Circumcision: As American as Mom, Apple Pie and Baseball?

American Circumcision

It was brought to my attention that a mother and father are in a legal battle over circumcising their 4 year old boy. The dad wants it and the mother doesn’t. The mother was arrested and jailed (since released because she finally relented and signed a release to allow the procedure).

America The Rational- DC Dave

Scary and Gross

A conversation ensued about the practice, with various people chiming in, defending the horrific procedure. One of my favorite quotes is:

My dad was never circumsized and it sure did look scary and gross down there. Thank God I was.

And this sentiment is found on the internet many places, including a recent Breitbart article, entitled, No One Wants To Live In A World Of Uncircumcised Penises:

Your penis is not a perfect, special snowflake. There are objective standards of beauty for men, just as there are for women. For the edification and enjoyment of your female partners, not to mention the quality of oral sex you’ll get throughout your life, you should get circumcised. And you should do it to your newborn sons, too, as early into their lives as possible.

It goes on to say that 15,000 years ago men wanted attractive dicks, so they started mutilating themselves for this purpose.


That must have been the reason.

The article further uses Mayo Clinic and other health related sources, suggesting that it is more healthy. It links to these sources, adding:

…both list huge advantages, together with the obligatory, diplomatic disadvantage list

Convincing, huh? Maybe, until you actually read those sources.

From Mayo:

Circumcision might have various health benefits, including:

  • Easier hygiene. Circumcision makes it simpler to wash the penis. Washing beneath the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis is generally easy, however.
  • Decreased risk of urinary tract infections. The overall risk of urinary tract infections in males is low, but these infections are more common in uncircumcised males. Severe infections early in life can lead to kidney problems later on.
  • Decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections. Circumcised men might have a lower risk of certain sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Still, safe sexual practices remain essential.
  • Prevention of penile problems. Occasionally, the foreskin on an uncircumcised penis can be difficult or impossible to retract (phimosis). This can lead to inflammation of the foreskin or head of the penis.
  • Decreased risk of penile cancer. Although cancer of the penis is rare, it’s less common in circumcised men. In addition, cervical cancer is less common in the female sexual partners of circumcised men.

Did you notice it? There sure are a lot of “mights” found in those advantages. In reality, what it boils down to is cleanliness. If a man is a stank and doesn’t wash himself or care for himself properly, some of these issues are fact. But who in the right mind would rather hack off a body part than wash themselves? Who would rather cut off their nose because skin cancer “might” show up one day?

When did a baby give up its human rights to allow such a bizarre and painful act (if you think it doesn’t hurt, just watch a video or two on the subject)?

When did preemptive amputation for a possibility of penile cancer (virtually unheard of until men are in their 70’s and 80’s), or any of these reasons given, become normal in America, and why?

If the logic is to be believed, why don’t we cut off all girl’s breasts (a la Angelina Jolie) , since breast cancer rates are very high?

And why in America, when the vast majority of the world does NOT do it?


The links at the bottom dispel all of these myths that are used in defense of this practice, but you could take some time to watch this video and get a very good counter argument:

One should wonder who in the hell dreamed up such a crazy practice, but it really is obvious, isn’t it?

pedophile_rabbi_metzitzah_b'peh_sucking_baby_dick_kills_babyThese beanie monsters use their “religion” as a cover for many of the most despicable practices known to mankind (including homosexuality, bestiality, coprophagia, and pedophilia). Who else could suck on a baby penis and call it religion? And because they also hide their true Holy Book, the Talmud, in the open, simply by changing word meanings (they call it Torah, when Christians consider the Old testament the Torah… which is just as vile in many ways).

Here is one of these vile creatures explaining Jewish Laws (notice that he is either masturbating or is a lunatic rocking back and forth)

It has been reported that some of these vile women EAT the foreskins, (for God’s sake, I suppose)!


She does this:

…so her son will never be found out if he commits theft, adultery with another man’s wife, or any other crime.

See here for other reasons these freaks eat their babies’ body parts.

America has become a Jewish controlled institution. We cower and do their bidding, even to the point of hacking off our baby’s organs. Unfortunately, it is so ingrained within us to do these things, many lash out at someone like me that points out the depravity and subservience we have to them.

