Where Are The Rebels?


I am a Rebel. Always have been. Seldom have I gone with the mainstream because I have my own opinion and desires. Nor am I afraid to speak about those opinions and desires. This is not to say that I am simply contrary just to be an asshole (although some of you may disagree). Its just that I learned a long time ago that if I don’t believe in myself, speak loudly about that belief, then I end up complacent and compliant to others with an agenda that is not conducive to my betterment.

What is a rebel (in a nutshell)?

A rebel stands up for what they believe in, no matter what anybody else says. They are independent, but enjoy socializing with like-minded people. A rebel is honest, speaking truth to power. They question everything until they know the truth. They must speak their mind, especially truth to power. Although they are strong-willed, they are able to learn and modify their perspective when truth is revealed. They don’t care what others think of them and do not conform to another politically correct viewpoint just to get along. They are what they are and are proud of it.

**FILE**The University of Mississippi has been disassociated for several years from the

**FILE**The University of Mississippi has been disassociated for several years from the “Rebel” flag, shown being waved by Ole Miss fans at a 1995 football game at Oxford, Miss.. However, efforts last year by coaches to help change the state flag which bears the symbol within its borders failed in a statewide vote. Little if any fallout over the vote has affected the school’s recruiting efforts among black athletes. (AP Photo/Tannen Maury, File)

OleMissRebelsGrowing up in Mississippi, being a rebel meant many things, including being an Ole Miss fan. Colonel Reb was a favorite icon for the school (along with the Dixie flag). You could see thousands of those flags waved at a football game by all colors and creeds. Political correctness has changed all of that. The Rebels aren’t really rebellious any more (now they are “bears“, for Pete’s sake). The authorities of that school have caved to the few that demand their compliance (in spite of huge popular support of Col Reb).

In 2003, Colonel Reb was removed from the sidelines at Ole Miss athletic events as the on-the-field mascot[1] due to its racial connotations as a Confederate soldier or antebellum Southern plantation owner.[2] A contest was held in which fans were invited to design a replacement. The athletic department chose two finalists, Rebel Bruiser and Rowdy Rebel,[3] and invited fans to vote on their favorite. The limited fan response[3] prompted the administration to cancel the poll. Many still supported Colonel Reb as the school mascot.[2]

In 2010, Ole Miss students voted to choose a new mascot. The election did not allow the option of reinstating Colonel Reb as the official mascot of Ole Miss, in spite of sizable popular support..

(Believe me when I say that there are many pissed off Ole Miss Fans… they haven’t all fallen for the politically correct directives.)

We are seeing similar attempts to blur history with other political escapades in the south.

It seems to be the same all over the country.

Or is it?


It appears that in some places, the rebel identity will not die. Maybe college football money whores fall to political correctness, but many southerners will not let it die (to the consternation of those who believe the lies). I tried to help people understand this rebellious nature in that article, by explaining my thoughts about the reason for secession and the fight that southerners took against Empire and Central government control.

But are we too mindless to see the organized, purposeful Psyop to Neuter The Rebel?

If you want to track a civilization as it collapses, watch what happens to the concept of the rebel.

On a profound level, mass shootings and assassinations (whether staged or not) are used to define the ever-present “lone assassin” as the REPRESENTATION AND THE SYMBOL OF WHAT THE INDEPENDENT INDIVIDUAL IS.

You’re a separate and distinct individual? An outsider? Watch out. Overnight, you could turn into a raging killer.

You happen to know an outsider, a loner? He’s dangerous. He doesn’t live by the rules the rest of us accept. He’s deranged. Stay away from him. Shun him. And if you see the slightest indication of (insert your own term here), report him to the authorities.

“See a rebel, say something,” to paraphrase the DHS motto.

Any human being who has courage, intelligence, eyes to see, and a determination to express his power in uncompromising terms can now be redefined as a potential threat to the stability of society—if he criticizes the prevailing Authority.

Jon goes on to explain how several historical events and media portrayals have been used isaac-likes-james-dean-rebel-without-a-causeto make the rebel a caricature… seeming like a loon or a joke. These powers deem rebels as crazies, haters, druggies, criminals, etc. Always a negative construct to counter the rebellious spirit. It is happening as we speak with too many willing participants ready to lie in regards to easily researched truths.

