Fast Tracking Free Trade Agreements


We have a dismal, lying failure for a president (yeah, what else is new?). So, why in the world would the US citizenry want this intellectually deprived person negotiating free trade agreements in lieu of Congressional debate?

Why would we even consider free trade agreements at all, after what NAFTA and other agreements have done to our economy and way of life? 57,000 manufacturing facilities have left the US, taking their millions of jobs with them, yet we want more? Really?

Why would we allow these things to be discussed and planned in secret?

Thank this bastard and his predecessor

Thank this bastard and his predecessor

Under the US constitution, Congress has the right to engage in trade agreements prior to this, and to set negotiating parameters. For example, Congress might insist on parameters to protect the environment or public health.

But under Fast Track, Congress more or less relinquishes this right (and responsibility), letting the President negotiate at will instead. And, once the agreements are completed, you can no longer make any amendments. Congress simply votes for the agreement or against it, in its entirety.

They are going to ram even more, job depleting, right’s erasing agreements down our throats. Don’t think for a second this will benefit Americans in any way whatsoever. It benefits the large multinational corporations.

Right now there are two huge trade agreements being negotiated, both of which will have a major impact on the US economy and other aspects of public and environmental health:

  1. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which involves the United States and 11 other countries around the Pacific Rim. Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam are some of the bigger countries involved
  2. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which is an agreement between the US and Europe

There’s a lot at stake here, as these two trade agreements are negotiating rules around medicines, local food programs, food safety programs, and even labor rights. According to Lilliston, there’s simply too much at stake to allow the President to negotiate these agreements on his own, and not be able to amend the agreements once completed.


SHAFTAI know many of you can’t help but believe the lying liars when they utter their nonsense on TV, but just think back to the jobs lost due to the NAFTA giant suck (and the other “SHAFTA’s“) and think to yourself about how much that actually helped you. The fact is that all of this is purposeful, with an intent to change America into some third world-like country with lower wages (we will accept the lower wages when we are all starving and then the jobs will come back, slowly).

In the above link I wrote:

And what does this mean for me (or you)? It means that I, a guy who has “pulled his boot straps” up COUNTLESS times and thought he found the answer by going back to college at 26, working hard (making the President’s List… 4.0… almost every semester, the Dean’s List… 3.9 the only other semester) to obtain THREE degrees, one specifically sought due to its expected long-term, high technology field (robotics and automated manufacturing technology), worked for decades to build my engineering and sales skills, become successful, own the big home and fine cars and do anything and everything I so desired…

… just to have it all sucked away for some world order scheme.

It means that others who did less or accomplished less have even LESS of a chance to do more than “get by”. It means that me and my family are being forced into poverty and those who have/had less are going to hurt even worse.

What I am saying is that it doesn’t matter how much you plan, how hard you work, if you are in or out of debt, if you go to college or not… what matters is “are you Big Money”? Are you one that will sell your soul for gain, knowing that you will profit while others will suffer?

This is nothing new and something I have ranted about for years. I wish I could reach more people and have influence.

Please read Dr Mercola’s article quoted above.

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One thought on “Fast Tracking Free Trade Agreements

  1. It’s all an illusion….

    although while you’re fighting the uphill battle from the cesspool
    they try to keep people in,

    {you have to have a license & “volunteer”}

    you suddenly “realize” that the whole thing is an exercise in futility

    curiously, the word “government” for Americans is not actually
    defined as a global “JEWISH” crime syndicate….

    except on Talmud Vision….

    of course “Americans”,
    especially “Men” should like you know…

    “GROW A PAIR”….and stop acting like pussies

    AKA….”Jew” worshipping…24/7….365

    oh yeah…

    the Davidians were murdered {28 Feb 1993}
    by Real Terrorists {19 April 1993}
    employed by the so-called UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT –
    a wholly owned subsidiary of
    Global Control Inc.

    A “Jewish” Crime Syndicate…


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