIM?  Well, TRIM’s a good thing.”  It stood for Tax Reform Immediately. “So, I’ll give the money back and start over.  We’ll see how much they’ll give me for this message…”  I knew the answer:  not a dime.

“No!” said Armour, “don’t give the money back. Just tell them that this is the authorized message.”

Everett piped up, “Let’s see how good a salesman you are!”

I looked at him like something stuck on my boot.

“Sorry, I don’t work that way.”

“Well, ” said Armour, “I’m telling you that’s how you’re going to do it.”

I said, “You boys misjudged me,” and stood up.  “Chuck, would you have hired this guy?”  I jerked my thumb at the portrait behind me.  He looked at Birch and shook his head.

“Can’t say.  I didn’t know the man.”welch

“That’s what I figured.”  And I took off and called Welch.  I took him by surprise.  He knew me as the Rhodesian “mercenary.”  He liked the billboard idea and the message.  And I persuaded him to see me because my dad had brought in the Butlers from Chicago, who’d put a ton of money into the cult.

But one of the first things Welch said to me in his office a month later was, “I don’t understand what you’re doing.  You remind me of Richard Viguerie…” RV was a prominent GOP fundraiser in those days.

“Richard Viguerie?!  What do you mean?”

“You raise all this money and just keep it!”

“I didn’t keep it.  I gave it all back the next day.”


“Here’s the letter I sent to everyone with his money.”  It was on JBS letterhead.  He read it.

“Hmm. That’s a pretty good letter… I don’t understand… Why would you raise all this money on an unauthorized campaign?  You know, we carefully consider every one of our programs before trying it…”

This was true.  Welch’s indecision on any new thing was legendary.  He was quite timid.

“It was authorized.”

“What?  By whom?”

“The District Governor.”


“Chuck Armour.”  He stared at me blankly, not comprehending what he was hearing compared with what he’d already been told.

“Well, billboards aren’t a good idea…”


“Why not? They worked pretty nicely on Earl Warren…” The Impeach Earl Warren billboard campaign had been the Birch Society’s most famous and successful public sortie in its history.

“No, they just tear them down…”

“Well, Mr. Welch – they can’t tear down these huge industrial billboards on the freeways.  And if they tear them down, Gannett or Western will just put them up again and it will be great publicity for us.”

“No, no, no!  You don’t understand…”

“I guess I don’t.  But I didn’t come here to talk about billboards.”

“Well, then why did you come here?”

“To talk about John Birch.”  And it just descended into his bitterness after that.

The office pitch I made was attended by Bill Jasper, who is now the head of The New American, so you can always check with him about what I said.  No one will ever forget it.  Especially the electric chair part.  And I had credibility because of the African and oil experience, to name just two things.

Anyway, some of Mark’s questions deserve answers.  Perhaps he never saw the Birch weekly magazine, Review of the star-of-david-JBSNews, or as Joe Mehrten called it, Review of the Jews.  Israeli leaders such as Begin and Meir and others often graced the covers, with glowing cream puff articles inside.  The Israelis were great anti-Communist guys, just like us!  We had to support them against the godless Communist Arabs!  The Palestinians were terrorists!

There is nothing crankish about the truth.  The JBS suppressed the truth about the origins of the very thing they were supposedly against: Communism.  By doing this they protected the guilty and deliberately confused the membership in a life and death matter.  It would fall to Willis Carto, an ex-coordinator like me, to break the unpleasant news to Americans about the Jewish nature of our national disease, which we see full blown now in the Bolshevik neo-conservative cabal that controls the Bush administration.  Carto published the Spotlight (American Free Press now) and the incomparable Barnes Review among a number of other accomplishments.

All American right-wing organizations since 1960 sprang from The John Birch Society, so it was an important, though fraudulent, phenomenon and could be studied profitably.  Welch resisted mightily Gary Allen’s exposure of the Rockefeller gang as the root cause of America’s decline.  He and Welch used to have some violent shouting matches over what Welch would eventually acknowledge as “the Insiders.”  Welch, like Hoover, wanted to stick with the safe but irrelevant Communist Party stuff.  Challenging Nelson Rockefeller was too damned dangerous, as was apparently my anti-David Rockefeller message on the billboard.


