I Just Don’t Believe David Cole-Stein


David (Stein) Cole getting shitfaced? Or just part of the scam?

The title is something I have said to myself, but was restated in writing by Eric Hunt in his Response to David Cole found at the HolocaustHoaxMuseum website.

I have said here numerous times that I look for the Decent Jew (the ones that call out the actions of the tribe and are willing to discuss the lies of the HoloHoax without the anti-Semite canard… whom are virtually impossible to find). One sure fire way to know a tribe member is their knee-jerk reaction to the old lie with further lies or name calling.

As Anthony Clifton often points out in comments found here, a Jew doesn’t have to be a Jew (whether it is a real moniker or not). The fact is that being a Jew is slowly morphing back into what many over the centuries have felt about them; that they are  murderous, thieving, supremacist scumbags intent on controlling the world (you and I) because of their Talmudic brainwashing. Sure, there are still some of you who believe the lies of how loving and caring they are about the planet and the rest of mankind. But when it comes down to the nut-cuttin’, a Jew will believe the tribal lies (and support their Talmudic masters in Israel) over any rational or sane thought progression.

One example of how these tribe members spread the lies to other tribal folks is via the media.

When you watch this video, if you can stop yourself from laughing hysterically at the bullshit or cry because so many believe this in the face of all the evidence that easily proves it untrue, try to pick out the obvious misdirection (and then consider who with a brain would ever believe such nonsense):

I made it to the 2:07 mark and it was already so chock full of total, obvious lies that I was steaming considering all the idiots who probably will believe it because the “comedian” said it.

Seriously, Stein has the chutzpa to say that the media is anti-Semitic, when it is owned, run and controlled by Jews? And that Bill Kristol is an example of “very good” media? That Nixon was the most pro-Israel President?

How can it be that this dumb ole redneck sees the real Semites being murdered by the fake Semites and I can distinguish between the two, and so many others still swallow the garbage?

The point I am trying to make is that no matter how hard I try to find a trustworthy Jew; one that I feel is truly about caring for the world (Jew or not), I keep finding things that cause me to rethink those that might somewhat resemble a “decent Jew” (like I once thought of David Cole).

This guy had a great deal of coverage back in the 90’s (even getting TV time). Much of the work he did back then helped prove the HoloHoax was a lie. But then he disappeared, supposedly beaten several times by the JDL (Jewish Defense League) and threatened with death (as the spaghetti eating SIX MILLION LIES worshiper said above).

A short while back, he was supposedly “outed” by a girlfriend and voila, he is back… front and center.

But this ain’t the same guy, meaning he now is contradictorily suggesting that there WERE gas chambers and “death camps (at least Treblinka) and also in some obscure camp where some freak Doctor was gassing Jews and collecting their brains.

He pops up outta nowhere and now is seemingly in the middle of assisting in the divide of the revisionist movement.

I don’t trust him.

Ry Dawson's Fag Selfie

Ry Dawson’s Fag Selfie

He spent some time with another Jew lover and defender (at least that was one reason why I was banned from the faggot, Ry Dawson’s YT

channel) and one that I don’t trust, either (although Foon1e at Mami’s has himself a crush on the fag). Since that ban by Foon1e’s lover, Ry has opened up somewhat towards the Jewish rule, but has publicly stated that he hates Nazis more than Zionists and was defending the Jews at every chance he got. Funny, though, Dawson’s own blog deleted the interview (at least the Mami’s link is bad).

Side note: Foon1e, at Mami’s Shit, deleted my comment where I said “Fuck Ry and fuck his Jewish mama”. Hence the removal of the link from my sidebar and I have informed the Ry sycophantic ass-kisser phenom that I will never comment at the site again (simply because of the hypocrisy, since a courtesy perusal of the site shows significantly worse language than I used… even though mine was somewhat in jest to piss off the fag, Ry, as I did here, too, but over his fawning slobber for Grampa Paul.)

Back to Cole: Why would anyone trust him? He told off on himself when he wrote:

“So what’s a knowledgeable but disgraced Holocaust revisionist to do? Play both sides. And make some decent scratch. I created two pseudonyms – one to sell books and videos to Holocaust studies departments around the world, and one to sell books and videos to revisionists.”

– David Cole, Republican Party Animal

Chapters 7-8 as reported by Friedrich Töben

Cole, to me, is working both sides, just as any opportunistic Jew does. Fag Ry is playing the same game. Avoid them both, like the plague (and Mami’s, too, for that matter, for I don’t know who of the group can be trusted).

Other Cole quotes from Friedrich Töben’s review of Cole’s book of obfuscation:

“The truth is, I neither denied the Holocaust, nor did I ever spread hate (except when referring to Nazis, who I do, indeed, hate).”
“There are two principles I live by when I decide I want to accomplish something successfully. The first principle is, ‘just do the fucking work.’… The other principle by which I live is the old saw ‘in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.’ I find it best to work in fields where I’m surrounded by ninety percent idiots, because I can accomplish more that way. The field of Holocaust history, as I found it in 1990, and politics, as I found it in 2008, were perfect for me. My one eye beat most of the tin cup holding blindies who populated those fields.”

Thus far, what you have read is a fairly old draft that has been lingering in my Drafts folder for a several months. But yesterday, I found one of my favorite sources on these subjects (I suggest people follow his work) had addressed David ColeStein’s obvious manipulations. He is Karl Radl of Semitic Controversies. I appreciate his style:

David Cole, the infamous jewish holocaust revisionist, has been in the news a bit lately following the discovery that he had been living under a pseudonym (David Stein) and was a celebrated (orthodox) ‘holocaust’ promoter in Hollywood and among the hawkish neo-con element of the Republican party. Naturally all his former set, like Andrew Breitbart, have been shunning him because his revisionist past is completely incompatible with their slavish pro-Israel sycophancy (to Cole’s evident chagrin).

The irony to me is that Cole, who to be fair to him was brutally attacked three times by the Jewish Defense League (1) (inspired by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, who has adroitly been called ‘Israel’s Ayatollah’), (2) is now pushing an extremist pro-Israel/pro-jewish agenda that has more than a passing similarity to the teachings of Rabbi Meir Kahane just without the Messianism and the advocacy of the use terrorism to achieve its desired ends.

