Swindling Our Children, Sabotaging Our Future

Swindling our children, sabotaging our future


Common Core is a Soviet school system meant to turn kids into obedient robots no longer able — or willing — to think

. . . and maybe none of this ever needed to happen

By John Kaminski




I think parents today don’t realize that society is a scam in which they are convinced they’re in control of their own lives when they’re not. Because they were roped into the scam themselves and still mostly can’t perceive it, parents don’t train their kids to watch out for it. They don’t get it because they never saw it, and now they’re trapped in it. Instead, parents teach their kids to climb high in society and be accepted by it. They all wind up being deceived when they realize what their kids really learned was to forfeit their own freedom and betray who they really are and could be.

The scam starts at birth, winds through a toxic labyrinth of disingenuous doctors and egomaniacal educators, careens through a childhood of poison ingestions, and winds up in a place that finishes them off as potentially healthy human beings, a place that has never been more dangerous than it is today — schools.

Children_of_the_Common_CoreToday, schools are the place where kids lose their minds for good.

And it isn’t the gang violence or street drugs that gets them — it’s the school itself, the diabolical curriculum and the brainwashed teachers dispensing information that will actually make them stupider and retard their progress in life.

Today you could say schools are rotten to the core — the Common Core.

This new Common Core curriculum that state school boards of education in the United States were bribed to accept with alluring offers of lucrative federal grants has not only triggered a nationwide rebellion urging rejection of this diabolical educational plan, but is actually a carbon copy of the old Soviet school curriculum which emphasized getting students to believe deliberately false information in order to verify their unquestionable obedience to the state.

Hard to believe? Let me explain.

Indoctrination-aheadAttorney Robin S. Eubanks specializes in unraveling language that hides actual intended goals. “My experience allowed me to recognize that education in the U.S. and globally has been for decades engaged in a massive Newspeak (as in George Orwell’s 1984) campaign that creates a public illusion on what is being promised and what is coming to the schools and classrooms that are this country’s future.”

Author of the book “Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon,” Eubanks concludes, “the real intended Common Core implementation . . . is wildly different from the PR sales job used to gain adoption in most of the states.” <http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/about-me.html>

James Milgram, professor emeritus of mathematics at Stanford University, determined that the Common Core mathematics standards leave American students two grade levels behind their peers internationally by the time they reach seventh grade. He also found that they don’t prepare students for admission into highly selective universities and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs. <http://dailysignal.com/2014/11/09/growing-opposition-common-core-iowa/>


The English standards are also suspect. Sandra Stotsky, professor of education reform emeritus at the University of Arkansas, argues 34113_1thmthat Common Core’s “diminished emphasis on literature in the secondary grades makes it unlikely that American students will study a meaningful range of culturally and historically significant literary works before graduation.”

Most states initially jumped on the Common Core bandwagon, but in the past several years, a number have jumped off. Bills to repeal Common Core have been introduced in 19 states so far in 2015 (down from 22 in 2014), but state legislatures have resisted reversing their approvals of this seriously misleading program. <http://www.politico.com/story/2015/02/unable-to-repeal-common-core-foes-try-sabotage-115522.html>

1c4d957c020f6c9bbb7fe893fa406fe030d73847States accepted the Common Core program sight unseen, largely to reap a bevy of tantalizing federal incentives. For example, in exchange for adopting Common Core, Iowa could have received a waiver from sanctions levied by the federal No Child Left Behind law. It also had a chance to get some money from the Obama administration’s $4.35 billion “Race to the Top” grant program. (It turned out Iowa lost its bid for grants twice but did get a waiver from No Child Left Behind.)

Attorney Eubanks, whose website Invisible Serf’s Collar contains a running commentary on this continuing debate of heated national interest, summarizes the essence of the backlash against this disturbing educational gambit whose objective was concealed behind the rationale of shifting priorities from basic skills to “higher order thinking.” <http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/police-power-to-compel-adult-beliefs-meanwhile-values-manipulation-captures-young-minds-forever/>

After attending many hearings in which obscurantist educational jargon overwhelmed common sense thanks to the presence of police who prevented people from objecting to fanciful nonsense, Eubanks concluded that competency in education today means changing people’s basic values and controlling the direction of the change, all with the goal of making them subservient and docile participants in the joys of the welfare state and preventing them from asking any questions about it.

When she analyzed the components of this new program, “they were not about learning a body of knowledge. They were training students to view the world in a certain way.” Common Core education is not really about learning facts as much as it is about teaching “prescribed behaviors,” she explains.

