Shaping The Culture Going Forward


This is not about rewriting history. It’s about shaping the culture going forward.

~ David Brooks

 See Brooks’ tirade here.

I am not bashing gay people. I am bashing the Jews that are shaping the culture into something that is tainted while politically attacking southern heritage and white people in general.

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10 thoughts on “Shaping The Culture Going Forward

  1. No shit, embrace them all, especially the ones who are diddling your kids, how can you go wrong? They are so hard done by society they deserve our pity and support. I ‘lerv’ (Max Bilney on Lasha) them flaunting their sex in the streets. Can it get anymore disgusting and family destroying than that?

    Stay in the fucking closet and don’t wave your dingeling in my face. Sorry, B-Man for being so drastic. Not.


    • I googled weirdo gays and found the pic above. But people would be aghast at the other pics I could have selected to make the point in the photoshop work I did.

      I know there are decent gay people, but there are also some depraved, sick individuals, as well.

      The entire gay sex thing sickens me. I cannot see any attraction to such a lifestyle, most especially the sex issue.

      But to try and ban Lee and the confederacy, while embracing homosexual lifestyles and behavior is hypocrisy to its fullest. It is part of an agenda that is depraved.

      I went to a flea market about 5 miles from Shiloh Park looking for a Confederate battle flag (I found a 3X5 for $5). I spoke with a number of people and EVERY one of them spoke of this foolishness and immediately brought up a comparison to the gay wedding deal.

      As Dr manning said, this will backfire. Maybe not to the Politicians catering to Jewish control, but the people down here will not stand for it. They think Southerners are stupid, racist “knuckle-draggers” (like C said). I’m telling you that these people know the up and up.

      July 4th, I never fly a flag. But I can guarantee you I will fly one this year… the Stars and Bars. At least it was an emblem against tyranny and Big Government. I cannot say the same thing about the stars and stripes.


      • historically speaking Gay is defined as HAPPY….
        Sodomites are not happy
        in fact the unnatural behaviour causes a
        shortened lifespan by half…

        mostly on account of the unclean and disgusting “stuff” they do…

        more importantly, the separation of the Sacred
        from the profane is for purposes of demonstration…

        have just revisited George Catlin’s work volume II,
        and with all that is going on it is difficult to
        imagine the Great Spirit/Almighty doesn’t SEE and won’t
        send all these unrepentant sinners to HELL with the “Jews”.



  2. The ‘Confederate Flag’ Never Called Me Nigger: But Blacks and Liberals Have

    It’s interesting that liberals and Obama-lefties have little to say when the U.S. flag is trampled and burned by anti-American anarchists and Muslims. They call it “free speech” and “freedom of expression.” But they somehow justify condemnation of the Confederate Flag as a ‘hate symbol’.

    For millions, the Confederate Flag is a symbol of their love for the New South, which has risen out of the ashes of the Old South.

    The homosexual flag flies wherever it is wanted without a thought pursuant to how people who oppose homosexuality may feel or what they may think about it. Muslims are now flying their flags in America but it is the Confederate Flag that is worthy of condemnation.

    From time to time I wear a confederate bandana on my head when I’m riding the Harley Davidson. My friends do the same.

    I add to that I have never feared the Confederate Flag. I have always been ambivalent about it. The Confederate Flag has never called me a nigger but white liberals have. The Confederate Flag has never threatened me with physical harm and called me sellout, Uncle Tom, or any of a host of other vitriolic racial pejoratives, but white liberals, Muslims, and blacks have.

    The attention to the Confederate Flag is much ado about nothing. It is intended to do nothing more than foment unrest amongst “led through the nose” blacks.

    When John Kerry, Eric Holder, Bill Ayers, Hillary Clinton, the Obamas, et al, were burning and protesting the American Flag and defending those who decried our American Flag, their actions were viewed as noble.

    But now because some big pharma sick wacko punk who draped himself in the Confederate Flag was smart enough to go into a gun-free zone to carry out his hate-filled attack – pusillanimous little sissies craving brownie points have determined the Confederate Flag must be punished. The real debt of thanks for the successful attack in Charleston goes to those like Obama, Karl Rove, Eric Holder, and all of the other fools who clamor an anti-gun message. Because as every reasonable-minded person knows, had that church not been a gun free zone, the shooter would have in fact come to the right place to meet his maker.

    But now craven whites seeking to kiss the dirty end of those blacks who will milk this unimaginable tragedy for all they can extort, the Confederate Flag once again comes under attack. And of course, there are the garden variety of liberal dimwits who are convinced that the Confederate Flag goes “bump in the night”.

    If it were me, I would fly the Confederate Flag on my property just to shove it in their faces. I further think that the people of South Carolina should put Confederate Flags on the dashboard of their cars whenever parking on government property. I would also put my bible and my Gun Owners of America resources one the dash.

    I’d see just how far these cowards are willing to go to infringe on our rights. Let’s see if these race-mongers then insist our automobiles be disallowed from parking on government property if they have Confederate Flags, bibles, and gun magazines on our dashboards.



  3. Its just Cultural Cleansing:

    Cultural cleansing is the eradication and destruction of cultural artifacts, such as books, artworks, and structures, and the suppression of cultural activities that do not conform to the destroyer’s notion of what is appropriate. Motives may include the religious (e.g., iconoclasm), as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing to remove the evidence of a people from a locale or history, as part of an effort to implement a Year Zero, in which the past and its associated culture is deleted and history is “reset”, the suppression of an indigenous culture by invaders and colonisers, along with many other potential reasons.


  4. Bwhahaha! Captain Faggo what a big gay fag. USA for Buttfuckers. Get ready for pedophiles, bestiality freaks, incest lovers and various other piles of shit with legs and arms wanting their
    precious “acceptance” from half-assed government bureaucrats.
    At least the gay divorce court programs will be a laugh riot for those sad souls who watch daytime teevee.


  5. Here’s the true gay agenda:
    Repost it if you like.

    Since all stores are banning the Confederate Flag because of the hoax church shooting, I managed to order a tee shirt with the flag on it from Amazon before they stopped selling it the next day. I’ll send you a pix when I get it.

    Happy 4th Of July and I’m having a Southern bourbon and soda for ya!


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