Cole, for example, argues that, in terms of the concept of ‘hate speech’, there is a categorical differentiation to be made between jews and Muslims in regards to how they desire to suppress speech they don’t like. He asserts that while Muslims use shootings and bombings; jews use legal means to attempt to suppress that with which they disagree. This he judges makes talking about the ‘holocaust’ in an even vaguely critical manner far more preferable (because you’ll only go to prison/be socially ostracized) while if you make fun of Mohammed (while referring to his sexual preference for goats) then you are liable to be murdered by Muslims. (3)

This is superficially all fine and dandy, because I am sure a lot of people would rather go to prison/be isolated than murdered in cold blood by an unhinged fanatic. That said however Cole’s argument assumes that the immediate consequences are the only consequences. What Cole doesn’t talk about is the fact that while at the moment jews are criminalizing critical discussion of the ‘holocaust’; they are already paving the way for stronger punishments than simply fining and/or imprisoning their enemies.

Indeed there is an increasing medicalization of the whole concept of having a critical opinion of jews/Israel (as has been noted by Andrew Joyce) (4) and it is not unreasonable to suppose that in the next decade or two (if nothing changes) then criticism of jews and Israel will be considered ‘delusional’ and, as such, grounds for sectioning an individual, because they are evidently not right in the head.

Nor does Cole consider the fact that Muslims going mad over ‘hate speech’ directed at them is used by jewish organizations to push the boundaries of control on freedom of speech (as seen after the Charlie Hebdo case) so that the forces of law and order are increasing forced to prioritize political crimes over crimes of property and the infliction of bodily harm. (5)

This is hardly without harm especially as it is these very laws that Muslims exploit in order to justify their rampages since, after all they like the jews are a ‘persecuted minority’ trying to gain equality in a ‘racist system’. It is frankly dishonest for Cole not to even mention the fact that while Muslims may pull the trigger it is jews; who have enabled them to do it (viz. the creation of special anti-racism laws and the removal of selective immigration laws), gave them the gun and justified the acts after the fact (as being caused by ‘systematic racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’ leading to ‘alienation’ and ‘radicalization’ of the Muslim population).

Cole’s dishonesty is even more apparent on the subject of Israel when, for example, he claims, with typical chutzpathic aplomb, that jews don’t commit terrorist attacks or political violence. The fact is that they do and they have very, very long history of it.

In fact if you read the Torah, rabbinic commentaries, the story of the Shtetl and (especially) the history of Israel then you find it is actually one very long history of terrorism and political violence (often dressed up in religious garb no less).

As Elliot Horowitz, Ami Pedahzur and Arie Perliger have all noted in their work; asserting that the jews have been a meek and non-violent people is quite literally nonsense. (6)

This is thrown into stark relief when we note that only just recently an Israeli political columnist who writes for a mainstream right-wing Israeli news outlet actually advocated immediately exterminating all of Germany and Iran by nuking them. (7) When you take into account that the same threat is known to be part of Israeli policy (well actually it is just nuking the whole of Europe in ‘revenge’ for the ‘holocaust’ if Israel ever is losing a major war) and has been made on the political stage by Israeli leaders before; (8) then the idea that jews are a lesser threat then the legions of Islam to Europe is thrown into sharp relief as simply absurd.

That said Cole is partly right; the two threats are different.

The primary threat of the legions of Islam to Europe is on a primarily demographic, but it is felt more by the man on the street for the simple reason that most Islamic violence is low-level thuggery interspersed with more catastrophic (although mere pin pricks in the greater scheme of things) terror attacks.

The jewish threat on the other hand is of a whole different magnitude altogether, because while the Islamic threat is very visible as it affects people’s lives in obvious ways. The jewish threat is barely felt at street-level, because it exists in much higher arenas.

Where, for example, jews disproportionately help form and norm anti-nativist ideas, while absolutely insisting on nativism for Israel (for example Tim Wise and Barbara Spectre). It is also the state of Israel with its 200 nuclear weapons (and extensive biological and chemical arsenal) (9) and the, as we have seen, expressed desire to wipe Europe off the map at the first available opportunity. As Kevin MacDonald has rightly pointed out recently; jewish radicalism is increasingly the norm in Israel and as such Israel is going to get only ever more extreme and genocidal if current trends continue. (10)

Move over Ahmadinejad; you’ve got nothing on Netanyahu.

So the jewish and Islamic threats are different; the Muslims want a global caliphate, which has the only benefit that you might live through it. While the jewish threat by contrast is seeking the ultimate extermination of Europeans in ‘revenge’ for the ‘holocaust’, which you more than likely won’t live through.

Speaking of the ‘holocaust’ I couldn’t really mention Cole and not bring it up. From the above I think we can agree that Cole isn’t exactly ‘on our side’ and is actually shilling for Israel over at Takimag as well as trying to make the jews look like a lesser threat than the forces of Islam (I wonder why?).

Now everyone knows Cole made a ‘revisionist documentary’ about Auschwitz and the almost obscene lack of evidence (or even specifics from the ‘experts’) there is behind this charge in the mid-1990s.

Fair enough; he also got death threats from the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and was beaten up by them.

However ironic as it may seem; Cole actually downplays the very people who beat him up as a bunch of odd exceptions and small-time (if rather violent) thugs. The fact is that the JDL, the Kach organization and the modern equivalent, the Jewish Defense Organization (JDO), were, and are, fairy hard-core terrorists as can be ascertained by merely reading a book about them. (11)

Just a little chutzpah there, but it does give a good idea that Cole has strongly ideologically tinted lens to his work as well as being extremely egoistic.

He readily admits for example that, from 1997 until he was found out fairly recently, he was a knowing ‘holocaust scammer’ and profited personally from the ‘holocaust’ industry. (12) That said we at least owe him a nod in regard to his honesty about it, but it is worth bearing in mind that Cole, having been found out, is now seeking to carve out a new career niche for himself.

After a mensch has got to eat: hasn’t he?