Harness the mind and then ‘assess’ to see if the harness fits properly and guides behavior as desired. If so, herald the student as performing ‘proficiently’ or ‘competently’ and thus being College and Career Ready.” […]

How very harness-like. Get each student used to the jerk of the tether while they are still young and their minds are oh-so-malleable to manipulation. […]

. . .  this determined need to create false beliefs in adult citizens if they are paying attention . . . Education from preschool to graduate school is all now to be about being “more of a ‘value producing agency’ than an information-dispensing institution.”

In other words, this is the inculcation of brainwashing at the expense of dispensing actual knowledge.58f8870eb1015b3d26cffae56d84e0c9

Translating the impenetrable educational jargon, this means the state no longer gives out reliable information; it only wants to shape and distort the minds of pupils to endorse the ideas the government provides to them so it can gauge the effectiveness of a program teaching students to believe the lies they are taught.

“These education reforms seem always designed to go hand in hand with an inexorable drive towards a Government-Directed Welfare State,” Eubanks writes in her blog. She also wrote:

Here’s what (Communist ideologue Herbert) Marcuse and others believe: obviously false statements about the present do not matter because if people can be made to believe them anyway, they can still become those desired attitudes and habits of mind. 

In other words, behind our backs, U.S. education officials are replacing genuine education with what the state believes and demands children ought to know. And it is not real knowledge, but only propaganda with no relation to truth or reality.

So, that’s the school scam the USA is now facing. Too bad it’s not the only colossal threat facing our children.




About 90 percent of the world’s high volume grains are now “Roundup Ready.” Glyphosate residues cannot be removed by washing and they are not broken down by cooking. They remain in food for a year or more, even if the foods are frozen, dried or processed. Eating strictly organic doesn’t protect you. Several studies have shown that it is even present in the air we breathe, water we drink and rain that falls from the sky. (1) Essentially, no one on earth has been spared. A recent study of non-farmworker, urban dwellers in Germany found glyphosate in the urine of every person tested, and at levels five to 20 times the legal limit for drinking water.

Cancer is far from the only concern about Roundup. The medical and toxicological literature examining the health consequences of pesticides reads like a horror show. These deadly chemicals have been shown to be strongly associated with higher rates of depression and suicide, impaired intellect, memory deficits, impaired psychomotor speed, executive functioning, acceleration of the cognitive decline of aging, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.




Well known vaccine critic Catherine J. Frompovich writes . . .

Well, if there ever were a vaccine that should scare the living daylights out of everyone, it is the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine, of which there are three: 

Gardasil® manufactured by Merck & Company (approved June 8, 2006) 

Cervarix® manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (approved October 16, 2009) 

Gardasil 9® manufactured by Merck & Company (approved December 10, 2014)

Their website has an amazing array of information, but the most remarkable first-glance information is the “HPV Vaccine VAERS Reports Up to Mar 2015,” which blasts very unsettling statistics regarding only HPV vaccines: 

  • Disabled 1,311
  • Deaths 226
  • Did Not Recover 7,703VAERS2
  • Abnormal Pap Smear 685
  • Cervical Dysplasia 265
  • Cervical Cancer 102
  • Life Threatening 685
  • Emergency Room 12,429
  • Hospitalized 4,009
  • Extended Hospital Stay 267
  • Serious 5,418
  • Adverse Events 38,217

Grand Total HPV Vaccine only Problems reported in the CDC database: 71,317 in less than 10 years! 

However, that striking number does not represent the exact number of HPV harms since the CDC admits that VAERS reports actually represent 10 percent, or less, of all vaccine adverse reactions/harms. 

If that be the case, then there is a possibility that as many as 382,170 females could be harmed from the HPV vaccines. OMG! 

Is there any wonder why the public is overly concerned about and refusing to get vaccines? Rightfully so! Take a perfectly healthy child to get shot up with up to nine (9) vaccines at one doctor’s visit and the kid never is the same afterward. Who, in their right mind, except Big Pharma executives and their medical acolytes, wouldn’t question, be scared, or refuse to have their child damaged for life? There ought to be a law against damaging a child with vaccines! VAERS proves it happens more than we know! Kids aren’t the only ones; adults experience vaccine damage, e.g., Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) [2]. 


On top of all the other questionable vaccines children are forced to receive, Gardasil practically guarantees sterility in its recipients plus lifelong illnesses, if not instant death.

But what if all these nonsensical songs and insane dances never needed to happen in the first place?