It is pitiful.


h/t DC Dave

Also see:

Circumcision: The Uniquely American Medical Enigma

Male Circumcision In The USA


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47 thoughts on “Circumcision: As American as Mom, Apple Pie and Baseball?

  1. Intact males are lovely – everything works better, more sensitive, functional, no need for lubricant, more pleasure for the woman. Only women who’ve been with both kinds of men can tell you this. Some men have been cut as adults and will also describe a tremendous decrement in pleasure.

    I think that doing this to infants is a human rights violation, pure and simple. Infants show, as a result of the procedure, heightened cortisol response as much as 8 months later. How does preventing infection that may or may not occur years/decades later in a tiny fraction of men justify mutilating all infant males? Imagine a tiny baby with severe pain and a fresh wound that now must be surrounded by shit/piss in a diaper 24 hours a day. How is that logical?

    I’m so fucking angry about this issue. Thanks for posting this article, B’man.


    • Thank you, EV, for being here. Your input is always appreciated.

      I immediately wondered if the judge was snipped (and whether or not that makes a difference in the ruling). I also obviously wondered if he is Jewish (even though far more goyim get circumcised in America than do Jews, although probably not by percentages).

      His name is Jeffrey Dana Gillen and he refuses to answer the first question:

      Is it relevant to know if he is circumcised? I think so, because if he were circumcised as a baby, he (like me) would not remember it and he may be biased. His own comments suggest so, because he calls the procedure “very, very safe“, a “routine procedure“and also says that it can be done under local anesthesia.

      Perhaps some of this is true for infants (although I do not believe it), but this child is almost 5. Young boys (not infants) have 20 times more likelihood of complications.

      I point out the Jewish connection (it appears that Gillen is an Irish name, but I can’t find anything specific on this judge regarding religion/ethnicity), searched and found out that this has happened in Israel, culminating in a woman’s appeal being heard by their Supreme Court.

      (Do we want what is equivalent to a rabbinical court taking place here? I ask rhetorically since we have, from about 2% of our American population, around a 1/3 of the Supreme Court Judges as Jews)?


      • Hi B’Man,
        Thanks for your comments. The judge, like all males born in the US since 1945 or so, is likely to be snipped. Virtually all snipped men think it was good for them (and harmless, safe, etc.). Got to avoid that cognitive dissonance!

        I’ve known jewish men born in europe – none were snipped. All born after WWII.



  2. Yep. Mutilation with NO benefits at all EXCEPT that it allows Jews to hide more easily. This insanity needs to end.


  3. You do realize that you are inciting anti-Jewish sentiment, right? While I agree with some things you have said before, I think throwing out terminology about Jews controlling America smacks very much of the entire 20th century anti- Semitic ideology. Blood libels and Hitler come to mind. You don’t have to agree with Jewish religious choices but don’t imply that we are some kind of evil puppet masters! And the person bringing up Jews hiding? We have done nothing wrong as a people so we have nothing to hide from. Feel free to unfollow me or blast me for my views, I don’t care because this kind of thinking is not something I can stand behind anyway.


    • Where do you think that circumcision comes from?

      It is unfortunate that you can’t see this for what it is and feel the normal tribal kneejerk is required, instead of any valid argument against my points.

      Sorry to see you go.


    • So Gentiles waking up to Jewish “Cattle Mutilation” is inciting something bad?

      What exactly was Voltaire referring to when he said of the Jews “you have surpassed all nations in the telling of impertinent fables”?

      9/11, Holocrock, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Facts are always dangerous to the Jews for some odd reason.


  4. Great article! It seems to me that the regular amputation of this part of the male anatomy makes about as much sense as the obligatory cutting off of the tails of certain breeds of dogs for cosmetic purposes. I think the great fear of trips to the vet that our late adopted half-cocker spaniel exhibited was largely attributable to his early experience of having his tail chopped off by the first vet he encountered. Dobermans, bull dogs, cocker spaniels unite, you have nothing to lose but…