Strangely, there are those who try to take the mantle of the rebel because it is so well understood.Other “race rebels” like Cornel West, Al Sharpton and AC Wharton (and many others) find some limelight and jump on the chance to fuel the fires for whatever dubious motivation leads them and certainly not in pursuit of truth. Certain Jews try to steal the moniker when they have no real rebellious spirit to tell the entire truth. Even Latinos jump on the bandwagon.

Everyone wants a piece but they don’t seem to want white people to have any.

But what is really at the bottom of it all?


DC Dave pointed out a Politico article entitled, “Why The Confederacy Lives: One hundred-fifty years after Appomattox, many Southerners still won’t give up“. The article discusses the Sons of Confederate Veterans’  argument in front of the Supreme Court for their right to have Texas Dixie flag vanity plates. It asks the question, why would anyone want to?

…displaying the Confederate flag in 2015 is an indicator of a complex and reactionary politics that is very much alive in America today. It is a politics that harks back to the South’s proud stand in the Civil War as a way of rallying opinion against the federal government—and against the country’s changing demographic, economic, and moral character, of which Washington is often seen as the malign author. Today’s understanding of the Confederacy by its supporters is thus neither nostalgia, nor mere heritage; rather Confederate sympathy in 2015 is a well-funded and active political movement…

This was one of my points in the Stars and Bars article. Even though heritage is a part of the brouhaha, it is mostly, in my opinion, a way to rebel against the tyranny of the centralized government which must be considered an Empire.  I wrote in the Stars and Bars article:

That flag is an image of rebellion against centralized government over-reaches and a representation of individual state’s rights. In my mind, it should be used to unite people of all colors and creeds to fight against the imperial power structure that dominates this planet.

08537047-4D83-4EF8-9EE2-6A006E6DD5FDState’s Rights are secondary to the Empire. The world’s rights are secondary to the Empire. Can you imagine the American people united with other nations, flying this flag in rebellion against this absolute power?

Its not just about a flag, but about what that flag represents, which is a symbol of revolution against Federal government activities that are not good for Americans (or the rest of the world). The politico article delves into this phenomena. It points out an upsurge in this sentiment of anti-Empire, anti-Federal government intrusion and policies. Just as I ask the questions of why this sentiment is becoming more popular (leading to all the demonization of white southerners we have seen in the media outlets and tainted politicians), Politico asks:

So what makes this Confederate politics so attractive? To adherents, today’s Confederate ideology exposes falsehoods in mainstream accounts of U.S. history and offers to reveal “the truth,” which has supposedly been suppressed by “East Coast elites” and “liberal academics” pandering to ethnic minority pressure. According to this narrative, the Civil War was not fought over slavery but rather because the Union and President Abraham Lincoln acted without regard for the Constitution to accumulate power. Confederate sympathy offers an ideology that explains why life in America is not what one expected it to be, why Spanish is increasingly heard in towns across the country, why despite working hard one never seems to get ahead, why African Americans have recently occupied highly visible leadership positions as attorney general, secretary of state and, of course, president. It is a politics of victimization, a sentiment that political correctness and anti-discrimination laws constrain right-thinking and hard-working people, and that for 150 years America has strayed from its preordained and righteous path.

Maybe not quite so eloquently done, I examine every one of those issues. I ask constantly in this blog, how these things can occur with the majority of Americans either agreeing or just staying silent, especially when the truth is so obvious. It is why I am so verbal about saving the heritage and asking others of all colors and creeds to join in. Don’t let the liars and mainstream media whores fool you. This movement isn’t about slavery (I am personally appalled by the idea, nor did my ancestors who fought and died for this country ever participate in it). It is about being rebels against rulers who could not give a damn about you.

Over the past few weeks I have linked many of these obvious power grabs and misdirections together. The gay marriage thing. The Trans thing (linking those to the next progression of even more uncivilized, unacceptable debauchery). The Charleston thing. The Flag thing. The race war thing. The vilifying of white people thing.  It is all intermingled. It is all planned. It is all meant to make white people (especially southerners) less influential and to be the “bad guys”.