Zeda Pingel before and after Gardasil

Zeda Pingel before and after Gardasil

One long forgotten book insists that all humanity’s problems begin with birth. The way newborns are prevented from contact with their mothers immediately after birth creates a population of emotional defectives craving for something they will never find, and from this deprivation stems every form of mental and physical disease imaginable, not the least of which is the desire for those who crave authority to disfigure those in their power beyond the bounds of what is either normal, ethical or beneficial.

Discover The Continuum Concept

“Our society must be helped to see the gravity of the crime against infants that is today considered normal treatment,” wrote Jean Liedloff in her 1975 classic, The Continuum Concept: In Search of Lost Happiness. It is the story of a young woman who by chance came to live with aboriginal South American tribes and discovered that babies who never left their mothers’ sides grew up healthier, happier and more well adjusted to their lives than their counterparts in the “civilized” world, who because of the way they were treated upon being born spent their whole lives manically searching for something they could never find.

41SF4qUDyML._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_…It is no secret that the “experts” have not discovered how to live satisfactorily, but the more they fail, the more they attempt to bring the problems under the sole influence of reason and disallow what reason cannot understand or control. We are now fairly brought to heel by the intellect; our inherent sense of what is good for us has been undermined to the point where we are barely aware of its working and cannot tell an original impulse from a distorted one.

Evolution has not prepared the human infant for this kind of experience. He cannot comprehend why his desperate cries for the fulfillment of his innate expectations go unanswered, and he develops a sense of wrongness and shame about himself and his desires. If, however, his continuum expectations are fulfilled — precisely at first, with more variation possible as he matures — he will exhibit a natural state of self-assuredness, well-being and joy. 

Infants whose continuum needs are fulfilled during the early, in-arms phase grow up to have greater self-esteem and become more independent than those whose cries go unanswered for fear of “spoiling” them or making them too dependent.

Liedloff wrote that for thousands of years babies were birthed and stayed physically connected to their mothers throughout their earliest days. Today’s babies are instantly separated from their mothers, causing a yearning, Liedloff insists, that leads to a lifetime ofprimitive confused and unidentifiable yearning.

“The growth of independence the power to mature emotionally spring largely from the in-arms relationship (with the mother) in all its aspects,” Liedloff writes. “One cannot therefore  become independent of the mother, except through her, through her playing the correct role, giving the in-arms experience and allowing one to graduate from it upon fulfillment.”

For those who can actually see and understand the problem, the way modern children are birthed is arguably the greatest tragedy in human history, because it causes a maladjustment in everyone who is born this way, and guarantees a haunting hankering for the post-birth experience of bonding with one’s mother that can never be achieved once that first opportunity is lost. Emotionally stunted children become pathological adults  . . .

. . . clinging with the intensity of leeches to mother figures, regressing to infantile behavior in the hope of being treated at last as the infant that is still within them starving for its experience.


What could be more pathetic than a child crying for want of mothering and the mother desperately needing to fulfill her natural mission, yet both prevented from clinging to each other and bonding, guaranteeing a lifetime of normal and natural behavior? Yet virtually all mothers and babies are denied this opportunity because doctors, relying on their so-called intellect rather than obvious instinct, insist they know better.

This behavior dooms much of humanity to complicated lives dominated by the feeling that something is always missing. In Liedloff’s words, “the feeling heroin gives is like the feeling the infant has in (his mother’s) arms . . . the personality of the addict, centered upon the drug, discards any semblance of maturity it has managed to attain and settles at the infantile level where the continuum was interrupted.”

In other words, for a few moments, the drug brings us back to the infantile level where we were brutally separated from our mothers, and without that bonding, we are hopeless to cope effectively with the world.

We are living lives for which our evolution did not equip us, and we are also handicapped, in our attempts to cope, by faculties crippled by personal deprivation.

Among Liedloff’s many relevant observations and recommendations, one stands out. “Criminal character does not develop in people whose continuum expectations have not been disappointed.”

Read a quick digest of the main points of the book here: <http://www.continuum-concept.org/cc_defined.html> .

The way newborns are routinely treated in the civilized world comes down to this: “. . . their torment in infancy prejudices their ability to enjoy the rest of their lives”

Liedloff also mentions . . . “the loss of serenity caused by the fall of the human species from animal innocence.”


And where did we fall that caused all our problems? We fell into intellect, a human hubris that took babies FROM their mothers during the time of their lives when it was most important for newborns to be connected TO their mothers.