December 28, 2003

* I was since told by someone who seemed to know that “Cornell Simpson” was actually Medford Evans, the father of noted conservative writer, M. Stanton Evans. The younger Evans later denied this, and I agreed that his evidence was persuasive, as noted in “Covering Up Zionist Crime,” referenced in the addendum. Evans went to his grave last week claiming that he had never heard of Simpson’s book until I wrote about it and that he had no idea who Simpson really was. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that, and I explain why in the referenced article.


I’m not sure if he had the web site at the time, but the “Mark” in this exchange is the proprietor of, whose main focus is criticism of the Ayn Rand Institute. Mark has also compiled a good index of my articles, and he is about the only other person who has advanced our knowledge on the death of James Forrestal beyond my own work. He has done that by producing a searchable htm version of the official Willcutts Report on Forrestal’s death, with useful commentary, including the Nurse’s Notes.


J. Bruce Campbell is the proprietor of Extremism Online, a web site of much more recent vintage than ARIWatch. He has also been a regular contributor to Veterans Today. He is often credited as the founder of the American militia movement.

I had some later insights on the possible connection between the John Birch Society and the Zionist movement in “Covering Up Zionist Crime? On ‘Cornell Simpson’, Medford Evans, M. Stanton Evans, and the John Birch Society.”

As a final reflection upon the title question, watching the Democrats and Republicans repeating…

their genuflection…

before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, one might wonder if all important political organizations in the United States these days, including many that look to be nearly the opposite, are Zionist fronts. Sometimes it feels like we are simply living out the ambitions stated in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

David Martin

March 9, 2015

Addendum 2

After I sent this article to Buelahman for possible use on his web site, he informed me that he had discovered what looks like some pretty strong corroboration on the Net for Bruce Campbell’s thesis. It is in the article “The John Birch Society — Exposed,” by John “Birdman” Bryant. As it turns out Campbell was hardly the first to maintain that the John Birch Society was a Zionist front. As Bryant notes, Eustace Mullins and Revilo Oliver had preceded him. Most of Bryant’s article consists of excerpts from Oliver’s book, America’s Decline. Oliver was one of the co-founders of the John Birch Society. The heart of Bryant’s article, for our purposes, is the following excerpt from the book:

After the conference between Welch and myself in November 1965, I determined to verify conclusively the inferences that his conduct had so clearly suggested, and, with the assistance of certain friends of long standing who had facilities that I lacked, I embarked on a difficult, delicate, and prolonged investigation. I was not astonished, although I was pained, by the discovery that Welch was merely the nominal head of the Birch business, which he operated under the supervision of a committee of Jews, while Jews also controlled the flow, through various bank accounts, of the funds that were needed to supplement the money that was extracted from the Society’s members by artfully passionate exhortations to “fight the Communists.” As soon as the investigation was complete, including the record of a secret meeting in a hotel at which Welch reported to his supervisors, I resigned from the Birch hoax on 30 July 1966 with a letter in which I let the little man know that his secret had been discovered.

Oliver’s judgment might be questioned for some of the positions that he took, such as that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist agent who assassinated President F. Kennedy as sort of an internal Marxist affair of which Kennedy was a part. The important thing here, though, is that he, like Campbell, was a Birch Society insider and the two men seem to have come to the same conclusion completely independently.

David Martin

March 12, 2015

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11 thoughts on “Is the Birch Society a Zionist Front?

    • gnashing of teeth…

      JBS & the NEO CON “JEW” worshipping Baptists….

      how appropriate John McManus was an integral part of that
      underhanded endeavor…the covinous collusion and deliberate obfuscation

      [Stangs’ work “It’s Very Simple” is a good read]


      in the ovens of truth !

      excellent work

      keep breathing…
      {it’s an overcomer thingy}


  1. I received this email today and have sent it to Bruce Campbell for his possible reaction:


    I found a letter written by JBS Founder Robert Welch where he claims to be anti-Zionist.



