The Jew In The Woodpile


I learned long ago that trusting the government (or media) to tell me the truth was folly and dangerous. I cannot think of a subject, except maybe some natural disaster (or the inane celebrity BS), in which they give us the truth.

jews-did-911One issue that I harp on is WWII and Germany at that time (the Japanese, as well). They were the “bad guys” according to government/media. But if these assholes lie about everything else, why should I believe that storyline? So, I spent hundreds of hours studying alternative sites to find out what the truth is/was. Until I was 51, I “believed”. But since researching, I now see the truth and who the real “bad guys” are (and were then).

It is true for each and every subject of importance.

If the government or media tells me something, I don’t just look for shades of truth, I basically see it as opposite and then try to find how they are using some bits of truth to bullshit me into something that is detrimental to me, my family, my country, and the world.

Or even the opposite. If the government/media doesn’t tell me something that is obvious upon inspection (like how they cover up the race issue of blacks attacking whites, compared to how easily they highlight the few occurrences of the whites on blacks), I see the agenda.

KelsoDisclaimerIt boils down to this: I don’t trust a Jew (who runs both government and media). I once did trust them and allowed a Jew to post here regularly… UNTIL I started seeing how I was being used.He even made a special statement for me to share here before my awakening and asked me to post it on the side panel (he subsequently said that he reneged and doesn’t want me to share it any longer).

No, I don’t “hate Jews” but they obviously have agendas that are detrimental to anyone but them (and the few “decent jews” I try to identify… and it ain’t many). And even the ones who don’t think they are part of that agenda, in reality, cannot help their tribal affiliation and knee jerk reaction to someone who gains the knowledge I have over the past few years.

Now, I must say, that I understand what they are doing (and it does piss me off), But who is more culpable?

Answer: All of us ass-kissing sycophants who carry the Jew’s poisoned-well water.


We fell for the Holohoax myth and these bastards have used it against us to further their goals of domination and murder that their beloved Talmud teaches them. Hell, just name the subject and if a Jew is in the woodpile you will quickly see that there is an ulterior motive ingrained from Talmudism that is found. It is a brainwashing so deep and thorough that most simply cannot help themselves, no matter what information is given, nor what is historically accurate.

And the stupid goyim gobble it up.

Over the millennia, white people have always been the ones to recognize the game and have stopped it. Over and over and over. (All the anti-semites, you know.) But now, it seems that we have lost our insight and intellectual proclivity… and through the Jews’ murderous plans (like vaccines, gmos, chem trails, poisonous meds, erasure of the white race, etc, etc, etc), we have become their slaves.

Is it too late?


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8 thoughts on “The Jew In The Woodpile

  1. People don’t care what you know, or even what THEY themselves might know, they only care about how this information makes them feel. If it makes them feel bad, they’ll ignore it, suppress or repress it and pretend not to have heard about it or know it. So, if you want anyone to actually care about the inner-formation you offer them and adopt it, you have to present it in a way that will make them feel better. This is called propaganda. The study of the tools and methods available for presenting things in ways that will communicate your message to people’s ‘good sides.’ The main way of doing this is through people’s emotions and not reason. If something is scaring them, they want safety or if they’re neurotic, they want more fear so that they can justify to themselves why they’re failures. The “world” is screwed up, that’s why they’re screwed-up, etc. If everyone just automatically saw the most reasonable answer to each problem and used it, there would be no need for propaganda. Propaganda is not just for bad but can also be used for good, as long as you don’t let the process of propagandizing itself corrupt your message through exaggeration and lie. As we all know many ‘bad’ things might also make you feel better temporarily and these can be propagandized as ‘good.’ Eating sugar and junk food or shooting up heroin might make you feel better temporarily, but in the long run, these “pleasures” will destroy even your ability to experience any pleasure at all.

    So, knowing who “did” 9-11, even if it can be proven or be shown to be the closest possible likelihood, means nothing to most people, since they would feel even worse knowing it. After all, what are they going to do about it? Can they get the elite-Jews who do these PsyOps out of power? Nope. Can they treat average Jews or people born to Jew genetics but not even religious, whenever they can identify them, badly? Yes. And what happens when they do? They get called anti-semites and there’s political agitation by the higher-up Jews to pass even more laws preventing discrimination due to someone’s race, ethnicity or religious beliefs. As Anton Levi or “LaVey” (lol) said “everything is a softening up process for something else.”

    “Now, somewhere out there exist pretty sharp cookies who know about man’s need for eustress, and are more than willing to supply it. Aside from being rather profitable, it masks, through the gifted art of misdirection, what’s really happening. Everything is a softening-up process for something else. You have been set up. You are being set up. Someone, somewhere, who is on the take is not missing a trick in the book. You have been conditioned to look in the wrong direction at the wrong things, find great fun in that which you should soberly evaluate, and take very seriously that which should be ridiculed and laughed out of sight and sound.” — from “THE THREAT OF PEACE” by Anton LaVey

    e-Utopia – Dystopia
    Eugenics – Dysgenics
    Eustress (needed stress or stress that’s good for you) – Distress (stress that harms)


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