Recognizing Heroism: Ursula Haverbeck

The figurative balls it takes to say these things when your country is occupied by the tribe and its minions is astounding.

Truly heroic.

49 minutes long and worth every second

In 2015, Ursula Haverbeck made history in a defiant interview in which she threw down the gauntlet to the biggest taboo of our times. Revisionism . . . on German TV! A seismic event.

h/t Fig Trees and Vineyards

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10 thoughts on “Recognizing Heroism: Ursula Haverbeck

  1. What a magnificent woman. To have survived the horrors she did, to see her country shackled by the Jews and the children enslaved to lies, to sit there and endure the repeated idiocy of the “interviewer” without ever losing her cool…

    It seems this was broadcast in Germany which is a mystery and a wonder. Nationalism is the antidote to Jew parasitism.


  2. and yet the lady is’nt in jail which leads me to beleive they are getting closer to id ind any disent by rounding you all up


    • Should we consider, from your comment, that you would endorse the “round-up” and maybe even celebrate it? That dissent is a punishable offense?


  3. Ursula: During the period shortly after WWI, the German people learned that they had been betrayed by the German Zionist, during the year 1916. Germany had defeated the allies without a shot being fired on their soil. They offered to end the war and return everything to the way it was before the war. This peace offering was offered to the British, but before they could accept it, the German Zionists intervened and promised Britain that they could bring the US into the war through their contacts in the US govt. What they asked in return was what was offered in the Balfour declaration(Palestine). This is precisely what Herzl called for in 1897, when he called for the creation of a Zionist state in 50 years(1947). Israel was created in 1948. Coincidence? I think not. WWI prepared the land(Palestine) for the Jews; WWII prepared the Jews for the land(Holocaust). It’s all quite clear when you can view the whole picture.


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