They Are At It Again

Take a guess who might consider my video “It Ain’t” (collaborated with Digger) hate speech? It is obvious that anyone with a mouse can call any and every video anything they so want and get away with it. One doesn’t have to prove anything, just make a claim and tada, its gone.

It Ain't Hate SpeechThe video says:

It ain’t the Bilderburgers

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Illuminati

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Anglo-American Establishment 

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the banksters

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Jesuits and Black pope

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the criminal cartel

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Club of Rome and many other secret societies

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Bush/Obama Administration

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the German Death Cult Alex

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the neo-colonialists

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the aliens

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the moon matrix (ha that’s a good one Icke)

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Annunaki Zecharia

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the shape-shifting lizards Icke

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Technocrats

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Nazi death cult Alex

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the global power elite

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Neocons

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Imperialists

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the British Royal family

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Globalists Alex

It’s the Jews

It ain’t the Rothschild zionists Icke

It’s the Jews

It really is the elite supremacist Jews

Just make a simple correction to the lies that the shills and liars keep you all stupid with and it is “hate speech”. I bet you can find THOUSANDS of videos attacking every one of these entities and there are no strikes against them. But tell the truth about the Jew and this is what you get.

I am on the Jews’ radar again, so I bet others will be coming.

If anyone happens to know of a copied version somewhere, let me know. I’ll add it.

UPDATE (March 26):

It appears that my attempt to appeal the strike has helped the situation, although it is still not a perfect outcome.

No Strike

Of course, there was no hate or incitement to hate in the video. It IS uncomfortable truths that rub certain people the wrong way, though. So, YT censorship is in full swing, but somehow the terrible video wasn’t quite bad enough to hold me to the strike against my account.

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13 thoughts on “They Are At It Again

  1. isn’t it amazing how sensitive mass murderers are…

    since they are so “JEWISH”…!

    over 300 million in just the last century…murdered for filthy lucre
    1500 quadrillion…and counting

    OY VEY,…. already

    wasn’t that Kirk Douglas hate speaking while he played a VIKING ?


    er um….


  2. WAIT!!! What about the fact that THEY say I am a Christian and therefore I have NO SOUL???? That I am a Christian Woman and ‘THEY” claim that fact deems me to be cast aside as filth from birth? The fact that that “THEY” it believe it is their responsibility to force the “Gentiles” throughout the entire world to conform to the “Noahide laws” of “THEIR” religion? (Why the Athiest’s have no problem with this is beyond me btw) These positions are openly published in books, included in videos (many on youtube) other media outlets by “THEM”. It is taught to “THEIR” children by THEM. THEY PUBLICLY ESPOUSE ALL OF THE ABOVE! It is THERE for all to see….not hidden…”THEY” SPOUT HATE SPEECH THEMSELVES…Who are “THEY”???? Starts with a J……Unfortunately for me “THEY” get to decide what speech is deemed hateful…..I wonder what would happen to a youtube video starring me, just stating what “THEY” publicly admit and publish AND TEACH that THEY believe about ME?????? THEY should never hope I should do such a heinous thing…I should just sit down, shut my soulless filthy mouth and be a “good lil goyle”…..


    • Isn’t it amazing the disconnect that people in general, and the media/government lackeys in particular, hold about what is hate speech? You can find all sorts of videos on Youtube about Jews attacking Palestinains, Jews degrading goyim over funeral practrices (one YT channel I had was deleted over that video re-upload I had), etc. It was a jew attacking goyim, but they accused me of hate speech. The original video is still there for all to view.

      As a matter of fact, the video It Ain’t doesn’t attack Jews as much as it attacks (if one wants to use that word) all the shysters covering for the Jews. But what in it is hateful? There were no “anti-semetic” pics. No anti-semetic dialogue. Just me (and Digger, the author) calling out the water carriers. Maybe it was Alex Jones who made the complaint (or possibly David Icke or Sitchin… the three mentioned in the video)?

      It is obvious Jews control YT and virtually every aspect of our lives. Yet the world goes about its business ignoring this important and diabolical aspect of our lives.

      I am looking forward to your work on vaccines. I read this today and it might help in some way:


      • Hey BMan, Thanks for the link to the Mercola article! It is on the money in my opinion. My gun is so loaded on the vaccine deal I am trying to whittle it down so it is somewhat readable and still keep it remarkable and believable. I will git r done! Sorry…I am a Yankee and it is fun to say that…. Yes there is disconnect!!! To be truthful I think disconnect IS the disease. There is a youtube vid out THAT NO ONE HAS PULLED, where a Israeli Jew explains to a Palestinian farmer why the land belongs to him and that the farmer and all non Jews can be his slave IF they are lucky and behave well….Sounds pretty hateful to me…THE YOUTUBE FOLKS MUST BE OK WITH WHAT HE SAYS AS THEY ALLOW IT…They take yours down and leave this racist spewing-hater up? The guy in the vid sounds like a racist plantation owner from back in the day…How did the slaves get to America again? Do people know THAT truth???? HEY, I think the guy saying everyone can be his slave is related to the folks responsible for bringing slaves to America in the first place!!! Actually it is a re-searchable fact..That is if you really wanna know….Speaking of slaves, Chris Rock compares college athletes to slaves. He speaks of it as if it is only a black issue. (He forgets there are a few white boys playing sports in college oh and there have been whites throughout history who have been slaves…) DISCONNECT. Chris Rock might think I’m crazy train and I may feel the same about him…Ah but if we got to sit down together without all the static, and go over all the evidence, we might be able actually hear the truth when it it is presented to us. How much do colleges make on certain athletic sports? A ton…How much is the actual value of a free ride at Duke? Turns out to be about $44,000 per year. Last time I checked slaves don’t get paid. They also offer scholarships for other sports they make nothing on so how does that work? (scholarships for sports is stupid if you ask me. Put ball in round cylinder…Yeah you need to know how to do that to become a doctor, lawyer, scientist, engineer…You know things colleges give degrees for… Disconnect is the DIABOLICAL disease of which you speak Bman, that is sown by those who benefit from us being at each others throats…DISCONNECT keeps us busy with other things…which fosters us to be apathetic and uncaring and unINFORMED….It keeps us from sitting down and looking hard at the HARD TO LOOK AT evidence. They make it so difficult we cannot even get through to our own family members with the truth….Don’t talk politics or religion. (When I open my mouth about vaccines in a social setting I get a swift kick under the table from my hubby or the stink eye if I am not sitting, ha ha!) Folks are so busy filling out their futile March Madness brackets that are no longer valid after the first round of the tournament, they cannot take the time to consider more important matters facing America and the world today. This is by design in my humble opinion. This is the diabolical disease called Disconnect….So THEY can go on about their business. You and I know who the true hijackers and terrorists are. You, your faithful readers, Digger, me and some rowdy Presbyterians….


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