MNM Reviews “The Blues Brothers”

Ah, Mr. FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! and the rest of the gang….What a movie!!!!….I have the soundtrack and play it in my car….She caught the Katy and Sweet Home Chicago….It doesn’t get much better than that……”Minnie the Moocher”…..awwwwwwweeeee…..!!!!!!


………Then it happened…..

Now that I am awake I “notice” things as I am sure you do as well….


When the Nazi’s have their little part to play the little white actor playing the head Nazi dude says “Blacks, you are being used by the Jew for muscle….” or some other such line…..Then the subtleties started ringing in my head…..The movie makes white people look stupid..It makes black people look stupid….It makes country people look stupid…It makes police look stupid…It makes the Catholic Church look stupid……and scary…..


Then I remember….I know the blacks are being used….I know how they are treated in Israel….I know how basketball owners like Sterling and his ilk feel about black players they make Billions off of…I know about David Stern the commissioner of Basketball who made it possible for his little friend Sterling to make billions when a certain trade was pushed his way…..Blacks have moved from the auction block to the basketball floor…the football field….They are traded like slaves….Yes they are paid handsomely compared to you and I but compared to the owners….well……You can’t pay it if you don’t make it….That little fucker Sterling….More than happy to make money off his slave trade while telling his girlfriend, “You don’t want to be seen actually walking in with “them”…..The media paints him as just a white racist guy….The omit the fact that he is a Jew…..Kraft is the owner of the “deflate gate” New England Patriots…..Superbowl Champions……..Tom Brady for all his money is just a white slave……..

Back to the Blues Brothers…..Being awake makes me see what messages are hidden or not so hidden…. I get to watch a Ford Pinto and a pea green ugly as hell Ford Wagon full of Nazi’s chase the Blues Brothers throughout town in their Dodge…..cop car…..The Pinto….Hey a great little wagon but the butt of how many jokes….It flies off the end of a ramp and then you see it drop from oh lets say as tall as the John Hancock building….The scene is epic….One Nazi turns to another and says homolyish……”I’ve always loved you.”….They chose Ford vehicles for the Nazi’s for well…a reason…Henry Ford….Who are they???

I've always loved you.

I’ve always loved you.

…Jew….Producer…..John Landis
Bob Weiss

Hell even Steven Spielberg gets a cameo as the tax guy for Cook County….
I could go on but I won’t….Carrie Fischer…Jew….depressing…..Steve Lawrence (steam room cameo) Jew…I think there is a cross around his neck…along with about 30 pounds of gold chains…I’d have to look closer to confirm…Why didn’t it burn a hole in his chest?

This sucks because Stripes was one of my all time favorite movies….Now it is wrecked…When I start to “Think” I come up with…..Harold Ramis…I don’t even want to google who did what with that movie……Back to the Blues……

The scene in which the Head Nazi (Henry Gibson) gives a taunting speech to the assembled counter-protesters and leads his men in a pledge of allegiance to Adolf Hitler was taken almost word-for-word from the documentary The California Reich (1975). (so they say…I have not vetted that sucker yet…) He (actor Henry can’t remember his name) introduces his Nazi group as the “American Socialist White People’s Party”, the acronym of which, ASWPP, is a diminutive of “ass wipe”.


The Nazi’s are forced off the bridge by the Dodge Mount Prospect Bluesmobile…….The crowd is crazy hostile in the movie…….unusually reminiscent of the crowds we saw over Treyvon Martin….and the other “white Police shoot black people” incidents that are being flamed in the media….Now there are riots ….Freddy Gray…..”Anger resentment that “our community” feels….fan that shit for all it’s worth….It is black white…………………………………..

California Reich as a documentary shows Jews confronting members of the National Socialist White People’s Party……Not the “American” Socialist White People’s Party (in order to get asswipe) as depicted in “The Blues Brothers….”.I wonder who was responsible for the documentary California Reich???

Oh Walter Parkes………In 1994, Parkes was named President of Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

You can’t make this stuff up…You just can’t…….

Propaganda…………………………………………………….? Put into a cult comedy????? Nooooooo….say it ain’t so………..


The California Reich…….