I quote Cole’s own words about what he believes:

For the record, I never denied the Holocaust. My position was that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, and the buildings displayed there as gas chambers are Soviet fakes. I never denied mass exterminations of Jews at camps like Treblinka and Sobibór.’ (13)

Cole is being typically disingenuous here, because he ‘denies’ that Auschwitz was used as a death camp. He claims Treblinka, Sobibor and (presumably) Belzec were ‘death camps’ and that he has ‘never denied this’. This is rank lunacy of the first order for the simple reason that the ‘evidence’ for these camps being part of a ‘mass extermination program’ targeted specifically at jews (aka the ‘holocaust’) is actually worse than the ‘evidence’ for Auschwitz, which Cole ‘denies’ was a ‘death camp’.

To be specific:

A) There is no physical evidence of such a homicidal purpose at the camps.

B) The ‘survivor’ testimony is even more insane and contradictory than the ‘survivor’ testimony at Auschwitz. I mean gassing people with the fumes of a captured Russian submarine’s diesel engine or killing them with electrical frying pans is hardly likely to be true in the first place let alone with the absence of other evidence (rather like the infamous ‘vacuum chambers’): is it?

C) The ‘survivors’ shouldn’t have survived a pure death camp according to the official narrative and simple applied logic.

D) The transit/logistics records directly contradict the whole claim (i.e. huge numbers of jews can be shown to have transited through these ‘pure death camps’ came out alive and been sent on to work camps a few days later).

Cole has got to know this given that the numerous book length revisionist studies that have come out since he was around (and are freely available on the internet) that his position is frankly laughable, but hey it is all about being ‘respectable’ and reinventing his career.

After all if Cole was really interested in historical truth; he’d be speaking about why serious scholars, in the true sense of the term, of the ‘holocaust’, such as Jurgen Graf, Thomas Kues and Carlo Mattogno, are wrong and he is right.

But hey it is easier to go and bash out easy-reading copy for Takimag than dare debate those three scholars than a comedian with a PhD like Michael Shermer. (14)

That’s of course after you try to argue for a European-American alliance with Israel, downplay and misrepresent jewish terrorism (historic and current) and try and make everyone feel sorry for your personal trials and tribulations in general.

Karl provides all references for the above here.

Now for the punchline: The Times of Israel has banned ColeStein from his blog posting there. Seems that Jews don’t trust his duplicity and obvious scumbaggery, either. At least he has his gig at TakiMag… at least for the moment.

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12 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Believe David Cole-Stein

  1. Amen, Bman and very nice treatment of that asshole Dawson. One of Rabbi Rivero’s best buddies. Rivero who used to be AJ’s sidekick and has never said a word about his transparent shillhood. I was excited when the cockroach reappeared but he quickly revealed his true self. Here’s a quote from Rivero which people should archive and throw in his face: “Hitler thoroughly believed that genocide of Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals was absolutely the right and moral thing to do. ” – Aug 2, 2014.


  2. On David Cole/ Stein. The Dutch word for coal is ‘steenkool’ [staincoal]. Thanx, Buelahman for digging deeper than I did thus far on Stein/Cole.

    Pointed to Cole on Phil Donahue at vidrebel: https://vidrebel.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/the-zyklon-b-dance-party-and-other-tales-from-the-resistance/

    Apparently in sync with Stein being outed as Cole by an ex-gf. 20 april the day AH came out. He turns about to be a heavy Zionist. Partied with Cheney etc.

    Cole – whose black eyes turned blue and brown- is too blind to see his Zion did 911 .
    Stein/Cole calls 9/11 truth researchers ‘kooks’.

    A bunch of Cole Nidre. To the garbage can with this man.


  3. Great write-up. You made a lot of excellent points. Cole should be discussed only with regard to his documentary “David Cole At Auschwitz” which he originally made with Ernst Zundel and which made his so-called “notorious” reputation. Since he got his ass kicked by the JDL or whoever it was that threatened to kill his parents, he has supposedly learned to play the useful idiot limited hangout shill like everybody else (directly or indirectly the result is the same), lest he end up like Bobby Fischer or Jack Bernstein. Was he a direct agent from the very beginning running limited hangout disinfo against the revisionist victories of Zundel’s first two Canadian trials? Who knows and who really cares? That’s because as always the maxim of shillery remains: “direct agent or useful idiot/ego, the result is the same: disinformation or making everything believable and nothing knowable.” Take the baby he may have used to con you, refuse to swallow the bathwater that came later. We’ve got other researchers like Eric Hunt and Jurgen Graf who have Berkey filtered Cole’s poisoned well and bathwater into the fresh and healthy drinking water of truth. lol

    Ry Daws Baba Ram Dass, the so-called South-Carolina-native (with an identical-twin brother he claims he has that nobody’s seen) who’s a black-belt in Karate or Kung-Fu or whatever it is and lives in Japan, never even heard of the concept of media fakery! Everything the media says is exactly as it happened except for whodunnit. All image transmissions and videos are to be trusted regardless of any authentication, something that ANY evidence accepted by any proper court of law has to undergo. The Moon Landings were real, Boston Marathaon bombings were a real event, Sandy Hook was a real event, there was a plane at the Pentagon and Shanksville and yes, according Ry Daws, aluminum planes CAN penetrate 500,000 ton steel & concrete buildings with zero deceleration, in the same number of frames as they travel through air, without even one part out of MILLIONS individually numbered falling off and wait, that’s not all, even the nose of the plane can come out the other end of this 500,000 ton building fully intact!

    Needless to add, according to Baba Ram Dass, ALL the victims in ALL the PsyOps are real, even that twerp Noah Pozner over in both Sandy Hook and Peshavar Pakistan, just as the Jew-media reported, regardless of how many ridiculous photo-shopped images are found.

