Question Every Government/Media Narrative…

… and the Boston Bombing Hoax is no exception.

As I mentioned yesterday (and I harp over and over again), we are totally brainwashed by government/media lies. In virtually every aspect of important news, we are misdirected to serve an agenda which is not to our benefit, but to the benefit of our controllers.

Right after the Boston Bombing event (which as a drill turned false flag event), I put up a post which has garnered more views and comments than any other I have ever posted. In one day I received over 150,000 hits, with a total of way over 500,000. People are interested and many know there is something far more sinister than two Chechen boys who were framed patsies.

I had several more follow up posts (if interested, you can view them all, in order, linked at the bottom of this post) and I felt this thing was so obviously faked that I quit writing about it, but did feature a few more related posts by others.

Since today is the Boston Marathon, I wanted to revisit it, especially because there is so much more new information available. A very good post found at Truth and Shadows illuminates a great deal more than I did way back then and is well worth your time.

False flag theater: Boston bombing involves clearly staged carnage


Everyone ignores the man who just lost his legs.


By Sheila Casey (Special to Truth and Shadows)

The mainstream media story of the Boston Marathon bombing is of Chechen terrorists who unleashed weapons of mass destruction, killing four and wounding 264 in an unthinkable scene of “bodies flying into the street”, “so many people without legs” and “blood everywhere.”

A massive police response followed, with 9,000 federal, state, FBI and Department of Homeland Security troops conducting door-to-door searches to find and subdue the “armed and extremely dangerous” suspects. Cops unceremoniously ousted residents from their homes to set up impromptu battle stations, and one aimed a gun at a resident who was snapping his picture from a window.

For the vast majority of the American population, this is the truth and they feel no need to look further. Yet those who are willing to question the narrative we’ve been sold and take a hard look behind the curtain may be in for a surprise. Based on the video and photo record, it seems clear that the lead actor in this production—the most grievously wounded, as well as the man who fingered Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as the bomber—was faking his injuries, as were most of those allegedly hurt by the first bomb.  We were told his name is Jeff Bauman, but since that can’t be verified and his survival is unbelievable to the point of being miraculous, we’ll simply call him Miracle Man…

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5 thoughts on “Question Every Government/Media Narrative…

  1. Gotta keep instilling fear into Americans so we’ll remain cowed and afraid of those Muslim boogiemen, created by the Zionists and their Jew overlords.
    Israel and Wall Street are the biggest beneficiaries of these False Flags, which are rolled out on a damn near regular basis to keep us shatting in our pants.

    P.S. Love that Rabbi pic and caption about ‘keeping the tips!’


  2. it is difficult to imagine a more pressing issue confronting the American people
    and the World than the “ISSUE” you address in this clearly defined
    issue of worshipping the narrative of the so-called Authorities

    serving and worshipping the narrative of the mass murderers and
    professional LIARS who Print the Currency…OWN the Media
    and operate a crack house called Congress is the
    sure fire way to JEWTOPIA…

    Great Balls of Fire BMAN….

    went to Mt. Carmel for the Memorial Service yesterday and saw
    quite a few “JADE HELMET” personnel on the road
    not to mention quite a few BILLBOARDS for
    the JEWSA military…

    April should be OPEN SEASON on STUPID


  3. what no 3,000 comments….?

    here’s a “Jewish” narrative….

    {BTW the “FORWARD” has redesigned its website – Comments were
    apparently getting too specific}

    The reason for this transaction, which continues throughout the
    SATANIC/Jewish calendar year, is the religious mandate known as “shmita”….

    {There were never any Gog & Magog “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism in the Old Testament}

    As dictated in Exodus 23:10-11, {Where there are no so-called “Jews” in the first place}

    among other places,
    allegedly so-called Jews {Talmudic PROSELYTES}
    who farm within the …alleged …{See Also Isaiah & Jeremiah}
    “biblical borders of the Land of Israel” ….

    ….so the descendents of CAIN can’t farm…right ?

    must let their fields lie fallow every seventh year.
    Right now in the cult compound TALMUDIA,
    it’s 5775 on the Jewish/SATANIC/TALMUDIC ” religious calendar”,
    a shmita year…..but is it true…& “accurate”…?

    Most other Jews in TALMUDIA accept a workaround devised by
    TALMUDIC/Zionist cult leaders in the stool sculpture deity cult compound
    called rabbis from GOG & MAGOG in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
    that allegedly allows them to eat food grown on Jewish-owned farms.

    But to comply with Jewish/TALMUDIC/SATANIC so-called “LEGAL” law as they see it,
    ultra-Orthodox Jews, who make up about 10% of the stool sculpture deity cult compound
    so-called ” population” of GOG & MAGOG “JEWS”, are forgoing produce from Jewish farms
    in TALMUDIA and the occupied territories this year.–and-how-theyre-trying-to-win-it-back/2015/04/20/

    Instead, they look to their terrorized by Zionist terrorist “JEWS” the
    so-called Palestinian neighbors — who actually are Semitic…
    as well as to Turks, Jordanians and oxymorons called “Israeli-Arabs” —
    ….to fill their salad bowls.

    how about that Esau ?

    in the faux-narrative dept. ?


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