Jews Control Governments Via The Super Government Administration

How do Jews control governments?

It is stated in Protocol V that:

In place of the rulers of today we shall set up a bogey which will be called the Super Government Administration.

With this is closely connected some of the most important instructions of the Protocols, which tell us that as long as it is not advisable to put Jews into the highest positions the important posts will be filled by persons of doubtful character.

It must be noted that Jewry, as a most disciplined nationalism, obeyed this order without fail. Be it Soviet dictatorship or American democracy, Jews everywhere fill positions behind a Gentile front.

A Gentile puppet is in the forefront as head of the State, Prime Minister, etc., but at his elbow stands a Jew. Eisenhower comes first but next comes Baruch who is much more influential. Similarly, Stalin was followed by Kaganovich. It is noteworthy that this plan was carried out not only in cases affecting the most important key positions but often in those concerning posts of lesser importance also. The head of the office is a Gentile, his deputy is a Jew. The commander-in-chief of the occupation forces is an American or Soviet general, but his deputy is a Jew. At Nuremberg, Gentile judges sat on the bench, but Robert M. Kempner, helped by 2, 400 other Jews, toiled in the background.



It is far worse today.

The above is taken from Chapter Seventeen of The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals by Louis Marschalko.

The entire book is hosted at the Katana site. Chapter One is found here.

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One thought on “Jews Control Governments Via The Super Government Administration

  1. IMO, the World Conquerors best put into words Jewish domination everywhere. Pretty depressing after WWII when they did all their “pogroms” on gentiles under the cover of nation uniforms. For me, “The Nameless War” was a great intro into the “continual Jewish subversion” problem


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