    “Verne, I am probably as anti-Zionist as you are. And while I do not go out of my way to be arguing or shouting the matter, because I think there are so many more immediate and important battles to be fought, I never avoid the question when it comes up.”
    “I disagreed most heartily with Bob Taft was his support of aid to Israel by our government.”
    “But when you get into the Zionist picture, I repeat that you cannot think any less of the whole government of Israel, or of the whole Zionist conspiracy than I do;”
    “when I think the Zionist conspiracy — and from then on for perhaps two decades was practically the father of the International Communist Conspiracy. Today I personally think that the relationship is almost exactly reversed, and that the child has now so far outgrown the parent in size and strength and importance that the parent is in a relatively minor position.”

    TO: Mr. Verne P. Kaub (President, American Council on Christian Laymen)
    FROM: Robert Welch (JBS Founder)
    April 4, 1962

    Now, coming back to your earlier letter, of March 14. Although you say you have never discussed the matter with me, actually you had made me very much aware of the fact that we were in some degree of disagreement with regard to the “Jewish question.” And I appreciated very much the fact that you were willing to go along in full support of myself and my activities, despite this disagreement. But not until now had I known that you had really misunderstood our own position as much as appears from your letter.

    For, in the first place, Verne, I am probably as anti-Zionist as you are. And while I do not go out of my way to be arguing or shouting the matter, because I think there are so many more immediate and important battles to be fought, I never avoid the question when it comes up. In fact, I believe you will find right in the Blue Book that among the things on which I disagreed most heartily with Bob Taft was his support of aid to Israel by our government.

    I probably do disagree with you somewhat in our attitude towards the Jews in general. For I feel that the ordinary Jewish citizen in America has been under more pressure, and more bamboozled, to go along with the powerful Zionist minority, than have the Methodists, for instance, by the forces headed by Bishop Oxnam and his ilk; and that, considering the greater pressures, not too much larger a percentage of the Jews have followed this ignominious road than have the percentage of Methodists who swallow the teachings of Biishop Oxnam and are guided by him. But with regard to Zionism you and I do not differ at all, except possibly in our views as to the importance of the Zionist part of the total conspiracy at the present time.

    Also, as you can well imagine, from your knowledge of how the ADL works, I have been under plenty of attacks, some of them not only extensive but extremely vicious, because of the fact that Merwin Hart is a Chapter Leader of The John Birch Society and is now known to be one of my strongest supporters; and because some others among our leading people are accused, however unjustly, of “anti-Semitism.” And, as you further know or can surmise, I have simply always ignored these unfair attacks, and I have never even written or talked to Merwin Hart about them.

    With regard to the article in the bulletin for last April, I thought it was better, once and for all, to put down as honestly as I could, what I really believed with regard to “the Jewish question. ” And I did not go into Zionism, as distinguished from Judaism as a religion, which could be practiced in entire sincerity by perfectly good American Jewish patriots, because I thought it would, entirely unnecessarily, complicate the issue and what I was trying to say.

    Actually, and I am sorry to say, we do not have too many Jews in The John Birch Society. This is partly because a smaller percentage of the Jewish people in America as a whole are true conservatives, than of the total population. But it is even more because of the greater pressures and dirtier pressures, which are put on them, against standing up for what they believe. Nevertheless, we do have one Volunteer Coordinator, and several Chapter Leaders, and of course a larger number of members, who are Jews; and they are among the most determined, courageous, dedicated, and unshakable members in the whole Society. But when you get into the Zionist picture, I repeat that you cannot think any less of the whole government of Israel, or of the whole Zionist conspiracy than I do;
    except that I think its relative importance in the total importance in the whole picture has greatly decreased over the past three decades. Some day, if and when we have a chance to sit down and talk about the matter, I should be glad to exchange views with you, or at least give you mine, as to what has really taken place since around 1905, when I think the Zionist conspiracy — and from then on for perhaps two decades was practically the father of the International Communist Conspiracy. Today I personally think that the relationship is almost exactly reversed, and that the child has now so far outgrown the parent in size and strength and importance that the parent is in a relatively minor position. But this does not make Golda Meir or Ben-Gurion or any of their extremist followers in this country any less culpable.