    Just like his sugar-daddy man-tits Rivero. lol

    No wonder they get along so well. They’re part of same gatekeeping team! Whatever happened to the old ZCF that used to tear every last one of these guys new assholes every week for even the smallest whiff of shilling activity? He’s over at non-aligned media now working for Press-TV in Iran, buddying up to Mark Glenn (another full-on media-fakery gatekeeper along with Michael Collins Piper) partnered with one of the guys he used to ridicule, Blakeney, who seems far more honest than Dawson in that at least he doesn’t gatekeep media-fakery on post-Sandy-Hook PsyOps, and interviewing another, Dawson himself, whom he used to call “Dawstein”:


  4. The entire comment was excellent. I never saw any of this before. The pics are great!

    Ry Guy “Karate Kid” Dawson, as I’ve called him, is like so many other of the guiders to non-truths. But in his case, it was obvious to me right off the bat. I called him on it, first without vulgarness or offense, but the simply questioning had him calling me names almost immediately, and banned me from commenting right after the first time I used a curse word. I knew right away that it was his sensitivity to curse words, because he uses them OFTEN. He will call people all sorts of names. It had to be a deflection.

    And I have always wondered about Rivero, as well, although I’ve never had a personal interaction with him. He gives us more decent stuff than KK (Karate Kid), but at the same time gives a waterfall of information that seems to distract and waste time.

    As a matter of fact, his activities taught me to only post one or two posts per day (if that). I want to focus on an issue and not just pour shit all over the place.

    However, I am torn about the Simon Shack guy. I know that he has shared and illuminated some serious, correct stuff (like above). The nose out deal was obvious to me at the very beginning. But like some others, he delves into shit that seems to distract. I do not believe for a second that the videos of the buildings falling are all faked, as they once offered. I don’t think the 911 psyops would have worked had the world not seen those buildings being exploded apart on TV. Just fake planes hitting the buildings would not have been enough. The world had to see them fall for it to work.

    And he gets into other stuff as well, but like you, I take the baby and leave what I consider bathwater.

    Thank you for this information!


    • Yes, but how does that contradict the validity of Simon Shack’s theory? The buildings WERE exploded apart on TV, but on pre-manufactured video showing spectacular top-down pulverizations that have never before happened in the history of demolitions. The real building collapses very likely happened a lot less spectacularly behind a simple thick military-grade smokescreen, the oldest trick in the book. BUT, they also showed you on pre-manufactured video, morons from multi-cultures (every opportunity to push their agendas, they never miss; oriental man next to a Puerto Rican next to a black next to a white, etc., I’m suprised they didn’t put a flaming queen on there to in order to push their homo agenda) staring open-mouthed towards the towers. This gives the public the impression that the towers were visible to many thousands of people which they are not. The towers are only visible from certain vantage points, not from anywhere inside Manhattan itself.

      Nevertheless, let’s just for the sake of argument, say that the towers WERE visible to a couple of thousand people in the right spots in NYC and beyond and they ALL saw a big fat smokescreen. What would they do? Would they trust their own lying eyes or their TV? Since, you have to also remember that nearly ALL of these people, even if they had full-on vantage points of the buildings, would also be watching their TV’s to get the latest “inside” info. Why? Because access to the towers themselves was, of course, blocked the night before and they were almost certainly empty not just of people but also almost certainly of quite a few floors. In other words, these towers were probably originally built as obvious masonic phallic symbols of the USA’s power and the number 11, with removable floors, as the tallest atriums in the world. Gradually all the tenants were controlled by themselves, were either fake entities or if real, only went to certain floors in the building to give the impression that the buildings were “filled with 50,000 people.” The visitors and tourists to the roof restaurant and all that were taken directly to the top with no stops at any of the other floors which had fake numbers on the elevator.

      At around the 20 minute mark of the following video, Brian S. Staveley aka Ricefoot, an ex-administrator at Jayhan’s forum shows you the photos of the actual elevator buttons in the WTC buildings and the only few floors that they stop at:

      Empty floors on the towers clearly visible in this photo (taken in the 1970’s)

      You will see the towers were at very low capacity for their whole life and when you look into the companies that were there. A lot of them turn out to be ghost companies. They simply aren’t there. These were NOT the busy buildings you thought they were! Here is the Freedom Of Information Act request that PROVES the towers were mostly empty. The whole myth of those being the busiest office buildings around was exactly that, a myth.




      Originally Posted by Phil Jayhan View Post

      Missing Contents of the World Trade Center Debris Pile:

      14, 700 Toilets, Sinks, Urinals (1,2,& 7)
      45,000 desks
      45,000 chairs
      245 Acres of Carpeting
      40,000 File Cabinets
      40,000 Cubicles
      75,000 Telephones
      50,000 Staplers
      20,000 miles of wiring
      300 Mainframe computers
      45,000 Computer monitors
      45,000 Keyboards
      45,000 mice/computer aid
      650 Fire Extinguishers
      3000 Copy Machines
      2000 Water Coolers
      3000 Printers
      20,000 doors
      40,000 door knobs
      22,000 Stainless Steel Elevator Doors
      450 Refrigerators
      5000 Snack and Soda vending machines
      3000 Wallets & purses
      3000 Employee ID cards (Required after 1993 bombing)
      3000 Employee personal cell phones

      Sometimes when we simply make a list, the contents and exactly what they are, are lost to some degree. This will help us put the contents of the world trade center into content, as well as the missing contents. Multiply this picture by approximately 245. And this is not even 25% of the entire floor. Take a good look at that carpet stretching across the world trade center floor and start multiplying. Why wasn’t ANY of this found in the rubble?


      Since the Clues Forum position is that the vast majority to the entire pool of images for the 9-11 PsyOp were faked ahead of time to fit both their official narrative and their back-up narrative for the dissenters they needed to gatekeep in the truth movement, my guess as to why they didn’t put all these items in the pre-manufactured rubble photos is to give their disinfo agent Judy Wood her biggest bait to fish people into her fear-mongering gate: the rubble did not contain all these items because they were PULVERIZED into nano-dust by Directed Energy Weapons. Of course, she has no proof whatsoever that such weapons exist, and a fraudulent cart-before-the-horse method of investigation as unscientific as possible by NOT even bothering to authenticate (real or faked? chain of custody?) any of the photographs she uses as a bogus foundation for the entire rest of her structure of logic.

