It’s Adolf’s Birthday: Learn The Truth About Him

It is 4/20 and I normally make a joke about weed. Today it is important to note that it is Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Not because of any Hitler-worship, but because he is the most maligned character in the world. The problem, though, is that one must truly consider the source (which is a Jewish run government and media). Sadly, even much of the alternative media falls for these same lies, even as they warn us about government/media lies in virtually every other subject.

I entered political life with the burning desire to destroy German party life and replace it with a German people’s community.

National Socialism is no doctrine of laziness, but rather a doctrine of struggle, no doctrine of happiness or chance, rather a doctrine of work, a doctrine of struggle, and thus a doctrine of sacrifice. We behaved that way before the war. It has been no different this year, and it will stay the same in the future.

Even if we perish, Germany must live. Even if fate defeats us individually, Germany must live. And if we must accept privation and sorrow, Germany must exist in spite of privation and sorrow.

Nothing great in this world is given to people. Everything must be fought for bitterly. The rise of a people, too, does not simply happen; it too must be fought for.

But the problem should not be merely a logical consequence of this tendency.We should not ask what we should do tomorrow or the next day, rather the leadership of the movement must look decades into the future. Immortal, ethical, imperishable ideas should also shine as brightly for people in distant centuries.

If you believe that you must be free, then recognize that nothing will give you freedom but your own sword.

My entire life to my last breath has one goal: To make Germany free, healthy, and happy once more.

~ Adolf Hitler

I have shared this before, but if you have never seen The Greatest Story Never Told, I must (again) recommend it as one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

I know it seems long, but it is mesmerizing and extremely important, if you want to know truth. I could not stop watching it.

Since the video has been removed from YouTube multiple times, make a note of the website where you can see it ( or you can view it here.

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12 thoughts on “It’s Adolf’s Birthday: Learn The Truth About Him

  1. I’ll be honoring him tomorrow, Bman. Showed the world how to run a country for the country’s interest. Mike King has a very good looking new book on Hitler. First domino is 9/11. They go quickly after that. The Jew gatekeepers are pretty most exposed at this stage. Happy 20th!


  2. I started watching this but found parts of the narrative repetitive. Also a question that was NOT properly addressed was how Hitler’s rebuilding of the german economy was funded.
    The fact that American banks and corporations involved in the German recovery under Hitler brings even this documentaries narrative into question.
    However still worth exposing yourself to information then watch;
    JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick


    • Sorry you felt that way. To me, there wasn’t very much repetitive, especially after a couple of hours in to it.The NSDAP was very poor in the beginning, and obviously the entire nation was in dire straits. They got money wherever they could, but don’t be fooled by the narrative that Rothschilds, Jews, etc were the financiers of the regime (at least for long or for much money).

      I recommend reading Degrelle’s piece which explains it (this is a very good article):


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