Captain America Statistics Song

Fellow Heroes:

Know your place in the world.

h/t Vulture of Critique

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11 thoughts on “Captain America Statistics Song

  1. High Quality info . . .BMan.

    remember the Boston Bombing Cartoon…a couple of years ago,
    when all those “Comments” appeared on your Great Site…?

    now ….

    “They” will be ‘Awarding Purple Hearts’ for a Cartoon Episode
    that happened at Ft. Hood,
    Never Mind the Mass Murder of the
    Davidians just down the road…{from the Alamo}

    I’m still in the condition of Awe from DC DAVE’S last effort to
    expose the professional LIARS called “Court Historians”…

    I was “convicted” the other day of the “Crime” of
    but curiously, “They” were not interested in Mass Murder,
    an Invasion, or BAD FAITH behavior by “Public Servants”,
    like the so-called “Governor of TEXAS”, who will be A Ft. Hood
    awarding PURPLE HEARTS for STUPIDITY….today.

    Go Figure


  2. do you get the feeling that an …..EMOTIONAL APPEAL….


    ++++++++++ TRAUMA **** TRAUMA **** ++++++++

    is going on….Right Now ??

    McNairy County….

    Walking Tall

    Laser Beams & Truth Ovens…

    Let’s Ride


    • I said hello to the last two shots of a 10 year old bottle of rum last night while listening to NTS and WW on the Turbulent Times radio program.

      I make my liquor last.


      The song is great. I love those dueling saxes.


  3. Hey Bman! I found your blog just recently but is really good.

    About Captain America, this character was created by two jews in the 1940s to start a anti-German hysteria in the USA, not really a surprise the comic book industry is wall to wall jewish owned, the goyim who work fo Marvel and DC know that they’re working for jews/shitsrael.


    • Welcome aboard!

      I had learned about the Jew made Captain America. I meant this post really more tongue in cheek, not trying to highlight Jewish work (even though I am not so sure this particular video is made by Jews, but wouldn’t be surprised).

      There aren’t many things that I agree with concerning most Jews, But every now and again, our paths may cross on certain subjects (as you know, though, Jews try to take every possible angle in a debate and make it theirs).

      A good example is cannabis legalization. Several Jews agree with me. And I think it is because Jews know the medical efficacy and want it for Jews (they don’t give a damn about me). So, in cases like that, I don’t pony up to the, but I do acknowledge our mutual goal.


      • II KINGS 17 . . .

        that’s where the bread crumb trail…..starts

        for me it was 2’nd grade @ Holy Cross Lutheran on Hi-way 51 south
        just down the street from Graceland in 1966

        there was a boy who used to bring “comic” books to school, and
        since I was the CHAMPION in the stay in for recess dept., well
        let’s just say all the SRA colored “reading” material that I had already
        read numerous times sometimes to a back seat to those comic books
        that were not that appealing to me but hey…

        little boys don’t belong cooped up in a classroom learning to repeat
        “JEW” poo, verbatim….ad nauseum


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