      Architect Yamasaki, the WTC Complex & how an Insider Built the World’s Largest Illusion


      Note: I don’t know what Jayhan’s problem is with Shack. He was bashing Shack for years and still continues to bash him WHILE at the same time he’s endorsing September Clues. I don’t fully trust Jayhan the way I do Shack mainly because he has no holohoax threads on his entire forum and also because of these suspicious activities that reek of possible deep-cover shillery:


      However, there is no denying that Jayhan has done a shit-ton of detailed research into all aspects of 9-11. Some of their best stuff is the total exposure of William Rodriguez as a fraud and many-times busted outright liar:



      Try to find another top-down collapse. There is no such thing. Only in predictive programming Jewlywood movies like “Independence Day” do you have any top-down collapses. Why did they need to do a “top-down” collapse? Well, obviously, because the planes in their PsyOp scenario hit at the top of the buildings and their whole pile of elephant dung is that it was THE PLANES and the fire that their jet-fuel caused that brought down the buildings and not any demolition charges put in place months and years ahead of time. So they showed you the fake collapse on pre-manufactured video aired as “live” by a fully complicit and bought-&-paid-for media of the entire planet (most others got their feeds from the USA but it goes without saying that the very first thing elite Jews do when they grab control of a country’s central banking usury and fractional reserve counterfeiting is to buy out as much of their media as possible).

      The elite Jews are the world’s oldest, most expert and most parasitically ruthless middle men, pushing the levers (comes from the word levi) of ultimate leverage that only the uber scams of usury and fractional reserve counterfeiting deliver. They are multi-trillionaires of unearned wealth while the richest guy on the Forbes list is Bill Gates at a measly 78 billion or thereabouts. The regular, every-day Jews still have a higher per-capita family income in the USA than any other ethnic group and know better than to come out against their elites. They might fear the goyim waking up and kicking them out of yet another country because of the activities of mostly their elite and rabbinical scumbag class but they fear their own criminal class even more and shut their traps. Hollywood itself, of course, is nothing but a nest of Mossad sayanim who, when they’re not working on anti-German, pro-Homo, pro-feminist-bitches, pro-multi-cult brainwashing flicks with the shabbos goy film-makers and actors, are on-call in case PsyOp work is needed.

      Posted below are only some of the images Shack has analyzed which conclusively prove that not just a few but the vast majority of the images and videos related to the 9-11 PsyOp event were faked and falsified ahead of time in a studio using simple and very sloppy-looking computer graphics (early image releases tend to be really crap quality; that way people can say that nothing can be discovered from such low-quality video and argue with the fakery people. However, when later in 2010 they released much higher quality images, supposedly because of a FOIA request by complicit media shills ABC, it was even easier to prove fakery than before.

      Rick Siegel – Unforgettable Mega-Shill (and I might add, yet another obvious tribe member);


      Image Rick Siegel supposedly shot from the “Frank Sinatra Pier.”

      Simon Shack comments (Follow the arrow on the photo to understand what’s he’s talking about): “Here is a moment featuring the ‘WTC2 collapse.’ The smoke reflected in the building at right flows in the wrong direction. This is an error a (lazy) animator may easily make – since when you wish to mirror an object in a window, you’ll have to flip the image horizontally. However, in the case of moving imagery (such as this drifting smoke) you’ll have to remember to also reverse the sideways motion of the moving object:

      And that’s just the beginning. You already saw in the above HugMeClones photoshopped “victims” that they are simulated “vic-sims.” Actually, you don’t even need all this VAST amount of proven fakery to get the lying witness’ case thrown out of court. This principle of law will take care of that in any proper court as soon as even ONE instance of outright falsified imagery has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt:

      falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

      False in one particular, false in everything.

      This principle of Roman law is still respected and has been appropriated by other disciplines. The concept is that if a witness has been shown to lie in one particular respect in a case, he is not to be trusted in anything else he says. This is why it is important for attorneys to impeach opposing witnesses in court: it discredits the rest of their testimony. The object behind the principle is [b]to reject questionable testimony (even if it might be true) before accepting falsehood into evidence.

      The legal principles of interrogating witnesses have been drawn into the task of evaluating historical sources. Just as a witness in court can be impeached by being shown to have lied, an historical source likewise loses much of its authority if its author can be shown to have deliberately falsified something– how can we trust an author concerning fact X when we know him to have lied about fact Y? Such an author may corroborate something a better witness says, but has forfeited our trust where he speaks without corroboration.


  5. I don’t know how you happened to run across it, but I hope you noticed that that disgusting Steve Malzberg Show is on Newsmax TV, which is (ostensibly or nominally) Chris Ruddy’s outfit. We showed what a phony he is in this article https://buelahman.wordpress.com/2014/03/14/double-agent-ruddy-reaching-for-media-pinnacle/. In that article we conclude that Newsmax is an intelligence operation of some sort. In the last section I pose the question, “Whose operation?” A couple of paragraphs point toward the answer:

    Maybe the answer is to be found in an important bit of information that is left out of the Businessweek article. They tell us that Ruddy studied abroad at the London School of Economics, which is unusual enough for this 12th child of a policeman and a homemaker, but they fail to tell us where else he has studied abroad, at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Imagine that. Businessweek says that Ruddy comes from a Catholic family that didn’t regularly go to church. Did the mother, perhaps, take them to the synagogue, instead?

    It’s not just because of Ruddy’s studies in Jerusalem and the conventional pro-Israel neocon politics of the Newsmax web site that I raise the question. Once I happened to make some rather routine critical comment about Israel, and Ruddy’s sharp rejoinder in disagreement really surprised me. He seemed to take what I was saying about Israel personally. I recently ran across an observation by Professor Kevin MacDonald that reminded me very much of how Ruddy reacted at that time: “I have encountered many liberal, politically correct Jews who react vociferously (almost violently) to the most innocuous comments about any topic related to Israel or Jews.”


    • I have found that almost any time I mention Israel, especially its hypocrisy about race and/or its supremacist inhabitants, I get mauled by Jews galore. Something tells me that they aren’t necessarily politically correct, because as I have experienced in the last couple of days at another blog I commented on for the first time, they came out of the woodwork trying desperately to counter my points.

      When this happens, I simply ask why they like to suck baby goobers and add this pic:

      It almost always puts them on the defensive, even though a bit childish. And besides, its fun watching them squirm.


