Who’s Posterity Are They Talking About?



1) all future generations

Type of: generation
group of genetically related organisms constituting a single step in the line of descent

2) all of the offspring of a given progenitor

we must secure the benefits of freedom for ourselves and our posterity


Type of:

biological group a group of plants or animals

My Roots Are This Nation’s Roots

My family moved to this country before it was a union. I can trace my roots back to the 1690’s in North Carolina, arriving from Scotland. In the late 1700’s, my family obtained a meager bit of land in Alabama (while it was still a territory… before statehood). They worked that land, surviving many hardships and early deaths. Yet they continued to prosper and grow the family, just like you saw in Little House on the Prairie. My family built that state. My family built the south. My family built this nation. My roots are this nation’s roots.

 In all the work my Dad did to trace our lineage, never once did he mention fighting for slavery, nor did my family own slaves. These southern men fought against unconstitutional aggression from a murderous, tyrannical, thieving Empire. These men fought to protect themselves and their families from the bloodthirsty onslaught by northerners who had no business coming into their lands to kill, plunder and devastate for Empire. I had many relatives that fought and died for the Confederacy. Not a single one fought and died for “slavery”. As a matter of fact, many despised slavery because it caused wages to be artificially low. Who would pay a decent wage when they could have the work done by slaves? (One could look at today’s prison workers to see the idea at work)

The only law that was applicable was The Constitution. Yet there was no constitutional reason for Lincoln’s actions. But there was constitutional rationale for the south to secede. If anyone was breaking any laws, it was Lincoln, by starting a war and invading lands that were constitutionally protected to secede if that was their choice.

Why is the Constitution’s Preamble significant?

It lays out the rationale for the Constitution. I chose the one word to highlight, because I can lay claim to that word and its meaning. As a man whose family built this country and has fought and died for this country over hundreds of years, I can explain what “posterity” in this context means. It means my genetic offspring. It means my ancestors and their children and their children and ME and my children. It also represents my wife’s family who are descendents of the Adams Presidents.

Very few can make these claims and if there is anyone that has a right to speak out about current events intent on erasing our heritage, by God, it is us. And we make no apologies for it.

Many people come here and LEGALLY become citizens. Fine and dandy. I am a product of a person coming here from post WWII Germany (marrying my father who was stationed there and met her). She is an American now. She isn’t “German-American”. She is American, plain and simple. For that matter, I welcome anyone willing to live and work and become Americans. I especially welcome white people to counter the influx of other races intentionally meant to water down the white race majority and to cause further discord and racial tensions. But do it legally and assimilate to become what my mother has become.

But when we have corrupt officials, who, in many cases, can not trace any lineage at all to the founding of this country and are dead set on destroying the very basis for what they now benefit from (and are actively hijacking), well, frankly, it pisses me off. People are brought here with no expectation of assimilation. They fly their flags, they speak their foreign languages and we simply make it easier for them to have their own foreign little countries within our borders.

We are expected to acquiesce and accommodate them, not the other way around. We are expected (and forced) to pay for their free college and health care (when I don’t get those luxuries). We are expected to lie prostrate and allow them to intimidate us, steal from us and kill us. We are expected to sit back and be politically correct as they take away our heritage and honor. We are expected to believe the “professional historians” as they outright lie and perpetuate the false memes they are brainwashed with. We are expected to allow the media to form false narratives that are directly opposed to truth and the Founder’s (my ancestors) dreams/goals for this nation. We are expected to allow their lies to destroy the very essence of what the illegal infiltrators and system-abusers now take advantage of, yet belittle us while taking that advantage. We are expected to simply sit back and allow our posterity to suffer at the hands of these ungrateful government protected hijackers, who only want a handout, taking advantage of the system that my family built.

Well, to hell with that.

h/t Preamble to the U.S. Constitution @ vocabulary.com

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13 thoughts on “Who’s Posterity Are They Talking About?

  1. The Constitution was a scam from the get-go. Do I know of a better system. Only in theory, but it will never even be tried.

    The whole system was set up from the beginning with the meddling of the banksters. We had the fraudulent money system from the get-go.

    All the nonsense we read about our glorious Constitution and government of the people, for the people and by the people must be a real knee-slapper for our controllers when they see we are still believing this nonsense. And don’t even get me started on our “justice system and our legal system and the rule of law”!


  2. We should not waste our energy in discussions where the primary assumptions and propositions are false.

    The goal is to discuss and share in order to move toward Truth.

    Should we waste our time or not? What truth was I not moving towards? Just what is your problem with the subject of the post?

    I am not debating the veracity of the Constitution. My point is something totally different that you either ignored or simply want to be contrarian about.

    When it comes to arguing just to argue, I see no value whatsoever and would appreciate common courtesy. Thank you.


    • Do not mean to be discourteous. Truth is I read first couple of sentences or paragraphs and that in combination with just being burned out in all the discussions I am encountering these days, I really did not get to the main idea of your article. So I probably should not have replied.