Keith F. CRITCHLOW – Director
Walter F. PARKES – Director
Keith F. CRITCHLOW – Script / Dialogue
Walter F. PARKES – Script / Dialogue
Keith F. CRITCHLOW – Cinematography
Walter F. PARKES – Cinematography
Keith F. CRITCHLOW – Music
Walter F. PARKES – Music

More Blues…….

Well, I think they are now smoking crack at the Vatican now as I ran across this on Wiki.

On the 30th anniversary, L’Osservatore Romano,[30] the daily newspaper of Vatican City State, wrote that the film is filled with positive symbolism and moral references that can be related to Catholicism. They went further, stating, The Blues Brothers “is a memorable film, and, judging by the facts, a Catholic one.”[31]

Lord forgive me but “What in the Sam Hell????” Do you people not know when you are being made fun of??????? Sister Mary Stigmata????? The Penguin?????…Actually it was kinda funny especially the swearing ruler smacking part, but I would NOT give it high marks on the positive symbolism, moral reference related to Catholicism…Again I blame crack…….

Well at least Aykroyd was raised as Christian albiet a Catholic….maybe he still is.???…awe naw…….There was a time he wanted to be a priest…….but now he is a spiritualist….

His great-grandfather, a dentist, was a mystic who corresponded with author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on the subject of Spiritualism, and who was a member of the Lily Dale Society.[30] per wiki…..

I do know that he has admitted he has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum…….ah the irony……

John Belushi? Albanian…and Jewish so they say……


Well at least Wayfarers made a comeback after the movie…..


My next movie review is Fargo which was directed by the Cohen Brothers natives of Minnesota. The movie was made partially in Minnesota…….Yup….it made fun of Minnesotans….”Ya sure you betcha!” ..They also lied in the beginning of the movie saying it was “based on a true story”….that little lie fact didn’t come out until after the academy awards were gleaned from the Jewcademy and the movie was sufficiently fawned over by gushing goy public and hailed as a cult classic……..They came clean about the truth part…..eventually…..What are sociopaths again???? oh yeah, I forgot….pathological liars…..

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7 thoughts on “MNM Reviews “The Blues Brothers”

  1. “Well at least Aykroyd was raised as Christian albiet a Catholic….”

    I object to that line in your otherwise good article. The only “Christians” who say “Catholics” are not Christians are not Christians. The only Catholics who accept “the protestants – all thirty to forty thousand heretical sects of them” as true Christians are not true Christians.

    God does not care about labels and the application or misapplication of them. God cares about Truth because He IS Truth.


    • The only “Christians” who say “Catholics” are not Christians are not Christians. OK, I will let the misapplication of grammar at the end of your sentence slide. I am sure it was because you were a wee bit excited. Here’s the deal honey….Would it help you out if I told you I was Catholic? Bman did not write the Blues Brother’s review….I did….MNM…

      The Blues Brothers movie was Dan A’s baby…His concept…The original script was his. I point out his Catholic faith with respect to the context of the movie. Also because he potentially was Catholic at the time (or had it in his faith heritage) in the context of humor you are allowed to make fun of your own…Heaven forbid if anyone else does that well then hell hath need be payeth to those who have scorned thee……What is interesting is you seem to be at war with Catholics who accept all the protestants touting them as non Christians along with the rest of the heretical hell in a hand basket crowd….I am guessing you are Pre Vatican II…Or have recently acquired the mindset of that same era which seems to be back in focus for the Catholic Church at the present time. But that is just a guess. No judgement we’re all God’s Children! I imagine you are also potentially sensitive to “Big C” Catholic and “little c” catholic. Again just a guess.

      If God doesn’t get bent out of shape over labels why should you?

      For what it is worth you might want to look into a little schism of your own and look at Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic. There is a nice little history on You can also throw in a little Antioch for good measure. All the true church stuff and the Apostolic succession stuff flies right out the window because more than one group claims to have that in their back pocket. If you look at which is more ancient and more Apostolic you might find some surprises….Of course you would have to look at history, (specifically Russian history), be careful not to fall into revisionist history trap AND also you would have to look past your own driveway. No easy task.

