Understanding Antisemitism


The standard, knee-jerk accusation about my views shared here regarding Jews is the fibbery of calling me an Anti-Semite. Its such a tired, worn-out canard that it really doesn’t bother me any more (it used to). My normal response is to ask why it even matters when the Khazar accusing me isn’t even Semitic to begin with and that I can prove that I do support the actual Semites whom the Khazars dominate and murder endlessly from within Israel’s borders.


Of course, that doesn’t address the indoctrinated tribal sycophants who have foolishly fallen for the rhetoric, the Christian Zionists that erroneously believe and support these monsters, nor especially the hired hit squads that do the Khazar’s bidding. But still, its venom has worn very weak with its over use and false application.

I usually continue my explanation by telling my personal story which is that 100% of the Jews that I have encountered have used me, lied to me, stolen from me, and mostly, treated me as some sort of ignorant underling subservient to their G_d given supremacy over me. Unlike so many of the American bootlickers who are forever the Jews’ doormats, I have decided that I will not succumb to the same lickspittle obedience. I will let others know what their end game is and that with me, the jig is up.

Why? Not because I hate Jews (frankly, I don’t know any of them in person well enough to hate them). What I “hate” is Jewish dominion and control of me, my fellow countrymen and the world. What I hate is their Talmudic brainwashing that makes them feel some sense of false ascendancy over the rest of mankind.

To me, understanding exactly what anti-Semitism is to Jews (and their water-carriers) as opposed to what the actual meaning it has become in reality, is key to getting to the bottom of their control and stopping it.

So, what is it? And why is it?


Abe Foxman’s broken record


I have been following John Friend at The Realist Report (linked in my favorites on the side panel) since he came on the scene several years ago. One reason I felt some sort of kinship was the fact that we basically started this realization at about the same time (which is odd since I am old enough to be his father) and much of what we were writing about at the time was very similar (he is by far, a better writer than I). We don’t agree on everything, but like my recent posts suggest, I believe he is sincere.

BTW: I don’t agree with anyone on 100% of the topics.

But when it comes to this particular subject (most subjects, for that matter), he and I see eye to eye.

John’s recent post informs us of what Jews (specifically Abe Foxman of the ADL) say antisemitism is (and why it is) and he also explains what it is in reality:

Foxman published a rather revealing OpEd in The Times of Israel as well, where he openly demanded that international Jewry be protected from “anti-Semitism,” which in reality translates to ensuring Jews are never criticized or challenged on their false interpretation of reality in addition to preventing any open, honest discussion of Jewish power, influence, criminality, and subversiveness.


According to Foxman, “anti-Semitism” is a threat to the Jewish people that is “never ending,” meaning it has always and will always exist. However, Foxman claims “anti-Semitism” has nothing at all to do with Jews, their power and influence in the non-Jewish world, or their behavior and subversive, criminal nature. Foxman and other Jewish leaders and intellectuals always portray “anti-Semitism” as some irrational, unfounded, pathological manifestation of psychosis that is entirely disconnected from the actions, behavior, and policies promoted by Jews.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The Jews have been universally despised throughout history, resulting in their expulsion from various European countries and territories over 100 times, specifically because of their subversive, criminal nature and actions.

Despite the fact that international Jewry controls virtually every aspect of Western political, economic, and cultural life, which includes their outright ownership of the Federal Reserve System, large segments of Wall Street and other international financial institutions, the mainstream mass media and Hollywood as well as their dominating influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties and their occupation of important positions of power and influence throughout all levels of the federal government (and many state and local governments as well), Foxman is still openly declaring that “the Jewish people demand and deserve commitments, policies and partnerships to contain and offset this enduring hatred,” i.e., “anti-Semitism”.

We’ve already seen organized Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel lobby to have “anti-Semitism” recognized as an international crime. Foxman does not explicitly call for that in this OpEd, but that is clearly where his line of thinking is heading.

The Jews simply cannot tolerate any sort of criticism or honest, frank discussion of their power and influence anywhere in the world. They are the ultimate tyrants, and are expecting us to meekly acquiesce to their demands. I for one know their bullying tactics will not work on me and the readers of this website.

I recommend anyone interested in this topic to follow Mr Friend’s blog.

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11 thoughts on “Understanding Antisemitism

  1. Well said, Bman. I’m a proud “anti-semite” until someone explains to me why Sivan Kurzberg and his maggot accomplices were celebrating the 9/11 attacks and posing for photos. Ditto for the jailing of scientists, historians, academics, and other folks with a function pair of nuts who question the new global religion of “the Holocaust.” Ditto for the slaughter of Christians by the tens of millions by psychotic Jew Bolsheviks. Again, if they’re really keen, then they can explain the call for the crucifixion of Jesus.


  2. Check out the Talmud Terrorists latest foray into terror, the “Canary Mission.”

    The Canary Mission database was created to expose individuals and groups that are anti-Freedom, anti-American and anti-Semitic in order to protect the public and our democratic values.


    They want to ‘protect’ freedom by denying free speech to those who choose to use that precious right.


  3. WOW

    excellent, it truly is the “Language” !!!

    {Zephaniah 3:9}

    how is it that the Truth is always so offensive to the so-called “Jews” ?

    John 8:44 !!!

    100% of modern day so-called “Jews” are not even from the Tribe of Judah !!!

