Dumb Ass Of The Day: Austin Hatfield

Read about it here (thanks, Dave).

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4 thoughts on “Dumb Ass Of The Day: Austin Hatfield

  1. speaking of snakes….

    Obama said Weinstein, who lived in Rockville, Maryland,
    had devoted his life to service as a member of the Peace Corps
    and more recently as a contractor for the
    U.S. Agency for International Development in a poverty-fighting program.



    the “Jewish” snake woman Dianne Feinstein, the top Jew Snake Democrat on the
    Senate Faux-Intelligence Committee, said the committee had been reviewing
    the operation that killed the hostages and now intended to do so in greater detail.


    CIA drone strikes in Pakistan have steeply declined from a peak of around 128 in 2010,
    according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which tracks each strike
    reported by the “JEWISH”…media.


    There have been seven drone strikes in Pakistan so far this year, the group said.

    The Pakistani government routinely protests the strikes as an
    “infringement of national sovereignty”, ….whatever that is…
    but many in Pakistan believe the country’s powerful military
    at least tacitly supports the strikes…..


    cue Warren Zevon…..

    for my next trick I’ll need a volunteer


  2. snakes….2 legged snakes…with NOOKLEAR WEAPONS…

    bombing Palestinians in CONCENTRATION CAMPS…while being real extra

    “Sensitive” to Sodomites {QUEERS} & NIGGERS….& “JEWS”….


    Sometimes the attitude is that if TALMUDIC TERRORIST …”Jewish law”
    is sensitive enough that we can change anything,” said Rabbi Shmuel Goldin,
    the former president of the SATANIC/TALMUDIC centrist
    “Orthodox Rabbinical Council of America”…..


    “After all, we’re in a world where we care about people –
    can’t we just care about people?


    What that does is it denies the value that is very important to the rabbinic world,
    which is that there’s inherent value to the {JEW WORSHIPPING} so-called system.”


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