  6. I forgot to add in the part about “let’s just for the sake of argument assume that thousands of people DID see a smokescreen covering the WTC towers live from actual vantage points and different images such as the Towers with only the top floors where the planes “hit” burning and/or later top-down pulverizations.” Well, what are they going to think? Hmmm, how come what’s on TV is different than what I can “see” from this roof out here? And what is their possible answer is likely to be? The watchdog media watching out for us is probably somewhere in there BEHIND the friggin’ smoke getting these “amazing” images which I can’t see. They will most likely trust the authority of the media rather than their own eyes. BUT, even if a thousand people all got together and formed a group saying “We all saw a smokescreen only on 9-11, while ALL the channels of the media were showing us these top-down collapses and different images.” Who will give them any exposure? And for how long? They will be a fringe 9-11 truther group of a thousand people who will either never get on any mainstream media channels to air their doubts of the official fable OR they might get on for 5 minutes like Morgan Reynolds and Jim Fetzer did, saying the Planes were fake and get ridiculed and never let on again, in the process, maintaining the illusion that the media is balanced and fair, since, hey, they even let these “No Planers” on. lol

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” — Arthur Conan Doyle

    Read it again. That’s all there is to it.

    Who has eliminated the impossible and who has not? What is the impossible with regard to 9-11?

    1) Planes flying at 500-plus MPH at that altitude = impossible
    2) Aluminum planes cutting through 500,000 ton buildings like a hot knife through butter = impossible
    3) The nose of an alluminum plane going through a 500,000 ton building and coming out the other end intact = impossible
    4) Jumbo jets with 1.5 million to 3 million-plus individually numbered parts running into 500,000 ton steel and concrete buildings without ANY parts falling off – lol – = impossible
    5) 4 Jumbo jets with over 9 million combined individually numbered parts supposedly crashing at 4 different sites without ANY parts being found to be matched to the plane they came from, as is routine in all crash investigations – lol – = impossible

    Col. George Nelson, MBA, U.S. Air Force (ret) – Former U.S. Air Force aircraft accident investigator and airplane parts authority. Graduate, U.S. Air Force War College. 34-year Air Force career. Licensed commercial pilot. Licensed airframe and powerplant mechanic:

    “In all my years of direct and indirect participation, I never witnessed nor even heard of an aircraft loss, where the wreckage was accessible, that prevented investigators from finding enough hard evidence to positively identify the make, model, and specific registration number of the aircraft — and in most cases the precise cause of the accident. …

    The government alleges that four wide-body airliners crashed on the morning of September 11 2001, resulting in the deaths of more than 3,000 human beings, yet NOT ONE PIECE of hard aircraft evidence has been produced in an attempt to positively identify any of the four aircraft. On the contrary, it seems only that all potential evidence was deliberately kept hidden from public view. …”


    “Between the four airplanes which allegedly crashed on 911 there should be
    approximately 9 million parts. 3 million parts each for the 767 and 1.5
    million parts for the 757. In addition to the parts there should be 60 miles
    of wiring for each 757 or 120 miles for both. There is 90 miles of wiring
    on each 767 which makes 180 miles for both 767’s. Wiring is stamped every 12
    inches or so with data which includes where it is going, where it is coming
    from and its maximum load capacity. The reason for this is that wiring is
    braided into bundles of up to one hundred wires and when you are tracing
    down a problem you have to know quickly which wire you are looking for and
    identify it.”


    Do I even need to go on? Even one of these “impossibilities” is enough to completely discredit this gigantic pile of easily-debunked BS that is the plane-huggers’ version of the 9-11 narratives both mainstream and alternative. It spells the end of their weaponized narratives!

    “You will find that a lot of people who get into all this ‘alternative information’ recognize, when they come out of that process, that it was the paranoia induced by this information that made them disconnect from the fear-based ‘matrix’ reality of others and lose relationships and friends without realizing they were caught in a similar fear-based ‘matrix’ of their own.

    People who are given a constant dose of fear propaganda get addicted to that physiological response. This makes them pursue anything that can provide them with that high. That high is based upon the emotion of fear. In pursuit of this high, they will systematically look for all the latest conspiracies to put them in a state of fear and as soon as that state of fear wears off, look for more conspiracies to restore it. When a person gets stuck in this vicious cycle, they are no longer fulfulling the need to find truth but fulfilling the need to be fearful. And whenever we’re fearful, we externalize power and then we’re in a state of control.

    These people may think that they’re liberated, may think that they’re ‘awakened,’ as they go around and yell at other people and call them sheeple, but they don’t realize that they too are being manipulated by their need for fear propaganda.

    The ‘need for fear’ can work in part like the old joke: ‘Why do you keep hitting your head against the wall? Because it feels so good when I stop.’ This is because we can be conditioned in a particular way where we are encouraged to confuse fear-seeking with truth.

    When you equate seeking truth with heroism and truth and fear are confused, then the more fear you bombard yourself with and assume you can handle, the more self-esteem you have as a ‘heroic truth-seeker’ but this self-esteem is paradoxically disabled from any real productive and rational processes of thinking and action by the same high levels of fear that produced it.” — Lenon Honor

    As far as the non-plane fakery goes, the KING-KONG posts of Shack’s are about as definitive and easy to understand as it gets:


    Have you ever seen a 13 foot tall man? Can you debunk those posts? Can you prove in any way that Shack has deliberately misprespresented or falsified the images or used images NOT shown to us by the media? No, you can’t.

    Same thing with the VicSims. Is it possible for 2970 people to die and for there to be only 249 death certificates and only 446 SSDI’s due to some gross negligence, massive adminstrative error or some vague need to “protect” the families?

    “I did an exhaustive check of the list of victims provided on the CNN website. What I found is that out of 2,970 people listed, only 446 appear in the Social Security death index. Of those only 249 have a confirmed death certificate on file. Of those, not a single one has a valid “last address of record” on file.”~ Ersun Warncke, Salem News – Independent confirmation of the ‘Vicsims Report’ – 9/11 Reflections Part 2: Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues


    Yes, it is possible. But considering how many times we just proved we were completely lied to in just the few paragraphs above, both in regards to the planes and the “jumpers” and building imagery, why would you put ANY credence whatsoever in information coming from the same corrupt source of literal enemy propaganda? In fact, why would you even have to listen to any further testimony at all from a proven source of fraudulent and falsified information in any proper court of law? You wouldn’t! You would never be required to pick apart the lies from the truths from the testimony of a proven liar.