      You usually have a lot of good insights and comments but I am interested in what steps we can each take right now to know the Truth that sets us free.

      It seems that almost all the “discussions” these days can all be put under one category — What They Are Doing To Us.

      I want to cut through all the false foundational ideas and rhetoric and “get back at them” while at the same time growing in faith, hope and love.

      I won’t bother you anymore with my comments that you see as not demonstrating “common courtesy.”

      God bless you in the Name of the One Who is Truth.


      • I don’t mind criticism, especially constructive. But don’t you think courtesy would allow for you to at least read the post first, then discuss the subject matter (and add additional information as you see fit).

        As for the Constitution, whether it is as you say or not, it is what we have. It is what is referenced in the Preamble, which is where the very topic came from (Posterity). It is what the south was abiding to and what Lincoln didn’t. I would like to know your thoughts about that and about my family’s historical reference.

        I am not asking you to discontinue commenting.

        Thank you.


      • @dachsielady, I hear you loud and clear. I wrestle with the same frustration and a lack of appreciation among family and friends and professional colleagues. I can almost hear most of them chanting in unison, as if a choir: “So, what is the Truth? What would you have us do? What have you done? Tell us EXACTLY what the problem is! Tell us EXACTLY the solutions you offer!”

        I hate to write this, for it’s a truth I’ve been taught from very young: “The Kingdom of GOD is within. Seek in your Self that Truth.” Jesus, a Christed one, a Master Teacher as others have served other times and peoples, simply instructed, “Be ye perfect even as my Father in Heaven is perfect.” We hope the English words faithfully transmit his meanings and his instructions. I think, for the most part, many do, if not most, certainly not all.

        So, at 68 years and counting, I regret not heeding some of those teachings sooner. Even today, I ofter look outside for the Truth, for answers. I castigate members of my family, friends, and professional colleagues (on occasion) for their ignorance and blindness. I even criticize our fellow activists, who, like the fabled Paul Revere, raise hue and cry with no battle plan to apply!

        I have what I like to call “12 Spokes of Anger”, each emanating from a hub, the center of evil intent, the source of what I consider an all-out war against humanity. I have learned to connect “dots” among the various fronts of battle — GMOs, chemclouding (aka geoengineering), vaccines, the war machine, banksters and gangsters, social engineering through mass media and stupefying education, psy ops and false flags, on and on. Welcome to The Realm of Doom & Gloom!!

        I give thanks to GOD for a wife who has had the patience to allow me to ramp up a steep learning curve. I only woke up about 10 years ago, thanks to an even older man who turned me on the http://www.rense.com. She has also ensured I stay productive and mentally healthy. I have not given up hope, or faith, or love. I too seek the Truth and solutions.

        May those of us of like mind learn better to have constructive discourse and assist each other along this very long, winding road, with bumps and potholes and pitfalls. I welcome companions of any race or creed or persuasion to travel along with me! And I sure liked how Bman and DC Dave took on Chautaugua’s off-the-wall rant on the Confederate battle flag! Mind you, I had read Chautaugua’s posting for over a year (Zen Gardner’s site and others)! Total shock when I read his take on the flag issue!

        Some of us fall off the wagon, end up on one side of a fence or the other, have a bad dream. May we all receive the forgiveness we extend to others for transgressions, witting or not! GOD bless you all!


  3. “Legalman” had a recent essay on two “founding” documents, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Perhaps a reading of his essay can resolve apparent differences between you tow, dachsielady and Bman.
    “Legal man” posts essays I have found both enlightening and informative and amusing to read.
    Love to all here. Thanks, Bman, for your postings, too. A “go-to” site for me!


  4. First it was the “civil” war.

    Recently it has been the Confederate Flag.

    Now it is the fleur de lis in Louisiana that is under attack as a racist symbol. I watched a black professor discussing the horrors perpetrated upon black slaves by evil white men branding some slaves with the fleur de lis. Then he said, and I quote, “thinking about these things makes me sad.”

    GROW THE F UP AND DEAL WITH YOUR WHOOSY EMOTIONS YOU FRIGGIN CULTURAL MARXIST WHITE HATING COMMIE. Our rights do not end where your “sad thoughts” begin! happy happy happy… dear lord.



    • Surely a privilege to share a column of comments with you, nooralhaqiqa! I celebrate circulating among those whose postings I have read before in bizarre bazaar of the Alternative — not just here, of course, but elsewhere, too! We partake daily of a virtual dinner party, food for thought carried, projected, injected, and broadcasted hither and thither. Even those filled to the brim succumb to temptation, partaking of yet another bite, one more sip. May we all find our fill and turn to others, offering to top off their day with a scrumptious…idea, or two. A wave of the Confederate battle flag to you, and Bman, and DC Dave, Lasha and all.


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