But it will backfire

Mr Fred describes it better than I ever could in his latest,“Payback’s a Bitch”: Rural Wisdom and the Gathering Storm”

When the federal government and the talking heads want to ban my past—here, permit me to exit momentarily the fraudulent objectivity of literature—I hate the sonsofbitches.

A lot of people quietly hate the sonsofbitches.

To them, to us, the Confederate flag stands for resistance to control from afar, to meddling and instruction from people we detest. It is the flag of “Leave me the hell alone.” And this Washington, Boston, and New York will…not…do.

A surprise may be coming.

What is the anger about? Most visibly, but far from uniquely, race: the illegals, the Knock-Out game, and Washington’s protection of both. The racial hostility that pervades the country today is largely the doing of the talking heads and its perverse social policies. The rancor is unlike anything I have seen.


But look what happened. We now see forced hiring of the incompetent as a right, endless accounts of blacks destroying shopping malls, burning cities, brutally attacking whites in gangs, and the giving to blacks of anything they want because they are black. You don’t like the Confederate flag, Jesse? Why then, it must go. Whatever you say, Jesse.

It wasn’t this way, but it is now. It is getting worse. But there is far more than race.  We now are compelled to live in a national sexual-freak show. Day after day after day the media are full of trans-this and trans-that, of homosexual marriages, all thrust in our faces, a parade of prancing peculiarities demanding and demanding and demanding. People who dare not say so are sick of it.


Any sexual predilection can be called natural, and arguments can be made for all of them: Polygamy, or marriage with a sheep, or copulating on a public bus, or sex with girls of nine years. (How about, “Sex is natural. Children are erotic: Don’t they play doctor? Little girls are only afraid of it because of puritanical conditioning by society. Oral sex feels good, and adults do it, so why not…? Why shouldn’t her father gently teach her….” And so on.)

And crime is out of control, protected by a President and Attorney General with whom we, so many Americans,  have nothing in common, who dislike us,  and who want to disarm us and flood our country with illegal and incompatible aliens.


I could go on. There is quiet fury about open borders, the forced acceptance of criminal aliens, of 100,000 Somalis by Minnesota, the endless wars, the declining standard of living, the insane censorship (say “nigger” and your career of thirty years ends) and the ungodly surveillance. Washington pushes, pushes, and pushes, thinking that with just enough pressure, we will all come to kowtow.

What if one day we don’t?


Maybe Washington will always get away with it. Maybe it won’t. White Americans are an obedient and passive people, easily cowed, but maybe enough will prove enough. Maybe things will blow. Maybe jurisdictions will just ignore the feds, as begins to happen.

But it is dangerous. The economy declines, people out of college can’t get jobs, the ghettoes simmer, automation surges across the board, and one day soon we will have cutbacks in the entitlements. When groups begin competing for dwindling resources, things will get ugly. It could explode. It really could. You might be surprised how many people out there think, “Bring it on.” Not a good idea, but we go that way.

Tick Tick. Tick.

I think a new Confederacy that includes like-minded rebels of ALL RACES should band together to fight the lies of the Empire. I would embrace the Dixie Flag as the symbol, or let’s make another one. Whatever. But that Battle Flag is recognized and was used for the very same thing. Seems like the perfect image to represent rebels everywhere.

h/t Jon Rappoport, Politico, Fred On Everything, and DC Dave

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6 thoughts on “Where Are The Rebels?

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  2. Hollyweird has just redefined the “rebel”, we’re called DIVERGENT in the modern world. I just watched the second installment called “Insurgent.” As much as any society will always attempt to quell freedom loving critical thinkers it will backfire every time.


    • I did some further checking and there are no stories explaining exactly what her previous lease violations were or what their rules are. I have found the property rules of Timberwood Of Naples:

      The leasing company may be perfectly within their rights. No matter the controversy, there are 2 sides to every story.

      However, to use the Confederate Flag as a tipping point is way over the top and the lady needs a lawyer.

      I tried to order a flag to put in my own apt window but they were sold out. (Surprise!) So I got a stand of small Confederate flags and I will tape them in my windows.


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