Silly Rabbi… Tricks Are For Kids

Presented from a 3 way email exchange regarding the news of a voyeuristic Rabbi that was caught, tried and sentenced for his abuses of his depraved authority.

Rabbi Barry Freundel. (Photo by Lloyd Wolf)

Rabbi Barry Freundel. (Photo by Lloyd Wolf)

Six and a half years for taping naked women in his ritual bath.

The sentence seems a bit, um, stiff, though, for such mischief.  His attorney’s argument makes sense to me.  I think the guy just missed his calling.  He should have been a gynecologist or a glamor photographer or a Hollywood cameraman, something like that.

If the rabbi had simply called himself a transgendered woman he could have used the women’s locker room and he would be praised and not be a pervert going to prison. Or he could have been a TSA airport screener.

Let a Christian clergyman be caught in something like that and it’s national news for sure.

Poor Rabbi. Lives in an apartment now. I think a jail cell is better. AND, I hope they never allow him to wear one of those ugly little box hats again.

From the article:

Before he was sentenced, Freundel apologized to his victims and said he was seeing a psychiatrist to understand the “source” of his behavior.

B’Man notes: I find it incredible that he was even sentenced, to be honest. Maybe the luck of the draw awarded him with a non-Jewish judge who refused to protect him or minimize his despicable actions. Or, hopefully, even the Jews will start holding these animals accountable. Like in Bernie Madoff’s case, you can do this to anyone, but if you screw the Jew, you are toast.

He recorded at least 152 women (but many were outside the statute of limitations).

As for the “source” of his behavior, one might think it has something to do with that tainted Talmudic brainwashing he endured (and is fostered upon all the others in the tribe).

Did he not realize that his fellow clan members run the porn industry?

h/t The Washington Post

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6 thoughts on “Silly Rabbi… Tricks Are For Kids

  1. The photo of the rabbi with the weird black straps on his arms kind of looks like S & M perversion to me.

    Voyeurism is the least of the problems associated with the practices of these Talmudic rabbis.

    The circumcision ceremony done on very young male children that is done in private homes by New York rabbis attended by several onlooking family members at a party called a brie has caused at least 17 cases of herpes so far in the child. The rabbi has herpes and transfers that disease in the circumcision ceremony he performs on the male child’s penis, a ceremoney that very much mimics fellatio. The parents want some legal remedy for this injury to their child but and the judges and NY legal establishment is “negotiating” with the rabbis to stop this ceremony or I guess to certify that the performing rabbi does not have herpes or any other disease which could be transmitted during the ceremoney. In New York, the chances for some out-of-court amicable solution to this growing problem with the brie /circumcision ceremony is almost nil. The physically risky and permanent injury to the child, some children having experienced not simply herpes contraction but complete cutting off of the penis, is not going to be dealt with in the New York court / judges / lawyers system. The children will go on being mutilated and injured with a lifelong disease and the parents will go on subjecting their male children to this evil and atrocious nonsense.

    Jesus told us that it is those who have faith in Him, that is circumcision of the heart, and following Him in our every thought, word and deed, no matter how much persecution or suffering or cross bearing this involves, are the true “Israel of God.”


      • “I am not sure that the Metzitzeh B’peh is the most problematic practice…”

        So true, I am not either.

        When you study a bit of what tenets are contained and practiced from the Babylonian Talmud, you see deep dark Evil with a capital E. Talmudism involves the sophisticated twisting of the minds of people, with the molding of public opinion and the molding of events, geopolitical events, done in such a stealth, hidden dark manner so as to totally conceal who are the real perpetrators of this evil.

        To me, the words “terrorism” and “violence” take on a very new and true meaning when looking at these darkside manipulations of those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit. When a man’s heart, soul, mind and spirit and free will are taken over by these Evil Talmudic machinations, that is true Satanic meaning of the words “terror”, “terrorism,” and “violence.”


  2. “Kate Bailey, 28, who also allowed her name to be used, told the judge that she had converted in 2008 but that in 2009, Freundel called her to say she needed to go in the mikvah again because there was a problem, one he couldn’t share and she shouldn’t tell anyone about it. She later found out that she had been recorded.”

    Too bad there’s no accompanying photograph here, but my guess is that this woman is somewhat more pleasing to the eye than Freundel’s usual mark. The fact that she allowed her name to be used suggests as much to me, as well, or at least that she fancies herself so.


  3. From an email correspondent to me:

    Every male child is being circumcised today for no damn good reason.

    My response:

    America the Rational

    We’re proud of the fact that science
    Is behind our every decision.
    We’re not like those primitive countries.
    Take the matter of circumcision…

    We won’t be seeing any “pro-science” editorials from The Post on this subject.


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