B’Man’s 2016 POTUS Watch: Bernie Sanders- The More People See Of Him, The More They Like Him

Maybe you think I was wrong by claiming that Bernie Sanders may very well win the next POTUS election. I think it is more than playing Hillary’s foil, as was Obama’s Dennis Kucinich or Romney’s Ron Paul (appeasing the constituents, but ultimately forcing the chosen candidate). In Sander’s case I contend that he is the Jewish establishment’s go-to guy (What? You don’t think the Jews want a Jewish President?)

Bernard uses the right buzz words. But he speaks with a forked tongue, reminiscent of Ron Paul. He is supportive of the Military Industrial Complex within his state. He voted to increase military spending while verbally denouncing wars. He is a pro-Israel/pro-Jewish candidate like all the rest of them; puking up the same, tired old lies.

He hires ex-AIPAC scoundrels. He also tells citizens to “shut up” when they voice opposition to his voting FOR Israel’s “right to defend itself” against Palestinians. In other words, he will kowtow to Jewish interests (which are not America’s interests), categorically making him an enemy of America (just like the rest).

“The more people see of him, the more they like him”

You will see more and more media outlets give him more air time. Don’t believe me? Then listen to this alternative media Jew explain it:

Bernie Sanders surges in the polls and Hillary backer Senator Claire Mccaskill unloads a silly and red baiting attack on Sanders. A new Gallup poll says that 47% of Americans would consider voting for a Socialist candidate…

Apparently, Seder paints being a “Socialist” as the antithesis of “Capitalist”, just like all the other bogus dichotomy divides. The truth is that Socialism is still a governmental controlled ideology (meaning: use force) . Of course, Sanders, Seder and others will give us the nuances of how this is an incorrect understanding, just as those who were keen on it in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s tried to erroneously explain those nuances then. (Communism is but an extreme form of Socialism)

Another issue is that the left versus right divide has worn America down. Many people are looking for an Independent (as Sanders calls himself). Except in Sanders case, he is part of the establishment, so his viability is much greater than say, Ralph Nader (whom I supported). He ekes out a small differentiation in name only from the democRats.

Maybe another more mainstream Jew can help you understand?

Bill Maher and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) discuss his presidential campaign and the Pope’s recent comments on climate change.

Oh my, did Maher just use the Ron Paul card? I know many people felt Paul was the right guy, no matter how much I proved he is just another shill for Big Money and Big Military. The rhetoric is about the same between Paul and Sanders (although Sanders is on the climate change bandwagon). But then Maher and Sanders use the Pope and Catholics to entice a semblance of acceptability from the Christians. Maher hates Christians, but doesn’t mind trying to use them for this purpose.

Thank goodness we have the Jews everywhere to tell us how good this Jew is for this country. What would we do without them?

Basically, he may be the least despicable asshole of the group that are being given to us to “choose” from on the “left” side. Many people know Hillary would be a wretched choice and every Republican, thus far, is as bad or much worse. So, comparing him to the “right” will make him a shoo-in.

One thing you should remember about this “Socialist” who tries to explain away what Jewish Socialism is truly about: he will be a Jew dedicated to Israel’s interests over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING else.

Frank F. Rosenblatt (chief of Staff of the Jewish Bureau of Philanthropic Research in 1918) declared that;

the birth of the Jewish Socialist Federation of America in 1912 must be recognized as the most important landmark in the history of the Jewish Socialist movement in this country.

It is perhaps significant that Mr. Rosenblatt specifically uses the phrase “Jewish Socialist movement” and not merely the “Socialist movement”. We learn that the Jewish Socialist Federation was an outgrowth of the Jewish Socialist Agitation Bureau organized about 1905 in support of the unsuccessful communist revolution of that year in Russia. It was organized at a time when the little noticed Second Communist Convention storm was throwing ideological waves against the Jews throughout the world. The tidal wave had actually started in Basle, Switzerland when Theodor Herzl had called for the mobilization of the “Jewish Nation.

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13 thoughts on “B’Man’s 2016 POTUS Watch: Bernie Sanders- The More People See Of Him, The More They Like Him

  1. Interesting…I see where you are going here…Not sure I totally agree…but you got me thinking and that is good, right??? An interesting point comes to mind…I always thought the Joe Lieberman was a “sheep in wolf’s clothing” and an incredibly boring one (what idiot advised Gore to pick him in 2000?).
    But never-the less, closet neo-con super hawk who later came out as such…who put on a “good act” in 2000 as a VP candidate….


    • I always contended that had Gore actually won that race, he would have been assassinated to make room for LIEberman. In this case, Hillary is wretched and the opposition party is worse.

