Boom Shakalaka: The Confederates Will Win This War

The Race War Is On!

thanks to Quartermain

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2 thoughts on “Boom Shakalaka: The Confederates Will Win This War

  1. Used to teach at Robert E Lee HS in Montgomery. Now I’m panicked. School could be forced to change their decades-old namesake and take down statue out front. But then, students wouldn’t be able to cross-dress The General for Homecoming. Which could highly offend the LGBT community. It’s just dizzying!!

    Believe there exists a collective memory in Southerners of the War of Northern Aggression, even after generations. It makes the culture/ family traditions all the more precious. And distrust of federal overreach more plausible. Have to agree w/ Dr. Manning. Southern States were destroyed once, but a serious can of Whoop-Ass will be opened before it happens again. So obvious the political/media imperative to bait and divide people who have forgotten they are Human Beings First.


    • Makes me think about how so much industry has moved from up north down this way over the past decade or so. Back then, they took our money to help their industry thrive, as the industrial revolution was taking place. This was huge in pissing off the south. Now it is reversed and the north is reacting almost the same way.

      Thanks for your comment!


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