You’re Not Niggas (Unless You Want To Be)

Case in point: Rachel Dolezal

NAACP leader and civil rights activist outed as WHITE by her parents who say she’s been pretending to be black for years

  • Rachel Dolezal, 37, has been a vocal member of the civil rights community in Idaho and Eastern Washington for years
  • She also teaches Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University
  • But her estranged mother has now revealed that her daughter is white and began to ‘disguise herself’ in 2006 or 2007
  • She is facing a city ethics investigation after identifying herself as black in an application to serve on a local police ombudsman commission
  • She said she was white, black and American Indian and secured the role – but her mother says the family is Czech, Swedish and German
  • KXLY asked her if she was African American and, looking stunned, she responded: ‘I don’t understand the question’

B’Man Notes: Being black doesn’t make you a “nigga”. But being a white (or black) liar who rips off others in scams like this qualifies you.

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16 thoughts on “You’re Not Niggas (Unless You Want To Be)

  1. Very good post,I would like the word nigger to morf into meaning, a complete waste of space no good for nothing alien specie’s dickhead,anti community anti equality anti everything moral freak,for any human black white green blue orange,in other words a nigger means bad for all bad peoples.


    • I agree on the definition. When I was young, it meant “an ignorant person” (which obviously covers the ignorant of all races).

      I have said here many times that because I know many more white people than blacks (or others) I know more white niggers. That has a tendency to piss off people of all stripes.


      • Good evening Mr b,I’m going to try and explain what this heinous word means here in the UK.this word means to slur a black person,example(that fucking nigger) means something less than ones self,something to smirk at,blah blah blah,now I know this because I was brought up this way,to feel what the word means to me as a white person,I must add(NOT NOW),I was brought up in a completely white skinned area,I left home and headed for the bright lights of London as a very young man,when I arrived the first thing I noticed that there were many people of different origins in this city,now my transformation from some sort of supremist began.I have met and made friends with many people that don’t look the same as me,what I must stress is that my good old mother taught me is you must not judge prior to meeting people,you must take as you find which has saved me from being very small minded and self centred,now for other white peoples black peoples blah blah blah that don’t take as they find,there is something really quite wrong there?this is what a nigger should mean,does mean for me,for me Israel is full of niggers,corrupt politicians are niggers,murderers rapists and child molesters are niggers.


      • “Nigger” just means “black trash.” You can call poor or lower-middle-class white people “white trash” as many times as you want on television and nobody minds or even suggests it’s “racist,” but you can’t say “brown trash,” “black trash” or even “yellow trash,” because all these people are apparently offended at the mere connection of ethnicity with trash or the mere suggestion that the standards of behavior of a certain group within an ethnicity might have something to do with “trash.” Or the bee-hive-ior or the ruining of the reputation of other people of that ethnicity who have higher standards and bee-hive much better. European Whites and Caucasians are supposed to be immune to all this crap even though today at 8% of the world’s population, they are a minority everywhere outside of European-built nations and will soon end-up being minorities INSIDE their own nations as well. Will they then get “affirmative action” when they become minorities in their own countries? Of course, not. It was never about helping minorities but destroying majorities, communities and power bases, anything that threatens the most massive minority power in history, that of usury and legalized counterfeiting, i.e., that of the elite Jews and whoever collaborates with them.

        Spike Lee hasn’t made that many great films and some are sub-mediocre at best but “Do the Right Thing,” “Crooklyn” and “Bamboozled” (where he satirizes hip-hop and rap music culture by comparing to the minstrel shows of old) are quite outstanding.


        • Thanks for your reply,I would love nigger to just mean Jews ,and maybe
          There (water carriers),i stole water carriers from b man,it hits the nail right on the head,its very fitting.after all we are all goyim.


        • I did mean to add,I am very aware of the Jews agenda for white Europe,forced diversity on a people is wrong.the Jew is the world’s collective enemy,all peoples of the world need to rise up and rid us all of this evil,then corruption can end on a massive scale,no more starving kids,a real fight against diseases,people who really do care about people.laws can be properly enforced on everyone equally, no exceptions.I have wasted so much time on sites that are anti Jew but turn out to be anti something else as well.being equal to all good men is easy,believing you are above someone is Jew.


          • This is something that I continually harp on. It is the Gentiles uniting to stop the Jews’ control that will work. Stop the divide and conquer.

            I have also stated that one of my best friends is a black guy. He is no nigger. His brother is (and my friend will be the first to call him that). We are also friends with another black/bi-racial family that are not niggers.

