We Don’t Give A Damn

Frankly My Dear: A Guest Post From Ol’ Remus | Liberty’s Torch

[The following is a Guest Post from Ol’ Remus of the late and greatly missed Woodpile Report. I keep inviting Remus to become a regular Co-Conspirator here, and he keeps declining. I shall persist! — FWP]


With all the recent troubles we’re again being invited to an honest and open conversation about race, or said differently, the browbeatings will be resumed. Try this for honest and open: many of us, probably most of us, are tired of your whining, your so-called grievances, your violence and crime, your insults and threats, your witless blather and pornographic demeanor—all of it. You’re not quite 13% of the population yet everything has to be about you, all day, every day. With you, facts aren’t facts, everything’s a kozmik krisis, and abusive confrontations are your go-to.

Here’s the thing: some of us despise you, although fewer than you believe, but most of us plain don’t care about you or your doings. There was a time when we did care, but you betrayed our good will and played us for fools. We laugh about it now, but we actually believed you wanted equal opportunity and mutual respect and to live in harmony—all that stuff. Ain’t it a hoot? Imagine our embarrassment.

blackfailWe talk among ourselves just like you do. It’s true, we have “frank and open discussions” when you’re not around. Why? Partly because it’s exhausting to tippy-toe around you. Partly because you think it’s your celestial right to tell us what we can say. And partly because you’re alarmingly aggressive or painfully dim-witted by turns. We never know which “you” will pop out of the box, or when. But mainly because you’ve revealed yourself as grasping opportunists without honor or principle. There’s your deal-breaker. There’s more.

During the recent riots you expected us to believe heisting snack food then torching the place was “standing up for justice”. When we didn’t buy it, you told us the looting and arson wasn’t done by the rioters after all, no, all the bad stuff was done by rioters from out of town. Apparently you think it makes a difference to us. And if we don’t fall for that one, you tell us you’re the real victims, you’re the ones “hit hardest” because the neighborhoods you looted and burned are, um, looted and burned.


We’ve never stood in your way but we don’t really care if you have good neighborhoods or not. The evidence says you don’t care either, unless we build and maintain them for you, what your enablers call “investments in urban communities.” They don’t mention the return on our past “investments”. Our former neighborhoods weren’t improved by your arrival. Your contempt for ordinary civility tells us no level of “investment” would make a difference. Listen up. It’s simple. Just like our neighborhoods are our responsibility, so are your neighborhoods your responsibility, not ours. Your clownish leaders will tell you otherwise but they’ve always been your responsibility and they always will be your responsibility. Accept it or don’t, you’re the ones who live in them. There’s more….

(You should read the rest)

h/t FWP at The Grey Enigma (Visit: there is some good stuff found there)

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4 thoughts on “We Don’t Give A Damn

  1. Good day to you b man,this is so heart breaking to see and read,there is a rap star in Sweden who raps so much hatred in his songs? Towards the indigenous swedish,yet he gets to do this at his will,in a world that I aspire to this act would be treason ,and the threat to peoples would be dealt with justly,the Jew has smashed the heavenly moral code world wide,where laws are not enforced we can clearly see what happens.these peoples in the pictures are playing right into the Jewish agenda,no moral code,we are all f,ck,d.God bless you b man,from a very worried Christian.


    • I would like to add,there is a lady and her family moved in recently two doors up the road,her family are a different colour to my family,she and her family are of the forced Jewish diversity programme hear in Europe,which is moraly wrong,this lady is a God send,why you may ask,well she and her family live by the same moral code as my family,she is a Christian ,a practising Christian against all satanic practice’s,the Jew lost here,my lord Jesus Christ shows the way ,I knew this lady before she came into my life because she is of me ,i am of her,we live life as brother and sister.we live a life of moralls.


  2. I had a deram, er um a draem one time…then I went to a cartoon grave yard,
    you should have seen all those pathetic animated characters,

    PITIFUL…..just Pitiful


    Willie Martin wrote about the futility of investing sympathy
    in the faux-narrative…”Jew” worshipping & believing the lies
    that ooze from Talmud Vision….


    was that a miracle in Dallas…No Police hit by all those bullets
    must not have been a REAL TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT…eh ?


    Hemp is our Enemy and Niggers are our best friends…
    besides the “Jews” of course…who EXTORT TRILLIONS from the
    BRAINDEADGOY so-called “White People” in America so they can have a “JEW” only
    Zionist Terrorist “State”…the Stool Sculpture Deity Cult Compound !


    Freaking Unbelievable…

    wouldn’t it be more economical to Quarantine the “Money Changers & Pharisees”….
    arrest their “Assets” repatriate the Africans ….?


    Maybe even clean up the Rats Nest in Mexico & Central & South America ?

    Celebrate JUNETEENTH….Free Yo’ Mind…of all the “JEWISH” lies….!


  3. Look for a Rachel “reality” teevee show on the Kartrashian channel with frankefreak Brucyln Jenner.
    The Peter Principle will carry this precious little snowflake far in Amerikwa the Kwanstain.


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