The desire of the powers that be to deliberately maim and cripple our children might seem like the most diabolical act ever to be perpetrated on humanity, but there might be something worse than that — our inability to take action and rectify this problem.

Instead, we are lackadaisically sliding into a slow white sleep, where we will no longer be able to make decisions for ourselves. Nursing an injury we are unable to identify, and preferring the half-baked intellect of experts over our own obvious instincts, this is where we are all headed now, at breakneck speed.

We are yearning for something we can never find and the traces of our frustration can be seen in the scars we wreak upon the world.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.






Proudly presented with Mr Kaminski’s permission.

From B’Man:


Mr Kaminski is a passionate and creative thinker… a visionary. He is a  man who is unapologetic in his identification of the issues facing mankind. He is assertive and candid  in his approach (something I appreciate very much). When using my basic rule of thumb regarding sincerity and truthfulness, he ranks very highly. And, no, I don’t always necessarily agree, but that doesn’t make him incorrect (it could very well be that I am ignorant of his particular stance and have yet to “get there”). However, in the vast majority of cases, I can say he most definitely represents my thoughts in a coherent way that I am personally unable to adequately present.

He is obviously a curious man, seeing things that don’t add up in this tainted world, and then pursues an education for himself to congeal his thoughts into powerful presentation that helps us other imploring seekers learn and better ourselves.He is intensely informative, seemingly never resting, and always outspoken. He is eloquent, rational and pragmatic.

We need more like this man helping us fight the good cause.

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4 thoughts on “Swindling Our Children, Sabotaging Our Future

  1. all modern day lies….”education” – begin with the terrorists in the
    stool sculpture deity cult compound….who are “Jewish” because
    they have a Talmud & HATE Jesus…and everything holy & pure.

    Kaminski could connect that DOT for his readers…certainly by now
    this is no secret…


    I like John, but he fails to address the source of Talmudic Judaism
    not unlike Alex Jones….


    simple solution….join a motorcycle gang and skip first grade

    or don’t be a….. “Kid” {infant goat}

    It’s the “Language”….mostly,
    …but the Almighty looks on the heart

    spring is round up time – {Matthew 13:39-43} –
    six {6} million “Jews” need to go into the ovens of truth !!!


  2. Yup….spot on….While I was in a dark hole for a decade trying to pull my youngest child who was damaged by vaccines back into the light and through the window before it closed…My 2 oldest children attend public school up until 9 grade….Then they attended a prestigious performing arts charter school and received their high school diplomas….I thought they were getting a good education. I live in a state that touts itself in the top 10…3rd party researchers also tout this state to be in the top 10…..They were not A students in High school, but they had good enough grades to get into college where the oldest made the deans list and received her bachelor’s in 3 years….. In a recent convo I found out that my second oldest thought Hawaii was in the Gulf of Mexico and Miss deans list thought the sun went around the earth until after she graduated high school…Then I found out my Hubster…born and educated in this same top 10 (blue) state who was admitted to a state college so he must have had some semblance of a brain…couldn’t name the planets and he too for the longest time he admitted thought the sun went around the earth….My family are not a bunch of morons….The next child, senior in high school knows where Hawaii is and that the earth revolves around the sun…The next one (dyslexic and could care less but he can do the carbs on a motor from watching a youtube vid) did not know where Hawaii is….The last but not least the autistic….yup…He can tell you EVERYTHING….Planets…stars…black holes….what revolves around what….the tilt of the earth…. the wobble…..Parsecs…. lots of way more complicated stuff….He gets it all from books he reads NOT from what he is taught at school fortunately…….I have an Ivy league educated friend who was hauled into the Principals office as a substitute teacher because a parent had accused her of racism because she had included the country of Niger on her world map the students put together on a wall in their room….WTF???? This spring my 9th grader watched the “official story” vid on what happened when the twin towers hit and exactly how they collapsed…You know…Jet fuel melted that steel so well that everything fell so neatly straight down……Now I get to reeducate them and tell them the truth as I know it….and correct a ton of “miseducation” courtesy of the system…It happened on my watch while my defenses were down and I was drowning in the tsunami of Autism which the same “system” gifted me with…..I WILL START WITH TEACHING THEM ALL ABOUT THE HOLODOMOR…….and correcting their “education” regarding the Holocaust….


    • Hey,

      I’ve heard similar stories. Its one reason why I am so set on educating mine correctly. But the stigma of public school has already begun. I constantly explain things to her that counter her education. Especially the all whites are racist thingy. It is rampant.

      Good to see you.


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