    • might a student with a SPRING BREAK take the time to
      enumerate all the current ZIONIST “FRONTS” in America
      or the “WEST” today….

      what might that number look like…

      Since 1973, Americans have aborted 58 million babies.
      Think about that — 58 million. It is a staggering number.
      And if something doesn’t happen soon to change course,
      in less than two years we will hit 60 million….OMG !!!

      If this happens,
      “we” as Americans will have murdered ten times more
      human beings than the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis.

      We know the judgment of God that fell upon Nazi Germany.
      What do we think is going to happen to a nation that exterminates
      ten times more people than the Nazis?

      The judgment of Almighty God is coming. . . . SEE JERICHO
      {on TalmudVision}
      There is no way out.
      The souls of 58 million babies are crying out for justice – and they will get it.
      But for this to happen we need to be pleading with God to have mercy on us.
      We need to be calling people to prayer, fasting and above all repentance.

      I’m grateful for pastors like Ronnie Floyd,
      president of the Southern Baptist Convention,
      and Bible teachers like Anne Graham Lotz who are calling the
      “Jew” worshipping “Church” to do precisely this.
      May their tribe increase….like a wide mouth

      As watchmen, are you warning America of the coming implosion?
      Are you calling the Church and nation to prayer and fasting and repentance?
      Is there more that you can do?

      Let us be found faithful,
      for I believe our time is running out….


      • the above text is from Joel C. Rosenberg’s speech to the
        “Religious Broadcasters Convention”

        aka “JEW WORSHIPPERS”….in “America”…Occupied Terrotory

        …and is quite revealing as to the leaven of the Pharisee,
        worming action the Zionist {Khazarian Mafia} “Jews” do to
        mollify the braindeadgoy…..

        but fear not Dear Hearts there is no Joy in Mudville, anyway…

        A French comedian was found guilty on Wednesday of condoning
        Faux-terrorism for a joke posted on his Facebook account after
        pretend Islamist attacks in Paris that allegedly killed 17 people in January,
        but the comedian barely escaped a possible jail sentence…..

        The Paris court sentenced Dieudonne M’bala M’bala to a
        “suspended sentence “of two months in jail.
        He had risked up to 7 years in prison and a potential 100,000 euro fine.

        Dieudonne – who has repeatedly been fined by the courts for –
        ….serious hate speech –
        {which is bad and serious “Jew” worshippers have to hate it}
        wrote just days after the attacks on Facebook that he felt….
        “Charlie Coulibaly.”
        That was a play on the ubiquitous “I am Charlie” slogan of solidarity
        following the cartoonish staged attacks against cartoonists at
        Charlie Hebdo weekly, using the last name of one of the Paris attackers.

        The amateur actor/mind control patsy Amedy Coulibaly killed one policeman in the attacks and four Jesus hating Jews during a cartoon raid on a Jewish supermarket.

        Dieudonne has been found guilty only seven times for
        so-called slander or anti-Semitic statements,
        but not for bombing internees in a concentration camp with
        billion dollar weapons systems…meanwhile his shows have been
        banned in some cities as a threat to so-called public order.

        Faux-Authorities say he owes thousands of euros in fines related to
        …..past convictions.

