How To Stand Up For Your Rights- Make Money- And Be An Inspiration Too

Cops get owned! Arrest Leads to Legal Financial Settlement from town in rural New England

Dash cam video of a police interaction that I had from October 0f 2013. I did get arrested (for protecting the rights these idiots took an oath to uphold). The whole ordeal was about two hours, BUT, I was awarded damages and at my request, the town’s entire police department had to undergo special training on “Terry Stops” (proper search and seizure essentially). This is not to mention that I got to school these rogue “police officers”.
Also, just to mention, this was settled without going to any courts and without the town or police department/employees admitting any guilt… of course!!!
The volume begins at about the one minute mark and is garbled for the first few seconds. It’s activated when the public servant employs the (false)emergency lights. If by chance you see or hear anything in the video that sounds like editing, it was not done by me. I posted this in it’s entirety, as it was given to me. That would be aside from any typed narration of course.

Now I must say that I am not 100% convinced that this is real, but even not, it is an outstanding example of how to assert your rights as a citizen.

h/t Activist Post

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6 thoughts on “How To Stand Up For Your Rights- Make Money- And Be An Inspiration Too

  1. This comment from the Utube page says it all:

    “I have no qualms about ignoring criminals, wasting taxpayer dollars and violating the rights of law abiding citizens. I am also not knowledgeable about the law.”

    Welcome to your new career in law enforcement! Here’s a badge and a gun!

    If there is a ‘Brass Balls Award,’ this dude gets one! One suggestion I’d make is to not get out of the view of the video camera, because when you do, it’s your word against the cop(s) and when that happens, 99.9% of the time, the court will take the cop’s word.


  2. Sorry, I have to respectfully disagree on this one. If there was a recent robbery, it is the job of the cop to investigate anyone who is suspicious in the area. I didn’t see the cop be unprofessional or disrespectful this man in anyway at all, but the guy was acting completely childish from the beginning. Why can’t he just be pleasant and answer a few questions and let the cop do his job?

    I see this spoiled, entitled attitude from so many in this society, especially when dealing with the cops. Sure there are bad cops and police brutality, but the percentage of cases is very low in this country compared to much of the world. I think a lot of arrogant North Americans would benefit greatly to spend some years somewhere like Latin America so they can get a taste of real corruption. They would then be running back to be “abused” by our police over here.

    Using cases like this to demonstrate how to deal with police doesn’t do anything positive for anyone. And to think that this guy was compensated for acting like an ass demonstrates, once again, as to how far we have devolved into infantilism.


    • Why was the cop suspicious? Seeing a man with groceries is suspicious? I bet Mike has walked that gravel road hundreds of times and the cop (obviously from somewhere else) has no right to infringe on him for any reason. The lawsuit outcome seemingly agrees.

      I did not see or hear the man (Mike) be rude at any time. He never acted “like an ass”. He asserted his rights. Not everyone is forced to do so and many seem to just give them away freely.

      Nor do I see his assertion of rights as a “spoiled, entitled attitude” and frankly think that is a ludicrous statement. Just about as ludicrous as suggesting people go to an even more corrupt place and come back to embrace abuse (which this cop did not inflict) so they can learn to give even more of their rights away. Our rights are already being stripped, yet somehow we should just give more away willingly?

      Sorry. That don’t fly.

      You see, the cop was not enforcing the law and was apparently ignorant to what he pledged an oath to. That is why Mike is impressive. He knew the law and his rights.

      I applaud him for not throwing them away.


      • who’s in charge here…?


        in my case,
        scheduled for next week…{ & a “jury” trial }
        I wasn’t “arrested” per se,
        but was detained for 1/2 an hour
        while the investigation into my possible links to
        all the nonsense taught to so-called “cops” who are
        so gullible and know little or nothing about “rights”

        or “Law”….

        in my case the so-called cop, admitted to being way familiar
        with the military assault on the Davidians, indicating that he
        might have been in on the initial assault….

        really it is a case by case basis, asking questions is the answer
        and being recorded helps to establish which party is
        …. acting in Good Faith

        Men must have the testicular fortitude to stand up
        and confront the “Rabid Dog”….of “Jewishness”…


        for the children


  3. It seems to me that the cop was one of the nicer guys or this man would have been tazered ~ rural New England is a long way from downtown LA in more ways than one.

    I am a huge supporter of cop cams like this one. Even better are the ones attached to their heads in some fashion ~ those really keep the boys in line by holding them responsible. Depending on who might get the idea of editing, of course.

    The cop was doing his job in as pleasant a fashion as possible (in his own mind) but he was just an obnoxious bluebottle fly banging against the window pane on a hot summer afternoon. You want to swat him but you are too melted by the heat and humidity…..

    However, eventually a swatter came along on a country road carrying a bag of groceries….


  4. Annette D’Matina calls in on the radio shows on short wave to talk about
    the ISSUE, in good faith, many times over the years and is almost always
    dumped by the “host” for talking about the politically incorrect “ISSUE”
    because it is not “good” for so-called “business” on GCN or the “Power Hour”


    sorry about the “off topic” comment here but this most excellent
    [BMan] site has readers who do “get it” and can appreciate the complete
    and utter hypocrisy the so-called PATRIOT radio talk show hosts who don’t
    want to discuss the


    because they just don’t want to be “Politically” incorrect and
    “offend” some of their “JEW” worshipping listeners…

    YEAHWAY !!

    my hope is to help others to understand why the IDENTITY THIEVES
    in Palestine cannot be “Israel”, and why the JEWNITED STATES
    so-called “GOVERNMENT” is a crime syndicate working for
    the Jesus hating “Money Changers” who hire the “cops”
    or the POLICE {Policy Enforcers} to harass those who don’t
    OBEY the pretend “AUTHORITIES”…



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