  5. Now the Jew is doing circumcisions on a mass scale in Yemen:

    Nuclear strike hits Yemen. Video

    Saudis have begun to wipe Yemen off the map. Tactical strikes have hit the city. Shocking video reveals proton bombardment from a neutron bomb. Israel is reported to be the one to deploy such neutron bombs. Any doubts about the nuclear attack on Yemen attributed to Israel, as evidenced in two Israeli F16s shot down and forensically identified, are now gone. Forbidden strikes have brought about a storm of worldwide protest. Obama has recently promised to provide every assistance including US military force to any “external threat” the rich Arab states of the Gulf may face. Pravda.Ru Read more on the subject here


    • They are taking the meat grinder approach to yet another Muslim nation only this time the Saudis are doing the dirty work. Consider how well Israel has managed to get Muslim nations to turn on other Muslim nations over the past while. All to serve the formation of first, Eretz Israel, the second, world domination. Of course the Sauds will have go give in for the fulfillment of the first…..

      Damn, one thing that woman mentions in the video I posted is that the baby’s brains never return to the norm after the traumatization of circumcision. She covers this aspect of the ritual in detail actually. It permanently imprints upon the child. Consider that fine gift as well…

      Also, I read a note somewhere. The UN considers the FGM removal of the clitoris to be a criminal mutilation. What, then, is the removal of the foreskin which is basically the same thing biologically? Strange….


      • We have been discussing this aspect of ISIS over at TUT for some time now. The destruction, theft and resale of these artifacts is blatant and definitely for the rewriting of history in favour of Israel who has already been showing “By the River of Babylon” complete with relics in Tel Aviv for some months now. Might I suggest, respectfully, that instead of directing people to that filthy pit of lies known as Veterans Today, you send them straight to Dr. Ezzat’s excellent site itself?


  6. HEY BMan,.

    This is a topic that is muddied by Old Testament ‘laws’ and the need for “JEW” control and perspective, while ignoring the NEW Covenant (TESTAMENT). And then we have the greedy needs of the medical ‘profession’ to perform the procedure under MANY claims of it being necessary!

    As it stands now, I have nothing of value for medical transplant or ‘organ donation’ except my foreskin! My eyes are shot, lungs have been abused, kidneys too. But my foreskin is a magnificent organ, that many wish they had. The technology may exist to regrow the foreskin, (just as they are able to regenerate the Liver), but just as so many other medical capabilities, they are not for we the GOYIM!

    Circumcision is for JEW WORSHIPERS! They lack the ability to question anything!


  7. I could not care less about the Jews. Cutting a baby’s foreskin is mutilation, child abuse, criminal assault; so is injecting them with poison, aluminum, aspartame, mercury etc. Period. If anyone tried any of the above on my children I am sorry, but I would have to respond in kind. Only I would cut it all off.


  8. Jewish doctors in America have systematically brainwashed the population in believing that circumcision has healthy benefits. Benefit for whom? Unfortunately, most American parents perhaps did not know who their doctors were, neither did they know that it was an ancient practice in the Middle East, and now it is being spread by Jewish doctors and their sympathizers. It appears as though these parents were obviously brainwashed. This ancient Jewish horrific ritual should have NEVER been introduced to the American Medical Association. THIS IS A CRIME and nothing else.

    As my mama used to say : ” Drop your pants and I’ll know who you are or have become” .


  9. Check this little video out. This beautiful woman talks about circumcision….

    I have not done anything new on this topic but here is a link to the first of a series I did on it.


    If that video and that young woman don’t get the points across, nothing will.


    Sum total … Noahide Laws….


  10. The acceptance of circumcision amongst christian Americans tells you once more that protestantism is talmudism for goyim. America poses as a christian nation but how in the world dare they since Christ himself denounced the practice? A follower of Christ must not circumcise in the flesh but in the heart, which means that he has to be pure in the heart!!

    Protestants have always been the lackyes of the jewish master. Since the Reformation!!

    Check out this article to understand more about the true evil circumcision represents. All these mentally unstable men are victims of hormonal disarray due to the vile cutting of baby penises in the first puberty. Maybe this is the reason why there is so much mental disturbance in non jewish Americans these days.


  11. God created Adam human, God do created foreskin too and Adam still own Foreskin and his sons and same descendant males for 2000 years till Abraham circumision by his wife for God wishes but WHY God Changed all males to Circumision from foreskin that mean God made mistake then God changed his mind that He think dirty odour inside foreskin because holiness for God that why not first place God created and circumision Adam before every males. Okay for Jews and Muslims want it that means they FEAR God but Not for Goyims. Goyims Know how to clean your foreskins every day well that Goyims are not stupid!!