        The comedian, who insists he is not only not anti-Semitic, but just showing
        a “Good Faith” effort with comedy to show the utter hypocrisy of the
        entire “Jewish” narrative and it’s Psychopathic adherents…called “Jews”,
        he is credited with inventing the “quenelle,” a gesture critics have likened
        to an inverted Nazi salute…which is deemed offensive by “Jew” worshippers
        and Jesus hating so-called “Jews”, who incidentally are not offended in the least
        by Talmudic Terrorists aka “Khazarian Mafia”….

        so-called “Jews” hijacking “Western Nations” and supplying the Terrorist so-called “Jews”
        from Khazaria who are stealing Palestine from the Palestinians using Terrorism financed by the braindeadgoy “Jew Worshippers” – aka
        “Christian Zionists” or “Judeo-Christains” who allegedly believe that
        God and Jesus are self hating “Jews”….go figure.

        Dieudonne posted his Facebook comment on the eve of a huge public march of
        pretend solidarity in Paris in which more than 3.7 million braindeadgoy ,
        many carrying “I am Charlie” signs, honored the journalists,
        policemen and shoppers killed by mind controlled patsy….Islamist gunmen.

        {Jack played the Cynthia McKinney clip yesterday}

        Read more: …About Mass Mind Control & Patsies…or be stupid.

        rotten to the core….like a rotten apple…with lotsa worms
        just like the communists said it would be
        coincidentally just as the JBS predicted so many years ago


  2. Yes, the John Birch Society is a Zionist front, and “Zionism” is just another constructed false layer that hides the real inner core of the Brotherhood of Darkness who want only to kill off most of the world’s population and establish a one world death and slavery system for all.
    The John Birch Society has almost completely faded off the map and there are not even any of the engineered derogatory news articles about it anymore, and that is exactly as it was planned from the beginning.

    The idea was to sucker people who were patriotic and believed that “America was great because America was good.”

    The society was a dialectical set up from the beginning. Communism was the thesis or “problem” and the JBS was the antithesis or “reaction.” The synthesis or solution was world domination, what I call the one world death and slavery system for all. Communism was just as created and guided as was the John Birch Society. Dialectical tools are the stock and trade of the brotherhood of darkness.

    Dr. Dennis Cuddy said,

    “…Nelson Rockefeller was working with the NAZIs
    David Rockefeller was working with the Communists.”

    The NAZIs are the “right wing” and therefor Nelson was assigned to “work with” or “work on” the “right wing” efforts in the USA.

    This booklet explains the weirdness of the Birch Society.

    The John Birch Society An Enigma
    by James E. Braddock, Esq.
    Copyright 1990, 1991
    Weisman Publications
    Burnsville, Minnesota

    On page 13 of this booklet it states that Nelson A. Rockefeller purchased the Welch candy company for three times the asking price on the condition that Robert Welch would head the new John Birch Society.

    Later in the booklet Mr. Braddock, who had been a JBS member for two years stated the following.
    “My resignation was in writing to preclude any idea that I was a “drop-out.” I had been duped and deluded or, put more strongly, made a fool!
    That does not set well with any man of thought.”

    Page 16
    “Robert Welch was an avid and dedicated Zionist. Over the years I have become personally acquainted with a number of former members of the “Speakers’ Bureau” / JBS. One example was the case of a Bureau member of long standing who came too close accidentally to one of the No-Nos of the inner circle and was brought on the carpet personally by Welch. Welch told this member “That under no circumstances will Jews and Communists ever be mentioned together, they are never to be connected.” The subject was no dummy, a college professor of long standing and of high credentials. He resigned. “


  3. The Rothschilds and their Zionist ideology control nearly every country on the face of this planet. Certain countries including North Korea, Iran and Russia don’t want to be included into the
    Rothschilds’ world government agenda, so they are aligning themselves with each other in the likely event of another World War.

    I read long ago that JBS was infiltrated by the Rothschilds, however, then again there are few if any organizations that have not been infiltrated by these Satanists. The House of Rothschild controls
    the Vatican as well as all formalized religions, including Judaism. They have literally destroyed
    the United States Republic, and created a two class society: the Zionist elite and their slave middle class which is rapidly dissolving under the 9/11 false flag operation.

    Our three branches of government are nothing but pawns of this Satanic organization, and any person or group who attempts to expose this publicly is destroyed. Our politicians are nothing but Zionist controlled puppets who serve their elite masters.