            Like Anthony Clifton says about Jews (that they don’t have to be a Jew… no one does), I also say that people don’t have to be niggers, no matter what color they are. Similarly, I often use the term “redneck”, but not in the derogatory way. I personally change the meaning to be similar to “homey” or “my nigga”. I used to get my butt chewed out by the politically correct rednecks for that.

            The divide and conquer thing works, but we could and should stop it. Only then can we take back the power that the Jew has acquired.


            • Thanks for your reply b man.the Jew is an expert in devision,working flat out to divide all good men,if the Jew were just a bad nightmare I do believe there would be harmony all over our world.for me you cannot flood country’s with people that have nothing in common with your culture and have no intention of integrating to that way of life,this just does what the Jew wants,division,anger,resentment amongst all communitys with a timeline with each other.some of these people really would think nothing of just taking what they want,some of these peoples would think nothing of doing as they want,this is a disaster for you and I and everyone else that trully wants a civilised society.


  2. Rachel Dolezal? Why is it that when various scams, cons, frauds and the like come to light, most of the time, it’s a Jew involved?
    Considering they’re only 2% or so of the population, they sure get around.


  3. but, but…in a free country she should be able to be a “good Nigga”
    if she finds that teaching dumbards, idiots and retards about Africa
    pays the bills, and all…what’s wrong with that ?

    sometimes I get really upset that you don’t get hundreds or even thousands of
    comments on your Stunningly Courageous Deprogramming Website

    maybe people are too busy, or otherwise distracted, but in the New Media
    developing overnight dept. you’re way ahead of most of the milquetoast sites
    that can’t bring themselves to say {print} “Jew” – Nigger, or Queer…

    I have always got along just fine with everyone that acts in Good Faith
    & those that want to enjoy the blessings of liberty and is honest & decent

    back stabbing, forked tongued, LIARS & Murderers & Fraud Artists
    & “Good Baptists”….self righteous, self centered…
    “JEW” worshippers and genuine a**Holes……some will get to see Justice forever
    in a bottomless pit with all the other “JEW” worshippers @ NPR

    I hope she doesn’t lose her “Job”…er um employment teaching
    African Studies…in the White Northwest Territory to real dumbards


    • Well, buddy, most sites (and the people that run them) are too politically correct to say or write these things. The large sites will never write what I write, but that is why I will never have a big site.

      Before I said “hell with it” and opened up, I got far more views. Now, many people knee-jerk and freak out (never thinking about any deeper message being meant). So, I try to use humorous/snarky titles to grab attention, then some deeper message in the text.

      There are only around 680 subscribers. And if it weren’t for Dave’s excellent real authorship, I would have less.


  4. A show that promoted honorable black bee-hive-ior that I remember was “Room 222.” Do you remember that show?

    Of course, it was created by the Jew James L. Brooks (net worth of over 500 million) and right up the alley of multi-cultural promotion and they made the principal of the high school (Walt Whitman high, no less, as “American” as the most American of poets) a Jew (Kaufmann) who was played by a Greek actor (Michael Constantine), in order to, as always and as a very transparent tactic, give the false impression that Jews actually care about minorities, when, in fact, they only care about what minorities can do for them against the Whites. The main black teacher, played by Lloyd Haynes, was a 12 year veteran of the Marine Corps where he had the rank of commander and also was not just any black guy but one of the Bahá’í faith. Then you had the cute mulatto woman played by Denise Nicholas, who was married to some Jew named Gilbert Moses for a year (1964-1965) who later directed one of the most ridiculous blaxploitation films of the 1970s called “Willie Dynamite,” Bill Withers (1973-74), and the well-known black sportscaster Jim Hill for a couple of years (1981-1984). And the cute white girl Karen Valentine to pull in the rest of the audience.


    • The number 222, of course, is masonic:

      The words “truth” and “wisdom” are both found in exactly 222 verses of the King James Bible. The word “Nazarene” is 222 in Greek gematria. The 222nd word of the New Testament is Alexandria. Alexandria in Strong’s concordance of the King James bible is number 222.

      Alexandria Egypt is 222 miles round trip to the Great Pyramid.

      In Alexandria, Virginia the George Washington National Masonic Memorial building stands 333 feet tall. Washington’s birthday has been moved from Feb. 11th to the 22nd, which is 222. George Washington’s Alexandria Lodge number was 22.


    • I remember the show, but had forgotten about all the points you made. Wasn’t much of a fan, though, and now I know why.
      Thanks for the reminder.


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