  12. I received this comment by email from Virginia Deane Abernethy, posted with her permission:

    See my book Population Pressure and Cultural Adjustment for a discussion of male “subincision” among Australian Aborigines.

    Johns Hopkins [Baltimore] had one unfortunate incident where boy was so mutilated by circumcision that he had to be raised as a girl. This was reported by a physician/psychiatrist [he first was at Johns Hopkins and then Harvard] who wrote extensively on genetically-related and other sexual anomalies. Writing was in 1970s called, I think Man, Woman. Sorry I’ve forgotten the reference.


  13. As if there were not enough arguments against circumcision, a Danish study published in January of this year found a strong link between the procedure and the incidence of autism:

    “For the study, published online Jan. 8, 2015 in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, a pair of researchers looked at cases of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in more than 340,000 boys born in Denmark between 1994 and 2003. The researchers found that the overall risk of developing autism before age 10 was almost 50 percent higher for circumcised boys than uncircumcised boys.”

    The argument against any causal link by Dr. Douglas S. Diekema, an American Academy of Pediatrics circumcision advocate, is almost embarrassing in its speciousness:

    “If circumcision really did cause autism, Diekema said, one would expect the rates of autism to have fallen in recent decades along with circumcision rates. ‘In fact,’ he said in the email, ‘we have seen just the opposite.'”

    Who said circumcision was the only cause, or even a major cause, of autism? Those other causes of autism could quite easily have been increasing at a sufficiently great rate to override the decline associated with a reduced rate of circumcision.

    Would you really want to trust the well-being of your child to people with no greater reasoning ability than that exhibited by Dr. Diekema?


  14. Ok here is my latest contribution to this particular discussion. Last night I was at a birthday party and one of the guests was a 5 week old baby boy who was being … omgosh it brought tears to my eyes watching his young father with him. So very very beautiful. Anyhow, young Mom and I were chatting and I asked her if the baby had been circumcised. She looked at me and said, “Oh … (hubby) was completely against it. Why would anyone want to do that unless they had to?” The conversation went on. She said that most young parents today were not having it done ~ unlike their parents or grandparents who “seemed to have been caught in a system.” She knew no boys with the thing done to them and she has a 3 year old daughter…

    When I spoke lightly of the Jewish rite (I went delicately because the situation called for it… “grossing out” does not work I have found when speaking with beautiful-spirited educated young people) she truly shuddered in disgust and said, “We just want him to grow up the way he was made and … (hubby) wants him to make his wife happy someday.”

    Then she said, “I am glad we are in Canada where our medical system didn’t want us to do it just to get medical care like they do with Vaccines for Obamacare. We haven’t vaccinated (daughter) yet either and don’t plan to.”

    She was surprised that circumcision was even a topic of discussion let alone that I had asked her about it. When I told her it was a matter of a current discussion (and dropped a few of the facts from the video I included above) all I did was seriously back up their original decision regarding the baby and the ritual. The psychological aspect of trauma was something she had never considered then…”So, perhaps if he gets into a fight despite his peaceful nature the kid who hit him got the knife?”…. from there on the conversation deteriorated into laughter connecting circumcision and violence. Point made very lightly actually.

    End of topic and we moved on to breastfeeding and the usual motherly topics….


    • What a great story. I hope that the numbers continue to fall as people realize how detrimental it can be.

      If someone wants to do so when they are old enough to ask for it (for whatever reason), then by all means, snip-snip. But doing it to the ones that have no choice whatsoever, is abuse.


  15. This interesting book explains the “Blood Covenant” expressed in the Old testament. It is called:

    It is an ancient Semitic rite

    It is used so two people can become blood brothers or to express undying dedication to each other. It was done between various tribes, sealing mutual defenses and friendship.