      Remember the disciples messed up left and right and they hung out with the living Christ….Nothing on this earth is true and perfect just because someone tells you it is so……”Fallen Humanity” is the sect we all belong to….

      That being said you might want to do a teensy weensy bit of research on the heretical claim. Good thing for me burning heretics at the stake went out of style long ago, as it sounds like you might be standing there with a match in your hand…

      Open your window and let some fresh air in…and yes….I am an RCIA graduate….

      May the Lord be with you and also with me!


      • While I appreciate your comments, I have to say that I am not concerned about “true church stuff” and Apostolic succession stuff”, nor am I concerned about what is more ancient and more apostolic. I am concerned about Truth.

        Jesus founded on Church on this earth and no matter what happened over time to that Church, the gates of Hell will not prevail against it because if was founded by the One Who is Truth.


        • “Jesus founded on Church on this earth”…Ok….sliding away…..You seem concerned about truth… Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life….He that believeth…well you know how the rest goes….

          You say it (the Church) was founded by the One Who is Truth…Yup…agree with you there….Without Jesus there is no Christian. History tells us there was a schism…the Pope went one way…The Eastern Orthodox Church went another…..Which is the True Church? Who is a True Christian????Who has the TRUTH???? That depends on who you ask…..or maybe how you feel……

          Well if you could ask the folks who are all about the protocols of the elders of Zion they look at the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church both as huge problems…In order to get what they want BOTH would have to be taken out….Since the Zionists have undertaken that goal, they have NOT been successful at annihilating either Church. The Eastern Orthodox Church has in my opinion suffered the most at the hands of the Zionists yet their faith has prevailed. The Communist Bolsheviks tried to choke the faith from the people to the tune of 50 million Orthodox Christians killed. Try as they may they were unsuccessful. Orthodox Christians are being killed today in Ukraine. Did you know that????? “They” are still at it….trying to annihilate the Christian…..

          You are concerned about true Christians and false Christians. Hmmmm…In all my time in the Catholic Church I can say, I never ran up against any parishioner at Mary Mother of the Church with your particular view. I believe Jesus is truth. “No matter what happened overtime to that Church the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” If you are speaking of the Catholic Church you may state that as it is your deal. I would imagine you would not be concerned about what is more ancient or more apostolic as that may rub up against your personal beliefs. Many “True Church” folks feel it is necessary to rely on history, apostolic succession and The 12 Traits…..etc… What you seem to be concerned about is heresy…..My pointing out that Danny A was a Catholic struck a nerve with you.

          Followers of Christ come to church as they are not as they should be. We do not make the Church holy it is holy because of Christ. There are a lot of unholy people who attend Church. Wait…That would be all of us…..As you well know Christ was the only perfect example to ever walk this earth. Christ is infallible but grants fallibility to his people. You went so far as to call anyone who is not of your mindset (or Church) not a Christian. Catholics as a whole were pretty evenly divided in 2012 (50% voted for Obama, while 48% backed Romney). I find it interesting how a Christian regardless of their denominational affiliation could ever vote for someone who is pro abortion. One might say those 50% are toast…….

          Even Catholics who are ok with protestants are crispy fried as far as you and your truth is concerned. I could take offense at that but I won’t as most likely this thought process/belief system is so engrained that trying to help you with that is most likely futile. You have the right to believe as you wish. I do agree with you Hell will not prevail against those who believe in Him…. I believe this is possible for you as well as myself. I may have a different view of what a follower of Christ is, and who is perfect and who is not. I shall not judge you as I do not believe that Christ will judge me for not being the same “flavor” of Catholic or Christian as you. I am in the company of the prostitute whom he prevented from being stoned to death. Since Jesus had not given his thumbs up to Peter yet and there was no “Catholic” Church to belong to yet….she would be in the follower of Christ crowd….She is not deemed a heretic or banished to the unsaved side of the island…..

          I am to be the hands and feet of Christ as his follower while I walk this earth but i have imperfect hands and feet. I stumble and fall never claiming infallibility. God’s grace is for everyone. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are led to love and forgive each other as God has done for us. Jesus lived his life on earth in exactly that example. Each day brings us a chance to begin again. At sunrise every soul is born again. Peter was not out even after 3 strikes. Thank the Lord for that.


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