    Revelation 3:9….”worship before thy feet”….{that’s you BMan}

    then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father


  4. Trying ad infinitim to understand everything about “anti-semitism” is to me the real tired, worn-out canard. Most of us have been there, done that. So enough already.

    Our A C T I O N is where the action is — not understanding, not learning, not ever learning but never coming to the Truth.

    Our A C T I O N means obeying our Creator, the one true triune God. Our A C T I O N must be performed by each of as individuals in our everyday lives, by our choices about our thoughts, words, and deeds every day.

    The side effect of this moral God-honoring, God-worshipful behavior in our thoughts, words, and deeds is a withdrawal from, a rendering totally irrelevant, the people and systems of this wicked world system. What we each do every day in our thoughts, words and deeds is the only thing that matters for each of our eternal souls.

    I pray God Speed for us each and every one.


    • Trying ad infinitim to understand everything about “anti-semitism” is to me the real tired, worn-out canard. Most of us have been there, done that. So enough already.

      This blog (and my “preaching”) isn’t just for the choir.

      Thank you.


  5. This is from a comment on Kenny’s Sideshow:

    READER: With all of the “anti-semitic” accusations being thrown around lately, it might be wise to try and define just what “semitism” really is so that we can be sure not to be “anti-semitic”.

    1) If “semitism” is stealing your neighbor’s land, destroying his house and imprisoning and torturing his family, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    2) If “semitism” is committing terrible acts of violence and framing someone else for them, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    3) If “semitism” is compromising the USA government through blackmail and other threats, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    4) If “semitism” is imprisoning millions of improvised and brutalized people, cutting off all basic necessities for life, then yes, I am antisemitic.

    5) If “semitism” is taking billions in aid from the USA and then murdering Americans with impunity, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    6) If “semitism” is ignoring all UN Resolutions critical of you and then using the same UN to raise trumped-up charges against an INNOCENT nation, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    7) If “semitism” is coercing the USA government and fooling the American people into attacking an INNOCENT nation, costing millions of innocent lives, including American soldiers, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    8) If “semitism” is attacking unarmed humanitarian ships in INTERNATIONAL waters, murdering at least nine people, including an American, shot FOUR times in the head, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    9) If “semitism” is thinking that you are a master and superior race that has to answer to NO one, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    10) If “semitism” is taking American tax dollars and then sptting in America’s face, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    11) If “semitism” is suppressing any and all discussion of high crimes against humanity then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    12) If “semitism” is constant lying and deception to achieve a goal that is illegal and immoral then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    13) If “semitism” is arming yourself to the teeth, threatening other nations with attack AND attacking other nations because they are supposedly armed to the teeth and threatening you, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    14) If “semitism” is staging 911 with the help of traitorous Americansin high positions of power, murdering over 3,000 innocent Americans so that the USA will attack your “enemies” blamed for doing 911(and in the process blackmailing those same officials who helped you pull of 911!) then yes, I am anti-semitic.

    15) If “semitism” is calling anyone critical of you or revealing of your actions “anti-semitic” then yes. I am anti-semitic.

    Of course, these are not the real definitions of semitism, but “semitism” has become the cloak to shield crimes against humanity! But one thing is clear to me- those throwing this accusation around are the ones who are REALLY dragging REAL semtism though the mud! They are the real anti-semites!

    “Foxman and other Jewish leaders and intellectuals always portray ‘anti-Semitism’ as some irrational, unfounded, pathological manifestation of psychosis that is entirely disconnected from the actions, behavior, and policies promoted by Jews.”

    An individual exhibiting the sort of attitude towards the rest of the human race that the Foxman crowd do would be diagnosed as someone with a severe personality disorder approaching mental illness.


  6. If you want the full story on why Jews behave like they do,
    Read Rael’s free ebook and study what Jahweh has to say and you will be like me.
    Hope for the total elimination of his creations to get rid of the indigenous populations of this earth named GOYEM
    and declared to be non human.


    • there must be some confusion on Rael’s part….


      the deity of the stool sculpture deity cult is actually not called
      by that name…


      perhaps a little more reading of factually accurate information could cure
      that confusion


      the word “anti-semitism” entered the lexicon shortly after the word “Jew”
      followed closely by “Zionism”….and are fairly recent, historically speaking

      there are NO so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament

      good news….Tell the Truth to a so-called “Jew”…!!!

      and what better place than a Campus….

      The Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Abraham Foxman,
      recently christened Students for Justice in Palestine as
      “the main organizing force behind the boycott,
      divestment and sanctions campaigns” against Terrorist Talmudia a
      “Stool Sculpture Deity Cult Compound” {with Nuclear Weapons}
      on American campuses.
      SJP, he noted, boasts chapters
      “popping up on new campuses every few days now like mushrooms
      on cow pies in the pasture after a good spring rain .”

      This academic school year, has seen more PRO-TRUTH / anti-Talmudia activity
      on campuses than ever before.
      According to a running toll by the AMCHA Initiative,
      1500 university student bodies approved resolutions this year calling for
      their schools to divest their investment portfolios of selected companies
      deemed to be complicit in Talmudia’s TERRORIST occupation of Palestinian lands.
      That’s compared to 1300 last year….

      Khazars…hurry make EXODUS to Khazaria….!!!


  7. BTW, “Antisemitism” happens to be the spelling
    preferred by the Jews themselves — and most
    probably not without a good reason.


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