    So, why is that no one even knows where ANY of the so-called 9-11 victims even lived since NOT A SINGLE ONE has a valid last address of record on file. Are these ‘do-gooding’ government people so desperate to protect all these poor ‘grieving families’ of the ‘victims’ that NOT EVEN A SINGLE VALID ADDRESS exists for any of them? Or is it because THEY NEVER EXISTED AS REAL PEOPLE BUT ONLY AS SIMULATED IDENTITIES ON A COMPUTER?

    KING KONG MAN Part II – the 21 foot jumper! – Simon Shack


    “This is the media capital of the world, that’s what they call New York. Now, we know, at least according to what we were shown on TV, that the Twin Towers burned for almost an hour to over an hour before collapsing, and they have NO VIDEO IN NEW YORK CITY of people running out of the towers! That would be the most dramatic shot of all-time. Anybody that got that video would have won Pulitzer prizes or whatever the hell it is that they give the reporters. They tell us 50,000 people work in there. If 3000 people died, there should be 47,000 people on those streets! Forty-Seven-Thousand! There is no video of this. Are we supposed to believe the media wasn’t there to capture that when they’ve already told us all morning that the media is there covering the events ‘live’? Not only that but the helicopters that were supposedly in the sky, they didn’t get no shots of this massive number of people running out of the supposedly filled Towers out onto the street either? On top of that, you’re trying to tell me that 52 people filmed an unexpected, of-course plane doing 500 miles an hour in a crowded skyline but nobody, not one of them and nobody else, got a video of the thousands of people leaving the building that it hit FOR A WHOLE HOUR? How can anybody believe that?” ~ Brian S. Staveley

    When I posted the above Staveley quote on David Icke Forums, a troll showed up and thought he could call me out on “the media never reported 50,000 showed up” and I wouldn’t have a response:

    [quote] Troll whose name I can’t remember and DIF is down for maintenance now, said: “I am taking you to task for this as well… completely ignorant statement. it was NEVER reported there were 50,000 people there that day, or anything even close. As a matter of fact they were reporting how fortunate and yet odd it was that there were so few in there that day. For someone acting as though he speaks with authority, you are grossly underinformed and working entirely with nothing but speculation which divides us.” [/quote]

    My (Synergetic67’s) response:


    Who gives a rat’s ass that THEY were reporting that SO FEW PEOPLE went in that day?

    What did your media darlings mean by SO FEW PEOPLE? 45,000? 35,000? 25,000? 10,000?

    Brian is making a comment that would apply to any number of people over 10,000 and still be valid.

    The bottom line is the two main WTC buildings were claimed to have 50,000 people in them and if THEY (your lovely darlings in the media whose every word and ESPECIALLY IMAGE TRANSMISSION you worship like gospel) claimed even 49,000 people showed up THAT’S 1000 people whose advance knowledge they would have to explain. If they claimed only 10,000 showed up then HOW DO THEY ACCOUNT FOR THE REST NOT SHOWING UP? But YOU’RE the one who believes everything your media tells you except the “whodunnit,” not me. I don’t believe a single thing they say. Brian’s quote is BASED ON THEIR OFFICIAL CLAIMS:


    110 stories in each tower
    1368 feet high—the North Tower
    1362 feet high—the South Tower
    10,000,000 square feet of rentable space in the Twin Towers
    1 acre of rentable space on each floor of the Twin Towers
    50,000 people worked in the Twin Towers


    So even if THEY (your media darlings whose every word and image transmission you worship) reported that it was so “lucky” that so “few” people showed up. What did they mean by few?

    49,000 showed up and 1000 douchebags stayed home?




    20,000 – 3000 = 17,000

    Where are the videos of the 17,000 PEOPLE RUNNING OUT of those pathetic 100 story phallic symbols FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR? And who told 30,000 people to stay home?


    10,000 minus 3000 = 7000

    And where are the videos of the ridiculous SWARM of 7000 people who should have been running out of those pathetic phallic symbols FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR?

    And who told a ridiculous 40,000 people to stay home?

    How brainwashed does a person have to be to believe that nonsense?

    FACE IT: they did what was easiest to do and most effective. They simply made a ‘documentary style’ movie with a bunch of actors and simulated entities on a computer and you were naive enough to believe it. Just admit that fact and you’ll be better off. You were led by gatekeepers like Dylan Avery and Richard Gage to jump the gun and LOOK FOR CLUES INSIDE A TRAUMA-INDUCING SPECIAL EFFECTS MOVIE (done very weakly by the way, not that anybody except a handful of people noticed).

    Image authentication is what they all forgot to do DELIBERATELY and BY DESIGN to lead the rest of you to overlook this MOST CRUCIAL STEP OF ALL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS INVOLVING IMAGERY and TO LOOK FOR CLUES INSIDE A MOVIE.

    The smoking gun is NOT INSIDE THE 9-11 MOVIE anymore than it would be in a Bruce Willis movie that has a Matt Lauer, Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer broadcast added for realism; the smoking gun is THE MOVIE ITSELF, the falsification of the entire event from scratch except for the demolition of the buildings (9 in all, not 3, by the way). When it is discovered that they faked the imagery, EVEN ONE INSTANCE of proven fakery is enough to throw out the entire testimony of the mainstream media networks and their outside collaborators Steven Rosenbaum, Charles Hirsch, Rick Leventhal, Kenneth Feinberg, Alvin Hallerstein, Larry Silverstein, Howard Lutnick, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Rick Siegel, Diane Sawyer, etc. and to try them all for treason. Whatever laws they might have passed to protect the media’s lying to the public would, of course, be considered invalid and flushed down the toilet where they belong.

    And by the way, if you don’t know who STEVEN ROSENBAUM OF CAMERA PLANET is, you have absolutely no right to call yourself a 9-11 researcher.

    So put all that in your nano-thermite pipe and smoke it.