    Any politician who breaks ranks is quickly removed from office through either the fomentation of a scandal (usually carried out by the FBI’s Gestapo) or artificially induced illness or death (usually brought about through the use of directed energy weapons deployed via the electromagnetic spectrum – Most of the alphabet agencies now have access to these classified weapons, which can be used to instantly locate and track the unique EMF signatures of a person’s body in order to keep them under remote surveillance 24 hours a day. The fact that the body’s own unique EMF signature set is used to accomplish this means that implanted computer chips are no longer necessary).

    The most nefarious aspect of these weapons is their ability to interface artificial intelligence computers with the brain of any person whose unique EMF brain signature has been decoded by the NSA. Once this has taken place, the person’s mind can be programmed when they are in REM sleep
    for the purpose of mind control. Google: Akwei VS NSA as well as Organized Stalking, Mind Control via the EM spectrum, NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, to learn more about this Orwellian technology and how our own subverted government is using to enslave the American people.


  4. This article is all about telling us something most of us already knew and knew for a very long time, 15 years for me personally. The John Birch Society and Zionism are just two small gogs in the Satanic gog wheels of the one world death and slavery system for all.

    I just read over my previous comment on this article and it still stands great and tall for truth.

    “the two men seem to have come to the same conclusion completely independently.”

    “the same conclusion” = the JBS is a thoroughly Zionist entity

    I say, So What?!
    This article is all about telling us something most of us already knew and knew for a very long time, 15 years for me personally. The John Birch Society and Zionism are just two small gogs in the Satanic gog wheels of the one world death and slavery system for all.

    Sure it is always good to keep exposing all the ways we have been lied to, this time lied to under the banner of USA patriotism. But for heavens sakes, let’s not consider this any new big revelation. This article should just make us ever more mindful of the snares of the devil. If it does, that is a good thing. Fine upstanding patriotic Americans can be oh so easily sucked in to being parts of things like the John Birch Society.

    I have learned to trust my gut and notice when things just don’t compute. That’s why I left the JBS and have done may part too in exposing it as a controlled opposition entity.

    But one thing my advancing years in the “truth movement” has taught me is to EAT THE MEAT and SPIT OUT THE BONES.

    The JBS APPEARED to be about saving America, land that I love.
    It still does and still is. They do give us some quality information. Eat that meat.

    I did not know Alan Stang was a Jew or a Zionist, To me, Alan Stang was a patriotic American who cared about saving the Republic by exposing the truth about something he knew much about — the John Birch Society. I will forever respect him and thank him for that. And I will pray for his soul that he goes to Heaven via the “invincible ignorance” clause.

    Having Catholic beliefs about FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE and RIGHTS, I do not love “Americanism” and what it stood for from the beginning. I no longer buy all that history-book propaganda about the Founding Fathers. I have Catholic understandings, come by the hard way of course, of the unjust war on the souls of the people of The Great Englightenment, the French Revolution, Judeo-Freemasonry, and the Protestant Revolution.

    I also understand the REVOLUTION WITHIN all Christianity, including the insideous insider revolution withing the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic visible Church that Jesus Christ established on this planet.


    • I say, So What?!
      This article is all about telling us something most of us already knew and knew for a very long time

      Who is “us”?

      Personally, I knew very little about the details of the JBS, so I thought the educational purpose of the post was timely and important.

      But for heavens sakes, let’s not consider this any new big revelation.

      It was for me and I would suppose that others reading this may think it a revelation, a well.

      Although I do not speak for Mr Martin, I am sure he writes these things to help share with the uninitiated, or why would he bother writing about something “most of us” know? And why would I share his writings if it is just the same old standard? As much as I appreciate those who read here regularly and know all of this, the choir is not always my intended audience.

      Surely you understand that.

      I have known about the JBS for many years, but not in any significant way, nor was there much to reel me into becoming a member. Learning the specifics, especially when the specifics point out corruption and a hidden hand behind their motives is key to most people’s understanding.

      I thank Mr Martin for this education.


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