Paul Fromm: Canada’s Hate Speech Laws and Who Is Behind the Sham

“The real dangers to freedom of speech are the laws and institutions in most western countries, Canada included.”

‘Fighting for free speech in a Soft Tyranny: Privileged minorities rule in Canadukistan’
“I have two issues; immigration and free speech: too much immigration and not enough free speech,” Thus Paul Fromm, author and English teacher, neatly sums up his stance. Mr. Fromm heads the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee and the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Canada’s leading defender of free speech. He has battled Canada’s Internet censors and supported political prisoners Ernst Zundel and David Irving. He has been the object of arson attacks and death threats from the notorious ARA, (Anti-Racist Action), who in August staged a protest outside a house he hasn’t lived in for 9 years! As part of state pay-back for his free speech work, he has been routinely hassled by the Canadian Customs, and has had books, including his copy of Irish Fairy Tales, seized as possible “hate propaganda.”. After years of pressure from Jewish lobby groups who hated his support for victims of censorship and his opposition to the Third World invasion of Canada, he was recently fired from his teaching position. In 2014, Mr. Fromm ran for mayor of the city of Mississauga, population 720,000, on a campaign of opposition to immigration, the undisputed cause of traffic gridlock, the number one issue for voters in the city. and

This is an important video where Paul Fromm explains the legal situation facing the western countries, especially Canada, and specifically our cohort, Arthur Topham. What are these “hate crimes” and who is behind them?

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