    And keep on pretending that it actually matters if thermate, thermite, nano-thermite or dynamite brought those pathetic asbestos-infested TOTALLY EMPTY OF PEOPLE phallic symbols down behind a simple military grade smokescreen while the pre-manufactured movie was airing on all channels of the controlled and FULLY COMPLICIT TV networks.

    September Clues Addendum – Simon Shack ( most of Shack’s post-September-Clues 9-11-related videos collected in one place; a must watch!):

    “Just think about this when someone says ‘regardless of how many vicsims are discovered to have been manufactured, it’s absurd to say that no one died on 9-11.’ Let’s just assume 500 people were killed on 9-11 and they faked the rest of the victims to make 3000. Wouldn’t it be a very real possiblity that the families and friends of these 500 would then all gather in a club and wonder: ‘Where the hell are the friends and families of the other 2500 people’?” — Simon Shack

    falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

    False in one particular, false in everything

    Notice, it’s falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, and NOT

    verum in uno, verum in omnibus

    true in one particular, true in everything

    the backwards method of many conspiracy hobbyists, LOVED by all con-artists and liars and completely inadmissible in any proper court.

    Case closed, even just with the images that can’t get the sunlight and shade right on the North face of WTC2 during these so-called “attacks.” lol

    “TOUR GUIDE” to the September Clues research

    by Simon Shack



    Let us take just one example of how current technologies could be used for strategic-level information warfare. If, say, the capabilities of already well-known Hollywood technologies to simulate reality were added to our arsenal, a genuinely revolutionary new form of warfare would become possible. Today, the techniques of combining live actors with computer-generated video graphics can easily create a “virtual” news conference, summit meeting, or perhaps even a battle that would exist in “effect” though not in physical fact. Stored video images can be recombined or “morphed” endlessly to produce any effect chosen. This moves well beyond traditional military deception, and now, perhaps, “pictures” will be worth a thousand tanks. […]

    Excerpt from Professor George J. Stein’s 1995 essay “Information Warfare”



    Also, to prevent misquotes and things they never wrote or said being spread, here are Simon Shack and Hoi Polloi’s actual opinions on the Jew-factor:


    “It just appears evident to me that the “Nutwork” (aka the “elite”) responsible for all the ugly going-ons in this world is an eclectic lot. Of course “elite” Jews/Zionists are involved (seemingly in a major way), of course “elite” Brits and “elite” Yankees are involved. Of course “elite” Italians, Frenchmen, Irishmen, Dutch, Swedes, Norwegians, Estonians, Sicilians, Vaticanians, Swiss, Luxemburgians, Maltese, Spaniards, Germans, Turks, Russians, Serbs, Saudis, Egyptians, Nigerians, South Africans, Burmese, Japanese, Chinese (etc – you name it – don’t blame me for skipping some ) are involved.

    IMHO, we (the normal, average folks) are just wasting our time pointing our fingers at any single, particular ethnicity of this global elite plague.

    Having said the above, I’m certainly not oblivious of the prominence/hegemony of the jew-factor in world politics/media & propaganda. As you may know, I’m half Norwegian (from a father with centuries of Norwegian ancestors) & half Swedish(from a mother with centuries of Swedish ancestors). A total Scandinavian entity, if you will – and to be sure, with zero jewish origins. See, a funny thought occured to me a few years back – as I realized that Norway and Sweden add up to a total of about 13 million of this planet’s inhabitants. Apparently, the Jewish people also add up to a total of 13 million of this planet’s inhabitants.

    Now, what if 90% of the American (and European) News Media Corporations were owned / controlled by Norwegians and Swedes?

    Wouldn’t that make the rest of this planet’s inhabitants raise an eyebrow?”


    That’s basically his diplomatic way of saying: look I know who’s at the top pulling the levers for the rest but I have to be accurate, scientific & thoroughly researched about it, so I won’t get thrown in with the rest of the loudmouths in the Jewther movement (those who do nothing but scream about Jews all day and night).

    Hoi Polloi, Shack’s second-in-command, a somewhat contradictory character who’s a comic-book-artist/communitarian activist in real life and was involved with some bizarre shenanigans on the forum with some members he accused of being ‘sims’ whom he banned without proof and refused to reinstate when proof and even offers to meet in person were offered, went even further recently.

    At around the 2 hour 18 minute mark of the following audio hoi polloi aka Max Konrardy of September Clues Forum tells Abirato that it can easily be proven that it’s Jews behind most institutions running PsyOps including not just the mass-media but “army intelligence” & not only that but it’s also Jews behind most of the violence on the planet & it’s just a fact that people should face & deal with even if it’s also certainly not the only issue:

    [audio src="http://fakeologist.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/ep96-columjaddica-and-hoi.mp3" /]

    So, there you go, what more do you need to know to see that at the very least, Shack and Hoi are on-the-level? Holohoax threads on Clues Forum? They have them too. I even went in there and defended the National Socialist Germans from undue slander. I only got banned when I returned the compliment of some more “senior” member who called me a “Notsee Cunt,” with my own celebration of his achievements as a cry-baby snitch. lol Also because I posted some very uncomfortable statistics from a black site no-less, about how the KKK lynched a smaller number of blacks in all the years of its existence than blacks kill other blacks every six months. Being very liberal-minded and egalitarianism-duped, they didn’t like that very much.

    “See, the ‘Big Lie’ professionals in the business of deceiving this entire world’s population on a daily basis probably know better – when it comes to fooling BOTH the experts and the average Joe Public. The BIG LIE has to seem too bloody stupid in the eyes of the experts – and too bloody smart in the eyes of Joe Public. There is no quest either for the lowest or the highest common denominator in these psy-op schemes – or much less to target any specific IQ group (if you may pardon this unsavory way to put it). The aim is to strike the human consciousness somewhere ‘in the middle’ – so as to befuddle EVERYONE – and of course – to make EVERYBODY endlessly quarrel with each other.” — Simon Shack, December 11, 2013 at 3:52 PM


    • This gives me a great deal to digest. I have seen the film, but never got into the nuts and bolts about it all.

      I also don’t really know the players, having only dabbled in the info and have heard just a few interviews with Shack, et al.



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