    This covenant is commonly between two persons of the same religion—Muhammadans, Druzes, or Nazarenes; yet it has been known between two persons of different religions;[1] and in such a case it would be held as a closer tie than that of birth[2] or sect. He who has entered into this compact with another, counts himself the possessor of a double life; for his friend, whose blood he has shared, is ready to lay down his life with him, or for him.[3] Hence the leathern case, or Bayt hejâb (بيت حجاب) “House of the amulet,”[4] [8] containing the record of the covenant (’uhdah, عهدة), is counted a proud badge of honor, by one who possesses it; and he has an added sense of security, because he will not be alone when he falleth.[5]

    The circumcision rite was first done between Abraham and God and from that point on was via his descendents.Abraham is known as the Friend of God.

    Although most people say that circumcision is for health or “beauty”, the entire purpose is to bind people together in unending dedication/friendship/brotherhood. When we circumcise our sons, we are unknowingly participating in this blood ritual. From the looks of the goyim in America, it has worked. We allow these people of the covenant to dictate everything we do.

    But the joke is on us, for they know it is all a ruse. We are not part of that heritage (although the Christian Identity folks may argue).


  16. You’ve hit the jackpot with this question.

    Let me be concise:
    1. The human foreskin is a permeable membrane and is rich in estrogen receptors which are activated during sexual intercourse when the estrogen-rich vaginal secretions bathe the foreskin. This triggers the release of the hormone aromatase (look it up on wikipedia) which causes adult-onset developmental changes increasing empathy and altruism and preparing the male for fatherhood.
    2. The surgical removal of the glands of Tyson (look them up on wikipedia) prevents the constituents of smegma from being topically applied to the vaginal walls, inducing emotional attachment to (and a need for signs of altruism from) her partner. Moses Maimonides, the most revered Jewish scholar, quotes the ancients (in Guide for the Perplexed) as saying that a woman who has had intercourse with an uncircumcised man has difficulty separating from him.
    3. There’s a website at where the practitioner very plausibly claims to have observed irreversible brain damage occurring during a circumcision.
    4. Ritual judaic circumcision differs significantly from the circumcision regular Americans are subjected to in two important ways:
    i. Gentile Americans are typically circumcised within 48 hours after birth and the operation is executed as quickly as possible, with many of the people involved trying to comfort and support the baby through its evident suffering. From the developing nervous system’s point of view, the injury is traumatic and is a sign of a dangerous world ahead.
    ii, Judaic circumcision occurs when the baby is a week old, which is when it begins to recognize faces, tries to imitate faces and smile at faces and can show signs of happiness or sadness but has no more sophisticated methods of communication. The blood-sucking ritual performed at this age leaves no doubt to the developing nervous system: This torture is being deliberately inflicted by a person, who knows I am suffering and continues.

    These have different effects on the nervous system. The latter induces a specific rage and hatred of a nebulous unidentifiable enemy among people. Language in the nervous system never reaches back as far as the circumcision, so the rage and horror can’t be spoken, but remain in the mind to torment the mutilee for life.

    This produces two inclinations among those people:
    a) To form exclusive groups. The fear of the everpresent threat is never completely banished, but when in a group comprised entirely of mutilees, they will of course have a common vibe and set one another at ease. If we’re all victims, then none of us is the perpetrator, right?
    b) Blot it out. Its name, its memory, its mention. Erase and delete it. Because it threatens our existence. What is it? There – at the edge of our consciousness, surely there lurks a danger, surely somebody wants to kill us all. This is a recurring theme. It’s the central thought of Judaism. You can give it a name if you want. Amalek, Yeshu, whatever. It’s the theme of blotting out the memory, the mention. It’s something too horrible to squarely face. It’s hard to put into words but you know it’s there because you went through unimaginable torture when you were a week old, and you flinch to think about it and haven’t even any words for it, so blot it out.


  17. Before anyone chooses circumcision for their precious boy, a prerequisite should be that they must first view a circumcision in its entirety (several complete [unforgettable] videos available online for the searching). Hopefully, they will see the error in subjecting their innocent progeny to this needless, unforgivable barbarism. My intact sons are now 33 & 26 with zero issues.

    Private parts are private property (and belong to the bearer)! Respect their integrity!


