The Truth About White Privilege


Not long ago, I wrote about white supremacy. I pointed out the hypocrisy of blacks who are just as racist as any white people I know. I also illuminated Jewish supremacy and how they can hide it via the media which they own and run.

Recently I encountered a black woman going batshit crazy about white racists and the privileges we have over blacks (and everyone else for that matter) on a post about the black guy named Africa who was shot by cops in Los Angeles. I didn’t cut her any slack.

The issue concerning my people take the shape of racism and hate. White people are using their laws to continue slavery in America. For instances, a innocent, homeless black man was gunned down on the streets of Los Angeles. (No justices, No peace). White people think the situation was justified because the man fought back. This black man didn’t have a right to stand his ground on a public street. I am not stroking your privileged system in America. Black people must fight for our rights against racism. Nevertheless, slavery still lives on in America.

And every black person you know is the epitome of citizenship? Right?

I ‘m not right all the time. This time you happen to be the devil with a hidden agenda?? I hate you.


Shucks, Cheryl. Another black person hating on white people. Imagine that.

And this is the entire point. You keep screaming about how whitey is the blacks’ problem, yet you, yourself, admit to hating me.

You know what, Cheryl? I don’t hate you, no matter what color you are. I feel sorry for you and your black folks who cannot do anything to correct the problems in black society, because you use the tired old lie of “blame whitey”. But that isn’t hate, Cheryl. I actually care.

Your continued excuses and blame are quite pitiful. But it is not unexpected.

I hate “Buelahwoman”. I blame you Bit**.


Because your race has no integrity and honor, your only recourse is to blame any scapegoat. There is nothing new in your behavior. It is what has kept you all in bondage. It is not chains or ropes that white people hold. It is your own inability to do something productive.

So stay in your own little self induced slavery, fool.

There was more, but I’ll stop with that.

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the shocking historical facts behind ‘white privilege’ and discusses the recent debate between Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor.


The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future…

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5 thoughts on “The Truth About White Privilege

  1. Very good presentation by Molyneux. I was favorably impressed by his endorsement of the work of black economist Thomas Sowell towards the end of the video. See the Thomas Sowell page at Amazon: I would particularly recommend his “The Economics and Politics of Race: An International Perspective” for some very clear thinking and heavily documented evidence on the wide variety of causes of differences in achievement of various groups over time and space. Molyneux’s arguments seem to be heavily influenced by Sowell’s work.

    It’s not particularly germane to the main points at issue here, but I was a bit bothered to see Molyneux parroting the standard “Holocaust” line. It tends to undermine his credibility with the most critical thinkers in his audience.


  2. in the guestimation dept.

    how much filthy lucre did the SLAVE SHIP OWNERS

    -------------> {MONEY CHANGERS} <----------

    manage to PROFIT from their contrived WORLD WARS

    for JEWISH PERFIDY in the last century….?

    …whatever you do,
    don’t join a religion that allows to you to marry your first cousin….

    that would be really bad


  3. that 1st cousin thingy comes from Big Al @ Adasklaw
    who just the other day was dissing the MOOOSLIMS as
    having an invalid “Faith” because he believes they have been inbreeding
    for too long……no word on his take on the Pam Gellar
    “White Privilege” that she and “Jews” like the Savage Weiner
    enjoy in the “Jew” hijacked Jewnited Snakes….

    Today, Geller has nearly 68,000 shit for brains Twitter followers
    and a devoted army of virtual supporters for her websites, books and public events.
    As head of an organization called the American Freedom Defense Initiative,
    she took in $960,000 in donations in 2013, paying herself a salary of $192,500,
    according to alleged …. tax filings.

    Donations pour in from the PayPal button on her website, Geller said,
    adding that she has “no idea” how much money she has raised.

    Records do not list donors, but a recent report by the Center for American Progress,
    a think tank in JEW POO Washington, said Geller’s top donors included
    the Fairbrook Foundation, which supports a number of mainstream turd floating
    “JEW” worshipping so-called conservative groups.

    In 2010, Geller famously led a campaign to prevent the opening of an
    Islamic community center blocks from the JEW TERRORIST World Trade Center site,
    calling it the….. “ground zero mosque.”

    She has filed numerous lawsuits across the JEWSA in recent years,
    many of them related to her attempts to display incendiary ads in public transit systems.
    Most recently,
    Jew York City’s transit authority banned all political advertising
    after a judge upheld Geller’s right to run bus ads about Islam that said,
    “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah.”

    Any depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is offensive to some Muslims.
    At the cartoon contest in Texas,
    about 30 illustrations of the prophet were propped up on easels.
    One depicted a pencil shoved through Muhammad’s body.
    Another showed Muhammad wearing a turban that doubled as a bomb,
    with a lit fuse protruding from the top.

    Geller was hailed by many event attendees, some of whom took books for her to
    sign and posed for selfies with her…..bad cartoon self

    “under the cover of whiteness” – Master Prophet Jim Floyd


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