Do You Like Plum Cake, Monster?

Ever wonder how an order for the  mass execution of 6,000,000™ takes place, when no paperwork can be found to corroborate the claim?

The lost (now found) Hitler order to murder 6,000,000 Jews (TM) found at the Katana site

The lost (now found) Hitler order to murder 6,000,000 Jews (TM) found at the Katana site

The Daily Fail (a highly reputable British newspaper, sometimes known as the Daily Mail) reports that this document was reportedly found by Moshie Goldberg, a diamond dealer, and ex-arms dealer now residing in Tel Aviv, in the back pocket of a dreaded, yet recently dead, SS officer, as Berlin fell in 1945. He swears on a stack of bibles on its authenticity.

Experts, from prestigious universities, after rigorous analysis believe this could be the the actual original document that sent at least six million Jews to their doom! The greatest crime ever committed in the history of mankind!

Questions as to why it was written in English were waved aside, by an expert historian, Sir Trevor Raper, as baloney and disgustingly anti-semitic.

The evil Nazis were well advanced in their plans to invade Britain and as part of their diabolical scheme to conquer the entire world. The entire hierarchy were busy learning English, being the nation that had already conquered the entire world. As such Hitler himself was learning English and setting an example by issuing all orders in English, inadvertently creating so much confusion, that it caused them to lose the war!

It [English] was one of our greatest secret weapons.

Read more on the absurdity of the “missing order” and plenty of other excellent information found at Katana’s site.

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