You’re Not Crackas (Unless You Want To Be)

Case In Point: Rachel Dolezal

Yep, its the same white woman who pretended to be black and became an officer in the NAACP in Washington state that I featured here

Rachel Dolezal wedding

Rachel Dolezal/Moore pictured on her wedding day with husband Kevin Moore and her family Picture: Splashnews

Obviously, this woman is a scam artist because in 2002 she tried to sue Howard University (mainly black) for discriminating against her because she was white. At the time she was married to Kevin Moore and the lawsuit lists Rachel Moore as the plaintiff.

I suppose she may just be crazy as hell.

h/t Disenchanted Scholar

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4 thoughts on “You’re Not Crackas (Unless You Want To Be)

  1. it could be as Les Visible often points out –
    the stick ….of Mr. A tap tap tapping on the utter hypocrisy of the
    “Jewish” construct of the multicultural miasma “Agenda” at work
    24/7 in the “JEW” worshipping cult compound that is the MUCHO GRANDE
    BIG ETHOS SOCIETY, can you feel it, a tiltowhirl of goobity gobly nonsense…
    that swirls and twirls around the same drain hole everyday….all day

    Multicultural Miasma is good until it’s not….See Phinneas
    Vigilantes of Christendom : Richard Kelly Hoskins

    or Hunter by MacDonald, Pierce

    one thing the “Jewish” mudia does everyday is obfuscate the
    Truth about the Economic “Jewish” Terrorists and their
    “Jewish” Terrorist MASS MURDER so-called State in Palestine

    and the fact that Hundreds of Millions of people have been mass murdered
    with malice aforethought in just the last one hundred years…
    thanks to the “Jew” worshipping “Good Baptists”….in JEWMERICA.

    the chutzpah….that demands Justice

    and right soon


  2. Pretending to be someone you’re not is child’s play. Kids do it every day, or should I say they used to as a healthy means of broadening their horizon and developing their imagination. Of course, today this has been stunted by all the available technology. Imo, it prevents kids from growing up to become responsible adults.

    I think Rachel’s parents are as much to blame for her “blackness” as she is herself for not knowing when to quit. Trying to use current PC to her own advantage doesn’t necessarily make her batshit crazy. It seems to me more like a manifestation of the me-generation taken too far. But, as Anthony said, Mr. Apo and his stick are busy exposing the culprits. The veil is lifting on the Jew agenda. Not soon enough.


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