Operation Jade Helm And Its Effect on the Truthers

Jade Helm

fames-fetzer-press-tv-headerSeems the web world is freaking out about Operation Jade Helm. There are plenty of excellent websites covering this situation, so I won’t lay out any detail. Shoot, who even knows about the graphic used above (found all over the web). This may be some Martial Law attempt or it may be bullshit. But it certainly is causing some division within some very large websites and among personalities.

In one example, Gordon Duff of Veteran’s Today has seemingly had a disagreement with Jim Fetzer over this issue, culminating in removal of Fetzer’s hundreds of articles that were published at VT. For whatever reason, Duff wants to disassociate with Fetzer (and that is his prerogative). I’ve done the same thing here with the Jew’s handful of posts after he asked me to remove his endorsement of me. I also removed all of Mublin Dick’s references after several uncalled for attacks on me and others in the comments section.

I’ve addressed my distrust for Duff and VT (and specifically about Alan Hart) here.


But Fetzer was probably VT’s most prolific and serious writer. Fetzer is brilliant and offers a great deal of insight on various subjects (not that I agree with everything he writes). For instance, I am still on the fence about the Dead Beatle issue. But that is the tamest of his theories and he may be right (I don’t know). The forensic information about different facial structures, height, etc is very telling, to say the least. I know it caused a bit of a stir with he and Kevin Barrett, leading up to a “debate”, which really didn’t settle anything (I have been following Kevin for years at his blog and on VT).

This divide between Fetzer and Barrett is now expanding to the Jade Helm subject (where they, again, got into a bit of a pissing match during their weekly show). Subsequently, Barrett had Duff on his show and Duff blasted Fetzer as much as Fetzer blasted Duff.

Like I said, I don’t trust Duff. His demeanor, his approach, his constant self-serving bragging about his connections, personal defense abilities, his business ventures, etc all come off to me as a liar or bullshitter galore.

Gordon-Duff-Jewish-Gibbermonger-310x165Fetzer says that Duff immediately removed his Jade Helm writings (and Boston Bombing posts). Since, he may have removed everything from Fetzer over the years.

(BTW: you can read even more about the Boston Bombing setup and kangaroo court from Fetzer here)

It just makes me wonder what the hell is going on? Who is telling the truth and who is the shill? Fetzer and Duff are accusing each other of disinformation. As I said, I don’t trust Duff in any way, so I lean towards Fetzer being the most truthful. I feel Fetzer is sincere, whether or not he is correct, but I don’t see Duff as anything other than a liar and totally insincere.

So, if Fetzer is on to something about Jade Helm, I would hope that more are guarded about what is going on.

I found parts of this comment by dane_57 at Fetzer’s site intriguing:

A military action, performed on a living body to fix or remove an unwanted part of the body.

A Horse broken-down by abuse now turned vicious against its abusers.

To take undisputed control of the steering apparatus: ie, at the helm.

A 2015 Military Operation to fix or remove the unwanted part of the American population (broken down by Government abuse), who has turned vicious against their abuser.

I hope it is nothing, but I can’t be as sure as Duff the liar is.


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3 thoughts on “Operation Jade Helm And Its Effect on the Truthers

  1. Interesting little breakdown there.
    I’ve noticed over the years how many of these apocalyptic scenarios have been presented over and over, and then never come to fruition. All have been very convincing, and the underlying evidence is usually present, but they never happen. This seems to be a tactic of some sort, it is something that is deliberately being conducted (these scenarios), but for what purpose? What is being achieved?
    I believe it is the utilization of the ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ meme. They are preparing to make a move at some point which will require lack of readiness by as much of the population as possible. These ‘scenarios’ serve dual purposes; they numb the population to warnings by those watching, and they enable placement of key infrastructure elements while people dismiss it all with, “ho hum, another one of those wild conspiracy theories (rollseyes)”

    Liked by 1 person

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