      This leaves room for Sanders.


    • Interesting stuff (was there something about Bernie that I missed?). Scanned through many of the links (4 hours is long unless I am traveling): good idea adding the Episode Notes.

      Really got in to many of the interviews (Charles Manson) and other audio (Pitch the Baby, the Ronstadt/Zappa thing). Truly enjoyed Snake Hip.

      I used to play like that.


  2. Bman, agree that Barney is possibility. Think they might put him in to show the sheeple that the system “works.” I loved the anger he was getting from the town hall folks. Wish someone had asked him about the dancing Israelis or Silverstein’s Jewish Lightning or Barney’s porn writing talents. Jew-wiseness continues to grow. Greek domino is down. Hang in there and be well.


    • Yes. 911 is the nut-cuttin’ issue (litmus test). Like Ron Paul, I guarantee you that he will fail if he is ever confronted.

      Like I said, he is beholden to Jews and illuminating 911 is illuminating the Jews.


  3. Sanders is just an experiment to help America stick it’s toes into the frigid water. Once we become more used to that temperature they can cause us to stick a foot in…a leg… And Wa La! You have your first openly Matzo American President…..He is the first major contender from the land of the kosher tribe, but this is their first “open” swing at bat at the presidency. If you look at our current or past Presidents or candidates and observe their actions not just take into account their supposed religious affiliation, I would say we have already had a jewish prez….more than a few….sadly……………………….All of it is completely wretched as b man sayeth…..

    If you were curious this is what they say about cold water…..
    “A person who survives the initial minute of trauma (after falling into icy water), can survive for at least thirty minutes[2] provided they don’t drown. However, the ability to perform useful work (for example to save oneself) declines substantially after 10 minutes (as the body protectively cuts off blood flow to “non-essential” muscles).”



  4. Contemplating Bernie Sanders as our likely next president, I am reminded of the slogan of the Jewish South Africans jewelers who advertise heavily on the radio in the DC area, “Nobody buys retail anymore. Why should you?” With Sanders as president they’d just be cutting out the middle man.


  5. Don’t count out that bitch HRM Hillary just yet. She’s getting all her ‘dirty laundry’ aired out now and will make the big push come January 2016.

    With Sanders as VP, they’re a lock to be voted in as the next Israeli reps in the WH..


  6. Pingback: Links relevant to Israel | vulture of critique
  7. How Bernie Sanders Lost His Hair

    YOU CAN TAKE THE JEW out of the Democratic Party but you can’t take the Democratic Party out of the Jew.

    Brooklyn-born Jew Bernie Sanders is an ‘independent’ but when viewing his voting record he sure looks like a ‘Jewish Democrat.’

    Bernie calls himself a “socialist” but he’d fit right in with Bill Kristol and his fellow Jewish neocon right-wing militarists.

    While Sanders is “not a big fan of Netanyahu,” he supported and voted in favor of his genocidal attack on the Gazan Palestinians in 2014. After all, Bernie’s a Zionist at heart.

    Bernie fits the neocon bill when it comes to bombs and passing the ammunition against independent-of-Jewmerica countries. He supported the Nato bombing of Christian Serbia, and once in, backed the ongoing neocon war against Iraq.

    If Bernie Sanders feigns to have been against the invasion of Iraq, why did he repeatedly vote to fund it?

    When it comes to Feinstein and friends, Sanders outdoes them all. Abandoning his Vermont “pro-gun” stance, Bernie betrayed his local constituency by currying to a broader Jewish-Democratic base.

    In an about-face on Meet The Press this past Sunday, Sanders ‘adjusted’ his position on guns and advocated for a gun ban that would outlaw most firearms used for home and self-defense.

    Although the previously pro-gun Sanders won his first House seat with the help of an endorsement from the NRA, realpolitik kicks in.

    After all, Bernie’s a Jew, and so what if he changes his stance? Isn’t it more important to gain the Jewish-run Democratic party’s favor than to stick with “principle?”

    But what “principles” do Jews like Sanders have anyways? Bernie wants a good job with Hillary.

    Perhaps a renewed Clinton “kosher cabinet” as Secretary of the Interior?

    THAT WOULD BE a nice cushy job for a pseudo-socialist like Bernie, wouldn’t it?

    You’ve come a long way Bernie since your ‘kibbutzim’ days in Israel, followed by your ‘back to the land’ trek to Burlington.

    Why bring that all to a screeching halt? You’ve got a great JEWISH future ahead of you!

    No worries. Like most Jews who lose their hair, you’ll be wearing a nice new hat with Hillary.


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