  18. I have 4 boys…I have ALWAYS had a problem with circumcision… He needs to look like his dad….He needs to look like every other kid in the locker room or he will be teased…etc …..It is more sanitary…no penile cancer…Yes I can say Penile…I am a mother of 6 for heavens sake…

    The doctor assured me it was no big deal…just a squeek…we will give him a pacifier with some sugar water on it…Now that I know what I know…. I am like…”Why didn’t you just give him some brandy ON HIS NOOKIE or some morphine in an IV????” What kind of pain relief would YOU want if this were done on you as an adult???? Infants nervous systems can be immature and pain can actually register higher on their “Richter Scale of Pain..” so to speak…so….

    It’s not like a pacifier “full of sugar helps the circumcision go down…..”(Think spoon full of sugar….mary poppins…I digress….Sorry)

    Sadly I regret the first 3 were circumcised…Mostly doctors holding my hand while I sobbed my “I’m against it” story…Looking at the father’s personal history…when he was a kid there was some teasing of a boy in his high school who was on the basketball team…(hey we are both in our 50’s) In a way it used to be those kids whose parents couldn’t pay for it back in the day….(This was before every mothers brothers uncles whoever could be on public assistance and therefore get this horrific mutilation done for their baby boy for free) ….So it “marked” this kid in the locker room as a poor kid teased and ostracized…


    Here is the deal…I won the battle on the 4th son…premature…(just inside the premie line) didn’t want to give him one more thing to deal with and my heart could not take it….Plus I knew better…..I fought harder…..NO ONE MESSES WITH A GRANDPARA….WE ARE LEAN MEAN FIGHTIN MACHINES!!! Anyhow after 6 deliveries 5 with no drugs and one was almost 10 pounds you have to think….How hard did I fight not to have drugs enter my system and incur pain just to not risk what medication might do to my baby??? Then I turned and signed the consent forms for 3 out of the 4???What a dummy… I used to think GW Bush was a good guy as well..ah admitting being stupid……YUP I WAS STUPID…..emphasis on was….here’s the deal…

    I don’t like folks who pierce their baby girls ears before they can choose (Just so folks won’t mistake them for a boy when they don’t have enough hair….WTF?????????) Mutilation….the baby girl could care less what people “think”….the parents should take her lead on that one…..

    I couldn’t pierce my ears until I was 18…..if my kiddos tattoo or pierce anything before they are 21 they are out of my will…per ME!!!!!! Yeah I know I am such a beotch…….

    If a girl wants an aspirin at school she must have a note from her guardians or parents…but if she wants an abortion…well….

    UGH…That is another story for another day….Matzo’s are HUGE proponents of abortion btw….I dare say they created the movement single handedly….Black kiddos are it’s highest ranked victims….Ruthie Ginsberg…(she is suuuuuuuuch a looker btw stated….Five years ago, in a candid interview with Sunday New York Times Magazine reporter Emily Bazelon:

    ” Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

    Wow Ruthie you are such a honey….I don’t know if you have any kiddos but most likely if you have any boys well…They are no longer virgins under the “Oral sex” definition….It is like having a pedophile accost and menace your child…cause them pain and scar them for life and call it “Religion.” Y*IKEs!!!!!

    If it helps anyone folks are starting to “get” it…In the state where I live according to the 16 year old it is about half and half…My grandson who’s father is Ukrainian is not circumcised….same as his father….(Orthodox Christian background)….My 16 year old former “preemie” who is 6’7″ says his locker room is about half and half……

    Just like figuring out the truth about 911 these things sometimes take time…It is sad that this is the case but at least we are headed in the right direction….

    Let the Matzo’s do this to their kiddos………..If they want to inflict pain on their own in their “IGNORANCE” well then have at it….. That was sad to say as a compassionate mother…I will retract as it was a knee jerk thingy… bad…..

    If I could have my “druthers” circumcision and abortion would disappear from the planet…..along with…. well…you fill in the blank….



    • OMG that is a precious quote from darling Ruthie. I have been waiting for a good quote from her. You are right, she is one mean Talmudic looking sunnuvagun. Cos she cannot be female…


  19. Well, let’s just be thankful third world war does not erupt this weekend, with all the muslim terrorists, falling jets, black student riots, Europe shootings and socialist/fascist election debates. Let’s just quietly enjoy our turkeys tonight (if we can afford that) before we stomp on each other on black friday sales.


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